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10 Best Xbox One Multiplayer Games You Can Play Offline

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Rejoice, for the resurrection of local multiplayer is upon us... For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (234)
Ambush Gaming (3 months ago)
This isnt very well known but N++ is pretty fun
TheSmukry (4 months ago)
Cuphead on xbox???
Alimber Rios (6 months ago)
Strip Twister is offline?
Jameela Life of jam (7 months ago)
And don’t starve together
Jameela Life of jam (7 months ago)
Over cooked
morty (7 months ago)
Castle crashers Terraria Battle block theater (i love the narrator in this) Ark Lego worlds (hope they simplify the builds)
AERO Hitman (8 months ago)
I hate rocket league
UserL PlayStation (8 months ago)
Chance Hamilton (8 months ago)
Uh I have lots of Fri your right I dont
Random Explosions (10 months ago)
Thank you. If this video had never been made, I would’ve never been introduced to the greatest game I’ve ever played, Cuphead. My dad and I have been bonding over this game ever since we got it and just today We beat the game. I look over our journey with fond memories and hopes for a sequel. So, thank you.
CageCat (10 months ago)
Jesus man. Less coffee.....
Richard Stephenson (11 months ago)
That sped-up voice is fucking horrendous. Stop.
Chimpalicious Jones III (11 months ago)
Screen watching became an art form in my group of friends.
Daniel Every-Clayton (1 year ago)
Lel I was actually eating a pot noodle when he said that
Philliph Knorz (1 year ago)
Call of duty Black Ops 3
is it offline??
Roderick Barringer (1 year ago)
I literally just read this script on another facebook site. Guess South Park was right, sponsored content is the new popup.
cuphead yeahhhhh
Ross Holt (1 year ago)
HEY! I have friends.... 6 of them... They live in new york.
TÓXICO (1 year ago)
197MTL KUSH (1 year ago)
Do your god damn job !!! I scream that at my friends all time !!
chris hayate (1 year ago)
for the next video add overcooked and the upcoming pit people :)
I Will (1 year ago)
I miss Blur "racing game"... I wish that someday I can play Blur again with my friends on Xbox One
Somaro Jamie (1 year ago)
Can halo master cheif collection have 2 people playing co-op against bots in arena (not campaigns)?
SinceCeleryUrGarden (1 year ago)
Cuphead=Alien Hominid That's a good thing btw
Sam Lindberg (2 years ago)
Such bullshit that the PC never got a version of Diablo 3 with local co-op. Much sadness.
Chimpalicious Jones III (11 months ago)
D3 is a mess anyways.
poo nose (2 years ago)
I love all of you
Chimpalicious Jones III (11 months ago)
This makes things weird because I hate you.
alan Velasco (2 years ago)
Haha love your vids man👌😂
John West IV (2 years ago)
Amusingly... the Wii U has a better collection of local co-op games, because they want more in person socializing than internet socializing... or did. Though Rayman Legends is hardly a "casual coasting game" for friends... especially those chase levels that are super intense.
fangurley (2 years ago)
Overcooked is new but its the best offline multiplayer game I've played in recent history.
Gaming Klingon (2 years ago)
That's all good and that but you missed one game (Castle crashers) damm that game was good for coop and the duel was you're true test of friendship lol
NoraGaming (2 years ago)
im honestly going to buy a second xbone controller just so i can play far cry 4 with my friends. its amazingly fun and would be even better with friends
Mini Bull DoZer (2 years ago)
what about RE5 And 6
SupernaturalCupcake (2 years ago)
Ah good old strip twister the only game in witch two naked guys can get there bodies all wrapped up and not be gay "Oh are those by balls on your head?"
Bahqlak (2 years ago)
No Guacamelee?
Shmaiko (2 years ago)
No Gears of War, GG WP.
Eaphen Samuel Pace (2 years ago)
I had to stop this video after Halo 5, it's not shit...
Rebecon (2 years ago)
7:22 "Jokes, I know you don't have any friends." *shots fired*
Fernando Scoreless (2 years ago)
God I miss local multiplayer, why don't more companies add it for people who who don't have PS+ or Xbox Live
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
Hold On, Caulfield (2 years ago)
Balls to the wall. interesting
fxckcyclists (2 years ago)
Ha lmao they used PS gameplay of Rayman Legends
SOULRAK DEUZ (2 years ago)
i dont understand a word u telling me fella!!
Poogle (2 years ago)
Well I dunno about legends but origins will make you scream its really evilly difficult on the last few levels
Hermaeus Mora (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed halo 5. why? because I'm not a nostalgic bitch. that's why.
MadDogReed97 (2 years ago)
Same here man
ekuL (2 years ago)
Now all I need is friends!... FeelsBadMan
Alex J (2 years ago)
Battle block theatre
Piledrive (2 years ago)
No one gives a fuck about consoles. They are glorified paper weights. PCMASTERRACE
Zauceyy (2 years ago)
Alex J (2 years ago)
+Piledrive go do one
tamingshem12 (2 years ago)
Killer Instinct
Joel Wood (2 years ago)
Please can you do this for the ps4 as well!
Shaik Imran (2 years ago)
please make one for playstation 3 or 4
beyondthe soul (2 years ago)
the only game i cared about in this list was halo the master chief collection but maybe that is because I don't like split screen I would rather play with people online or single player games
beyondthe soul (2 years ago)
the only game i cared about in this list was halo the master chief collection but maybe that is because I don't like split screen I would rather play with people online or single player games
Josh R (2 years ago)
Hopefully Cuphead won't suck, or you'll have egg on your face
Nextgengamer Jc (2 years ago)
Lara Croft Temple Of Oasis my wife and I love playing that
AfroCharlieable (2 years ago)
Rayman Legends has some of the hardest platforming I've ever seen. Completely levels on speed runs whilst the screen distorts and the game blasts out Black Betty
MUHAHAHAHAHAHA (2 years ago)
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werdman24 (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who noticed there's no Number 8? Also, KI is best multiplayer on XB1.
Krontok (2 years ago)
KI gold is better
tamingshem12 (2 years ago)
Thank you
cornellius roney (2 years ago)
overcooked is great
Doomguy (2 years ago)
The world needs more split screen
im DraymondGreenJR huh (2 years ago)
did anyone that the title was different
capn rye (2 years ago)
The Master Chief collection only contains remasters of the first two Halo games. Halo 3 and 4 are just current gen ports.
DRIFTP4NDA 42 (2 years ago)
Knight Squad bro!
spontaneously dictated (2 years ago)
Little big planet
Jackerler (2 years ago)
Castle Crashers?
chris hayate (1 year ago)
they should make a top 20 list to add games like "castle crashers", "overcooked" and the upcoming "pit people"
Conor Doyle (2 years ago)
Wtf no gears of war on a best xbox multiplayer/co-op list. Are you mad
Oliver Wivell (2 years ago)
myTheus (2 years ago)
Cuphead...Cuphead is no.1?...really? You could've made it no.7 and no one would give a shit, but no. You just said that the best split-screen game to come out on the XOne is a game that is not out yet. From 1 to 10 how serious are you when you are making this lists?
Average Joe (9 months ago)
myTheus piss off lol
Bruce Lee (2 years ago)
Hugo Bee (1 year ago)
I have both and i'm telling you, THEY'RE THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
anyone who hates the other console just bc it's a diffrent console is fucking dumb.
Giokyo (2 years ago)
+PersonaBrazil the person who says something's garbage is garbage cuz you obviously know what garbage looks like.
PersonaBrazil (2 years ago)
...is garbage, and so are its fans
Daniel Keely (2 years ago)
Hey I don't have a snack on my belly.. but I do have a large glass of wine to my side... that's not much better is ot
DSMCR (2 years ago)
you forgot 7 DAYS TO DIE and All borderland games enough said
pancake black (2 years ago)
+DSMCR it's so stupid how people hate 7 days to die
DSMCR (2 years ago)
right. if you like the building aspect of minecraft and zombies. then you got the perfect type game. plus its open world where you can do almost anything you want. nothing gets better then that
pancake black (2 years ago)
People say 7 days to die suck... they are wrong. Anyways I totally agree with you
Brad erley (2 years ago)
Rayman Legends was terrible lmao wtf
Teddy Phipps (2 years ago)
Gears of War games 👀
Breh Ima Panda (2 years ago)
He used a Deluxe4 Rocket League Clip
Jack Salmon (2 years ago)
Why no ARK Survival evolved
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
Jack Salmon it's not offline.
Zauceyy (2 years ago)
+Jack Salmon maybe because its not fully released
Zauceyy (2 years ago)
thats what i thought
Jack Salmon (2 years ago)
+Who Cares about My Profile pic no it really isn't
because it shit
bake snake (2 years ago)
no mention of nidhogg? not on xbox but still one the best games for two players
Conor Doyle (2 years ago)
+bake snake sorry never heard of that game
bake snake (2 years ago)
I played it on xbox fool
Conor Doyle (2 years ago)
It's a xbox list
pug .co.uk (2 years ago)
I like how he's talking about the Xbox one and shows ps4 gameplay for Rayman legends.
pug .co.uk (2 years ago)
+Conor Doyle Yea
Conor Doyle (2 years ago)
Same game anyway
Tom Parham (2 years ago)
since rare replay came out i have been tempeted to buy a xbox just for that.
Langdon Games (2 years ago)
That's what I did and I don't regret it! I already owned about 5 games from the 30 but the new challenges, games, achievements etc. make it worth it. Hell, the N64 Bad Fur Day cartridge is worth $150 alone.
tank butt (2 years ago)
FALLOUT 4 RPG lets call cod a skill based shooter now
feroze afzal (1 year ago)
an rpg is a game in which we develop our charachters so we can call it a shooter rpg
Zueicide Sin (1 year ago)
lmao wtf is a rpg?? its a role playing game and in fallout 4 u play the role of a parent looking for ya dumbass kid so therefore it is a rpg just not a good 1 u damn dummies
Kul Zaze (1 year ago)
tank butt without karma system & a decent dialogue tree, fallout 4 can't even qualify as a fallout game, its just a generic fps game with VAT aiming system adopted from fallout.
Josh R (2 years ago)
+lucian the reaper yeah its meh for me, ill just wait for some good mods then play it
Keelarian (2 years ago)
+Josh R the game is good,compared to the rest of the series is very much awfull
cobra (2 years ago)
Borderlands 2 the handsom collection
Rick K (2 years ago)
you fucking stalker...how could you know i dont have any friends. huh how. tell meeeee!!! XD
Rick K (2 years ago)
for anyone who did not get that. it was a joke.
Kyles Gaming 528 (2 years ago)
I love Star Wars battlefront and its split screens pretty good
Gypsyforchrist (2 years ago)
I mean gears of war
Gypsyforchrist (2 years ago)
What about years of work
ItsMoi Moí (2 years ago)
I was glad Halo 5 didn't have split screen. Nothing more annoying than having to share a screen
Darkability (2 years ago)
nothing more fun either. and if you didn't like the split screen in the older games, you didnt need to use it.
RichAustin21 (2 years ago)
Why are you talking so fast? Awful awful video.
Josh Mcneil (2 years ago)
Do a ps4 one please
Luke Yeahhh (2 years ago)
What about one for PS4?
lostskull7467 (2 years ago)
Does anyone know if Conker's bad fur day in the Rare collection has it's glorious multiplayer? What about Perfect Dark? If they are both a yes then that game is a MUST on the xbone.
lostskull7467 (2 years ago)
+LuigiFan64 Sounds like it was totally worth it. Now I need an xbox xD
LuigiFan64 (2 years ago)
+lostskull7467 Yes, they have both. Never had regrets buying Rare Replay. Worth it.
lostskull7467 (2 years ago)
+LuigiFan64 From both? :OOO
LuigiFan64 (2 years ago)
Yes, it has the multiplayer.
Darkability (2 years ago)
+lostskull7467 cool, I might check it out.
High Heel Knight (2 years ago)
Thank you for this list. I rarely play multiplayer games because I rarely play anything online. Now I have some options. Thanks. :-D
Darkability (2 years ago)
yeah, I basically stopped playing online games years ago due to the toxic communitys in xbox live.
Anonymous (2 years ago)
eewwwww xbox one
lostskull7467 (2 years ago)
420 views O.o Nice list Btw :D
Th3ShadowD3stroyer (2 years ago)
you forgot borderlands
Chez Hero (4 months ago)
Na borderlands is all about torture
kalel248 (6 months ago)
Jeffy Jeffy is that out for x one by
Austin Haybueno (2 years ago)
+im hot :D same
Jeffy Jeffy (2 years ago)
I'm excited for borderlands 3 hbu
William Busman (2 years ago)
Yesss so excited for Cuphead
Kul Zaze (1 year ago)
chris hayate they will probably cancel it like they cancelled SCALEBOUND
Cloudy Hearts (1 year ago)
chris hayate ikr Ive been hyped ever sense it was first revealed now I'm just questioning if it's ever coming out
chris hayate (1 year ago)
if it's ever going to be released ..
DasAlternativeEnde (2 years ago)
You can play all Games offline. This list is unnecessary
sparkydeltorro (2 years ago)
Yeah, well now you know it's about local multiplayer... so
DasAlternativeEnde (2 years ago)
+DiscoGypsyFish  It says: Xbox One Multiplayer Games you can play offline. Nothing about offline multiplayer. You can play almost every Multiplayer offline since most of them have campaigns.
Abel Mendez (2 years ago)
You are a fucking retard. Can you read? Reread the title you dumb fuck.
DasAlternativeEnde (2 years ago)
Halo has a campaign too.
DiscoGypsyFish (2 years ago)
+DasAlternativeEnde it says offline multiplayer in the title
Jordan (2 years ago)
Yung Nigerian (2 years ago)
L4D is not on here wow okay
Andrew Edwards (2 years ago)
+1wordFyga fair enough but it's still playable on xbone
1wordFyga (2 years ago)
+Andrew Edwards Backwards compatibility works by emulating the 360. That's like having a "Top 10 PC Sidescrollers" and putting in Super Metroid, b/c you have a SNES emulator on your desktop
Andrew Edwards (2 years ago)
+Liam Savage backwards compatible
Liam Savage (2 years ago)
"Xbox One".
Michael Rosen is nice
Harrison4ward (2 years ago)
Battleblock Theatre is a good game and I think it's a spilt-screen type of game.
Harrison4ward (2 years ago)
+Epicninjask123 I believe its backwards compatible i got it for free too and it was so fun
Epicninjask123 (2 years ago)
Agreed, an amazing game that's as funny as it is fun to play, but is that on the Xbox One? I don't have that console personally but I played on 360 when it was free with gold, and I honestly would have paid money for it.
Yung Nigerian (2 years ago)
early boi
Haylie Parks (2 years ago)
What was going to be #8? It goes from 9 to 7.
jdskullcrusher (2 years ago)
*sees video title* "10 Best Xbox One Multiplayer Games You Can Play Offline" *clicks video* Here are "10 Of The Best Xbox One Games That You Can Play Split Screen With A Friend" Uwotm8?
Aaron Brookes (2 years ago)
Wording in fairness is shocking, the title should have been 10 Best Xbox One Games with both Online and Split Screen Action or something, just to clear everything up.
jdskullcrusher (2 years ago)
+Niall Reddin oh I know, I'm poking fun at the two different titles
Niall Reddin (2 years ago)
? they're the exact same thing

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