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8 Ways Video Games Punished You For Being A Jerk

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Aaron Gasparini (3 days ago)
I've been playing Harvest Moon: AWL for years on and off, and I never knew your wife could leave you... That's why it's one of my favourite games.
Nightstep Paradise (14 days ago)
Says Links awakening, cuts to Breath of The Wild
Patrick Weber (21 days ago)
Would hit the bell but there is Network Error 404.
Jayden Miskin (1 month ago)
5:05 I laughed harder than I should have
Dave Hoenderdos (1 month ago)
is Jules on coke today?
Nicholas Farrell (1 month ago)
Dude, the background music for this video rocks.
HangulMaster (2 months ago)
Stealing is wrong and bad. There should be a new, stronger word for stealing like badwrong or badong. YES! Stealing is badong. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of stealing, gnodab.
T SexyRexy (2 months ago)
Being married is shit...... basically slavery.
Adam Walker (2 months ago)
is your go to drug crack when your making a joke as well, I noticed myself doing it and wasn't aware until one day I made a joke in front of a girl who's dad was a crack addicted and it took a lot of the zing out of my one liners I can tell you that
Adam B (2 months ago)
Anyone remember in Link's Awakening where you could steal items from the shop if you timed it right? Then everyone in the game would call you THIEF (yes, in all caps) for the rest of the game. And if you ever once set foot in that shop again, the shopkeeper blasts you with a lightning bolt that flat-out kills you.
abu269 (2 months ago)
I'm surprised there was no mention of Zelda: Links Awakening... If your clever enough to steal any items from the village shop then return back, the shop keeper will will zap you with his gun until you die with no chance to escape or fight back!
Slayer Runefrost (2 months ago)
In the PS1 version of MGS there were certain brands of auto fire controllers that Ocelot wouldn't recognize as being set to auto fire. Madcatz comes to mind😉
PunkDisciple23 (2 months ago)
Shopkeeper from Link's Awakening legit kills you with a giant laser and changes your save file name to THIEF
micky mcfarts (2 months ago)
Just me being selfish but I'd wish you'd drop the kiddie games like pokemon and all the other ones adults don't play. When I say adults I mean non virgins
Cyberpunk 2077 (2 months ago)
4:06 to 4:30 you savage 😂
micky mcfarts (2 months ago)
You look like you steal. Just saying.
Mitch D (2 months ago)
Aha! Actually playing MGS on the Playstation, I took that seriously and swapped controllers when Ocelot busted me. That game doesn't mess around.
Troy Ruddock (2 months ago)
Revolver Ocelot does the warning on the original Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation back in 1998. With The Twin Snakes being a polished up, and redone remaster(ish) of the original, I'm surprised to see that the original was not the reference point. Also to note is that certain controllers for the PlayStation didn't trigger the anti-autofire failsafe. I learned that by accident with an InterAct controller when I was frantically pressing square, and hit the switch that was right next to the button.
david fanning (2 months ago)
That's why you save the game before going to the door near sniper wolf, then save in the cell between tortures.
Wolf Helix (2 months ago)
You only need a Luck of around 7, and you need to win 8K Chips or so, in each casino on The Strip. You keep every benefit they give you for winning, but you are not allowed to Gamble anymore there.
i used auto fire on both versions of the number 1 game and got away with it to it gos to show you can get by the warnings in video games
Jabari Jones (2 months ago)
"you have to pay the troll toll to get in the boys hole."
José da Rocha Ferreira (2 months ago)
Vampire the mascarade blodlines doesen't really punidh you but make fun of...
DCrimsonFist (2 months ago)
LOL in metal gear I did find a way to use auto fire. If you used a 3ed party controller (mad kats for me) the game would not detect it as auto fire an you could get away with the cheat.
Cargo Crusader (2 months ago)
number 3 isnt really being a jerk its just being really lucky
AniKbad (2 months ago)
1:41 Man Kecleon was just OP. A way for you not to die by him was to use an orb that warped enemies away, this orb is very useful in a Monster House room.
rindoue dragonus (2 months ago)
That metal gear one annoyed the shit out of me, not because I had a turbo control. Cause let's face it, I was to broke to afford one. No my problem with it is, that I became so fast at pressing the button. That the game actually assumed I was using a turbo control, which pissed me off. Cause I wasn't using one as I didn't own one. Mortal Kombat is what taught me how to press the buttons fast as hell, so much so. That I've literally spent hundreds of dollars over the years on just controls, do to the controls braking over short periods of time. Do to just how fast I became at pressing the buttons. I had memorized the buttons, and so many different combinations. That the controls just couldn't handle how much I could press multiple buttons. In a mere fraction of time that it would take regular people.
mega blast (2 months ago)
Storm Belladonna (2 months ago)
I guess most would be offended by these jokes involving sex with their mum like they are a whore... but uhhhh these hit the nail on the head. He's not wrong.
Literal Cheesehead (2 months ago)
Easy workaround for Morrowimd: Just taunt people you want to kill into attacking you first. You don't get in trouble for murder, and you get their shit scott free.
Projects To Mansions (2 months ago)
I see the skills! You need to get up with us.
TheTaintedWisdom (2 months ago)
5:52 - 1) Winning at gambling games if you're not cheating isn't being a jerk. 2) The casinos *reward* you for playing well in an attempt to keep you playing, which includes exclusive items, body armor, and not one but *TWO* extra places to sleep and store your gear. 3) You don't get penalized for going over the jackpot limit, so if you save right before crossing the threshold and win at roulette you can get *thousands* more extra with no repercussions. Which is especially useful early in the game to get money for stat-boosting implants. 4) Even *IF* you piss off the casino managers by winning too much money, they only ban you from *gambling,* and *NOTHING* else. That means that you can still go into the casinos, store your items in your rooms, talk with other characters, buy food and drinks, as well as watch shows at the Tops.
Abdush Shakoor Philander (2 months ago)
Be a baddie get the stabbie If it's on the floor, it ain't yours
Richard Groves (2 months ago)
That MGS button tapping was the hardest part of the game for me
TheJurnalyst (2 months ago)
I mean, you said "haych" (h)... You might as well say "zed" (z) like normal Brits.
Poison (2 months ago)
killing chickens in Zelda games
Nolan (2 months ago)
I’m shook that a rune factory game made the list
Comrade2261 (2 months ago)
"Be a baddy, get the stabby." 😂😂
cody teeters (2 months ago)
Would you guys try and make a video with some actual footage instead of just this fucking asshole's face. I used to like the content on this channel and now it's just one bad joke from the guy every video hes in
Mike G (2 months ago)
Magic of the Scheherazade - If you try to haggle too much with the shopkeepers, they'll get ticked off and just steal your money.
Taro Yamada (2 months ago)
I hope that fable 2 is on here. I got absoloutly creamed when I tried to kill people and steal from them
smokeyson (2 months ago)
I love Jules' one per list jokes🤣🤣🤣🤣
DemomanX614 (2 months ago)
Will anyone ever upload a video of the metal gear solid scene?? If you're going to make it you #1 then you should actually show it, not the regular drain when it's just 0.5 seconds from zero.
bobtheunicorn7 (2 months ago)
Valentine's day in persona 5 is another good candidate (if you decided to romance multiple girls) because they all beat the shit out of you
Ugly Games (2 months ago)
Timmy B (2 months ago)
snez? You speaking English, mate?
Weitna Carpitcher (2 months ago)
Can someone else please write his material?
Carter Steele (2 months ago)
You can't kill the cucko in link's awakening. You couldn't kill them until a link to the past for the snes
Magothys (2 months ago)
Honorable Mention: There was one guy in Super Mario RPG who IIRC locks himself out of his house and asks you to open it from the inside by going in through the roof. As you go inside there are item blocks you can take like you would anywhere else. However, upon opening the door the man will ask you if his items are still there and chastise you if you took them. A little nod to the RPG trend of looting houses.
Lil' Fish (2 months ago)
never let this guy Jules go, never fire him, if he wants to go offer him more money, dont replace him, you guys got a mastermind at work there
vamisk (2 months ago)
8:33 looks like you were tearing up. Something you're not telling us?
Jr Smith The Henny God (2 months ago)
If you pronounce, “H” as, “heych” how do you pronounce heych then? Would it just be an infinite loop because of the H at the start? Heych heych?
Tornike Goshadze (2 months ago)
Jr Smith The Henny God like Vine on linux. It means Vine Is Not Emulator..
Lava Yuki (2 months ago)
Rune Factory and HM look so innocent. I had played MGS with the Hori pad turbo controller... didn't think games would be that sharp to notice
Brett Jenkins (2 months ago)
I wish you would do all lists
Timothy Hales (2 months ago)
Your one-per-list is becoming even greater with every video. Well done sir!😂😂😂
Razor's Retro Game Shelf (2 months ago)
Poor Jules, hasn't saved himself from Whatculture yet, like the rest of the lads have. I BELIEVE IN YOU, JULES!
jdbeast (2 months ago)
Alex Caudill (2 months ago)
"Oh my, you gone die" hahaha 😂
Miguel Claridy (2 months ago)
Omg that nacho cheese joke was wierdly hilarious. XD
rutherford levensque (2 months ago)
Is snake the cat
Collin Chancellor (2 months ago)
I love Rune Factory!!!!
Expierement_1 (3 months ago)
In fallout 3 if you become a good character talon company comes after you due to a bounty on you each encounter gets harder and harder.
Roy James (3 months ago)
maintenance boundary flow klzff suspend disorder consequence arrange hat.
Dyl C (3 months ago)
Project KNM (3 months ago)
"MY! CHEESE!" Definitely gonna remember that one...
wiggalama (3 months ago)
Harvest Moon=BRUTAL!!!
Austin Parker (3 months ago)
Getting booted from casinos in New Vegas isn't a punishment for cheating. It's an attempt to prevent you from making infinite caps
LTNetjak (17 days ago)
Just means the games were designed poorly. Gambler's Ruin states that when faced with an opponent with infinite money (the casino in a game for instance), the gambler will always go broke if they play long enough.
Daniel Ovia (3 months ago)
I live for the yo mama jokes
Topher Toves (3 months ago)
Oh Jules, would you like to be our middle spoon?!
Stewart Bugler (3 months ago)
Fortunately on the original mgs title on the playstation it only recognises the autotrigger in the first controller port. So if u have 2 controllers plugged in (thank you psycho mantis) he doesn't even notice.
lwvmobile (3 months ago)
I always wondered how Ocelot knew if you were using a turbo controller or not. I wonder if the programming was to detect a certain number of key presses in a second like a thresh hold that it you exceeded it it recognized it, or if it was a pattern type deal, where the programming recognizes a perfect equal space in time between each button press.
minghee (2 months ago)
It's a spam filter That's all The game detects the number of presses and if you press too much even without a turbo controller the game will punish you
Chris Sauce (3 months ago)
That FNV kicked-out isn't a cheat. There's no cheat mechanic there. The game limits you to a total amount of chips won per casino. After you reach that, they stupidly kick you out. No comps, nothing to keep you there to possibly win the money back from you. Just another reason FNV is overhyped and the dead opposite of fanboy raving.
Jordan Riley (3 months ago)
Write some jokes maybe?
Luke Alford (3 months ago)
5:25 SHUT- UP, SLAVE!!
Dan LaBrecque (3 months ago)
U guys remember Peter and Ben on this channel and how great they were? Well they got their own channel "Vidiots" doing what they did best they need more subs so help their channel out!!!
Dan LaBrecque (3 months ago)
I wonder how much longer till Twatculture disbands... I rememeber a time this channel use to get 100's of thousands of not millions of views a video just look at some older ones. Now seems they they are struggling to get just a 100k and with employing so many people how can they be making a big enough profit?
DeaconTaylor (3 months ago)
might have been in the last list or a cheaty one but it reminds me of another one. they dont like you using the doom cheats in heretic. do the weapon one twice and it takes away your weapons. do the invincibility one and it flat out kills you. gotta learn the new cheats
Michael Ensley (3 months ago)
How about the shopkeeper from link’s awakening and his lightning hands
Shiraxilon Scillofyk (3 months ago)
Carlos Valle (3 months ago)
No your mom
sjhmagic1 (3 months ago)
well the first one must really suck.for the player. The fall out new vegas one doesn't make sense. Being punished for playing the RPG.
Jason starr (3 months ago)
ah finally a list that summarizes jules
Bryan Whitehead (3 months ago)
I miss when WhatCulture let us watch clips while listening to the narrator, instead of watching the narrator and sometimes watching a clip. :/
Ryan Smith (3 months ago)
*cough* Outside Xbox *cough cough*
Nick Jackson (3 months ago)
Jules’ ya mum jokes give me life
retroneon bacon (3 months ago)
Sorry if I missed the context.........why wasn't infamous #1.
GaleforceFlier (3 months ago)
What the hell was that at 2:10?! Why is this my first time seeing this?! What is it?! Im laughing so hard, somebody please tell me where this comes from
DontRachQuit (2 months ago)
I think it's that scene from the I.T. Crowd! xD
Anime Games Wrastling (3 months ago)
Anybody explain how you lose your kid over butt crack? 😁
Justin Arney (3 months ago)
any video (that isnt Ign) with pokemon mystery dungeon deserves a like in book
meligoth (3 months ago)
Conversations with my mum. Me: Stay away from Jules. Mum: What's a Jules? Me: Considering we are speaking Spanish, it sounds like something you do not want.
Matt Figueroa (3 months ago)
I don’t like the new format. These videos were better when they were just presented by a disembodied voice. Who wants to see these presenters in front of a green screen for the better part of 10 minutes 🙄
ChaoticGamer (3 months ago)
I like these videos but...didn't they do this video..like 4 times already. How many times are they going to do the same lists over and over
theguyinthere (3 months ago)
Jules don't be talking shit about josh you have no room to talk fucking hipster
Kane Aquino (3 months ago)
8 Ways Video Games Rewarded You For Being A Jerk.
Timothy Lewis (3 months ago)
I still cheated on MGS 1 with a turbo controller. Ocelot didn't know. I guess he lied.
Mesut Bektaş (1 month ago)
Try Twin Snakes
Halloweenman33 (2 months ago)
It's a bluff in the original PS1 version. Haven't played Twin Snakes, but looks like they made it actually true for that version
I need to know the background song, because by minute 5:20 I got my attention robbed by it. Btw, i love the WhatCulture videos with Jules
Lewa, Toa of Air (3 months ago)
The Metal Gear Solid one also applies to the original PlayStation version. And it's pronounced "hee-deh-oh," NOT "hih-dee-oh."
Super meme (3 months ago)
Eternal Lone Wolf (3 months ago)
When you dislike a video,you should be able to say exactly why you hate it and it should go straight to the channel itself. At least then they'd know it's not the list itself but the fucking annoying, painfully unfunny tool that presents the list. Fuck you, Jules.
Andreas Edwards (3 months ago)
Eternal Lone Wolf you're spot on there
IAmAnHorse (3 months ago)
Hmmmm, too much non-sequiter

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