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I was thinking about making this the second game I would do a "Skate 4 alternative" video on, like I did with Infinite Air, but I'll stick to not doing that with any games that are still in development. On A Roll is a great and awesome game though. You should definitely check it out if you're into skating like games. We have a huge map, good graphics, good animations, your own park and just a bunch of tricks to do! Big Thanks to Sander and the developers for blessing me with free review copy :) Check out the game on Steam 🢂 https://store.steampowered.com/app/377060/On_a_Roll/ INSTAGRAM 🢂 https://goo.gl/TQ59r1 | @nightspeeds Main music source 🢂 https://goo.gl/HC9vR8
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Reactor Haz (24 days ago)
Where can I get this game ?
Benja Dixon (1 month ago)
Hi, I would like to know if the game works on my PC 4.00 gb ram intel processor celeron 1.60 ghz 1.61 ghz operating system 64 bits Does the game work?
Jessica Jayroe (1 month ago)
Play this again
Theodore Cohn (2 months ago)
Only problem I had with the game was the way some of the animations worked, they were too fast. I can't judge though because it's still in dev; looks cool anyhow Grinding animations are perfect though
Josh Foulkes (2 months ago)
I think if ubisoft made a Steep 2 they should do bmx skateboard blades and scooter, it would sell like fuck
Andrew Scherf (2 months ago)
As a rollerblader and fellow gamer. It's awesome to see someone outside of rollerblading play this game.
tuna fish (2 months ago)
no fuckin frootbooters
J-star Productions (3 months ago)
True predecessor for the skate series. Lol
Lyn Laneth (3 months ago)
Anonymous Panacea (25 days ago)
Coffin riders
Thijs Bode (3 months ago)
This game is in development for a very long time now. It’s being developed by a very small team independent coders. I even believe it was just 1 or 2 people, who rollerblade themselves. The animations are motion captured from real pro skaters and even 1 kickstarter backer. The indoor skatepark is an existing park, Area51 in Einhoven (Netherlands). Europe’s biggest annual inline skate contest is held there. Skaters from all over the world come and compete there. The contest is called “Winterclash”, what also explains the snow decorations in the park. There’s even a community of people who are modding this game with new clothing, skates and textures, and “Project shredpool” makes it possible to skate as Deadpool and has a lot of funny stuff in it. Awesome game, funded with kickstarter, by an independent studio.
musashino hamamatsucho (3 months ago)
nice my man
Tibor Roelofs (3 months ago)
how mutch money is it??
Kach Phillins (3 months ago)
This man is wearing leggings, a long blouse, and has a pony tail HAHAHAHA ROLLERBLADING?!?!?!?!?!? 😂
Márk Baráth (3 months ago)
This game is so fun make another video
Youtumor (3 months ago)
TieFighter34 (3 months ago)
I bought it early access on steam but I honestly couldn't get into it. Hopefully it improves.
Dave Odd (3 months ago)
Roller blading is big gay
Aziz Akhmedov (3 months ago)
better than skate 4
David Lee (3 months ago)
The glitches had me 💀
Shochreim (3 months ago)
Beatriz Lopez (3 months ago)
The grafics are good but the game is so fake
Ol' Dirty Penis (3 months ago)
honestly i never was interested in roller blades that much, i am ska8er boi, but this looks interesting
karam Shammas (3 months ago)
Is everyone just going to ignore at 2 46 how he went through a rail
Alex Ford (3 months ago)
Looks like skate 3 but with roller blading
Virtua Skimmer (4 months ago)
wtf I watch one roller blading video a year ago and constantly say not interested. Yet youtube still shills me. Blade Illuminati?
UEven VapeBro? (4 months ago)
I feel like blading is highly underrated outside of the community. It's such a sick sport. Great to see it get some decent coverage. Never heard of this game so I'm glad you did a video on it.
UEven VapeBro? (4 months ago)
I *LOVE* doing pornstars. I try doing at least 2 pornstars every night before bed. I can't sleep unless I go hard on a pornstar.
RELLOH - (4 months ago)
All these games look amazng. Wish I played pc :(
It actually looks quite good lol
Default (4 months ago)
Aggressive inline Is great too
Koen van zon (4 months ago)
the indoor skatepark they put in the game is an actual skatepark in Eindhoven (the netherlands )
Kwan (4 months ago)
Are these games actually gonna come out? By that I mean this game and a game called “Session”. I just now found out about these 2 games today as I was searching for Skate 4 news but it’s obvious that isn’t coming out.
Sylvana Munday (4 months ago)
Put music in your intro
spiderweb_ (4 months ago)
Ross Adamson (4 months ago)
This video made me laugh so much!
Joshua Senzel (4 months ago)
“x7 albert clickbaits skate 4”
Leapold Stotch (4 months ago)
Why ?
Traxxattaxx (4 months ago)
Finally a newer aggressive inline game!
Nikt Ważny (4 months ago)
It's like a Tony Hawk for rolerbladers
Mark Green (4 months ago)
Your game is fruit booting up now
Hi Im Dad (4 months ago)
no homo
Grape plays h2o3 (4 months ago)
This game needs a option to allow skateboards and bikes plz someone let the developers know we want this in the game
Random Dude (4 months ago)
Lol a homosexuality simulator
MotherTerise (4 months ago)
Some graphics are nice, animations are ok, map is still incredibly ugly to look at and explore though and by the looks of things, it's impossible to bail.
Ryan miller (4 months ago)
Soap life
mario pena (4 months ago)
wow bro the physics of this look so freeging good :). finally a game with real potential.  the tricks really do look like that in real life this is awesome. do you know more less when this is set to be released ? I hope they make a giant open city/world though :)
Andrej Lovrić (4 months ago)
The indoor skatepark in the game is actually my local indoor skatepark. It's Area 51 skatepark in Eindhoven haha
Jimskateuk (4 months ago)
Looks good
HmanTheGamer (4 months ago)
Play again
Kelton W (4 months ago)
Thanks for the pornstar part I was close to family
levon Naidoo (4 months ago)
You are playing the best extreme sports games love the channel
evan williams (4 months ago)
Conscious Love (4 months ago)
Can we get this on the Xbox one??? Plz say yes🤞 Inline was my first taste of Xtreme sports... This shit looks dope...
Kristofer Carter (4 months ago)
wow, a very new inline game amazing.
Jon Nordahl Didriksen (4 months ago)
Play IT again
Jeff Does Stuff (4 months ago)
It's not the Skate 4 of blading. It's more like the Skate 1 lol. Unless there's another game out there like this for blading that I missed. The only good blading game I remember was Aggressive Inline. And it was more like the Tony Hawk series than the Skate series.
Jeff Does Stuff (4 months ago)
Where the hell was this when I was a 16 year old blader kid lol? Looks so sick. The tricks look super realistic, can't wait to see it with slightly better animations.
ivan lara (4 months ago)
great video
insanecow11 (4 months ago)
Surprised at how good this game looks already! Will definitely have to support this one. I'm so glad you make videos like this showcasing up and coming extreme sports games. Even though I'm more of a skateboarding/bmx guy I can still appreciate a good blading game.
JOHNE APLESEED (4 months ago)
I hate rollerblades. But I love you nightspeeds so I liked your video. Funny story. In 96 or 7 I switched to RBs from Skating to try and do something different. There was team RB ams in my home town and I just watched them to learn. I RB for 4 months and I learned every grind grab and spin in that time. The RB team was scared of me because I am an animal so I went back to skating on my board. Unfortunately I went to prison for graffiti and lost my chances at becoming pro skateboarder Anyway the moral of the story is roller blades are easy and crime doesn't pay. Even if that crime is just painting freights and having fun
Xavier Catalano (4 months ago)
Why do we have a skate game bmx game inline game but no scooter game????
JXM (4 months ago)
Im waiting to play in ps4
_ Gus (4 months ago)
On a Roll has a lot of potential, too bad the development is a bit slow now that the game is being made by only one guy, but i bought on day1 early acess to support even more this new "wave" of xtreme sport games
Larry Banks (4 months ago)
This sport disappeared after 2009
Vladimir Kocherga (3 months ago)
Nah, it just went underground
Keegan Simons (4 months ago)
i've been following this project pretty much since it started. HUGE thanks for doing a video on it.
Moto Sly (4 months ago)
this game is hard to master!!! but looks great, and feels good
Cues. (4 months ago)
Inline was always odd to me but this game looks fun and I wouldn't mind playing this
PSGaming 4U (4 months ago)
So glad they're making games like this now. Session, this, and that BMX game. I need all of them! And Steep.
eugeneriettie (4 months ago)
Died with laughter at 1:59
Buggy (4 months ago)
Dude I love this, it brings back memories of Jet Set Radio Future..
Maxim Vandendaele (4 months ago)
Damn, cool grind physics/animations. Skateboarding games should take note.
Scuderia XV (4 months ago)
TokenPat (4 months ago)
Is this going to be on Xbox as well??
MoZenLen (4 months ago)
Nice video as always :). Please make more skate 2 realistic skating
Shoto Todoroki (4 months ago)
Definitely a good game, just needs more improvements and I guess smoother animations.
Niklas Elling (4 months ago)
The inside skatepark is a real life park in Eindhoven, its called area 51
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Niklas Elling I've been there in real lofe and didnt even notice haha. i can see it now tho
Luke The Waffle (4 months ago)
YES! PLAY MORE! also could you play STEEP or SNOW? (Ski preferably) snow is freeee
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Luke The Waffle I dont like any of those games 😅
Sean Honsa (4 months ago)
This actually looks really fun.I miss playing different extreme sports games
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Sean Honsa I was super happy I got that too!
Sean Honsa (4 months ago)
Also my mouth was on the floor when you did that double flip over the bridge
Clay Soggyfries (4 months ago)
If you like online skating, I recommend you play Jet Set Radio
Chrisbo (4 months ago)
Clay Soggyfries That game was a blast to play and now I want to play this game too when it comes to xbox
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Clay Soggyfries yeah that was a fun game!
SanderinBelgium (4 months ago)
aAwesome vid man and thank you sooooooo much for making a vid about On A Roll
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Sander Van Haute thanks for hooking it up bro!
Rupit Bhandari (4 months ago)
Have you played Aggressive Inline for the ps2 ? It's like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, but waaaaaaaaay better. And you can do a pornstar​ grind.
Rupit Bhandari (4 months ago)
Why don't you do a video on it? Nothing special,just a small look back.
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Rupit Bhandari yeah I have it for my Gamecube :)
RighteousBruce (4 months ago)
How bad does shuv it look compared to this for a small studio :P poor shuv it
Nyrox (4 months ago)
Why isnt there a Game where you can Ride all ...?
ReeN Edits (4 months ago)
stop copieng the games i play :D
Edson Gonzalez (4 months ago)
And i was playing Aggresive Inline on the GameCube a few days ago, god the new xtreme sports game seems to be awesome, keep uploading more bro!
The Mad Hattress (4 months ago)
Huh, an inline game. Maybe the extreme sports genre really is seeing a revival?
motorola yola (4 months ago)
even got the logic listening fuckboy main character
Sebastian Tysoe (4 months ago)
This was hella nice. I'd watch more gameplay. I don't even like rollerblading. But you make it interesting
RighteousBruce (4 months ago)
Looks like a good game.
Toasty Ghost (4 months ago)
Nice bridge gap. I thought for sure you were gonna try to get that bottom stairset of the double. But it looks like you can't get enough speed for it. Game looks good dude
Aborted Fajitas (4 months ago)
Toasty Ghost you're the man
Jonah Smith (4 months ago)
Are they updating this game regularly kind of like PIPE?
Nightspeeds (4 months ago)
Jonah Smith I think so 😊
Jonah Smith (4 months ago)
Almost at 20k baby
SpaceCadetAtom (4 months ago)
You didnt do any grab tricks my dude
SpaceCadetAtom (4 months ago)
When the inline community has people more into making video games than skateboarders
cora Rose (4 months ago)
Just add graffiti to the game and call it jet set radio
Drew Bechtel (4 months ago)
" I wanna see if we can do a porn star" Things I tell myself everyday ...
Joe DePace (4 months ago)
Its gonna be heelies and roller blading lol luv it
Blue Division (4 months ago)
Inline has always interested me but I never got Into actually doing it. Cool they got a game now though
Brandon Seymour (4 months ago)
Play more of this
Anthony Jones (4 months ago)
There is nothing amazing about inline skating
Richie Crozier (3 months ago)
Anthony Jones Go watch a Brian Aragon section and have a small word with yourself 👍

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