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DYING LIGHT - New Free Content Drop (2018)

642 ratings | 22412 views
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Text Comments (86)
Silver (4 months ago)
this game is game right ?
Sean H (4 months ago)
we didnt already have this? i mean you had to find the ammo or buy it right? now we can craft it? thats the big free DLC?! i swear some of these free DLC they are giving us are absolute garbage, like the new enemies, that was just a reskin a rais thugs, they dont travel the map, they dont hunt you, they rarely leave the spot they spawn and are always spawned by a hostage. What they should have done was also give us a new badass tactical knife, that we could use for stealth takedowns along with the subsonic ammo blueprint. Wouldnt you say thats a little more acceptable? come on techland, you made this amazing game, dont half ass your content please!
Derk Ender (4 months ago)
Another meh DLC. Thank you for giving us free content but if you will be giving us free content make it cool and fun at least. I'll paid 20$ for another add on map sort of like the following. Something that revolves around a cruise ship or something that'll be fun.
ShintyShinto (4 months ago)
Hell yeah, stealth time! :D
Sheldon Goodfellow (5 months ago)
They honestly need to let this game go. I understand they might still have a love for it, but the game is past it's glory days and needs to be let go.
Daniel Young (5 months ago)
a good way to bring people back into dying light before dying light 2 gets Announcement in e3 and it's release day got respect for this
Lucas Manzanares (5 months ago)
Who still plays dying light on a regular basis
Domme (5 months ago)
holy shit i want this game so bad but it's not available here in germany :(
Jamie Megaputra (5 months ago)
Please stop updating the game and make dying light 2 already... The game is so good i can’t wait for the sequel to come out!!
Relentless Mercenary (5 months ago)
I have mad respect for the devs for continuing to put out content even tho I haven't played Dying Light.
Leandro Vitali Godoy (5 months ago)
Me encanta demasiado lo mucho que hace esta empresa por el videojuego. Ojalá hubiera más compañías así
Kawaki (5 months ago)
You know what would be great? If they made the games free-running animations look polished when looking from a 3rd person point of view. My brothers character looked like a dingus running around with poor animations. Game was great, but it'd personally break the aesthetic to watch someone move in 3rd person.
Charlie Don't Surf (5 months ago)
Respect to the devs of this game. They're really putting in the work. I'd have no issue paying for the next dlc, they deserve it.
Definitely Not The FBI (5 months ago)
Dang it. I’m gonna need to do this to get that subsonic ammo. Oh boy. Time for goosebumps and many deaths.
The Fuck You Looking At (5 months ago)
M4RC0 4M4Y4 (5 months ago)
M4RC0 4M4Y4 (5 months ago)
Hay no...
Brendan Kremer (5 months ago)
Make a second one already!
WildJoker (5 months ago)
I just hope we possibly get a new map or some small piece of story...
Derk Ender (4 months ago)
I been saying this forever. I want another added map or something with a cruise ship. Yeah free content is rad. But its nothing useful its all garbage.
Boxerchester09 (5 months ago)
i know i said i wouldnt but dammit i have to reinstall this game
something to say!!! (5 months ago)
it's great free content but seriously can we just move on to dying light 2
z DaTaco z (5 months ago)
something to say!!! Have you been living under a rock? Be patient, the game is still in development. Techland says they're not going to rush DL2. So they're taking thier sweet time.
Chris Haugh (5 months ago)
They've already said numerous times they're currently developing DL2, clearly they're not ready yet to release an more information than that. Chill fam.
Cellmos (5 months ago)
alguien me explica que van hacer ? por que vamos en la imagenes no explican mucho xD
ITS NOOBTUBE (5 months ago)
Number 2 yet?? Pls make it
PATRICK EDUARDO (5 months ago)
Terror 2018 😱
John Moo (5 months ago)
Hm. I don't want to sound like a spoiled brat or anything but that's it? That was snake in the grass? Just a blue print that's tied to a bounty? Idk what materials will be needed to make the ammo but I hope it doesn't contain requisition packs or something. I know it's free content but... I wish I could get something more you know? But they supported the game way after launch so maybe I just ought to shut up & take my free stuff.
LordReef (5 months ago)
Diseased PS4 new gen.
Hoggers (5 months ago)
Like I said, it isn't suppose to be something of great magnitude or "special", it's only the little things or events that just keep others fans busy while they work on the bigger things like producing another game or so on.
João Henrique Lemos (5 months ago)
I believe that if you are to add something to the game might as well make it worth regardless if its free or not, I would love to see more updates in the Be a Zombie department, the progression system is boring and the overall experience is unbalanced
Hoggers (5 months ago)
It's suppose to be something little, not something huge nor great. All this is, is suppose keep things busy and support that game while working on bigger things and it's a nice that they are doing this,
LukaCola (5 months ago)
It’s free I don’t see a point to complain
Captain Cluster (5 months ago)
I was planning to wait the whole year and do all the free dlc in one chunk but this one looks too interesting to leave!
HIT MVN 1991 ϟϟ (5 months ago)
derekisazombie39 (5 months ago)
I’d like a pro/X1X patch over these little updates. Or better yet, Dying Light 2 or Hellraid.
LaZy Pro Gamer (5 months ago)
Awesome and cool
ΟΚΛLUΜΕ (5 months ago)
Thats literally the mutant from " I am a legend" on the thumbnail lol
Rob Vespa (5 months ago)
It's nice that they're still updating the game and providing new content.
GTA V Movies (5 months ago)
This game put dead island to shame.
Gamer Guy (5 months ago)
Dying light 2
Chris Haugh (4 months ago)
Louie How ignorant are most of you commenting on this? They've said multiple times they're already working on DL2, but it is going to take awhile because they want to do a lot more this time around.
Gamer Guy (5 months ago)
ZeroHxC07 yeah hopefully
Louie (5 months ago)
no they need to starting working on it
ZeroHxC07 (5 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing. I don´t know why but I get a feeling the last content drop will come with a surprise.
Mr. จัญไร (5 months ago)
Gamer Guy Really? XD
Boocat (5 months ago)
Just make Dead island 2 already
Itz Trappyy (5 months ago)
tetsuo strider actually it was 2015 but that was going to be yager and that didn’t happen plus deep sliver got bought out
Boocat (5 months ago)
Itz Trappyy (5 months ago)
you don't even know that the game is going to look like and play like
tetsuo strider (5 months ago)
either way i wont be getting it remember when it was gonna be released in 2016? lmfao
DeathSeekerism (5 months ago)
Itz Trappyy *Deep Shitter
Andrew Kappler (5 months ago)
Give us left for dead 3
Chris Haugh (4 months ago)
No, but really...uh? Are you trolling?
Derk Ender (4 months ago)
Hell yeah that is what I really want.
Chris Haugh (5 months ago)
Lord Draco (5 months ago)
Nice Work!
𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰚 (5 months ago)
I want dying light 2
Hoggers (5 months ago)
And we don't need it
Juanito El Oso (5 months ago)
I like the dedication, hopefully we will see a sequel soon.
shankar TN (5 months ago)
Rename dying light to dead light .cause its dead.move on devs
Hoggers (5 months ago)
Shanker Tn is trolling hard if it said "men buy loot boxes and support EA"
Matthew Black (5 months ago)
shankar TN are you kidding? I was never interested in this game until I saw all the free content and support the devs give the game. I’m seriously considering picking this up now
Nathan Vosburgh (5 months ago)
*SIGHS* people complain about *old* games not being supported *old games* like this one that is still being updated AND SUPPORTED people still complain make up your damn minds
aHairyWhiteGuy (5 months ago)
The fact that they are still putting out content obviously means that it's not dead. What does it matter anyways? They're supporting their old game while making there new one.
shankar TN (5 months ago)
Po Tato free contents are for kids..Men buy loot boxes and support EA
Doo Kis (5 months ago)
what is this roblox?
Walter Cabrera (5 months ago)
*Insert "dead game" comment here*
nikidino8 (5 months ago)
I am I did only play 4 minutes of dying light, because my computer is trash :/
Ruzien x (5 months ago)
You're probably just some casual
SOPER MERIO (5 months ago)
Dead game
nikidino8 (5 months ago)
Andrew Kappler (5 months ago)
Walter Cabrera live game
Atlas - (5 months ago)
Keep the support coming
Akumu Synx (5 months ago)
Ehhh idk I feel like Dead Island was more Iconic, but at the same time this game doesn't get the attention it needs
Itz Trappyy (5 months ago)
bro its been out for 3 three years so yeah it doesn't get the attention
Memegod42 (5 months ago)
Mathchief, heart me?
Memegod42 (5 months ago)
CJ Wessels (5 months ago)

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