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Xbox Game Pass Update: 9 Amazing New Games Added!

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A bunch of great new Xbox games just hit Game Pass, so here’s your one-stop rundown of what you can expect. Let us know in the comments which one you’re going to be downloading first! Subscribe to the channel for great Xbox videos all week: https://goo.gl/pqXHjw Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny & Lydia for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny Twitter: https://twitter.com/BennyCentral Instagram: https://instagram.com/BennyCentral YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidGaming Instagram: https://instagram.com/SquidGame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (182)
Xbox On (17 days ago)
So many good games! Anything you're excited to play?
MetroX Division (5 days ago)
Devadvo yeah totally all the new xbox exclusives on release date. Damn thats old isnt it
MetroX Division (5 days ago)
Parker Simms are u here just to add negative comments becoz if we look over at what other consoles are offering for services then u have no place to ask what good games
Psychic (9 days ago)
I'm excited to play these on PC, oh wait..
vypermajik (11 days ago)
Xbox On Vermintide!
Ariston Bowers (11 days ago)
Nice list. Surprised you didn't mention Rocket League though.
Scott Welker (1 day ago)
I hope they put watch dogs
Vardaracon (2 days ago)
Need to make all games play any where if they are serious about attracting pc platform.
J420 1888 (2 days ago)
Any of the old splinter cells?
NoobSkillzXD (2 days ago)
I love human fall flat
MetroX Division (5 days ago)
If they put fortnite on gamepass then im getting it becoz i have been trying to get it but cant afford it but then i can play BR with all me friends lolololol
Who Am I (5 days ago)
Dont waste your time! Here are all the games: Dirt 4, Zombie Army Trilogy, Abzû, Shadow Complex Remastered, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Human Fall Flat, Bomber crew, warhammer Vermintide
Owen West (7 days ago)
Gamepass needs to be on PC
GrodTheAlmighty (16 hours ago)
For sure, I'm with you on that... give it time though. In general it's a step in the right direction.
Owen West (1 day ago)
GrodTheAlmighty its barley anything compared to actual gamepass. Its certainly not worth 120 dollars a year
GrodTheAlmighty (1 day ago)
Owen West it is, there's just a smaller selection of games.
gelpfortonimum xd (8 days ago)
Mortal kombat x should be in the gamepass
Daniel Axmacher (8 days ago)
I think of the next gen and I immediately think of Xbox first, mainly due to game pass. I've simply gotten used to Xbox game pass and its continue improvement, is like Netflix now, I could live without it but I really don't want to. Vermintide 2 is so much fun.
MrJustintreat (8 days ago)
I've got a full 4 man squad for vermantide 2. It plays like left 4 dead but set in the warhammer fantasy universe. Its a fun mob hacking game
Anderson Marques (8 days ago)
Oblivion is not available on gamapass brazil. Pls add
The Gamer Couple (9 days ago)
Love it, good selection yet again
Austin Delaney (9 days ago)
This is just a heads up to all the crybabies whining about not a good line up of games I just want to let you know that microsoft has to get rights from the gaming company to make it free. Kind of just like netflix has to fight for rights for a show or movie. iT IsNt RoCkEt ScIeNcE....
GM GAMEPLAY (9 days ago)
Game pass is starting to be worth it
Keith McCloud (10 days ago)
Xbox is now irrelevant.
MetroX Division (5 days ago)
Zamininc so are all the japanese indie shits that ps4 gets and no dead rising is a very good game
Zamininc (8 days ago)
+0 0 I have an XB1 but c'mon, sea of thieves and dead rising are garbage
loving ryona (8 days ago)
Keith McCloud lol only reason i have my ps4 is because it can be hacked to pirate its games, i just use the money on xbox instead
0 0 (9 days ago)
At least It's better then the ps4. Does ps4 have dead rising 3? Does it have the gears of war series? Does it have sea of thieves? No? Didn't think so
464batman (11 days ago)
Excitement for older games. 😂😂
Sebastian Dragonheart (11 days ago)
This video has been down-voted because the end cards blocked my view of info I wanted. As there is no way to turn them off, this is on you.
Nuclear_ (11 days ago)
People call Xbox game pass the Netflix / games but I'm just like no Netflix actually has exclusives
Nuclear_ (8 days ago)
Are you
Nuclear_ (8 days ago)
loving ryona What there on PC
loving ryona (8 days ago)
Nuclear_ are you retarded?
Nuclear_ (8 days ago)
tanveryen I wouldn't call these exclusives because they are also on PC
Jeffery Burgwin (12 days ago)
Armored Core 4 would be nice. Seriously!
Craig Trevino (12 days ago)
Ab. Su. (12 days ago)
Forza 7 in Game Pass pls
Ernie Gutierrez (12 days ago)
Xbox Games Pass is awesome
SEBAS CUERVO (12 days ago)
como cuando piensas que es algo serio y todo eso te vale verga
Reaper 430040 (13 days ago)
I think you can make any game sound awesome. Dw9 needs you to make a good review on there game lmao
Put the games in the description scrub. Dont waste my time
Crescendo (3 days ago)
AveryThePanda There are no Ads on this video. Whether it was 1 min 10 or 1 hr would make no difference if they aren't adding any ads. (Does affect Watch time, but you get the point). Would have been better if they did add it on the desc thought.
AveryThePanda (4 days ago)
StrongArmJon Entertainment they need money dude
raynell hobbs (13 days ago)
So this video came out 3 days ago. Yet these games have been in game pass since the 1st of the month.
Bangfist 9000 (14 days ago)
When the hell is crackdown 3 coming???
Matt Byrnes (12 days ago)
Bangfist 9000 February 19th
Infernal King (14 days ago)
That's great now how about Microsoft starts doing their job and puts an end to scumbags in Pubg and SIEGE or MW3 hacking or using Mouse and Keyboard or using abused exploits in games rather then just allowing it to happen and ruin it for everyone else. Wanna talk about pathetic? I mean you have to pay about $10 for Gold + another + if you want the Game Pass. Even then you have no guarantee that they'll do their job and ban half these people. It's just sad how Microsoft wants your cash but doesn't give a good Goddamn about their word of mouth. I can't even take competitive gameplay seriously anymore on console it's pathetic.
Angelo Gray (6 days ago)
Keybord is not something you can get banned for only im competitive gaming
AurikWinterskin (12 days ago)
Infernal King actually they just added the mouse and keyboard feature being able to play on xbox1. Don't homd your breath on them removing the feature, they made it that way on purpose.
Paul Creamers (14 days ago)
Oblivion has a bad frame rate even on Xbox one X it looks amazing on Xbox one X but frame rate is a major issue needs to be patched badly
w g (14 days ago)
Now the real question. Some of us might be wonder if some of these game are on PC for the game pass ? Like recore, halo wars and state of decay. I hope they add more to windows gamepass
Jordy bouw (14 days ago)
I want battlefield to the game pass
MetroX Division (5 days ago)
Jordy bouw it comes with bad company bf4 bf1 bf3 and all that👍
Jordy bouw (5 days ago)
MetroX Division wow thank you !
MetroX Division (5 days ago)
Jordy bouw get ea access
Blayne Bittencourt (14 days ago)
Game pass may keep Xbox competitive.
Who Am I (5 days ago)
Blayne Bittencourt games online never been competitive since people go play on gamebattles.com
Altwoine Nicholas (14 days ago)
Zombie Trilogy is gold
Garrett Sampson (14 days ago)
I feel like Xbox is trying to screw up playstation so that they can go out of business
Garrett Sampson (13 days ago)
lik everytiem I doubt it but it might happen.
lik everytiem (13 days ago)
Garrett Sampson i believe if there is a risk of that becoming true sony will adopt crossplay in to their games. They have to.
Garrett Sampson (13 days ago)
lik everytiem But over time people will buy the Xbox and the Nintendo switch to do crossplay. They won’t buy PlayStation for that.
lik everytiem (14 days ago)
Garrett Sampson long ways from that mate. But i sure hope playstation had a similar service. They are sitting on their monopoly really.comfortably. in some countries ps4 has 90 percent market share. They have absolutely nothing to worry about.
dazzadavie (16 days ago)
I've been waiting for bomber crew since I started seeing let's play videos from the PC edition
Nicolas Santoscoy (16 days ago)
Wich games are free? With game pass of course
Sour Meat (10 days ago)
Mike Jones (16 days ago)
This month is trash. Just not for me I guess
Contagious946 (13 hours ago)
Who Am I no wonder it receives very positive reviews
Who Am I (5 days ago)
Contagious946 that game is so bad
Contagious946 (8 days ago)
Mike Jones warhammer vermintide 2 tho
DayFul (16 days ago)
Was thinking about buying Vermintide 2 that's a nice saving.
ian speed (17 days ago)
Its turning into a must have
me1648 (17 days ago)
Still not gonna get game pass hahahahaha
Felix Jahn (17 days ago)
What happens if you subscribe to gamepass download a game, then unsubscibe do you still have the game?
Sour Meat (10 days ago)
Pierre Odom (17 days ago)
Can you share gamepass games? If so how?
Pierre Odom (15 days ago)
The Triggerman you my good man are pure genius thanks!!
The Triggerman (15 days ago)
Pierre Odom try to download fallout 4 should have option to download it for free.
Pierre Odom (15 days ago)
The Triggerman Yea me and my cuz just set it up but he's having a hard time with finding gamepass games
The Triggerman (15 days ago)
Pierre Odom no problem dude. It's a little confusing at first, make sure your account with the game pass and whatever else you got(like xbox live gold and ea access) has everything you trying to share. I always go 30/30 on new games with my friend this way.
Pierre Odom (15 days ago)
The Triggerman cool thanks
dell cruz (17 days ago)
Shadow Complex is the best game they added the rest are kinda whack except for Oblivion and Fallout 3,I finished all 3 on the 360,so I'm disappointed they didn't add great XB1 titles,I don't get why they still haven't added old school CoD games like MW2 MW3 or BO1 to the game pass,stop putting games no one wants to play and for god sakes plz give us better XB1 games on Games with Gold,this month only the 360 games are the good ones,my thing is why not give us 1 great XB1 and 1 360 game and 1 of each that are just OK,hell you guys still haven't given us Red Dead Redemption(360) for free or even Dark Souls 2(XB1),give us some great games,so tired of lack luster XB1 games on GwG
Tyson Bell (6 days ago)
It’s not like they can throw random games on it dude. They have to pay out the publisher and get the all clear to place that game on the game pass or it has to be one of their own titles
thebeast12333 (12 days ago)
Lee Lol this month's games are garbage. And no one is asking for brand new AAA games every month but there are plenty of good ones they could give away that are a few years old instead of all this useless indie garbage they've been giving us.
dell cruz (12 days ago)
GwG these past few months are weak,only 1 good game per month,if you wanna play them more power to you,what I'm saying is these games are not my cup style,this month only Splinter Cell is really good,the others in MY opinion are not my style,I don't play those top down shooters and the Virtua Fighter games are weak in my opinion, not my fighting game style,all I ask for is at least 1 AAA title for each XB1 and 360,it don't matter when they came out,I don't have trouble buying games,but if I'm gonna be paying to play online the least I should get back is a good game or two,like you wouldn't want more AAA titles on GwG,you're a liar if you don't cause everyone wants good AAA title
Lee (16 days ago)
All 4 of this months GWG reviewed really well so they aren’t poor. If you want triple a titles every month then put your hands in your pockets and buy them.
Dean Hudmon (17 days ago)
Aside from the easy choices with Fallout 3 and Oblivion...Zombie Army Trilogy is one of the most fun games I have ever played. Its even better with friends so if you skip over it, you are missing out.
Rowan Crook (17 days ago)
I enjoyed DiRT Rally and can’t wait to try out DiRT 4!
I'm A Scrub (17 days ago)
Xbox add command and conquer red alert 3 on game pass please... I know its not the best one but it would be nice to build a base and go to war once again. I play halo wars but its not the same 😔
TheInfectedGamer (5 days ago)
If any base-building RTS do Universe at War! I adore that game! Underrated to be honest
stacyclan15 (17 days ago)
Any command and conquer plzzzzzz
Alia Wharton (17 days ago)
Still Waiting for Halo Master Chief collection
Kermit (6 days ago)
I have bought it when it came out and it was exspensive as hell so i dont hope si
For. Eighn (8 days ago)
Ugh i played halo 2 way back my first halo game and I've been hellbent on playing the entire series game pass would be insane if they added the entire collection.
Craig Trevino (12 days ago)
Woogie Harrelson yeah, its Halo 5
Woogie Harrelson (12 days ago)
I could’ve sworn it was on there. Is halo 5?
ImPhyziX (13 days ago)
They will be adding it to the game pass once they're done with the flight preview, and they update the game, their big patch and xbox enhanced update, anytime soon, I hear by this fall.
Mario Cruz (17 days ago)
Zombie Army Trilogy is a really fun co-op shooter. I vouche for it!
XBOX ALL IN (17 days ago)
Oblivion was a pleasant surprise but that 94 GB though....
Salaura ToeJoe (17 days ago)
Expand new horizons with #XboxGamePass just for 9.99. #999era #GamingNetflix
Emerson Reyna (17 days ago)
Fallout 3 and Vermintide, the others: Garbage.
Fabian69 (17 days ago)
Emerson Reyna no prob
Emerson Reyna (17 days ago)
Fabian69 Thanks for the tips man I will try those.
Fabian69 (17 days ago)
Emerson Reyna chill dirt 4 is dope oblivion too
Emerson Reyna (17 days ago)
IDGAF what you think man.
نواف الشمري (17 days ago)
I really wish they put call of Juarez gunslinger 😢😢😭
نواف الشمري (12 days ago)
Jumpeer BH that's just for you But for me I wanted it 😢
Jumpeer BH (12 days ago)
Me not because I purchased a time along
nok1888 (17 days ago)
Dirt 4 has been on gamepass for ages
nok1888 (17 days ago)
Oh right maybe i am i could of swore it was dirt 4, cheers
Dan Rodriguez (17 days ago)
nok1888 I think you’re talking about Dirt Rally
Hybridchicken04 Gaming (17 days ago)
Zombie army is the best one by far
Charlie Wilson (17 days ago)
I love this channel but the problem i have with it most of the time you make a game sound way better than it is.
Tyson Bell (6 days ago)
They’re trying to sell you the game pass dude. It’s a marketing channel not a review channel
Colin Toft (13 days ago)
Bit of an understatement 😂
Bigsteelguy4 (17 days ago)
It's a matter of preference, not every game they talk about will satisfy your taste. Yes they say good things about a lot of games. I'm sure there are others, they don't care for.
Pedro Rezende (17 days ago)
its from microsoft. It is an add, not a review
Alfredois 1 (17 days ago)
Is dat sea weed dank?
Mavro Tsai (17 days ago)
Amazing !
Everything makes me happy xbox
Smo3k Purp9l3 (17 days ago)
Dreadiflen (17 days ago)
Love Xbox really so much!)
Who Am I (5 days ago)
bob hawkins what is your problem "bob"?ahahah
Peter T (8 days ago)
your then?
Ruby Dawn (13 days ago)
bob hawkins umm your then one that can't spell soo
bob hawkins (17 days ago)
Dreadiflen defiantly retarted
Steven Wolf (17 days ago)
im still waiting for more xbox games to come this line up is good i hope Jurassic park operation genesis joins in soon and Jade Empire as well
Gaming With Ryan (17 days ago)
Cant wait to try abzu
Benni Dorfman (17 days ago)
6th comment
vaprize. (17 days ago)
Swiftpredat0r (17 days ago)
Zombie trilogy is trash imo
NellaFeed (17 days ago)
I hate to be that guy but there's no real reason to state that it's your opinion, it's just obvious.
Scars (17 days ago)
Swiftpredat0r Yup. It's clunky asf imo
Mr Glass (17 days ago)
It's an awesome game.....
Level Smack (17 days ago)
Swiftpredat0r it's pretty good. Not amazing though.
Bobby Boucher (17 days ago)
Not first
Kyle Wease (17 days ago)
Not bad
Jumbo Hamstar (17 days ago)
First comment
Andrew Jamea FIFA (17 days ago)
Jumbo Hamstar good for you jumbo 😂

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