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7 Essential Games You Have To Play - Twice!

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Rob presents his list of games you just have to go back and play twice, featuring Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VIII, Dishonored and The Last Of Us. 7 Games That Never Got a Sequel: http://bit.ly/1EhrRNH 7 Worlds That Want To Kill You: http://bit.ly/1PuIDhE 7 Bosses You Didn't Beat First Time: http://bit.ly/1IofHaM PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub Want more? Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/FollowAccess
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Text Comments (3697)
Clinky (12 days ago)
Deus ex HR
ChrirTFM (12 days ago)
Omg Rob has hair!
Turbogeek 21 (12 days ago)
Any Kingdom Hearts game
twl197860 (16 days ago)
Every main line Final Fantasy game except for 11 didn't have internet at the time so didn't get it . Oh and ff8 I haven't tried it yet but there are videos on speed runs that only take about 40-50 hours . But from what I can tell you'll miss a lot of the game doing them .
pokemonix 69 (17 days ago)
Aleksandar Hristov (18 days ago)
Tomb raider and horizon zero down
Atelier Nyx (20 days ago)
7-8 times??? ... try DISGAEA series, you'll reach 100 playthroughs.
Chris Ray (20 days ago)
What about nier?
lolpouuu (27 days ago)
Same with anime
I like to game all day (1 month ago)
Jeremy Oldham (1 month ago)
First time comment to Rob... Love the show you guys are Runtastic! One of my favorite game series and my favorite game in general is Jak 3. I played it so many times to completion that I've lost track of the number. I started playing this before I was a father now my daughter is 9 and I'm playing it again right now. Also very sorry I couldn't make anything funny to say in this comment. Also let's not forget other games from Naughty Dog that you can easily go back and play again and again and again, Ratchet & Clank I'm looking at you
Jacklog (1 month ago)
The movie inside out... i watched it 38 times for some reason
i_am_McCrea (1 month ago)
witcher 3 bruh
GAMEFIELD (1 month ago)
witcher 3....already played 3 times now playing again and then again on NG+
Judge Cunningham (1 month ago)
skyrim, Radiata Stories, Mass Effect Series, Suikoden 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dishonored Series, Fallout 4, Mana Khemia 2, Dragon Quest XI, No Man's Sky, and BORDERLANDS SERIES !!!!!
Xander Britton (1 month ago)
TheLaz-E Gamer (2 months ago)
Shadow Of The Collosus.
hellfyre G (2 months ago)
Castlevania curse of darkness
kole ferro (2 months ago)
I played infamous 2 9times most of them a hero
The last Perpetual (2 months ago)
Ha i just finished Dark Souls
Janeill Smit (2 months ago)
Are all of these based around your opinion?
Pit King (2 months ago)
I would have gone with Resident Evil 4
The fire channel (2 months ago)
How are Undertale and Skyrim not here?😦
ApZ (2 months ago)
Dishonored? Yeah... 20+ times lol Don't judge me
Ryan Rowe (2 months ago)
Persona 3. Played it all the way too new game +5.
Jesse Karella (2 months ago)
was surprised skyrim and/or the witcher series wasn't on the list.
Souhardya Dutta (2 months ago)
i played skyrim 7 times
Burak Bozkurt (2 months ago)
The assassins creed games
boicer11 (2 months ago)
Also I've played every Devil May Cry game multiple times but that was mostly for achievements
boicer11 (2 months ago)
Oh Dishonored. I did the opposite haha attempted stealth but didn't work out then replayed killing no one
Clayton Gold (2 months ago)
Spyro the dragon the first 3
YG Kush (2 months ago)
Bioshock is one of those games I can play over and over until I get too old for video games. I still haven't played a game that comes anywhere close to how near perfect that game was.
Frostyblade 88 (2 months ago)
Why is mass effect listed as being created by Ea
Frostyblade 88 (2 months ago)
Both dishonored games I've beat both 4 or 5 times each (on low chaos stealth,even though I always kill Campbell in chapter 7 and the torturer everytime because low chaos for life) and they're the only games I've beat multiple times
Jordan Roberts (2 months ago)
I've played through Legend of Dragoon 5 times. Once on PS1, twice on PS2, and twice on PS3 after buying it from the network store (4 disc game for $6, how could you not). Absolute favorite game hands down
HeathTribe (2 months ago)
Undertale, Devel May Cry
J4cob 61 (2 months ago)
Where’s Skyrim on this list? I must have played that game more times than I can count.
Sky Lander (2 months ago)
Nier definitely has to be on a part two of this list!
parivesh badal (2 months ago)
How can anyone miss Portal 1 and 2?
Carol Stedry (2 months ago)
It's a bloody puppet why did I feel bad when he hit Delsin?
123mat1231 (2 months ago)
Bring back Delsin bring back Delsin bring back Delsin
A is for Annihilation (2 months ago)
Far cry 3 & 4, infamous 1 & 2, red dead redemption then undead nightmare & I'm not even a zombie game fan but let's b honest, it'd red dead. Just cause 2 just to cause more destruction again. Sleeping dogs altho I didn't finish, I just had it on 2 ps3 then 4. I'm sure I'm missing a few.
Dread Hunter 335 (3 months ago)
The ratchet and clank games
Lulu (3 months ago)
For me it is the Witcher 3
Eb Trax (3 months ago)
All Ratchet and Clank games, because Challenge Mode.
גילי רייס (3 months ago)
The witcher 3
haz 007 (3 months ago)
haz 007 (3 months ago)
That's why I got over 50,000 hours
haz 007 (3 months ago)
Because Imperial stormcloack and brotherhood join or destroy
Brex 10 (3 months ago)
DEVIL MAY CRY, you can play as different characters,
Dorian Simmons (3 months ago)
I've been through bloodbourne 8x!
Wrele (3 months ago)
I dont know bout you but i feel like at least one of the GTA games should have been included.
Kodojow 22 (3 months ago)
You forgot THE ELDER SCROLLS SERIES!!! How dare you!!!
Kodojow 22 (3 months ago)
I’m dishonoured I always tried to play it stealth but my patience is little so I just ran around using my sword to chop everyone into little pieces
Bobetta Burns (3 months ago)
Hey can you make a second video about this? I know more games that you can play over twice like Persona 5, Detroit become human Horizon zero Dawn
Guftders Kalisere (3 months ago)
I love playing Castlevania, Mirror of Fate. The sound track, the visuals, the combat... It's beautiful. I must have played it through a dozen times already, not including replaying the big boss fights against Dracula.
Bethgael (3 months ago)
Dave has excellent taste. :D
Ray Yuske (3 months ago)
Damn Rob is do funny! He's the real reason I'm subscribed
Super Duper S.P (3 months ago)
Ray Yuske so*
zaLinuxDev (3 months ago)
Omg he had hair!
Abyssion45 (3 months ago)
Any of the Tales games. My favourite is symphonia
BigDave15 (3 months ago)
Another way you can play Mass Effect is deciding what to do say, whether it is Paragon, Renegade or neutral; by what you think is right, right for the character or right for the characterisation you are playing. I think game I have played through the campaign the most times might be Jedi Academy. KotOR is also a possibility.
Stephen Thompson (3 months ago)
The game i actually played twice in 1 weekend was batman Arkham city and before that I did the same thing with Arkham asylum.
Creepy Bandit (3 months ago)
last of us <3
Paul Liniger (3 months ago)
Played through multiple times you say? Borderlands 1 and 2 (4 and 3 times respectively), Kingdoms of Amular x2, Star Wars: Jedi Knight Academy (6+?) KOTOR 1 & 2 (6 for both), Mass Effect 1 x3, Mass Effect 2 x2, Okami x2, Senua's Sacrifice x2, Mark of the Ninja x3, Takken 3-7...too many times?, Soul Calibur 3...Same as Tekken. Probably more I don't remember. Also, I realize not all of these games are on Playstation consoles... but that wasn't a stipulation (Most of the games listed were played on PC)
Haroon Nadeem (3 months ago)
Ive replayed the last of us about 50 times no joke
Äämil (3 months ago)
I might've played Metal Gear Solid 3 32 times
The RT (4 months ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn if the video was uploaded when the game was out
james crowley (4 months ago)
Even badger puppets have feelings
Sezzadore (4 months ago)
I’m totally going to play Okami again 😅
andrej skulec (4 months ago)
What about oxen free? You literally have to play it twice or more times it's like dark souls and its +. But ok the list was good.:)
David Lindsay (4 months ago)
I think fallout 4 should be there and skyrim
Ethiopian Princess (4 months ago)
The darkness
Vonte From600 (4 months ago)
Why is dark souls on every list this guy makes
Ras Putin (4 months ago)
Faraz Danish (4 months ago)
God of war 3 should be here.
I love re-playing my favourite games. For example Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Uncharted 2 and 3, infamous 1 and 2, Burnout Paradise, AC1 and some others. Because I have to play them in every difficulty (and get 100% in each), in different languages, for different game styles and also in 3D! It's just great!
Ludwig van Beethoven (4 months ago)
Any resident evil game
Tony Silvey (5 months ago)
Any persona game, I end up playing those games more than 3 times each before moving on
RandomMm Fan (5 months ago)
What about Far Cry 3?
TheDonMakaveli (5 months ago)
I very rarely play games more than once through but I have played each of the Dishonoured games at least 3 times over, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.
AMagicalPotato (6 months ago)
The new rachet and clank, i mean i only played it for the plat, but still I enjoyed both playthroughs.
CCzarMasta56 (6 months ago)
The Last of Us is one of my favorite games of all time! I absolutely love it! But I only played it like a handful of times. What I do is, I'll play it and I'll go a good 6 to 12 months, maybe longer, and I'll probably go back to it. I wait that long because I want it to feel fresh when I replay it. It won't feel new, obviously but that way, I won't get sick of it by playing it again so soon. I don't know if I would get sick of it but I want it to feel fresh each time. When I do replay it, I'll play on Normal because I want to enjoy it, and not hate myself by playing it on Grounded. I don't know if I'll ever play it on grounded.
Vidigya Chauhan (6 months ago)
I have played borderlands 2 22 times
Adrian SH (6 months ago)
Dishonored 1 Killed everyone Dishonered 2 stealth and somehow killed 2 people without knowing i killed them
Nicholas Snyder (6 months ago)
I beat TLoU on grounded.
Luneytunes (6 months ago)
I feel called out on the bioware entry.... Cullen and iron bull own my soul
David Carlton (6 months ago)
Infamous was shite
Hitler (6 months ago)
Fallout 3 and NV for me
Irfan Matab (7 months ago)
Final fantasy x?
Ronan Higgins (7 months ago)
Adam S (7 months ago)
Dragon Age games, Wizardry 8, Borderlands games, Elder Scrolls games, Assassin's Creed games
Declan Decke (7 months ago)
Rob has hair still lol!
brooklynn white (7 months ago)
Me with rune factory 4
Lone Star (7 months ago)
The best ever to play back is 'Knights of the Old Republic'. Send Revan down the dark side.
Art Sitt (7 months ago)
highly agree with ff8..it just has that fun gameplay and so much to uncover and do.. like the card game and all the GF's to draw or go out of ur way to get... o good times...heres to hoping for a remaster/remake
Lukáš Řuchovský (7 months ago)
Mine is assassin's creed 2
Aaron Hill (7 months ago)
I'm two years late for this comment, but I loved this video. I have played through FFVIII at least 3 times... Mass Effect trilogy more times than I'm willing to admit.
TheGrammaticalError (7 months ago)
What about Infamous? Play good and bad
laber1810 (7 months ago)
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic? Nobody?
John Doe (7 months ago)
Loool. Right. I played Mass Effect for the exact same reason. Just to be a douchebag. And in the End I even didn't stopped the Reapers just because I refused enough.
Benjamin Karras (7 months ago)
Skyrim with so many different character settings. The Imperial merchant, the Nord stormcloak, the Redguard warrior, the Orc barbarian, the Breton witch, the High Elf necromancer, the Dark Elf Conjurer, the Argonian Alchemist and Assassin, the Khajiit thief and the Wood Elf archer. Still playing it though xD
Lance Seaman (7 months ago)
TLoU actually has NG+ also but its annoying say you play on normal you cant play NG+ on grounded or any diff difficulty your locked to the difficulty of the first playthrough unlike something like the witcher 3 where I played on normal and then NG+ on DM cause I was a beast by then lol. Only a few games ive played more then once: FF9 (x2), FF10 (x2), Mass effect 1 (x3), Skyrim (x3), TLoU (x2), and Witcher 3 (x3) oh and Borderlands 2 (x4).

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