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Here's how to fully complete the Resident Evil 7 demo and solve all five murders

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Here's how to completely beat the Resident Evil 7 demo, solve all the mystery murders, find a special reward and get out of the Baker residence alive! Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (643)
Eurogamer (1 year ago)
If you're struggling to get the light to trigger a giggle, try obtaining the bolt-cutters/tape before looking at it. This seems to have helped some others online!
Valdax. (1 year ago)
yes that worked ! thx a lot !
Foxy Ball (1 year ago)
Eurogamer ii
Chynaash (1 year ago)
I can't get the picture with the bag over her head to giggle after I shoot at it. This won't allow the next murder to be solved of Timmy.
awesome gamer1928 (1 year ago)
Eurogamer for a second I thought you said do a 360 and I'll do a 360 noscope
zombie pro (1 year ago)
Eurogamer thanks we will try it
Vrushabh Bhavsar (20 days ago)
How to play this demo in re7 huh tell ME when Ethans first mission starts in that stage we can play this huh tell me
Daxtro (1 month ago)
what do i do if i do get hit by the infected creature?
adib amry (2 months ago)
I tried shooting the painting but no giggles
DONVITO_817 (3 months ago)
Thanks for this it really helped. Now I got my dirty coin and going to spend it in one place. 👍🤑
Neko chan Gaming (4 months ago)
I can’t do it I look at the light it doesn’t giggle
smyli tv d (6 months ago)
Witch secret room?
ΛLIΞИ GΞИOTYPΞ (8 months ago)
Ok... i'm all for hard puzzles, but this shit is just ridiculous lol
Trickshotboi 34 (9 months ago)
I pointed at the debris and it worked. I went upstairs to the attic and looked at the light by the boarded up door and I don’t get a giggle
hardiehardley (9 months ago)
I HAVE done the darn ending riddle six times, I can't get the laughter to occur when I stare at the doll.
Karma (10 months ago)
Smfh the monster kept appearing in the basement and it killed me and I was like ok I’m done trying after multiple retries
GIOVAHNNI GUCCI (11 months ago)
No fucking lie!!' I had to watch the video tape 6 times!!!' In the same game!!!! I almost gave up!!! But see on all 6 times I saw the tape, the ghost only appeared once, I noticed that when I went up to the attic and tried to open door with bloody handprints and I picked up the telephone and heard the dial tone, then I went back down to basement and then kneeled down by doll, then it made the final "LAUGH"
Jason Pro (1 year ago)
The light parts not working
Ciani Jones (1 year ago)
How do you do the 180 spin around
Fredster905 (28 days ago)
Ciani Jones I know this is old lol but I’m bored you have to hold back the left stick and hold circle on PS4
Najistic Biscuit (1 year ago)
U kinda sound like cait in fallout 4
Jennifer Pratt (1 year ago)
where you find this game at to play
Fredster905 (28 days ago)
Jennifer Pratt on the PS4 store lol
BigBoss7777777 (1 year ago)
What a horrible way to market the game. Why would you market the game with this convoluted mess? No wonder Capcom failed to meet their sales target. Should've just given us the actual first hour of the game which is great. Should end it after you meet your possessed wife.
Davis White (1 year ago)
The stuff in the re7 demo is different compared to the normal full game
Ryan Varas (1 year ago)
if ur on the Xbox what button do you press to turn fast
Steroid Steve (1 year ago)
for me the girl does not luagh when i look at the light at the borded up door
ReeseThaKid ! (1 year ago)
I really want the full game
Daniel Warren (1 year ago)
Did anybody encounter Jack during this process beside him at the door??
Ahston Stewart (1 year ago)
I cant figure out how to do the 180 degree turn on the Xbox one
robert3579 (1 year ago)
This looks like someone is a big fun of Kojima work (for example PT).
Mcsaucernuggets Apple (1 year ago)
I got the true ending without doing the last murder, is that supposed to happen?
Third Reich (1 year ago)
666 comments wow now 667 ha
EnemyTortoise 15 (1 year ago)
If you watch the video first, after unlocking the attic, the Fuze will disappear after the video is watched. You can get the axe for the whole game. While in video, get the lockpick in the kitchen and open the drawer. Now you can smash boxes for more ammo and even kill the monster if you want to take the time
Antonis Georgiou (1 year ago)
can someone tell me how i can attack/kick please?
Matt Oneill (1 year ago)
had to watch video 3 times on first and third attempt while filming I listened to the one not Andre when he says that this would make a good backdrop I filmed him and screen shimmered 2 attempts doll giggled
Richard Reyes (1 year ago)
is it me or is it extremely stupid randomly pointing at shit to progress the story, like how would you know to point at a down book case or shoot a painting... kinda dumb that I looked around a hour for the fuse that was not on the chair where she got it in this video... had to restart game for it to appear there
lost_gamer 14 (1 year ago)
when I look at the light it doesn't make a sound
Walk1ngParAd0xX (1 year ago)
I keep shooting the fucking painting, but nothing happens. What am I supposed to do?
Marco91 (1 year ago)
wow I didn't know the demo had this much depth thanks .
Muskers92 (1 year ago)
It seems like you have to watch the tape 4 times or see the ghost twice to trigger the last laugh trigger in the basement.
ian N (1 year ago)
I wish the fucking monster showed no attention to me like it did for her!
hi (1 year ago)
is demo on Xbox 1
DonPeyote (1 year ago)
Look at the lamp! Point dummy finger at the body bag! Shoot a painting! OBVIOUSLY! Now dat me sum detective work!
youngbikerb4 (1 year ago)
where the xbox one version???
highwaymaintainer (1 year ago)
Agree, ridiculous to have to touch everything and luckily spin at the right time, that's not a game, it's a riddle that either they want you to buy the step by step or look everything up on the internet
Alex Mortiis (1 year ago)
marry me
5.0 Edwin (1 year ago)
Can you do the rest of the murders if you get hit by that monster in the baseman
Ethan Millsaps (1 year ago)
when i go to shoot or hit the painting, it doesnt trigger the laugh... don't know why because I've done everything else that leads to it
[ exidae ] (1 year ago)
I try to find the fuse and I can't because it's not there plz help this solve the problem
hell raised assassin (1 year ago)
what does the coin even do
Phil Robert (1 year ago)
how do you keep the flashlight on ?
RolEn (1 year ago)
I got three endings so far. The front door ending, true ending, and infected ending.
MegaChaos91 (1 year ago)
Question: I shot the painting but got no giggle. What did I miss? (Or is it a bug?)
Dan Brown (1 year ago)
To get the doll to giggle look for the ghost in all spots. If you do see the ghost at least three times in the video, it will trigger jack walking by heading towards the annex. If you see him walk by then the doll in the basement should trigger the giggle.
BlueJayBlues (1 year ago)
That gamma tho
Mike Margraff (1 year ago)
If you see the ghost in the video cassette segment then return to the basement and look at the doll on the floor for the giggle, the last giggle is obtaining the dirty coin in the attic whether you are infected or not, not infected is the "True" ending.#Still,pure luck 🍀.
Mike Margraff (1 year ago)
How I got the "True"ending. Luck...get the wheel first since it's closer to the door,push on the door,wait for the molded,kick the bag and knock it down,push on the door twice,go up the stairs and come back for the attic key and run to this key then run and deftly avoid the molded and you have an easier door to run through.#Honestly! And for sure, will take several tries to get by un-infected.@Luck 🍀
Neko Daniel Ferro (1 year ago)
Thank you for the basement monster tip!!!! No other guide I found had the same tip. Also, you may want to let your viewers know that there is an easier way to trigger the last murder. DON'T PICK UP ANY BULLETS. If you do that, then you don't even have to watch the tape at all.
mrrogerscorpse (1 year ago)
First off, if the whole game is like this it's gonna piss a lot of people off. I found this impossibly difficult. No rhythm at all. I watched that stupid fucking tape 3 times and still can't trigger the last giggle.
Corbin (1 year ago)
ok so i did everything but when i went to the door it was locked and all five murders are in the book but i didnt here the pot go off
Thrifty Freebies (1 year ago)
I dread to think how long it took people to randomly discover all that 🤔
Eddie Cruz (1 year ago)
So was the demo showing Ethan or Clancy?
Mendes Junior (1 year ago)
I finally did it!
kuru 447 (1 year ago)
Euro gamer but what does the dirty coin do???? In the real game
Records Hehe (1 year ago)
this perf voice tho
Cj McKnight (1 year ago)
Who else shit their pants when you answered the phone without an ax
Alptraum (1 year ago)
03:00 I am looking at the light but I hear no giggle. Also the monster catches or hits me anyway. I gave up on playing the demo. I will just watch the walkthrough instead.
J Mo (1 year ago)
is it the same on xbox 1?
DANTENARUTO557 (1 year ago)
I have played through a several times now and tried it different ways but the ghost does not appear anywhere at all. What's going on?
Jack Pasta (1 year ago)
Nice commentary!
Random Tube (1 year ago)
Make sure to get the cutters and tape before you go upstairs to lower the stairs!!! And dont get hit by the monster in the basement, you will get infected!!!
George Chavez (1 year ago)
your accents hot
Silverdragon0 (1 year ago)
ugh. I kept getting hit by monster no matter how many times i try to avoid. Monster is MUCH faster and face you right away. Seems that Capcom fixed this now. Fuck. after many times I was unable to avoid so I said fuck it. Got infected and tried to do Dummy hands, nothing worked.... So, Fuck dirty coin for bonus in actual game. sigh.
Tedsville (1 year ago)
You've got the brightness turned way up.
Kingdom of Nerdum (1 year ago)
you can do this without ever watching the tape btw. just watched Cohhcarnage attempting to do this and ending up with the coin and the ending without the tape and even being infected.
Dalibor Vik (1 year ago)
what you can do with axe ?
Matt Homan (1 year ago)
the only reason it's complicated is because the coin leads to a bonus in the actual game. I highly doubt the puzzles in the game will be this complicated
Drojas818 (1 year ago)
How do I trigger the giggle from the painting? I've done everything in this video including watch the video already but when I shoot or hack the painting nothing happens?
Shiken Naggets (1 year ago)
where are the bolt cutters/tape?
Shvabenz (1 year ago)
Part with doll in basement dosent work I watched tape 2 times and it didnt work I didnt hear anything.
CageThePanic (1 year ago)
Every time I shoot the painting nothing happens
Manojvarughese (1 year ago)
tried the full game. madhouse mode was fun
Emanuel LaSalle (1 year ago)
I can't get the noise for the 4th puzzle with the white and blue wires....
bhorv67 (1 year ago)
Having issues with this demo - once launched, the game doesn't accept any mouse input. Is this happening to anyone else?
VirtuaSavage (1 year ago)
Lol yes you must see the apparition for the girl to giggle at the doll. Many of the spots where she appears wasn't working but one works everytime... In the videotape when pete reveals the hidden door go in before him and begin to climb down the ladder and you will see her appear on top of the ladder...
VirtuaSavage (1 year ago)
Ok so if anyone having trouble with the girl giggling at the light just do the basement scenario first then try too look at the light in the attic again then go back to the basement and point at the dead body. Also you DO NOT have to wiggle the hand like she says in the video all you have to do is point and wait and it automatically points and vibrates at the specific spot. Also, make sure you have the bolt cutters and tape beforehand.
Anthony Gomez (1 year ago)
How are you supposed to know these things? Wtf?
Lucas Féres (1 year ago)
I played through the demo and then later i found how to use the finger. This way is very stupid, i would never do that playing, pointing everything. There is no clue at all. I hope the final game they don't make such things that hard to find, no logic involved just trying everything and hope something happens.
Ross Hutton (1 year ago)
if this helps anyone. took me 4 attempts at the video ghost. as they're opening the door at the porch look behind them into the woods, that's where I seen it. I think the ghost is a different spawn for different people. a quick Google search will help you find all possible spawns of the ghost
Funky Ghost (1 year ago)
I have trouble with the molded monster. During my 2nd visit this monster keeps respawning and the only way I can avoid it is to just leave the room and the monster will die. But once i enter back, it respawn back again. I have no idea how to disable the monster from respawning, it's annoying as hell. Oh and I got my 5th giggle. I know many people are struggling to get it, so I'm gonna post what I did in the VHS. 1) I didn't spot the ghost lady at all. 2) I did not overtake the AIs. 3) I interact with all the things in the kitchen. (Pot, fridge, oven, drawer, drawer containing axe) 4) I allow all the dialogue to play through before moving on. 5) After ending, I immediately do a 180 turn and run towards the basement, before reaching the room, i crouch and look at the doll. Hope you get your fifth giggle ;)
Slimbino Splumoni (1 year ago)
How the hell was we suppose to figure that out on our own??
cpjax1 (1 year ago)
What game is this P.T you refer to?
cpjax1 (1 year ago)
This game has paranormal activity(ghosts), that is unlike any other official R.E. game.
PewtaBox (1 year ago)
OMG I love your voice!
Eli Mendez (1 year ago)
the giggle for the tape is not working for me
Warrior Dance (1 year ago)
How on earth would u figure all that out without this video? shooting the painting, knowing where to point the dummy hand! alot of trial and error who ever solved this! hope the full game is not like this!!
cun7us (1 year ago)
This is cool and all, but how is anyone supposed to figure out what to do let alone in the right steps? For example, shooting the picture and doing a sharp 180 degree turn at the mirror? The clues that appear in the notebook aren't exactly intuitive either.
cun7us (1 year ago)
Josiah Suarez It's not straightforward, and you're the only person I've seen say that. The "clues" in the notebook couldn't get anymore cryptic. Even the reviewers say the same thing.
Josiah Suarez (1 year ago)
It's called trial and error, the notebooks are pretty straight forward if you look into the clues.
Joel Kinnunen (1 year ago)
cun7us how do u do the 180°turn ?
meshal ali (1 year ago)
The only bad thing its first person
Wesley Pierce (1 year ago)
Yo voice so sweet gottdamn
Benairen Tomhave (1 year ago)
I shot the panting and hit it with the ax, but there was no laugh.
Christian Cutsforth (1 year ago)
the fuse isn't there 4 me
OVERLOAD24 (1 year ago)
So is this what they meant by "returning to their roots" because if so I'm impressed. Bringing back difficult puzzles that make you think and feel like you actually accomplished something and being in this creepy atmosphere like the first Resident Evil. When this series started it didn't hold your hand for fuck all and I'm someone who enjoys that so thanks Capcom for bringing it back! For those who think this is "too hard" at least for the good ending, hopefully they make several routes so people new to the series can at least experience the game. Regardless I'm glad to see Resident Evil becoming survival horror once again and not some god awful generic action shooter
GiantMega Lizard (1 year ago)
I love this accent...
travis swafford (1 year ago)
If you can't get the doll giggle to work. Just go pick up the phone and then crouch next to the doll and it should work.
modder1975 (1 year ago)
In my personal opinion the game looks very cool but this demo is awful. I spent several minutes to find objects and open doors and I died three times because of monster and it doesn't even has a checkpoint. I got really bored and I uninstalled it. Very disappointing.
Marilyn Manson (1 year ago)
Why tf do the body bags never work and why does this monster keep going the same way and hitting me the second I go near it but in the video it walks to the other side of the room

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