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Buena Vista Social Club - Full album

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Click here to subscribe to World Circuit - http://smarturl.it/sub2worldcircuit Chan Chan - 0:00 De Camino a La Vereda- 4:17 El Cuarto De Tula- 9:20 Pueblo Nuevo- 16:45 Dos Gardenias- 22:51 ¿Y Tú Qué Has Hecho? - 25:54 Veinte Anos - 29:07 El Carretero - 32:38 Candela - 36:08 Amor De Loca Juventud - 41:37 Orgullecida - 45:00 Murmullo - 48:19 Buena Vista Social Club - 52:10 La Bayamesa -57:02 Buena Vista Social Club 2x LP - released 23rd October 2015. Out now http://bit.ly/1gJS8ii The original Buena Vista Social Club album was recorded for World Circuit Records over seven days at the vintage EGREM studios in Havana. Released in 1997, the album went to on to become a worldwide phenomenon, selling over 8 million copies and helping to introduce Cuba’s rich musical heritage and pre-revolutionary past. Now, almost two decades later, World Circuit Records are delighted to present ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ on double vinyl – released for the very first time in Europe on 23/10/2015. World Circuit Records have established their reputation by producing some of the finest world music albums of the past two decades, specialising in music from Cuba and West Africa. The label is best known for the GRAMMY winning Buena Vista Social Club album, which is the biggest selling world music album of all time, and led to the phenomenal rise in popularity of Cuban music. 10 years after their historic concert in New York, World Circuit release Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall. World Circuit's African artists enjoy equal prestige, including Grammy winning albums from Ali Farka Touré and kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté, Mali's 'star of stars' Oumou Sangare, afrobeat legend Tony Allen, and the great Orchestra Baobab. http://www.worldcircuit.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/WorldCircuitRecords https://twitter.com/WorldCircuit
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Text Comments (6168)
DC BC (13 hours ago)
John Doe (17 hours ago)
Ibrahim Ferrer - her create a monument, for the People of Cuba, for an unknown country for sun, music, rum and a lifestyle..... thanks 4 that !!!
Baron Rojo (1 day ago)
Lo mejor que he escuchado en mis años de vida ... gracias CUBA por tan maravillosa musica y cultura, saludos desde Argentina
Théâtre Le Venerdi (2 days ago)
y retourner vivre dans la jungle .
nicolás morales (2 days ago)
viva cuba .. ´por siempre .. farol de latinoamericanos..
Kenneth Lyneham (2 days ago)
This is a shit video! I don't mind adds, between tracks, but to cut into a song and play an add is; COMPLETE SHIT!
Carlos Vilela (2 days ago)
sem esquecer senhorita Omara, o imcompactuàvel super gentleman Ibrahim Ferrer
Carlos Vilela (2 days ago)
verdadeira música do coração, cuba Compay tenho pena de não ter conhecido el primero!
Alethéia (2 days ago)
Viva Cuba!
Anatoliy Krivobokov (2 days ago)
Glad I stumbled on this. Must be classic to many! Blessings ♥️♥️♥️
Patrizia Bellagamba (3 days ago)
è sempre attuale....bellissimo
Anita Vlaminck (3 days ago)
Hasta la Victoria Siempre mi Cubita linda desde Bélgica te amo
An3 (3 days ago)
Esta música ea para bailar. Can dance to any song. U.S. pop music is no para bailar. Not always to dance to... And Qué no baila Estados Unidos? Just on TV? Nobody dances at the U.S. Concerts anymore... It's Wierd.
Claude Van Jr (3 days ago)
15 mil pessoas não gostaram? Muita gente q não tem musicalidade viu! Hahahaha.... Parabéns pela seleção das músicas, são lindas!!
Sigrid Roiz-Rojas (3 days ago)
Desde Nicaragua con amor para Cuba, siempre unidos!!
Kaique Marques (3 days ago)
Brasil 2018! Viva Cuba
Afanofthem (4 days ago)
It's that kind of music that makes me feel so thankful I'm not on a wheelchair
Kyle Dundon (4 days ago)
jose caceres porras (5 days ago)
Death Maze Challenge (5 days ago)
Classic and Eternal. This is Perfect music. Simple and from the heart.
doc doc (5 days ago)
Cos'è la musica?? Basta ascoltare questo cd e si ha la risposta!
Ludmila G (6 days ago)
Latin American music never ceases to amaze .. beaches... mahito!!!👈
Kemal ordulu (6 days ago)
hola, I am Kemal from Turkey and this music is adorable but I already memorised while listening it a hundred times. can ou give me other music like Buena Vista, or atleast ofsimilar quality, you can put some links as reponse. Muchas Gracias
Aurora Estoke (6 days ago)
I play this daily to bowling ally costumers ^^
Dubya Smith (7 days ago)
I first saw the video of Buena vista social club. It was awesome and fantastic.
Reuben Pinto (7 days ago)
Divine!!!! Love from India.
Viva Fidel!
Alucarda Soledade (7 days ago)
Só sei lembrar de minha amada Naina... Mãe do meu filho e herói! Minha amiga e minha menina-lua. Favo pra quem julga merecer. Minha Baby e minha flor.
Melanie (8 days ago)
I dont understand the language but the beat and all over feeling of unity and beauty is like silk to the soul. reminds me of beauty
ANDRES OLAYA (8 days ago)
Uffff tan solo escuchando, me sabe la boca a tabaco y ron, desde Colombia como te queremos Cuba.
seyyahification (8 days ago)
죽어도해피엔딩 (8 days ago)
정말마음 아프네여  이런 아름다운 예술을 ~~~~~
Me encanta esto pepole . Mi música favorita saludos desde canarias !!!!!
IsachuPlayz (9 days ago)
For those who don't bother looking at the description: Chan Chan - 0:00 De Camino a La Vereda- 4:17 El Cuarto De Tula- 9:20 Pueblo Nuevo- 16:45 Dos Gardenias- 22:51 ¿Y Tú Qué Has Hecho? - 25:54 Veinte Anos - 29:07 El Carretero - 32:38 Candela - 36:08 Amor De Loca Juventud - 41:37 Orgullecida - 45:00 Murmullo - 48:19 Buena Vista Social Club - 52:10 La Bayamesa -57:02
cudowne ...wspaniałe ,,,słucham sobie i tańczę ...
Victoria Flores (9 days ago)
Q buenos musicos buena vista social club maravilloso
Ericka Martinez (10 days ago)
hermoso ritmo cubano
MrSilentwater (10 days ago)
Beautiful Café Music to enjoy 😊
Rockkerle (10 days ago)
Gosto muito- nao adoro o primeiro cancao-tao calma-tao cool...………….
최성보 (10 days ago)
찬찬 최고임
최성보 (10 days ago)
콤파이세군도가 예전 내 영웅이었는데...
Adi Vino (11 days ago)
Me gusta!
PunktlichMedia (11 days ago)
Gracias! -Jason
Dinobear Games (11 days ago)
I had to listen to this for homework they’re amazing
Kyle Stan (19 hours ago)
oshun troll
oshun (1 day ago)
haha me too! In fact I just got done.
RSJ/RSX/RSW Family (5 days ago)
Siddharth Singh Some great music homework, what’s the tempo lmao. I’m stuck on ‘describe the tempo’
Siddharth Singh (6 days ago)
Damn what kind of homework ya'll are getting?
Crazy Twins (6 days ago)
Dinobear Games same
AdelaM _ (12 days ago)
I love Cuba since I heard for the first time in 2002 THE Buena Vista Social Club. Great Album!
javier ferrari (12 days ago)
Cuba, el único país con soberanía.
Sâmilla Gomes (13 days ago)
Tô amando!
Jawaad Issoop (14 days ago)
Ay mama! Que paso? :D
Sergio Díaz González (14 days ago)
The blaze
Edward Smith (14 days ago)
just saw the surgurn y manana por lo manana. so, we're going to have fun.
Ackërman (14 days ago)
Ido Portal raise your hand
Hungria Jamille (14 days ago)
Salvador, Bahia, BRASIL! #ELENÃO
dubois gaston (14 days ago)
Coucou de Bordeaux ;-)
Feli08 ronda (15 days ago)
S jusr a g
Leo Rivero (15 days ago)
Great music, great musicians. well done
Şahin Öztaş (16 days ago)
En kaliteli müziklerrr♥️♥️♥️♥️
SSD: sofiasosadesigns (16 days ago)
Musica de mis abuelos y bisabuelos. Wonderful childhood memories with family gathering.
Waiyaki Hinga (17 days ago)
Me Gustaria el Musica de BVS! never gets old each time listening to it... Greetings from Nairobi Kenya
Margarita Figueroa (17 days ago)
... se quedó dormida y no...apagó las velas... jajaja
Nathalie BOULAND (17 days ago)
excelent album y'a du talent
imperial trade (17 days ago)
beautiful music relaxing
Yanis Boig (18 days ago)
Magnifique musik ✌🏾
Jon-luc Ysart (18 days ago)
Pass me a cigar an espresso
Avalo Karimoen (18 days ago)
From the Netherlands with love
Um dos meus drinks favoritos.
Melika's Trip (18 days ago)
always good to listen it <3
Emmanuel Sutil (19 days ago)
Me dieron ganas de conocer Cuba!
NOEMÍ SOTO. (20 days ago)
*👌🎶👌🎶👌🎶👌🎶 de 10 este disco..... viva CUBA,👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍👍👍👍🎆🎆🎶🎆🎆🎆🎶🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉*
Serge Garneau (1 day ago)
Trame sonore du film Frida full album
Silvia chavez (4 days ago)
Michael Sprague (20 days ago)
I really dig it. Excellent quality.
Jacob Fisher (20 days ago)
This music has a lot of indie raga influence i can tell by the call and response.
Monello Cane (21 days ago)
great music and livestyle
Robert Mcvey (21 days ago)
I wish I new the language the lyrics? The first song sounds like it might be about lost love? I’m just taking a shot in the dark. Really good stuff! Greetings from Cali USA😎
michael page (21 days ago)
It's a sin to interrupt a beautiful song with an advertisement!
Coureur des bois (9 days ago)
Install an Ad Blocker on your browser... so simple lol
Scarlett Begonias (21 days ago)
My favorite Cubano album
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU (21 days ago)
I can't quite understand but I like this music!
Tracy Frantz (22 days ago)
Love this 💜 ..fom Cape Town South Africa
LINA ZHAO (14 days ago)
Me too from JHB of SA
Dios mío!!! Esto es increíble. La descubrí a los 10 años, me la puso a escuchar mi papá y un tío. GRACIAS. SOY DE COLOMBIA Y AMO SERLO, PERO CUBA ESTÁ EN MIS VENAS❤
Frizz Cola (22 days ago)
From Berlin with ❤
La Pianista P (23 days ago)
Estoy muy segura que a muchos les gustara esta musica , yo no diria que no es de mi agrado sino , que no concuerda con mi personalidad
Londonfogey (23 days ago)
Music like this always makes me think of Alec Guinness in 'Our Man in Havana', wearing a crumpled linen suit and standing next to a table fan.
XXI Century Teen (24 days ago)
If it is true that youtube will never fail. I write it here cuz I can't tell her anymore... I LOVE YOU INES!
Jonathan Adams (24 days ago)
where on our space rock are you listening to this ? space monkeys. This was a fine project , with fine ideals. uk me .......tis a global album ry et al.
Baran Zane (24 days ago)
Harika lan
Cecilia Gioia (24 days ago)
Cecilia Gioia (24 days ago)
A spagnoli vi abbiamo battuto agli eruopei
Robert Flint (25 days ago)
¡Me encanta mucho esta musica! Like good jazz this stuff is eternal...
Rodica Man (25 days ago)
Hi. What is the name of the first music?
Anne Dwyer (15 days ago)
"Chan Chan", which happens to be my favorite track on the album. If you click on "Show more" under the general info under the video screen, all the tracks and start times will appear!
hooni kim (25 days ago)
인생최고의 음악 할배 할매들... 공연을 못본게 너무 후회되는...
shaka de Virgo Deus (26 days ago)
Brasil 2018
Aleyah Malone (26 days ago)
😁 glad I found this
Katherine Milligan (27 days ago)
I love this music.
Tony Rodriguez (27 days ago)
What a great mix. Awesome
Mr. Heathen, sir. (27 days ago)
Hey! I remember listening to this music, while at a Taco Bell. I had the fatty, fat, fat, gordida, blob crunch wrap garbage supreme.
Mirosław Wróblewski (27 days ago)
Piękna muzyka. Byłem na Kubie i troszeczkę zakosztowałem tej wspaniałej sztuki. Dla Europejczyka może nie wszystko jest w tej muzyce zrozumiałe  ale jest piękna. Tylko Oni tak potrafią się bawić i cieszyć muzyką. Dziękuję Cubo  za ten dar.Pozdrawiam wszystkich serdecznie.Mirek
Māris Eltermanis (27 days ago)
The original album includes a song about comandante. There are IMHO "the best of the better"...
We love it
papa gato (28 days ago)
este es uno de los cd que mas disfrute estos ultimos años CHAN CHAN Me llega al alma -
Nino Trovato (28 days ago)

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