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Battalion 1944 vs. COD: WW2 - an interview with Joe Brammer | E3 2017

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Rich chats with Joe Brammer at E3 2017 about Battalion 1944 and its likeness to Call of Duty: WW2. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (75)
Wopa (8 months ago)
good Interview but to bad that the Unreal Engine 4 has only a Netcode from 45/18 Hz so no way to buy for me!
David Bond (8 months ago)
Why would you play cod on console? "I dont know why i did that" did what, buy it on PC? What kind of comment is that?
Wew Lad (8 months ago)
Battalion is like the OLD cod, the ORIGINAL cod, before infinity ward jumped the shark and started adding casual elements to the game like perks and progression systems, that's what ultimately made cod a massive money maker but it lost its identity as the original Quake engine based series we grew to love. Happy to see other guys from that era trying to recapture what we had.
erick dias (8 months ago)
my kd in wwii cod is 1.64 most hav 0. somthing trash player hav chance to rank .they are the one asking too change
erick dias (8 months ago)
the 1 shooter game cs 'an this will beat cod game easy
erick dias (8 months ago)
ill be in this gamd mate love the game aready cod is'DEAD
INSANE_MAN_1995 (8 months ago)
I don't understand how this game post to beat cod like people are saying becose this game oley for pc. Ween cod for everyone
dereck72 (8 months ago)
Started with COD BR1 went to World at War. Came back for WW2 and was/am disappointed with it. I will give this game a try when it releases for PS4.
Bojan Janjic (9 months ago)
I haven't played battalion1944, however, i feel the player movement is too easy meaning no vaulting punishments or jumping and landing delays feels too fast imo. The good news? this can all change otherwise this game looks cool
erick dias (8 months ago)
u talking change i bet yur kd is garbage
Ionut Taran (9 months ago)
He doesn't like how the one who sees first wins and just after that he says he would like to see one shot weapons more useful, they are so clueless
phob (9 months ago)
Everything I've been thinking and hoping for 12 years now of playing cod1/2/4 joe brammer just said. Everything he said is what I wanna hear from a dev. Joe Brammer for president.
Guntraders Cook (10 months ago)
please god almighty dont ruin this game with red dots, silencers and kill streaks. cod2 is easily one of the most competitive and well made fps games ever made. especially ww2 based.
Nivek Lohk (1 year ago)
I will not buy COD WW2 cause they wait till independant companies start ww2 projects to crush them possible incomes.. And I will never buy any COD games from now on..
Hello Hello (11 months ago)
Nivek Lohk COD ww2 is so unrealistic.
Despicable Mind (1 year ago)
Reload should be slowed down, no jumping whilst shooting. General pace of the game should be slowed right down.
Holly St Local (8 months ago)
Despicable Mind You shouldnt be here.
INSANE_MAN_1995 (8 months ago)
Lol is you thank this is skill we all ready no you are a cod lover
Vucko (9 months ago)
Go plays CSGO noob that is slow as fck
skyvo (9 months ago)
try day of infamy
Alberto Murillo (10 months ago)
lol this guy wants to make it a csgo clone, you should stick to csgo if you love that type of gameplay, cause this game ain't that.
Josh Harvey (1 year ago)
This game legit reminds me of COD2 with the movement of COD4. This could be fantastic. I hope it goes well guys!!!!!1
MOG0417246 (1 year ago)
Cod is better
M1 Abrams (1 year ago)
you wish
Marvin P (1 year ago)
looks pretty nice but I think the time for skill based fps shooters like cod2 is over .. so many players are playing on the couch with ps4 or xbox and they need easy and slow things coz its a gamepad.. The other thing is that the players back then who were playing this kinda games are nowadays fathers and have a job.. Not like 15 years ago when I came back from school and played with friends until we had to go to bed... The idea is great but expect nothing more then a hype for a phew moths and then we play cs and pubg again :) GL to the dev team anyway
FreffCSGO (8 months ago)
Well im 19, and i cant stop diggin battalion, never played cod2. i played some cod4 promod and such and then got the thing for csgo but now im all in for battalion. Raw aim skillbased shooters is what i play for
theTurrb (1 year ago)
Its sad but you are kinda right.. Everything after CoD2 went to bulls**t, it was simple and perfect for competitive gaming. Too bad the scene kinda died. Nowadays every game is full of things that takes the focus away from pure skill and tactics. But hey atleast there will be this option for those who are not into CS. And to be honest im 28 and havent played in YEARS, but i might get a gaming PC just for this and see if i still got it lol.
Eddie or Rolex (1 year ago)
Call of Duty does suck. Considering I have played Cod since Cod2. I can tell you now, The direction of Cod is shit. They focus way to much on change and its all because there is 3 different companies making the game. Its not the same as it used to be. Cod is a rage quit game and a game everyone picks up just cause everyone plays. There is not more future or niche for cod. Considering the market and the indie market. There is way to many options avaliable. I believe Battalion is going to be a cod successor. "For the competitive and pure fps player market"
INSANE_MAN_1995 (8 months ago)
This game is cool but how is this game post to beat cod ween this game oley for pc ween cod for everyone
Knife Guy Gamer (1 year ago)
Batallion isn't available for Early Access / Alpha in my country (India). Wanna play it so bad.
Josh Harvey (1 year ago)
Yeah, no one can get it right now. I'd expect closed beta / open beta in about 6-9 months.
Arctic Leader (1 year ago)
It isn't just you, it is for everybody
RobertsDigital (1 year ago)
I will dump Battlefront 2 and get Battalion 1944 instead. I prefer any game that looks like the old school wolfenstein multiplayer games. Modern games suck (the games that developers make today).....no offence intended
TheGrayGhost (11 months ago)
Jayson Flores Titanfall 2 doesn't suck. I just suck at it. Do you play it on PC because I'd love some tips.
Jayson Flores (1 year ago)
RobertsDigital I bet you still play modern games, and no they dont suck, titanfall 2 for examplem
MJ306 (1 year ago)
RobertsDigital why not both? battlefront 2 looks amazing
RobertsDigital (1 year ago)
*Knife Guy Gamer* Wolfenstein II has no multiplayer so I will dump it too. Modern wolfenstein developers dont pay attention to what fans want. We requested a multiplayer game like in the good old days of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, they refused to bring back multiplayer.
Knife Guy Gamer (1 year ago)
Get Wolfenstein 2 too :)
Suhh Dude (1 year ago)
Is this coming to console?
Aggelos25 (8 months ago)
Alec Ingram (1 year ago)
Gio _ thank god for that, I'm so excited
Gio _ (1 year ago)
Suhh Dude Yes. PS4/XB1
BK TheGamer (1 year ago)
wasn't this game supposed to be released in May but here we are in June struggling to get info about battalion
stampede230 (9 months ago)
February 1st!!!!!
LeProutski (11 months ago)
BK TheGamer (1 year ago)
You guys still comment on this? Wow I'm surprised 😎
Bollibompa (1 year ago)
+BK TheGamer +MemesForDreams No, it wasn't you mongoloids.
BK TheGamer if they release now it won't be as good, good thing take time.
SOTIRIS SIOKOS (1 year ago)
players in this game shouldn't jumping like astronauts on the moon... reduce jumping height please
ParadoxInRaindrops (1 year ago)
They've actually been reducing strafe distance and overall player-speed. It only really hit me how fast it is and I agree, it could use some tweaking but at the same time the movement was one a key-selling point for me.
entice (1 year ago)
fk off new gen
EmceeHaaX (1 year ago)
Can't wait!
Virtuvirus (1 year ago)
So... they want to bring back the 'old school' feel but my question is why. Games have evolved, I can still play MOHAA and COD 2 which are still alive, and I'd experience something I believe is much more polished and good. No need to make new games that are just step back to past. We still have those good old FPS games that we love and they're still alive. I don't see a reason to buy an indie game that does the exact same thing, but probably worse.
James Lawson (1 year ago)
Sometimes people don't want those extra add ons. People want a stripped down shooter that doesnt help you win games, which is basically a skill shooter. In todays modern age these games can work, counter strike GO, Rainbow Six Siege and Quake champions. CSGO has proven that you can have an early 2000's skill shooter with modern addons like weapon skins. It can work, it is not impossible.
ParadoxInRaindrops (1 year ago)
There's always the potential for new innovative games but titles like Battallion 1944 & Quake Champions are retrospectives. Auld Lang Syne. On a good day they look back with burning passion but still through the scrutiny of modern standards and really ask you, "If we work hard enough can we make this work again?" And if they're not, they're cash grabs.
hxmr (1 year ago)
clearly this guy knows what hes talking about!
GameFanaTICK386 (1 year ago)
Both sucked. COd 1 and its expansion United Offensive was much better. COD 3 was better as well.
James Lawson (1 year ago)
Well COD 4 and COD 2 both are legendary on their own ways. They want to make a game that had the movement of COD 4 with the setting and weapons of COD 2. Cod 2 never had the movement system of cod4. People will say we'll go play World at war or cod ww2. Well both of those games have perks. Battalion is strictly about movement and aim. It is really just a combining of the two COD 2 and COD 4. From what I've seen lately their close to hammering that down and making a great competitive game
Orangesherbet (1 year ago)
Good interview- Joe is totally right about comparing his game to COD, same genre but very different feel / direction. His description of COD:WWII was refreshing and honest. The proof is in the gameplay and each game (Battalion / COD) will draw their own audience based on that! (or existing fanbase, of course)
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Thank you! And yes, we agree!
MisterBassBoost (1 year ago)
Awesome! Keep it up!
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Thank you!

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