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Here are a few Linux Games at E3 2018!

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Text Comments (70)
movax20h (16 days ago)
"We Happy Few" is available on Steam for Windows. No info about Linux.
Maul Xx (24 days ago)
PS4 + Linux PC = Loads of games :)
Pie Maker2 (2 months ago)
Gmod is great on linux
TheMonyarm (3 months ago)
I hope Sam 4 is a bit more like the first 2 rather than like 3, cause i really didn't like that one (meanwhile first encounter and 2nd encounter are some of my favourite games)
Sanchria (3 months ago)
Unsubbed. Clickbait thumbnails are a nogo
Mr_Beezlebub (3 months ago)
I hope to see more Linux games get released soon
J4MIE (3 months ago)
Metro Exodus and Shadow of the Tombraider will probably be ported to Linux. Same with Dying Light 2
movax20h (16 days ago)
It is very likely but not certain. I have highest hopes for the Shadow of the Tomb Rider.
Wasteland Seven (3 months ago)
As a general note: I've had very little trouble running any game made in Unity under wine. Unity seems to play very well with Linux.
Bryce Smith (3 months ago)
So are linux titles normally released? Or do you think this has something to do with the atari vcs (supposedly) running a linux operating system
rvolland (3 months ago)
Yes, check out the several-thousand listed on Steam right now!
Wasteland Seven (3 months ago)
The Linux market is growing. Several developers (including some AAA) routinely port to Linux. And a LOT of Indie games are releasing to Linux too. Not to mention all the games on Android, as that OS is simply a modified version of the Linux kernal.
Pie Maker2 (3 months ago)
Have you got Ubuntu 18.04
RafiLinux (3 months ago)
Now to see which one these will be drm-free on Linux!
Richard (4 months ago)
i can hear the vagina hidden between your legs squeaking every time you open your mouth. i know you're a salty little bitch that can't take any criticism from your viewers. you're exposed. fuck you drama queen. how dare you even attempt to represent the linux community? you don't know jack shit about the linux operative system, you're a fraud. an imposter. nobody likes you and nobody wants you here, so just pack up your shit and fuck off. take your fuck buddy, sit your fat mcdonald's ass on his lap and start bouncing up and down until your heart's content..
The Linux Gamer (4 months ago)
I feel bad for you. I hope you some day discover the meaning of true happiness. ❤️
David Novák (4 months ago)
Very poor selection.. Welp. Gotta keep Windows for another year.
Fernabi aner (3 months ago)
Gaming on linux has become better. When I want to buy a new game I simply browse through Steam and look whats out there natively running on linux(it has got a filter function for that) . I understand if those titles aren't for you, but I also think its worth looking the avalible titles up. Worst case? you dont like or buy them. Best case? You find something you enjoy. The Game industry will port more games to Linux when there is a higher cash flow
Kicsivazz (4 months ago)
Did you mention ASTRONEER? They don't support Linux yet but that's in the pipeline.
Jason Coleman (4 months ago)
All these games suck and the are for sale when linux is suppose to be open source only !! So cheesy ! Microsoft and android have top notch games for free !! And linux deveopers have the nerve to try roll the software center to all paid apps !! GTFOH !! I dont need the same open source software with a few tweaks and a log for my cash pal when all the code was free !!
apathy (4 months ago)
open source is an opposition to proprietary code, not paid code. there are very few open-source games on linux so you should not be surprised.
Games that wont come to Linux, you can play via Wine + DXVK but be sure to not pay for those games. No tux No bux. If they wont port to Linux using Vulkan, they wont see my money.
Martin Procházka (3 months ago)
You need to take into consideration that porting a game takes some manhours and programmers are expensive. We don't really want them to port games that are playable at nearly native performance because: a) porting them won't make much difference b) devs could focus on porting games that have troubles running in wine or don't work at all instead And yes GNU/Linux market share is low, if we had 20% instead of 2% it would make a huge difference. And I don't really think this thing with porting games is the biggest issue because almost every game with next-gen HW and new versions of Wine will eventually work. The biggest issue in my pov is that there are lots of games which are Steam exclusive - this makes people dependent on a proprietary platform. Why do you use GNU/Linux? Let me guess... You wanted to free yourself from Microsoft grasp. Well, it is the same with Steam. To be honest with you all, I think that much more usefull than porting each game separately to GNU/Linux would be if game studios would actually contribute to Wine development. Why? Because this would help with running all games not just the one they developed. And I'm not sure you realize that but Wine doesn't depend on you running GNU/Linux distro. You can benefit even with BSD distros, Android or Mac - Who ports games to BSD nowadays?
Game devs wont think you are running games via Wine, they will think you are using Windows 10 and wont bother porting to Linux. It is important that devs realize that people want Linux ports but since the devs are blinded by Linux desktop market share, they are waiting for market share to rise first which ofc wont happen until most devs port games and apps to Linux, and requesting Linux ports on forums and such falls on deaf ears for the most part so not buying Windows only games is the only way.
Martin Procházka (3 months ago)
Well, if the game runs well I don't see reason not to pay. I mean if the game runs full detail at 60fps on my rig what's the difference having it native or Wined. I do indeed recommend pirating those Windows only games first to check if it's worth your money. But you guys have to realize that if game was released 10 or 20 years ago when GNU/Linux gaming wasn't even a thing noone is gona port it now and its developers are not to blame.
Exactly my thoughts. The only games I paid for are Linux Native games
The Gent (4 months ago)
We Happy few is illegal in Australia :(
Dustin Howell (4 months ago)
I think gaming on linux has burned out. I'll stick with it till the end though.
sneekylinux (4 months ago)
Bomber Crew is soo dench, it's great..
Kicsivazz (4 months ago)
About Insurgency: They probably will keep their word, the original (base) game is already running fine on Linux and I don't see any reason to not continue this.
Azarilh (4 months ago)
Every E3 is cringy.
Alternative EFG (4 months ago)
Guys, check out Overload on GOG. It's good.
Angel del Pozo Manglano (4 months ago)
Dont you think Metro Exodus will come as its predecesors?
Nadh Pads (4 months ago)
BeardyJay (4 months ago)
Great to see gaming videos again! I think you did miss a few but great recap: - Tunic, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f9OoELUhKY - Star Control, https://steamcommunity.com/app/271260/discussions/1/2381701715712918530/?ctp=6#c1621724915765989541 - Neocab, neocabgame.com
Chester Hackenbush (4 months ago)
I'm hoping "Dying Light 2" makes it to Linux....
Ryan Cutforth (4 months ago)
Techland had only 2 developers port it in 4 months. That sounds profitable to me.
Alvaro Dopazo (4 months ago)
I think that is already confirmed that Metro Exodus and Insomnia: The Ark will support Linux.
movax20h (16 days ago)
Insomnia The Ark is on steam for 2 days now. Only Windows. Update: According to forums they are working on it. Should be available in few weeks. They have it working already, just are doing some polishing.
Alvaro Dopazo (3 months ago)
I think I had read a developer saying the engine is the same as previous games with improvements so the support for another OS next to Windows isn't off the table. I can't find where I readed that so probably I'm confusing with another game. Sorry for my bad English.
Rooster (3 months ago)
Source? As far as I know, Metro Exodus hasn't been confirmed yet.
Azarilh (4 months ago)
Walter Goldberg (4 months ago)
Linux just need Fortnite or PUBG and this will open doors for anything
C1SC0 (3 months ago)
Fortnite should be easily portable to Linux since it's running Unreal Engine 4 which epic has made Linux compatible.
Martin Procházka (3 months ago)
Windows+Steam only, why would anyone even care?
Dustin Howell (4 months ago)
PUBG is still the most played game on steam.
nicholas dean (4 months ago)
Yes PUBG the game that is dying faster than No Man's Sky... I definitely want to play it...
iCQ (4 months ago)
oohh i love all these games!
soundsbeard (4 months ago)
neither my friend pedro nor scum will have linux version. so much disappointment, devolver :'(
iCQ (4 months ago)
ooh yes cool nice yeah great thanks for the share man... super!!! :-) ubuntu 18..04 at the moment here
Federico Jimbo Smithson (4 months ago)
My worry is the develope of We Happy Few is now Microsoft. I hope their future games will still have linux version
Ryan Cutforth (4 months ago)
Microsoft should release for free on github! lmao
KronVespo (4 months ago)
No worries! Microsoft loves Linux now... Right?
Youtube Surfer (4 months ago)
Some neat indie titles but what is with the big ones? The Division 2, Cyberpunk, Fallout 76, Anthem, or evenShadow of the Tomb Raider? :-o
Maul Xx (24 days ago)
All you will need from that list is Cyberpunk 2077 :)
Pie Maker2 (2 months ago)
Gmod is great on linux and it is £6.99
Youtube Surfer (3 months ago)
Shadow of the tomb raider is not out yet, iam talking about the third game of this series which will be released soon.
TheBlackSheep (3 months ago)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is already ported... It's on steam and runs native.
OffensivePolygon (4 months ago)
Wine+DXVK I guess...
Matthew Bosk (4 months ago)
I didn't catch Afterparty at E3, loved Oxenfree! Will definitely pick it up. Overcooked 2 looks like a blast too.
The depiction of the woman in the artwork for insurgency sandstorm is very similar to the women fighters of the YPJ in northern syria.
Kit Walz (4 months ago)
Belive you missed Crazy Justice first day Linux support Battle Royal game, cross platform Nintendo switch , Xbox, PC what's there not to like.
FlagCourier (4 months ago)
That's it's Battle Royal. (It's fine, but it's not for everyone - same as military shooters.)
Roy Lastname (4 months ago)
Seems nice.
WorthlessVids (4 months ago)
Play station#### (4 months ago)
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Play station#### (4 months ago)
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