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HP SPECTRE X360 (Review) - The Best 2-In-1 Laptop Of 2017?

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Check out my review of the HP Spectre X360. A 2 in 1 13" touch-screen laptop. More Info: http://bit.ly/2vxKbrX ------------- THE GEAR I USE: COMPUTER: https://dopeass.link/2vxTrfE CAMERA: https://dopeass.link/2v8PADy MICROPHONE: https://dopeass.link/2fhO6mj RECORDER: https://dopeass.link/2vroYQC MEMORY CARD: https://dopeass.link/2ucVtlY HARD DRIVE: https://dopeass.link/2v8EM8o LIGHTING: https://dopeass.link/2vBU7Bf ------------- Get your CrazyDopetastic Tee: https://dopeass.link/crazydopetee BACKGROUND MUSIC BY: Spinelli Salem THEME MUSIC BY: Hav, Inc. MORE CRAZYDOPETASTIC HERE: http://www.instagram.com/crazydopetastic http://www.facebook.com/crazydopetastic http://www.twitter.com/crazydopetastic ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture! #nerdculture
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Text Comments (13)
CodeIsLife (11 months ago)
Fam! I'm glad I found your channel. Keep up the good work! Let me tell you, that dopeass.link domain had me dying!! I love it!
CrazyDopetastic (11 months ago)
+NeyLive haha! Thanks!
PGI Cruiser (1 year ago)
Enjoyed your video until you YELLED IN MY EAR at the end. Could have done without that.
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
+PGI Cruiser haha! Thanks! You must be new here!
Alfliex Ho (1 year ago)
I have it too bro! I nominated it the sexiest laptop alive!
Darkelms Ender (1 year ago)
Is it good for video editing and graphic design? And also, would you rather choosing the HP Spectre x360 or HP Pavilion x360?
-7- man (1 year ago)
clickbait thumbnail. DOG on thumbnail.. DAAWG in video.
younghav (1 year ago)
Holy shit your daughter got so pretty😍😍😍😍😍
younghav (1 year ago)
younghav (1 year ago)
can I run FL Studio at work???
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)
Most definitely.
Short. (1 year ago)
Nice channel mate, compliment to you ^^
CrazyDopetastic (1 year ago)

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