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The Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers (2018) - Part 2/2

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League of Legends, Marvel's Spider-Man, Overwatch, The Walking Dead, Destiny 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2: The 10 Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers of 2018, Part 2! Playlist: 00:01 The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Cinematic Trailer 03:42 Overkill's The Walking Dead - Grant Trailer 06:55 Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic - League of Legends 12:23 Cinematic "Old Soldier" - World of Warcraft 18:37 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - The End of the Beginning 21:25 The Sinking City - Death May Die Cinematic Trailer 24:37 Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer 26:20 Total War: Three Kingdoms - Announcement Cinematic 28:32 Skull & Bones - E3 2018 CGI Trailer 31:01 Subnautica Cinematic Trailer
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Text Comments (139)
porshapuppy (1 hour ago)
What game are you looking forward to?
jonabrony (2 hours ago)
Looooool, subnautica now have trailer
Killer Shadow801 (4 hours ago)
Waiting for saints row 5
gildarmesh (6 hours ago)
And we shall look for the biggest one... and his name shall strike fear into the hearts of all men marcus
Munif A. (15 hours ago)
Weeb's Games (1 day ago)
when will they have a new rouge like?
Dylan Masiello (1 day ago)
subnautica #1
Pocket Thief (1 day ago)
ESO does NOT look that good
Kang Z (1 day ago)
so ryze collection infinity stones now
Jordan (1 day ago)
My boy razum dar
Eva die Sozitante (1 day ago)
BLIZZARD Cinematic > ALL <3
Sandu Musteata (1 day ago)
Its funny how all silvers and Bronzies trash talk lol gameplay.
Том соер не плоха отдраил свою пятую точку
они закапали 20000000 м.16 в пустыне . чтоб сексульна выручать мальчугана у ацтеков. Это стоит того
Majyst m (2 days ago)
Subnautica, only game on these list with the balls to show partial actual game play.
MISTER EDGY (2 days ago)
i keep seeing these really cool trailers and being dissapointed when i find out its just league
Barbu Olimpiu (17 hours ago)
why ? lol is a great game but comunity is a garbage or u play dota ?
Mataratzu (2 days ago)
Im come here for the thumbnail because im furry :v
Arazoh (2 days ago)
They make ESO's trailers look sooooooo good. Then when you get into game you get a budget version of what they had in mind. X-X
JustQinn (2 days ago)
Come on I want trailers for the Elder Scrolls six not online.
PianoGold651632 (2 days ago)
Walking dead look fire
Goofydart86662 2 (2 days ago)
League of Legends ya got me again...
tusek97 (2 days ago)
Really? No Warframe Fortuna Trailer? Just so you know... *WE ALL LIFT TOGETHER!*
TheNerd173 (2 days ago)
Anthem always manages to make me cum
Noah Beier (2 days ago)
29:05 isn't that from the "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" OST? "Running Londinium" or what it was called?
la rédac' du renard (2 days ago)
I wish LoL was a mmorpg.
C. Mage (2 days ago)
The Sinking City - Well, this is going to be an interesting game. If it operates the same way all CoC games run, get used to spending half the time making up new characters to rescue or avenge the previous ones you made that all went insane....
David Stahlberg (2 days ago)
In my eyes, Anthem is another game that the world didn't need. The combat system looks like a copy of Destiny. The suits look boring, without any character and in general every trailer for the game seems to be designed for as much action and as little action as possible. Even the Titanfall games offered more incentive. Even though I've bought every bioware game since Dragon Age, I certainly won't buy it. My money is too good for that.
Wizblizz (2 days ago)
First I was thinking "Dynasty Warriors Total War!? Wow!" but then it was Three Kingdoms and I was like "Three Kingdoms Total War? Wasn't there a PS1 game kinda like that?". Either way I'd love to try it out regardless.
ST Anon (2 days ago)
The Dynasty Warriors series is from the same historic/novel as the Total war Three Kingdoms. Which is the 14th century novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. There is also a more 4x/civ type of series which pre-dates the other games and that is Romance: The Three Kingdoms, which I think is up to like its 15th version or something. This game series is really the one that started the whole genre of games, and it started in the mid-80s. I still play the 3rd one that came out on the SNES.
Alex Junior (3 days ago)
I wanted to play the trailers, use the game trailer itself as a gameplay, yes, it would be more real.
KaidZ Canete (3 days ago)
pasteldreams (3 days ago)
Zach Laker (3 days ago)
tbh i would love a loz game that looked like the elder scrolls
Patrick McDermott (3 days ago)
God Dammit, the league of legend ones get me everytime. I think it's a cool new game then it turns out to be freaking LoL
Barbu Olimpiu (17 hours ago)
dota 2 player
doctor. fear (3 days ago)
I'll play the elder scrolls as long as I can still get high on skooma... KHAJIITS ARE FOOKIN BADASS
Gakaru Gaming (3 days ago)
Razhum'Dar is one of my favorite characters of ESO
BoxMan (3 days ago)
NickListensToMusic (3 days ago)
3:10 When the battle music starts playing in skyrim but you haven't seen the enemy yet
iLyes Vile Beggar (3 days ago)
Stallnig (3 days ago)
is that that japanese hazune thing at 10:00?
Varryance Preez (4 days ago)
Thanos in League confirmed .. infinity stones present :P
Jacob Clark (12 hours ago)
I always thought it would be someone else but nope its Ryze
Wikabeaux (4 days ago)
where is just cause 4??
Papa Post (4 days ago)
Most of these aren't trailers, they're advertisements for games I already know I don't like, when will these companies make new games?
José Ludueña (4 days ago)
When their old games dont give'em money anymore
Rezinul (4 days ago)
23:42 that thing looks exactly like the tentacles from "The Mist"
MisterDragelof (2 days ago)
Ever heard of Berserk laddie? But yeah Steven King is one of the spiritual childs of H.P. Lovecraft so it makes sense
Demon Soulex (4 days ago)
For the Alliance! FOR THE HORDE!!!
Demon Soulex (4 days ago)
so many walking dead trailers, its like this is a do or die draining the dead horse milking a dry tub premiere.
Batboy 1221 (4 days ago)
What about RDR2
Danielle Shortland (4 days ago)
can wait til my nephew gets one of theses games
jawad mansoor (4 days ago)
Any chance to play Sinking City on PC? and Other PS4 games?
jawad mansoor (4 days ago)
23:31 when you realize ...
jawad mansoor (4 days ago)
18:37 Square Enix, Eidos and CD combined? Man that is going to be a great game. I know Eidso for Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain, for the same CD and then SE joined in for TR. 19:59 OK that is TOMB Fucking Raider.
max gamer17 (4 days ago)
I love how these trailers are like come up movies
McSloppyMemes (4 days ago)
Purple Crumbs (1 day ago)
West Virginia mountain roads
fake name (4 days ago)
were they the degasi bois at the end there?
MO0on kun (4 days ago)
It WAS Elder Scrolls but not ES6 sad :(
Emily (4 days ago)
3:45 Best grandpa ever.
ZIYAD ALI (4 days ago)
its trailers like these that make you forkout hundreds of dollars
Ender Bro (5 days ago)
0:46 Clavicus! OMFG!!!
Early Fanatic (5 days ago)
Suk mi pipi
Nitro Esio Trot (5 days ago)
Ok twice I’ve seen promising trailers but they’ve both been lucking league of legends
Zeres (5 days ago)
Anthem could not be more generic with its trailer if it tried.
Nani_ The_ Quiznak (5 days ago)
League of legends should be a movie instead of a game lmaoo
aerm 35 (1 day ago)
Its called infinity war
Flaming Bow (5 days ago)
10:42 Infiniti war
Connor Tackitt (5 days ago)
I get why subnautica is here but where's warframe's Fortuna at, come on know
Milan Tique (5 days ago)
another LoL trailer? dude just close your game and make movies lol
Christian James (5 days ago)
I thought the trailer that was League of Legends was going to be something good like Spider Man
Gub Gub (5 days ago)
why are nightengales figthting at all in this arent they just supposed to protect noctunal and her things?
kuZhov (4 days ago)
Nocturnal is the villain in Summerset
beeleejee (5 days ago)
damn!!! puss in boots in action once again!
Darth Sader (5 days ago)
That Total War 3 kingdoms is taking place in ancient china right?
Oprea Codrut (5 days ago)
LordTheCyril (5 days ago)
Overkills the walking dead seems dumb. All trailers give relatively interesting storys but the game is just left for fucking dead.
augy (5 days ago)
the new walking dead game has some really cool characters so far!
The Dark Hour (5 days ago)
Don't you just hate it when these trailers are getting better and better each year at telling a story that may or may not even be part of the story in the actual plot of the game? (mostly the former) And you're here looking at that A grade trailer which made you think it was a movie or something midway, then realize "Oh right, its a game!"
The Dark Hour (4 days ago)
+Sam Groves Also, this is inevitable for games made for multiplayer. MMOs (there are exceptions with side missions and main quests), MOBAs and basically every recent game with a single player story mode that has a multiplayer option.
Sam Groves (4 days ago)
So here's the thing. I remember back when the game's I'd buy came with minicomic books, and novella's packed in them because the tech at the time was nowhere near able to convey anything more than simple themed gameplay. If you can, go back and look at what came with games like Dungeon Master, Starglider, the first WarCraft game, or even the comics that often got packed with old Atari 2600 games. I remember the excitement I felt as the tech started to catch up and was able to tell part of the story in-game, or at least in-line with the game. Well over half the reason the Half-Life series was so venerated was because it was one of the first to actually do this. To actually trust that a story driven game could present the story IN GAME rather than as awkward includes with the game. But as we got further along that line, people started resenting it. They wanted to play the game, they wanted to make their OWN story. And outside of a few companies, that message has been heard and most games don't bother with any real story IN game again. So while I get the frustration folk feel at seeing these marvelous masterpieces of storytelling being presented along with the game, and about 0% of it actually showing up in game, this is what 'we' said we wanted. If we don't like it, maybe spend more time buying the games that do still tell stories and less time playing the ones that don't.
The Dark Hour (4 days ago)
I legit forgot that was a trailer and thought that it was a series or a movie midway when they talked about dying and living along with the flashbacks
mrbroadbrave (5 days ago)
the Warcraft one tho I genuine think it was the sequel of the movie
The Dark Hour (5 days ago)
Fate 04 Yep
DZ FX (5 days ago)
"Ryze: Call of Power" remind me of the last Airbender
Why everything is so pretty but so fucking dumb and unintresting.
Furious Sherman (6 days ago)
The Grant trailer has to be my favourite for Overkill's Walking Dead yet. Dude strikes me as cut from the same cloth as Walt Kowalski from Gran Turino.
fallen kraken (6 days ago)
You could have put in the expansion pack trailer
fallen kraken (6 days ago)
Where is For Honor at?
Corbin Moore (5 days ago)
that isn't a new game, its just 3 characters for a dlc lol
Jay A (6 days ago)
Lame games
Karson Arrants (6 days ago)
No Cyberpunk 2077?
KIRPPU (3 days ago)
There was a cinematic but it was like 4 years ago or something.
Eric Ling (4 days ago)
Karson Arrants  That was a gameplay or in-engine trailer seemingly, admittedly you probably need a beast of a rig to play at that level of detail. The cinematic trailer was years ago, though it's still great.
George Washington (5 days ago)
+Karson Arrants yes, its just a trailer
Karson Arrants (5 days ago)
+George Washington so you don't count what they showed at E3 as a cinematic trailer?
George Washington (5 days ago)
Cyberpunk don't have cinematic
rafael pozo (6 days ago)
I fucking need anthem😭😭😭
Hottest Girls Ever (6 days ago)
Come here
Atcera (6 days ago)
World of Honorcraft
StillNextDoor (6 days ago)
Tbh... I'm okay with the furry games...
Alex Horner (6 days ago)
God damn League of Legends with their quality trailers yet terrible gameplay.
Barbu Olimpiu (17 hours ago)
lol is funny but comunity is a garbage
zefutnutgud (4 days ago)
I thought half of the trailers they do look like decent games
Cailean Mackenzie (5 days ago)
Personally I've always liked LoL gameplay/mechanics but its the community, the scumbags/degenerates that I can't deal with.
Flaming Bow (5 days ago)
How else thinks the leeg of lagens ads are dumb not because story etc because it's league of legends
Sanam Amin (5 days ago)
Ikr! I was so excited until I saw “League of Legends.”
jasper stegenga (6 days ago)
swear drive company ergqmbw hour visual dutch report survey whereas.
Emperor Vulpecula (6 days ago)
wow thats bullshit subnatica available on xbox but not on playstation wtaf m8 xD
Emperor Vulpecula (6 days ago)
did anyone else besides me think they saw hatsune miku?
washambi (5 days ago)
It's not her, it's Sona.
pedrookas desde Perú (6 days ago)
Nunca me canso de ver pero sería más chévere su fuera subtítulos español
QT168 (6 days ago)
Hussain Ali (6 days ago)
Gabli mankus
TheLeaderX1 (6 days ago)
24:10 one of these cycle the gun gotta be empty
Getx Reay (6 days ago)
Nice Video the Lol Trailer was nice with Ryze
Bright Opoku (6 days ago)
Curious The Globe (6 days ago)
Aditya Patel (6 days ago)
Please tell me bro
Aditya Patel (6 days ago)
How you got latest news anout games
Amarjeet Kumar (6 days ago)
Sir your are dwonlod this game
Aditya Patel (6 days ago)
Bi bro u are best i like u
Gaming Chandra (6 days ago)
You Are Incredible Sir👍👍👍👍👍
Axad Abduxamidov (6 days ago)
Summerset is offline game?
Axad Abduxamidov (6 days ago)
+Apoc5k thanks bro
Apoc5k (6 days ago)
No, it's dlc for elder scrolls online, an mmo.
Amarjeet Kumar (6 days ago)
Awesome game sir

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