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ACE COMBAT 7 SKIES UNKNOWN New Officail Trailer ( PS4, XB1, PC )

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The New Officail Trailer of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (1003)
A. House (9 days ago)
Already pre ordered it.... Hurry up January
OptimalOptimus50 (11 days ago)
Don’t you worry. The F-35 is ready for takeoff!!!
Aviation Dude 95 (14 days ago)
Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit
Vince Carter (16 days ago)
No mamen que es la voz de wesker?!?
Norman Youngblood (1 month ago)
"Nagase! You keep flying like that and you'll die real soon!"
mR andross guy (1 month ago)
Adriano de Oliveira Correa so far
Alfred Nikov (1 month ago)
Imagine The Legend Galm Team Was The Allies 😳
Jalyn Greer (1 month ago)
Best game is not a game is your life I guess your life you live is the best game lol
Jalyn Greer (1 month ago)
F/A-18E hornets can’t do the pugachev cobra maneuver the time line of what year the games word is they would not be flying the modern 4/5 gen jets only things would be hanging around is the j-20 f-35 su-50 F-22 possibly but they would be dinosaurs to them and be going out like how there are few f/a-18cs of today most like the enemies get import export all other countries vehicles so it’s past around in wheel till it’s blown up or retired !
丫 丫 (1 month ago)
dr lippisch (2 months ago)
scapa2510 (2 months ago)
Just need my miki hoshii su 47 and I'll be golden.
salma khaled (2 months ago)
When we can play this game
Nathanael_ Souza (2 months ago)
Ace combat misturado com final Fantasy 🙄🙄🙄
Duomaxwell02M (2 months ago)
Methinks Eruseans are the "good " guys this time, just judging from the trailer, cutscenes mostly come from the Erusean side. C'mon, having a cute princess for a head of state is a dead giveaway lol. And "Orange" Squadron? Yellow Squadron vibes here.
Matthew LaCanfora (2 months ago)
Does anyone know if we'll be able to fight for Erusea in this game? Things the princess says gives that impression
Andy Ramone (2 months ago)
Finally, finally!!! I've being waiting for this for the longest time!!
XxSICKMo7lonzxX (2 months ago)
The thumbnail is gta5 dose anybody not see that?
Isaac Vicente (2 months ago)
Is it me or am i hopping hes a survivor of the yellow squadron !!!
WtrDogg20 (2 months ago)
Dwiyantoris Setyono (2 months ago)
Daniel Gama (2 months ago)
Saudades dos Simuladores , F-16, Mig 29....F22
Lee Fairclough (2 months ago)
An f 104 straighter in this it can only get better!
Hyda Al (2 months ago)
When its out
Maxim Abramov (2 months ago)
Looks cool. But also confusing alike AC Belkin Wars - why the heck is developed in some invented country and not in real world scenarys?
Justa Guy (2 months ago)
Samuel Plata Del Rio (2 months ago)
AK Beachez (2 months ago)
Dance with the angels
C Mac (2 months ago)
I heard the BRRRRRRRT!!! A-10 is there again! As long as there is an F-15 as well I’m happy!
Johnnyflammable (2 months ago)
i wish it was made for the vita too!
wheelie1988 (2 months ago)
I wonder if the controls are gonna be like the ones on PS2? Cause the controls are for Ace Combat 6 was rubbish. It seemed like the game had more control of the plane than what you had.
Ryan Smith (3 months ago)
So why is your thumbnail taking place in GTA 5 map
fenasi koraltan (3 months ago)
Jason Caudle (3 months ago)
The best fighter pilot game ever!!....for those who disagree just really don't understand the history and journey of how far this franchise has came from the old days. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
篠原充 (3 months ago)
Jacobus Coetzee (3 months ago)
When is it coming. and when to xbox?
Hunter Beltran (3 months ago)
Imagine fortune journal Russian sculpture fist as view poor racial standard north
Lisa Perry (3 months ago)
I hope the story line is as good as ac5 and 6 was made the game move fast. Agree with most post on here I want to go back and land and reload in heavy combat situations not fly to so dumb line at end of the map.
Yngwie Tasiam (3 months ago)
Roger Young (3 months ago)
I love Ace Combat.... but I expected more out of this game... this just seems like the same story over and over, retold with slight changes.... like a Metallica album... Pilots fighting drones... two nations fight over a vague reason,. the graphics are about 10% better than AC 7
Mina Ashrf (3 months ago)
System requirements to play it on pc please :-)
abrahiem tariq (3 months ago)
AkexFifaYt (3 months ago)
saladin57140 (3 months ago)
The date ???? When the game out ?
shibarn TMR (3 months ago)
Rice Is Nice (3 months ago)
Spelled Official wrong
Pomiro Nahuel (3 months ago)
Hay fecha de lanzamiento para PC ?
I love drugs (3 months ago)
Explain the Jewish symbol at the top at0:08
I love drugs (3 months ago)
Nodto Modley (3 months ago)
Two Xs because it's the 20th anniversary
Nick Rico (3 months ago)
Cesar DaVinci (3 months ago)
what month is this coming out?
Dusan Mandic (3 months ago)
Graphics look amazing and id love to play a realistic version. But all the fantasy shit throws my interest hard. I mean come on. space elevators and giant avengers inspired bombers/carriers? Really?
Nodto Modley (3 months ago)
Welcome to Ace Combat.
埜口翔 (4 months ago)
早く発売されないかなー! 出たら即買いなのに! 全く、ps4 エースコンバット仕様で出てほしいぜw
Nova Gazer (4 months ago)
Stone Age with UFO Maneuverability
Shawn Cheng (4 months ago)
great game!
smart CB (4 months ago)
عسيري # (4 months ago)
وش اسم العبه ..؟!
Jovan English (4 months ago)
When is this game coming out ???
spurs attack (4 months ago)
Will this ever be released
Ivan Corts (4 months ago)
Worth buying PSVR to play this?
Goff86 (4 months ago)
When we heading back to the electrosphere?
Metal 971 (4 months ago)
1:14 !!!! Hearthbreak One ???!!!
GamerGuy249 (4 months ago)
I mean, it's no ace combat 5 trailer.
Dontrell Louis (4 months ago)
Ok so this game I'm trying to get but how and where can I get it???
Varga Kristof (4 months ago)
lol thumbnail is From GTA v
Still Fr (4 months ago)
Я задумывался что-то серьёзное, а это очередной высер от Namco с хентайными персонажами. Скип
Progressive Music (4 months ago)
что попало
Gabriel Meira (4 months ago)
Christian Ryan (4 months ago)
Needs more lt. nagase lol
AVIATRIX CHANNEL (4 months ago)
00.26-00.27 😂😂😂 f18 can do pugachev cobra? Are you kidding me bitch.
Keii Tokura (4 months ago)
Project wingman or this. Damnnn
Lord Blackworth (4 months ago)
The princess did nothing wrong
Marc M (4 months ago)
The acting and writing are so painful it’s not even funny.
Μαξ Ντράλας (4 months ago)
Daniel Cullum (4 months ago)
Did anyone play the first ace combat on ps2 with joy stick was insane I hadn't played sence can't wait to get this game herd it ment to b hard to get the joystick tho :$
overcast201 (4 months ago)
"caution! Stall"
Chebs Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I like the F/A-18 doing some Pugachev's Cobra and shiet, like no big deal xD - Looks pretty :)
Lele Secreto (4 months ago)
No more wars
JalenR. (4 months ago)
Why is that thumbnail GTA V?
Dizzy Sailor (4 months ago)
i want to see the full game featuring f22 im expecting the release date
Mike Greski (4 months ago)
Just GTA V with mods Don't worry
Hrothgar O' Dhughaill (4 months ago)
I have not been excited for a game release in some time now..But THIS one, im looking forward too!
Mike Lowery (4 months ago)
They should make an Ace Combat HD Collection
Hoov GNYT (4 months ago)
That's a GTA bacground.in the thumbnail next to chiliad. For Pete's sake man
Esse jogo vai bombar!
Catloverplayer (4 months ago)
Here we are in Summer of 18 and still no info on this game.
The Boss Tex 117 (4 months ago)
I’m pretty excited for this game. When is the exact release date?
Stanton Cree (4 months ago)
DCS forever!!
TwerkyBacon Sammich (4 months ago)
Apart from incremental graphics improvements, I cant tell them apart anymore
Robbie (4 months ago)
Hi guys...can someone tell me if this is run through the evil Steam network?
Olorin Mithrandir (4 months ago)
0:09 Really, a fucking jew star.
Olorin Mithrandir (3 months ago)
Two X's made into a jew bag star
Nodto Modley (3 months ago)
Two Xs, because 20th anniversary.
Dr. Psyko (4 months ago)
Lol, I still remember playing Ace combat X on my PSP
Sierra Vortec (4 months ago)
For Osea!
FoxtrotCharlie2 (4 months ago)
It is about time.
Odelay Derado (4 months ago)
Started at shattered skies picked up again at assault horizon
Odelay Derado (4 months ago)
Wonder if fox 2 has engaged yet?
shogi MURA (4 months ago)
victor perez (4 months ago)
When is this coming out i been waiting for so long plus one of my favorite games is ace combat zero. They need to come up with another game like that maybe the secong ace combat zero i remember the squadron names hella cool i miss that game i might just get me a ps2 and get me that game
Viking Dan (4 months ago)
Yeah but when in 2018

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