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Does Hellblade ACTUALLY have permadeath?

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Hellblade is a game with one, huge controversial mechanic. We killed Senua 50 times to find out, and the answer may surprise you... ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (326)
joe bob (22 days ago)
Did you beat the game before doing this review?
Scott (22 days ago)
A great mind fuck. Brilliant job.
prg4mer (30 days ago)
Lol I totally missunderstood the scene ingame. I thought it meant that over time the rot grows and it was just part of the game.
Andrea Toppi (1 month ago)
There's no permadeath, with Playstation Plus cloud save. Problem solved.
0n4nd0n01 (1 month ago)
1. this vid should have a spoiler warning; 2. implying "auto" difficulty is easy is misleading since it's the games best attempt at AI difficulty: ie: harder than "hard"
Whirling Music (1 month ago)
Wow. I was yelling at my TV for nothing ? L o l
Violet Yasemin (1 month ago)
I would exit the game just before dying to avoid permadeath and then load the last checkpoint. Ha, they did a good job imcreasing tension
Lecherous Lizard (2 months ago)
I found it so hard to die in this game that I ended up playing the last fight for half an hour. Also that game doesn't deserve the renown it got. The combat system is mediocre, there are effectively 3 different enemies and 90% of the "game" is a walking simulator. People get off to the whole "mental illness" shtick, but I guarantee that if the focus of the story was different, the game would fall into obscurity in less than week after the release. "9/10", oh my sides.
Lecherous Lizard (8 days ago)
You fail to see the point. The game became the topic of the week, not because it was good in any capacity, but because it was about a concept which _"How you dare to criticize X? Are you X-ist?!"_ The long version of my _"If the focus was different"_ is _"If the theme of mental illness was still in the game, but wasn't so in-your-face to the point of comedy"_ not _"If it was about gardening instead".
Elias (8 days ago)
"if the focus of the story was different" it would be an entirely different game. mental illness IS the focus of this game, and you can't just say "what if it wasn't?". it's like taking a first person shooter, and saying "b-but what if it was about gardening?"
Adam M (2 months ago)
I think a lot of people missed what was happening. This game is about mental illness and bringing awareness to those that or ignorant to what it is (like myself). At first I thought that this was a game feature, but it was only when I completed it and thought for a moment that my God it was just a mental psychosis effect! I believed it would happen even thought it didn't happen, it never existed, but while I believed, I fought harder, more careful, and determined not to die. Amazing, methodological, creative, memorable. Ninja Theory has become one of my favorite development teams.
Mr.Shin-Chan (2 months ago)
everytime I died, I close the Game with alt+f4 and restarted.. god damn
Jamie Larsen (3 months ago)
I completed Hellblade and died many a time to the difficult fights in the game. Never had my save file deleted, and was able to see the game to the end. However once you have finished the game then it deletes your save file and to be able to play more you basically have to play again. So next time if I play again I hope to collect all of the story arcs to be able to unlock a special scene.
David John (3 months ago)
I genuinly switched the game off quickly every time i thought i was going to die just so it wouldnt save
Colten Fry (3 months ago)
Tis genius.
Donari (3 months ago)
The permadeath is just something in Senuas mind. The devs said it. Part of her psychosis things yknow
utku koksal (3 months ago)
Well on the devs defense, the rot reaches her head and she does die at the end of the game.
Gamer Lost (3 months ago)
This is a good way for players becoming the Main Character. This will help empathize and understand the struggle of Senua. Making us to be the one's "accompanying" her rather than "watching" her suffer, lose, then rise back up.
WindSlinker (4 months ago)
What they should do is make this feature real in hard mode.
samsquanch1996 (4 months ago)
So the game is just trying to scare you into thinking your progress will be lost? That's kinda funny and kinda stupid at the same time.
K B (4 months ago)
Nothing ever says officially that it would be a perma death or cause restart. The rot is actually representing how far into the adventure/game she is. No matter how many times she "dies" and has to redo fights, the rot will be at her shoulder and creeping up her neck at the end. It is a game progress bar. ;)
Shinsuke Seta (5 months ago)
OMG I shouldn't have watched this video (while I didn't walk through the whole game)...I think I might not be that scared and careful after knowing this fact...
PRAY IV DEATH (5 months ago)
But u can get to the end of the game with out it going to ur elbow
Janne Laitinen (5 months ago)
It's actually really easy to die in this on auto difficulty. That "run after light while chased by insta death from 100m away" part has already killed me about 15 times. Doesn't really help that game activates drunk mode right at beginning of that part so I start by running to closest wall for like 2 seconds before I get control back.
G+ is terrible (5 months ago)
The permadeath ruse was a..... distaction
ShaunTheCHB (5 months ago)
Pretty sneaky. I get it though. It adds to the tension of the game. I have played it and I loved it, even though I couldn't make heads or tails out of what the hell was going on at most times. I confess I'm not up on my Norse history.
XkaposQ9 Syndrome (6 months ago)
"The hardest battles are fought in the mind" that is the very next line came after the perma death scene. They are just messing with your head, you really shouldn't spoil it for the new players.
derlich09 (6 months ago)
Subi_fan (7 months ago)
So Ninja Theory trolled us ? I just found supposedly last rune thing that tells the stories in area where you need to fix the bridge in cross it, been playing on Normal all the way, some bosses have killed a few times and have the rot at the shoulder level, so i backed up my save file in case if i fuck up in last boss fight and die wihtout seeing the ending.
hunn20004 (7 months ago)
huh. its pretty clever, as we all know Senua is suffering from delusions and psychosis, so there really isn't a reason why the rot should act as it does. It's like how you imagine how you are growing scales every time you do something, but form another persons perspective, "you a nutter", so even though you "keep" growing scales, they never quite reach anywhere.
valentino zhen (7 months ago)
Weird because on the cave where fenrir lies I die like 3-4 times and the rot actually grow to the shoulder, I thought the permadeath thingy is just a bluff cause many youtube videos said so... I manage to finish the game anw but at the time I fight hela the rot its alread on senua neck...anyone experience the same thing as me? I think they patch up and add the actual permadeath feature
maa pallo (7 months ago)
rot can reach over elbow and i die like 30times
Naud van Dalen (7 months ago)
They ruined a bunch of sales by threatening to delete the player's save file. Some people like it (people who like Roguelikes), but many people don't. Some of them are turned off by this nonexistent mechanic and won't buy it. On the other hand, it caused a lot of media attention, which means free advertising. Later on they can say that it doesn't exist and the people who turned it down originally may buy it.
Maria Junobugg (1 day ago)
Yet all these people whining like spoilt brats about it are probably the ‘git gud’ dummies. No wonder I got out of the sorry excuse for a gaming ‘community ‘ last year. Lots of great people but the bad ones spoiled it for me. My problem, I was too soft.
88Hyo (8 months ago)
If this was true i wouldn't touch It with a 10 FT pole.
Ricky Dennis (8 months ago)
Woooow man they had me with that I was terrified almost had a heart attack when I would fight in the game.
unlimited haro78 (8 months ago)
It’s was just a little mind trick
PuraguCryostato (9 months ago)
They should do this: If you lose too many times the game deletes itself, and refunds you your money because by law such would be required in many places. That would be true art. But no company will ever do that. The closest is Nier which deletes save games.
Hammers (9 months ago)
I'm a angry gamer right now
Naraku (9 months ago)
well, what if you die 100 or 200 times?
Marko Peric (9 months ago)
fuck me, why did I watch this, I didnt wanna know
Franco Venica (9 months ago)
I just played the game and i gotta admin that the idea of losing my save file made me stand on my toes the entire game, there are cheap parts like that trial with the house on fire where you die easily and i was always thinking "is this gonna be it? gonna have to restart here?" so that small message at the beggining actually serve it purpose.
Fleato (9 months ago)
HUGE FUCKING SPOILER HERE DONT READ UNLESS YOU BEAT THE GAME OR IT WILL RUIN THIS EXPERIENCE 100% : the perma death isn't real.... to those people i say, you missed the point of the game. you're character has a voice in her her, that constantly says " your going to die, " so on and so fourth, but it's not real. get it? the developers played it up as well, to really really push that experience, to sort of psuedo induce a bit of psychosis in the player. which to me, is fuckign insanely brilliant, it really ups the experience once you find this out (after the game) and realize, that it was all jsut in your own head as well.................................................................... essentially they try to make you scared of something that isn't there as well
Michal Kajdan (10 months ago)
They only want you to get that psychosis and right from the beginning
errol Wallace (11 months ago)
I mean it makes sense since Senua suffers from severe mental psychosis, so it's all her head, but it would be a nice touch if after too many deaths she gives in and commits suicide to her mental illness.
Szarko (11 months ago)
No permadeath. If it was a casew people would copy the save and never worried about progress.
Javier Ocampo (11 months ago)
Bruh! I was playing on hard and freaking out when the rot grew. I was like wtf I didn't even die!!!
TheEzWay (11 months ago)
If you look closely the rot will grow throughout the game. When you face hela, it’s in your neck. For me the rot symbolises sanity. And when you face hela, you’re completely insane.
Gordon Bushard (11 months ago)
It says the rot will spread when you fail and ( spoilers ) You only fail at the end when you realize Dillion can't be saved, which is your main quest. The rot spreads to your head, but you don't die. It is only the end of this story, so that means you can no longer progress
nuke018 (11 months ago)
damn if i knew that i wouldnt break my controller everytime i died
Azyatic (11 months ago)
Died 3 times
Sergio Ortiz (1 year ago)
At the end of the game (spoilers) she says repeatedly "IT WAS ALL A LIE. The darkness isn't real. The curse isn't real" and you straight up have to die to see the end credits... Senua says so herself, "it's all a lie". She can't trust what other people have told her or led her to believe, why should you believe a few lines of text you saw at the beginning?
Cenk Hanyaloğlu (1 year ago)
Can i unsee this video please, my whole stress of permadeath while playing the game is gone now :(
Simaru Hawke (1 year ago)
I think it is somehow sad that quickly so many youtubers revealed that bluff... But I would laugh my ass off if they (re)integrated Permadeath later with a patch just to fuck with everybody :D I'd think it would be really great and somehow unique to have permadeath. Would be mind-blowing just like this one game where the final boss changed your controls and read your memory card in real :D
Mega Mirkat (1 year ago)
The rot DOES spread to her head, the quest IS over and all progress IS lost. Thing is that is all within a story context (with the possible exception of the progress being lost but that only means that there is no continue option once the story is over)
KoopaPlays (1 year ago)
It's actually a bluff just to stress out the player? :/ When I heard about this feature it was a huge turn off, and I'm dying on easy already several times, mainly because the camera is locked when you are fighting multiple enemies. I'm not into the idea of this in a narrative game. Most story games these days even have an easy setting to encourage focus on story experience. The way this game plays is so tedious and slow, I don't even want to redo things after checkpoints.
Олень, если ты умираешь в одном и том же месте то болезнь не распространяется потом 2-3 раза. Нужно дохнуть в различных локациях.
Markoosh (1 year ago)
The rot is up to the shoulder on mine... should I be worried? lol
corasundae (1 year ago)
Markoosh did you watch the video? It just means you're towards the end of the game. It's tied to bosses and events, not an actual death count. No matter what, your save will never actually be deleted.
Dusan Divic (1 year ago)
Well i gotta say i died 3 times and i was scared to death that im gonna lose my safe file if i die more... and i like it!
Divij Kishal (1 year ago)
Ninja Theory is a winner.
saxoman1 (1 year ago)
I just played it. One of the best games I have ever played (goes without saying, pick this up people)! That being said, I will say that I thought permadeath was real and it gave me SERIOUS anxiety and dread for the entire game. It made me feel like I was really being hurt by every failure and that I was failing Senua. It's, quite frankly, a feeling I haven't really felt sinse back in the nes/genesis days of gaming when many games would make you start from the beginning if you died too many times, even if you put HOURS into it (contra, zelda 1/2, marios especially 3, sonic). It made the entire experience more real and I was INVESTED in Senua. My only criticism is that if you're going to market permadeath, it should be real in at least ONE of the modes (Hardcore mode) and should come complete with a very unique and vivid story related death sequence. To all the people bitching and moaning, you don't have to play the game. But if you have (had? lol. since there actually isn't permadeath) enough balls to play a game with this retro feature, then buy Hellblade! You'll be rewarded.
Night NDay (4 months ago)
If this is one of the best games youve played then you havent played hardly any
KrAzZzHD (1 year ago)
Yes i was wondering that too! It would really suck! I died over and over to see if that happens. The rot stays where it was. FUCKING HOAX!
Smartboy123 (1 year ago)
This isn't REALLY a bluff. I think I know were they were getting at. I won't saying anything in this initial comment. If people are interested in discussing this we can, but as a reply to this comment (so its hidden in the replies to prevent spoilers). So to all reading this comment, heads up, there could be spoilers waiting in the replies.
Velacroix (1 year ago)
Okay, I appreciate this video so much. I actually put down the game early, because of the artificial death bullshit where I died to 2 different fire gates: the first to not being aware you can die from the smoke if you aren't fast enough (fuck me for trying to admire the world, change in atmosphere, and the fire graphics for 5 seconds too long, right?) and the second to some stupid unavoidable death which I pulled the plug 5 times in a row to avoid. Very intriguing system by the devs, handled very stupidly.
robert becerra (1 year ago)
Well son of a bitch
Mr Smiley (1 year ago)
This game is phenomenal 10/10 GOTY
Jan De Wilde (1 year ago)
Imho, everyone who - after playing the game - still wonders whether this permadeath thingy is true or not, didn't understand the game, nor its meaning of it.
John Oliver (1 year ago)
it should be an option for players that want that extra bit of challenge and anxiety. alot of games should have optional permadeath really.
KonaEhukai (1 year ago)
I Must completely suck at this game, because I would have died numerous times already and I still haven't beaten the first boss, even on the easy setting.
Jerooski (1 year ago)
Devs wanted players to feel paranoid with this. And they made it LOL
Deathx Kinslayer (1 year ago)
I would like to add that with a few careless deaths in and my tatoo mark rose higher than shown here, since than, I aint fuckin around anymore.
Clottingham (1 year ago)
Thank god. Im at the Seas of Corpses part and i gotta say,this is god damn impossible for me personally right now lol. The game introduces a new hard enemy then after you kill it,the game is like,"alright lemme just spawn multple of em at the same time!" I am glad permadeath seems to be a lie. If i got permadeath i wouldnt bother playing the game again and resort to watching a youtube playthrough and im guessing many others are the same
can berk (1 year ago)
ill death 5 times and the mark reach my sholder ??
Matthew Steele (1 year ago)
It's a great mechanic for adding tension, and a nice visual reminder that I got my butt handed to me that one damn time...Senua's arm was so fresh and clean up to that damn river.
Petar Cepenjor (1 year ago)
Only googled this case Valraven freak killed me like 6 or 7 times and the mark wasn't growing, so i became suspicious...was kinda disappointed
friendofphi (1 year ago)
Fuck, I wish I didn't watch this video. Still have a bit more to play through. I died a lot of stupid deaths (in those running parts). I love the tension of not knowing how many more deaths I have, what was I thinking.
4EverGamer X (1 year ago)
Lol, I wonder if it was true, it wouldn't matter too much to me if I reached that point, since I could probably just download my save file from cloud storage (I got ps plus)
leoneoff (1 year ago)
nice spoiler, thanks for nothing.
makemebad153 (4 months ago)
You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?
Engerkover (1 year ago)
leoneoff The title of the video says: "does hellblade actually have permadeath". It's completely obvious that the video is gonna spoil if there is a permadeath or not. What exactly is your problem?
leoneoff (1 year ago)
Raziel game tells you something to create tension, and then this video straight up tell its a bluff, no spoiler warning or anything. if i were warned i wouldnt watch it
Raziel (1 year ago)
Why watch videos of a game you don't want spoiled (side note, there aren't any here so wtf ?) lul
Paul Charles (1 year ago)
Having just finished the game and not knowing this was not real totally made the experience for me. I started off well and never died until the trail where you are in the swamp and the fire thing chases you through the house while you try to collect the runes. I think i died 3 times in a row and was shitting myself that my game would be lost as i could see the rot extending up to my shoulder. I then made it through the rest of the game without dying but was on edge the full time................well done NT, awesome experience.
Crayon Phil (1 year ago)
I was keeping the rot in Senua's arm in check for the whole time just below her elbow BUT as I reached the 4 warrior's test where there was 1 maze with that fire monster lurking around I kept on getting burned to death by that thing for so many times. Then after I miraculously found the exit the rot has already reached her shoulder and nearing the neck.
Nemo_K (1 year ago)
Don't really know if it should be controversial, really. When I first saw it it felt thematically fitting: endure too much mental and physical stress, and your depression and psychosis will have taken it's toll and you will die a horrible self-inflicted death. I didn't know it was a bluff until I saw this video, but in the end, it was still an effective way of creating more tension. Though maybe that could also be a flaw, that without this impending doom of permadeath the combat wouldn't be tense enough...
WillWhiskey (1 year ago)
I'm playing on auto difficulty and I died like 5 times by now What the hell even is auto difficulty? This is the first game that has that option for me And isn't easy easier than auto?
WillWhiskey (1 year ago)
Jerith 616 lol this explains the sudden spike in enemy toughness/strength and attacks
it scales the difficulty of the game depending on how well you are doing, if you die too much the game sets itself automatically to easy mode to allow you to progress trough the checkpoint, and the inverse happens if you breeze trough the game
Thingaloo (1 year ago)
I call buggo
F Gievski (1 year ago)
I think people miss the point here. She's deeply mentally ill. If she and the game think it's happening, it extends to you, the player
Arexion5293 (1 year ago)
So basically it was a life system, with a game over meaning you have to start the entire game over, like in old school games. Except this game over state doesn't even exist, meaning it was just a narrative trick. I mean it does go together with the narrative themes, but that's kinda all it does since it doesn't even exist.
DoomFinger511 (1 year ago)
Ahh I knew it. I died so many times on 1 boss that I made a copy of my PC save file in case it got deleted. Then I saw reviews like this and it unfortunately ruined any sense of urgency I had in the game.
SickMuseMT (1 year ago)
DoomFinger511 this. Why not just copy your save file instead of Bitching about permadeath. I've been doing this for years. It saved some games from either permadeath or game breaking bugs. Always have a copy of your save file ready before you play.
Max C. (1 year ago)
cheeky fucks....very well done i have to say
soulslayer434 (1 year ago)
They should have done this and made it a hardcore mode.
megaarcher (7 months ago)
Fight is WAY too easy to hardcore gamer ever lose a fight and it would piss casuals so I don't think it would be good. At least if they fix the fighting and make it skill based not block/mash hard attack
DoomFinger511 (1 year ago)
definitely or have it on for all modes except easy.
TAR JET (1 year ago)
What? No permadeath! We want permadeath! but no permadeath please, that's stupid for a story game. But could they add permadeath tho? But no permadeath please. Don't forget permadeath tho, that would make the game so much more tense. No permadeath btw. ...there's permadeath in this game, right?
Deathx Kinslayer (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how difficulty works? Like does hard mode make AI smarter or just have higher hp? I love challenge but hate sponges.
Deathx Kinslayer (1 year ago)
So basically it wants us to be paranoid about weather we loose our save or not, which is brilliant, however I wont take that chance, for all we know you could have encountered a bug that didnt activate the perma death feature. I for one will still go for a no death run.
DoomFinger511 (1 year ago)
It's fake. I made backups of my save file on PC to test out the permadeath and it never made me start over.
TheUrbanAdventurer (1 year ago)
The game managed to keep me scared of death throughout. Untill the dinal bride where acording to permadeath that should have been it and over. So i was lucky that this illusion didnt brake before that. Im a little disapointed that this didnt hapen but allso glad i still got to experience the ending.
defector antal (1 year ago)
thanks to the retards who play minecraft as their hardest game now everyone's bitching about something new. fuck you cancerous kids
defector antal (1 year ago)
yeah obviously I'm not refering to that mode
Cryptid Productions (1 year ago)
I hope you realize Minecraft has a hardcore mode with permadeath and the risk of actually dying of hunger.... Plenty of people also make mods to intentionally make it harder.
Fábio Duarte (1 year ago)
Millennials are fucking crying babies... Back in time, the standard were 3 deaths and there weren't no other option... after the 3rd death, you began all over again...
makemebad153 (4 months ago)
You ever hear of Replay value? One thing most games lack these days Naud van Dalen. Your comment is nothing but invalid.
Naud van Dalen (7 months ago)
Yes, but those games sucked. And platform Mario games for example just reload your save file instead of deleting your save file. You enjoy wasting time by replaying everything many times?
Cynthia Moraes (8 months ago)
I was thinking the same. I used to pay on my Sega Genesis for hours without the possibility of saving.
K-Riddle93 (8 months ago)
Millenials grew up with those games as well simpleton. It's those born in the 2000's who have been coddled. Yet still, this "critique" of yours is complete bs to begin with. There's a difference between restarting your level and erasing everything.
Tony B (9 months ago)
Ok Grandpa
Kabegami The Great (1 year ago)
Yeah the game is fine but this is dumb, You shouldn't have a fake mechanic in your game. I played it on normal because I was afraid hard would own me and I had to do everything all over again. The game isn't very hard at all besides insta kill monsters and stuff. So you should feel free to play on hard.
Kabegami The Great (1 year ago)
Its stupid to use a hoax to make a more ''immersive'' experience. Senua lives with the feeling of pressing the home button and restarting the game? Its dumb. I didn't even die against the enemies, its those instant death scenarios that got me, ugh. Good game, but in my opinion, this was super dumb. would have been way more effective, if it was real.
April Nicole (1 year ago)
Kabegami The Great the entire reason behind the permadeath hoax is to give the player an uneasy/paranoid/cautious approach to playing, which is to mimic the feeling Senua constantly lives with. It's honestly a brilliant mind trick they used to further immerse you into the overall gameplay experience.
SimonCleric (1 year ago)
Creating new mechanics and lying to consumer are different things.
makemebad153 (4 months ago)
Permadeath isnt a new mechanic. and Getting in your head with the permadeath threat is part of the games platform, its what its meant to do. Perhaps play-doh is more your speed.
MH (1 year ago)
had a feeling, wasn't brave enough to test it
Mister M (1 year ago)
Permadeath is a good reason not to buy any game. "Developed by ninja theory" is another.
poorman (9 months ago)
You play too many call of duty.
RpTheHotrod (1 year ago)
Mister M what's that have to do with this game? There is no permadeath.
Cea_[Jail] (1 year ago)
Some of the comments make me sick. How does almost nobody understand *why* there isn't permadeath? Its easy: To get you into Senua's mindset. By giving you the illusion of something that isn't really there, you are experiencing something close to what she experiences. She is hearing voices that aren't there, something that was (or is) pretty hard on her. The player is a nervous wreck because s/he thinks there is permadeath. And to the people thinking they are sooo much better and hardcore because the played old games with permadeath and saying that all the younger/newer gamers are "dumb" or "whimps": Do you even know why many old games had permadeath? Not because gamers back there were "better" or "hardcore" or with whatever word you want to feed your ego. It was because of technical limitations. Today, these technical limitations simply dont exist anymore and games are much longer and more complex than back then. Would you want to replay 20+ or even 60+ hours just because you died in the very last boss fight? Permadeath in most modern games would be utterly unenjoyable (Unless its a rougelike where your lives aren't actually wasted).
Kelvin Jurkovic (9 days ago)
Cea_[Jail] s
LouWOD (8 months ago)
Cea_[Jail] I agree on your conclusion that permadeath in most modern games would be unbearable because of how long they are (still, that would work beautifully with contemporary fps that got very short campaigns and are focused on multi and "skill"), Permadeath in good retro games was a working mechanic because the games were built around it : the level design were made to make you struggle for hours until you get how to pass them, but once you knew them it was only a matter of minutes when you failed on a level to pass all the early ones and get back to business, and there was never the frustration to bear with 1 hours worth of cutscenes you already know each time you got to start from scratch. That wouldn't work AT ALL in a modern narrative game that will purposely adopt a slower pace, with a lot of cutscenes and "empty" level sections dedicated to better immerse the player in the game's universe ; having a permadeath mechanic means that the furthest you are from the beginning, the more chances you've got to trigger the permadeath; and if that happens in a game like that, I'm not sure all the hardcore-gamers that thought that would be great because of the "challenge" would like it when that happens and they got to replay through all the narrative/immersive elements that doesn't represent a challenge by themselves but represent a huge part of the playing time, on the contrary the "permadeath bluff" mechanic here allows to bring the same stress as if it was real (assuming you don't know of it) without breaking the rhythm of the game, each failure adding only to your own stress and making the thing even more real to you, and they made it fit the narrative perfectly, so that was indeed the best choice, having to replay a game from scratch when you lose only works if every bit of the game is instantly enjoyable in terms of gameplay, "adventure simulators" like this one are meant to make you feel other things, they aren't pure entertainment, they want to be like a good novel, to induce on purpose a whole range of different emotions. The part where you're wrong (and here that's not just my opinion but facts) is about permadeath in retro games being purely because of technical limitations : if we ommit the fact that there's always been the option of using passwords, the first console cart allowing a save feature was "The Legend of Zelda" in 1986, Checkpoints/Save files only became a real standard with the release of the first Playstation, in between that there's the whole 16-bit gen, the very one that embodies the word "retro-gaming". At that time we had the technology, we used it on kinda every J-RPG, Mario Games, later Sonic Games etc... License based platformers like "The Lion King" or "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" kept using password saves, probably cause it was still cheaper to do so, and then, because that was the main market at the time, a huge amount of games on SNES, Genesis and Neo Geo were just Arcade ports, some were greats, some were poor, but all were designed around the Permadeath mechanic and challenging difficulty; that's how Arcade games are designed : you want the player to lose quickly so he's really tempted to insert another coin to continue his game, exactly the same way mobile F2P of todays are designed to let you enjoy a little only until they make you hit a wall so you start to seriously consider buying some lootboxes. But even with Arcade ports, a lot of them would allow for a continue when you hit game over, "press start" simply replacing "insert coin" while a 10s countdown is launched, not all of them tho, some of them would only allow it if you gained the continue in game, and then with some others game over meant game over ; what's important is Arcade's punishing difficulty set the mood for all the greedy guys : make a short game, simple to code, make it very hard so it feels long and people don't feel like the price they paid for it is a scam ; bonus : if some of the bugs in the game make it harder you don't even have to correct them. Since these games were easy AND quick AND cheap to make, along with arcade ports they outnumbered by far the few very good games, and of course there were also already games like Ghouls'n'Goblins in which the permadeath is totally a gameplay component meant to offer the biggest challenge possible. Games at that time were expensive and there were very little press about them, so any gamer had a good proportion of impossible games like that in his tiny collection, which is why we remind mostly about that trait of retro games : the trauma of frustration is a lot more stronger than the good memories on Super Mario for some of us, which turned into a taste for some people. All in All saving your game was never a technical limitation by itself, passwords always existed, the technical limitation was mainly the price of the Mb at the time, so games had to be light, so it's easy to think that because of that particularity they HAD to be short, but Zelda and Kirby proved that wrong on the NES, if we go into 16-bit territory then games like Super Metroid or Zelda III are even longer to beat than some of the AAA games of today and they clearly aren't the only ones on that machine, on Sega's side Sonic 3&Knuckles is a good example of how those storage limits could be bypassed if there was really no other way, not to say even in the event of a short game there always been ton of options available to devs to enhance their challenge without making it atrociously frustrating. Permadeath back in the days was mostly a fig leaf, it allowed early video games, hardcoded by lone dudes in their basement, to offer a decent interesting challenge despite the very thin content a person alone could manage to get done, from the point devs had budgets and teams to make more complex games, it became an obsolete and frustrating mechanic that has been abused way too much by lack of inspiration, or because of a greedy sense of finance that is more alive than ever in the video game industry. TL/DR : The awakening state of the video game industry was the cause, not the technology available at the time.
Patryk Pawlowski (9 months ago)
Also [SPOILER ALERT OF ENDING] . . . . . . Game tells you that Senua didn't actually have that "darkness" sickness (which was suposed to cause parmadeath) it was made up by her abusive father who from the time she was a little child was telling her that she will die becouse she betrayed gods (she didn't, he was just a maniac) till she started to believe in it. Player is in game one of her voices in head so devs wanted you to think like Senua
Fleato (9 months ago)
thank you, someone else egts it. it's to put you in the same mindset of fearing something that isn't real. it's beautifully done really
Austin Kern (1 year ago)
Cea_[Jail] It's a thematic, ingenious choice.
The_Dang_Man (1 year ago)
well that's disappointing
iRaphahell (1 year ago)
They really got me, I've completed the game and the whole time I was so scared and so focused on not dying to not lose my whole progress
Vito Scaletta (20 days ago)
Pedro Sanchez (4 months ago)
iRaphahell I just closed the ap when I died
nomercy8989 (1 year ago)
I set combat to hard and only died once in combat in the beginning when I didn't even know what the controls are... but I have to say combat was what I enjoyed the most about the game.
Yuri Lapointe (1 year ago)
i noticed this too... at around the part where you see light figure and have to cross a skinny log in order to get to him actually tried to die on perpose by making her lose her balance over 10 times (probably more) in order to up the tension for me since i didnt feel the game was very hard on the hardest difficulty .. my rot was already at the elbow by then and it reached all the way to her shoulder after about 4 deaths but after that it didnt spread anymore even when i died many more times later on... so yea perma death is a lie

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