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ACE COMBAT 7 SKIES UNKNOWN New Officail Trailer ( PS4, XB1, PC )

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The New Officail Trailer of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (791)
I Love This Trailer... It looked like a new anime trailer.
Eddie B (1 day ago)
I loved this franchise when I was younger, but I got bored carrying 60 missiles on a plane that really carries 6...
Ze Duet (1 day ago)
AJ Pérez (1 day ago)
Final flightasy XV. Coming soon...
Valdeir Rocha (4 days ago)
Alguém sabe quando sai ??
francelo nelo (4 days ago)
final fantasy: air force supremacy
swiftコアラ (5 days ago)
Nice realistic 83g manoeuvres.
Mika Stenberg (6 days ago)
1:48 look are this new ADF aircraft?
FAULT LINE (6 days ago)
what anime is this
Adrian Cordova (7 days ago)
Will it have an F-14 tomcat? That’s all I care about.
Jose Gomez (7 days ago)
Is this AC an Osean invasion like in AC5 when you took it to those commie Yuktobanian sons a b--!?! It'd be cool to play the campaign from both POVs.
supermick83 (7 days ago)
Princess what's her face sounds very like she's American.. I think she's making this all up. Lying bitch. Game looks great though 🛩✈🛫🛬🎮
xThe One K1ng (8 days ago)
Anyone notice that the thumbnail is the map of Gta V?
Justin Cantrell (8 days ago)
Real release date 2024 then they'll downgrade to extend game life.
Angelo Patterson (8 days ago)
Jacob O'Connell (8 days ago)
Still havent heard anything else regarding the release for this game yet what is going on
Project -iFi- (8 days ago)
ace combat 7, plot unknown
Builds you most expensive and profitable space elevator for free...
mark smelter (9 days ago)
when is this game coming out? i want it now
TnZ Austin (9 days ago)
Finally a game i can fap to <3
Szym Bulczyn (9 days ago)
coming soon... takin' a piss... pre-order now! 2 years... ehhh
CL1200LANCER (9 days ago)
187SicknesS (9 days ago)
I haven't played AC since that trash pay-to-play version came out on the ps3. What was that, AC5 or 6? They seriously wanted me to buy "fuel" to play the game as if it were war thunder or some shit. I gave up on AC after seeing that and uninstalled the game. Haven't looked back since.
Gavin Elder (10 days ago)
The last time I remember a game that generated so much hype but being constantly put back/rescheduled time and again but we were given all these amazing snippets of what was to come and it got us all hyped so much... The game was Sega's Alien's Colonial Marines.... The trailer for that game was so amazing, great use of lighting effect blah blah blah... Trouble was... When the final product was released it was a real shitbird, they duped us, all the great graphics and AI were nowhere to be seen... Now when I see a game constantly being rescheduled later and later (Excluding Metal Gear Phantom Pain, that was the biz!), i don't think "Wow!! This is really gonna be the dogs bollocks when it comes out, must be making some mega improvements?!" Instead, I get to thinking that it's put back because there are issues that are difficult to overcome, the board doesn't like it and it's back for a fix... This could be the Aliens Colonial Marines of Ace Combat series, a real bad, stinky shit of a game that you can't polish or perfume... I'll wait for the reviews to roll in before considering a purchase and thats me being a lifelong fan of these games since the PS1 days!...
gene052286 (10 days ago)
This game better, the f****** flight stick
Darko Sola (10 days ago)
Can this be played in VR?
Air, land_combat 2017 (10 days ago)
I'm gonna fly the F-22 Raptor.
Marshall Fant (10 days ago)
FuryIraq1900 (10 days ago)
Can I get this game on ps4 ? Or not yet
Toxic_Gamer (10 days ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo when's this game actually coming out?!
Hello (10 days ago)
Looking good!
descent815 (10 days ago)
I hope this game is better then the predecessors. It’s so fake and the planes don’t fly the way they portray in this series. If you want a real flying combat Simulation then you need DCS. This game is exactly that a game and sooooo unreal. I PASS!!
Eric Wehrman (10 days ago)
I hope they have realistic physics and sounds of each aircraft like they are suppose to be.. I love my A-10 but hitting like 1,100khm is very unrealistic for that aircraft
Zyhgar25 (10 days ago)
It looks to anime and that really throws me off
KyleAnde (10 days ago)
The highway is from gta5
widowman (10 days ago)
Gameplay better be good because you can rest assured the weird Japanese storyline won't be.
When is this coming out in stores near you P.S Do you know da wae
Ran T (11 days ago)
I have always loved the graphics and style of play but the voice acting always left a part of me that just was never filled. It just seems that if a pilot or people communicating with each other would show some kind of inflection with their voice (like being frantic or excited and scared) but it just always seemed monotone and no real danger. If I was a pilot in the middle of a fight I wouldn't be screaming like a girl but I'd definitely be letting you know that the shit is going down and I need help fast.
shane bond (11 days ago)
hello everyone release date please for pc because every where they said that 2018 but in which date or month exactly?
André Siqueira (11 days ago)
I'm getting this day 1 because of VR. That gonna be crazy vomiting here! Hop in the vomit train!!!
super human (11 days ago)
damn that sukhoi looks awesome😲😲😲
yer da man (11 days ago)
I'll save you princess
Joshua Sheard (11 days ago)
Playing against osia? I hope so 😛 a non-nato aircraft as the main jet? That would be cool. The 'good guys' isn't so clear. Make our dreams come true? I'm itching in anticipation if the shin shin, gripen ng, stealth hornet, F-50 golden eagle, or J-17 thunder will be included.
Prototype Kaito (11 days ago)
A story where Osea is the bad guys? You would think it would be Belka against Erusia. Who would of thought Erusia had a beautiful princess
Eternally Angelic (11 days ago)
What gets me hopeful for the story is that they say "The enemy has many experienced pilots".. From what war? Where did they get their experience? Usually you don't say someone is a very experienced combat pilot unless they've actually flown many times in actual air battles. I'm hoping this means we'll see Ace's, or return characters or squadrons, like Mobius, Yellow Squadron, or Razgriz, or any number of the aces from Zero. Infact it would be AMAZING to see your wingman from Ace Combat Zero "Pixy" make a return, especially since his whole story in Zero was about not understanding why borders matter. He was so twisted and confused about borders, and why they matter, to the point he even switched sides due to it. Then at the end of Zero he was fighting in another war to figure it all out, but his story was never concluded, or what happened to him. Since this story seems to be all about borders, and border engagements, and ignoring borders, it seems like a PERFECT story for Pixy to make a return and have a conclusion to his story. If I was a producer of this game, I"d have a mission towards the end where Pixy and Cipher meet again, just like Pixy said they would in the final part of zero. "Cipher" the character you play as comes in as a mercenary to help your squad. THen half way through the mission you hear Pixy chime in "Hey friend, still alive?"
Rico Banderas (12 days ago)
I like Russian air jets!
Sprinkles Davenport (12 days ago)
Hype for pc
joshua ianniello (12 days ago)
Bro its 2018 where is this game
Megan Purdy (12 days ago)
I wonder how long it’ll be before you have to fly through a tunnel
mousek801 Mousek801 (12 days ago)
Spoiler alert: We don't care about the story, we care about the planes.
Dereck LeRoy (13 days ago)
Takes place in the future....will probably still start you out in a shitty F-4....
Scott Allen (13 days ago)
Don't think it will ever be released.
thegrassmaster2 (13 days ago)
I'm ready to beat Eruseas ass a second time
Heymar Barreto (13 days ago)
The Thumb looks like GTA V
Keychain117 (14 days ago)
ac7: releasedate unknown
Gus Irizarry (14 days ago)
Wish the flight models weren't so arcade-ish. That's what keep me away from these games
Take Five (14 days ago)
Looks great when is it due
The funny part is that the thumbnail is from GTA
Y& B (16 days ago)
That was incredible I'm not keep to play this beautiful art of fighters
Blazinhorsepower (16 days ago)
*eursea declares war about something they helped and supported*
Hallvard Hvidsten (18 days ago)
8 missiles to take down that propeller aircraft ;)
Naruto Uzumaki (18 days ago)
No release date?
Jonathan (18 days ago)
I love ace combat but I could really do with out the cringy terrible japanese writing.
Pierre Gradner (18 days ago)
When will this game drop I’m so tired of waiting take my $$ now Damn it
Critical Tick (19 days ago)
billy bob (20 days ago)
Team Osea. just sayn
Abel Petersen (20 days ago)
Looks great I am just wondering when the game get released
Kyonnosuke Asakura (20 days ago)
1:48 Am i seeing the revival of ADF-01 Falken?? (Correct me if I'm wrong about the adf-??)
Jorvas25 (20 days ago)
We still at least *officially* have 8 more months of waiting. The first AC I played was AC3 Electrosphere on PS1, this one has me curious.
Jorvas25 (11 days ago)
Russtee Nails Sounds cool indeed, that one I did not had the chance to play it tho.
Russtee Nails (11 days ago)
I preferred AC 2 which included a creepy pre 9/11 similarity in the 2nd or 3rd mission.
MrTimmsy1986 (20 days ago)
Games graphics are great, story is usual bandai uber japanese bullshit
Ger Moua (21 days ago)
And the return of Yellow-13.
Gema Pamungkas (22 days ago)
Udayjeet Singh (22 days ago)
When i click the video i think it is gta5 mod picture
Sleepy (22 days ago)
This is gonna be mad...
Ranch_ (22 days ago)
Im gonna bust a nut
TralfazConstruction (22 days ago)
These will be my most spectacular crashes yet; even in easy mode.
変態糞土方 (23 days ago)
seagull (23 days ago)
Can’t wait for this to come out X3
walid redka (23 days ago)
2:16 is that SU35?
SpaceKraken (23 days ago)
Su-33 or Su-37
cameron Himes (23 days ago)
I swear i saw nagase and bartlett
Avichal Sharma (23 days ago)
Made my balls roll.
Fishy Fishy (24 days ago)
Yo buddy you still alive?
まつぼっくり (24 days ago)
サムネが一瞬GTAVに見えてしまった... ...て、日本語コメが無い...
Gray Fox1950 (25 days ago)
Been playing since ps1 days..feel like war thunder still better??
Billy Sooner (25 days ago)
Hell yeah! going back to Ace Combat 4's settings! "Mobius 1, FOX 2!!!"
laettis (25 days ago)
Still waiting for release....
NeoHD23 (26 days ago)
Can't wait to play this epic franchise in PSVR for the first time!
RazAlguise (26 days ago)
Graphics look amazing. I can’t wait for this.
n (26 days ago)
oh boy, a war against osea, someone please call cypher
Christen Smith (26 days ago)
Reminds me of a Gundam story.
zachary moore (26 days ago)
Plot twist, the Belkans took over Osea
Mika Hendrawan (27 days ago)
Nice Trailer, but when jet hit on warship, i see no AA Gun firing :)
Buruki Kerman (27 days ago)
finally we attack more of these gramercia attackers,i missed em,loved too fight em
JD H (27 days ago)
I have a 92 inch flat screen waiting for this game
JD H (27 days ago)
when is this out for PS4 ? Thanks
Brigade 88 (27 days ago)
First song,please?!
Brigade 88 (27 days ago)
Please,what the first song?
Trophy Scars (27 days ago)
God it looks beautiful but it also just looks like that last on the rails roller coaster. Bring back the old school free flight simulator. Where it was all about your skill not the button sequences and action scenes
xBeySick (27 days ago)
As long as I get my SU-37...

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