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AMD Ryzen 2 Pinnacle Ridge explained | Hardware

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AMD’s second-gen Ryzen processors are set to launch in April, building on the great promise of the first new AMD CPU architecture in an age. As the release gets closer we’re digging into what the new Ryzen 2 processors will offer us PC gamers. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (41)
ScriLLaa Sensei (8 days ago)
Do you think it’s important to preorder or can I wait a couple weeks
PCGamesN (7 days ago)
ScriLLaa Sensei nice. I reckon you'll be okay to buy in a few weeks time, don't think there's any need to worry about pre-ordering.
ScriLLaa Sensei (7 days ago)
PCGamesN thanks I appreciate the reply . I plan on doing a full build in 2-3 weeks w maybe a 1080/1070 and the new ryZen 7
PCGamesN (8 days ago)
ScriLLaa Sensei genuinely don't know about the stock volumes, but if you're in the market for a new CPU you won't go wrong with one of the new Ryzens. We'll have the full reviews live on the site tomorrow.
Ghost P (12 days ago)
Couldn't keep my eye's off the Commodore 64 shirt lol
Kamukix (1 month ago)
Cheers gents, that was an excellent overview of what to expect for the new Ryzen chips in April. I really appreciate this, my first video with you guys, for sure it won't be my last. :)
Dariepearjuicy (1 month ago)
Same. I like how they weren’t afraid to get technical, but explained in a way that was understandable. 👍
Watchdog (1 month ago)
I bet the Intel processors will still be better at gaming. AMD always disappoints.
Watchdog (8 days ago)
A bunch of bs as usual. Wait for the real benchmarks and we will see. Also, this is their response to the Intel chips that has already been released for a year already. Wait for the next Intel.
wbak (11 days ago)
The 2700x just beat the I7 8700k in games, and creation.
Rayane Ourari (16 days ago)
Thoughs benchmarks are with top tier gtx 1080 ti so if you pair it with a gtx 1060 or even gtx 1070 you will no noticeable performance
Adam Eric (28 days ago)
Watchdog just like they disappointed with first gen of ryzen, right?
Kris (1 month ago)
are you sure 2800x also launching at april 2018 ?
Gamer Voice (1 month ago)
Thanks for being the 1st people to explain this properly.
Gamer Voice (16 days ago)
Yeah, about a month ago there wasn't much coverage differentiating the generations in the AMD road map, especially with the confusion surrounding the APUs in Q1. This video helped set the record straight and really clarified things with great articulation.
Rayane Ourari (16 days ago)
Gamer Voice I was looking for this😀
تجارب Experiences (1 month ago)
Whatever 2600 is still behind 8500k in games! !!!
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Have you been able to test engineering samples of the 2600 against engineering samples of an 8500K in terms of gaming performance? Didn't realise Intel were releasing a new K-series with the Coffee Lake refresh, especially not an 8500K. Do you have any specs for an 8500K?
Brandon Martin (1 month ago)
I would also include the CCX optimizations as that was a hit on performance with the gen 1s. I feel performance uplift for single core is a big focus for AMD and if some of these leaks are true, by April we will have some surprising numbers on our hands!
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Brandon Martin Yeah, really quite excited about the gaming performance too. Think the fact they'll be able to hit the max boost frequencies in-game could bridge the gap between Intel and AMD.
Raunak114 (1 month ago)
I'm so goddamn pumped for my first PC build. Thinking of a 2700 + 1080ti combo
Raunak114 (1 month ago)
PCGamesN Damn that was quick! Can you guys make a DDR4 Over clocking guide?
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
DragonMC Damn! We'd be obliged for that build too! :)
mac16a (1 month ago)
Guys just do like Linus did XD Name the video PREVIEW and gain views XD BTW im stuck now. I was going to build a white pc based on r5 1600 and ballistix sport 2666 white ram but i am hasitating since the ram isn't on the "compatible list". It's only 2666 mhz 4gb so mabe it should work with msi tomahawk arctic (b350). Now I'd rather wait for Ryzen 2 and buy R1 then even cheaper leaving me room to upgrade for the future.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
mac16a Sorry, but no not heard of GoodRam IRDM.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
mac16a Oh really!? Didn't know that had happened. We've defo used Ballistix memory with Ryzen before though, we use one of the kits in our test rig as standard. Crucial's memory was a bit of an issue for us at launch but it's been fine since the previous AGESA update. I do reckon though, pre-Ryzen 2 launch, you'll find some good deals on a 1600, just don't leave it too long ;)
mac16a (1 month ago)
What I mean is Linus simulated Ryzen gen1 performance with different chip and called the video preview. His fans went nuts because he did not have the actual chip. Maybe I'll get used Ryzen 5 1600 because R2 is also on AM4 and someone will upgrade and sell the used cpu. Have you ever heard of GoodRam IRDM? It is impossible for mo-bo manufacturers to test all the ram available on the market but people say that ryzen ram compatibility is still sketchy across manufacturers. Both white IRDM and Ballistix are available where I live (and look cool in a white build) but none of them figure on the compatible ram list on msi website.
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
mac16a Did Linus invent the preview?! Damn, what a guy! :P But seriously, be a little careful about waiting on Ryzen 1 prices to go down too far once the second-gen arrives though. There will defo be discounts - they're already dropping ahead of the April launch - but they'll only go down until stock runs dry. With the Intel chips, for example, the last gen CPUs don't get that much cheaper when new processors launch.
TheMrFailz (2 months ago)
N o i c e
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Will you be looking to build a new rig around AMD's next generation of Ryzen processors?
Kris (1 month ago)
hii... PCGamesN are you sure 2800x will also launching at april 2018 ? because all this time i only get info about 2700x and not a single info for 2800x. If 2800x really launching at april 2018 is this processor compatible with RX 560 ? because in my country the only VGA with decent price and stock only RX 560 while RX 570 & RX 580 already out of range in price and stock not to mention RX VEGA price that already more than $1.000
cole death slayer (2 months ago)
PCGamesN that's great ryzen needs that
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Muzzle we've got a feeling that the Precision Boost 2 feature actually enabling second-gen Ryzen boost clocks to activate in game could close the gap between Intel and AMD on the gaming side.
Muzzle (2 months ago)
PCGamesN Do u think i5 8400 will still be better than ryzen 5 2600 (or what s it gonna be called) in gaming especially CS GO?
cole death slayer (2 months ago)
PCGamesN now that I looked again its about nvidia not amd

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