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10 Things PC Gamers HATE About PC Building

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We love building PCs but every so often there is an aspect of it that completely sucks. We reached out to YOU to find out what you hate the most about PC building. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 month ago)
It's okay, you can vent to us. What annoys you the most about PC building? From petty complaints to extreme issues.
Neko Niyo (1 day ago)
After finishing the build and you try to turn it on but it doesn't
Alisto XD (4 days ago)
I allways forget to remove the sticker on the back of the cpu heatsink
Anton Villalta (6 days ago)
I haven't dealt with most of these, I've been building since I was 8 over 24 years, modern computers as so streamlined it's really hard screw things up. Protip for you younglings, get 10 pin USB header connectors and swap it for your case's front panel connectors and just use a black fine point sharpie to make a single corner so you never have to worry about figuring out which one is the power switch ever again. I've been doing that for 15 years.
Ferd The Terd (6 days ago)
Number 1 should have been the motherboard standoffs getting stuck to the screw then you have to use pliers and pray to Gaben that you don't scratch the mobo.
Aadi G (7 days ago)
gameranx installing Windows cuz when I made mine it took a week of troubleshooting for it to work
Lexis Kitten (2 minutes ago)
Id like to render #10 moot. Yes you may not have money for games but there are some real good free games out there.
M Pixel (8 minutes ago)
What is the background music in this vid?
Ashley (4 hours ago)
The part I hate most is those tiny power restart and led things those things are a nightmare sometimes.
mo gamer (5 hours ago)
The worst thing that happened to me is that I forgot to buy a power adapter for my new shiny 2g 1050 and no store close to where I live had the one I needed so I needed to wait for more than 3 days to finaly use my new gpu
Yesterday i've opened up my PC to install another GTX260, and because my case is a newer one, i had to put the PSU UNDER the motherboard, with the fan facing up, taking air from the inside. And back to the SLI configuration i've planned - I put the GPU in the second PCI-e slot on my ASUS P5N-E SLI, and when i put the screw on my ''magnetic'' screwdriver guess what - IT DETACHED AND FELL DEEP INSIDE THE FUCKING PSU!!! I had to remove bothe GPUs, the PSU, open it up and rattle it for almost one minute to get the screw out. Then guess what, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! After 10 more minutes of struggling i DID MANAGED to install both GPUs, then after turning it on, IT SHOWED AS A SINGLE GRAPHICS CARD AND NO SLI CONFIGURATION WAS MADE, THEN I REMEMBERED THAT MY FREAKIN' ASUS P5N-E SLI HAS A FREAKIN' SLI SELECTOR, WHICH LOOKS LIKE A LAPTOP DDR2 RAM MODULE, AND GUESS WHAT - IT'S LOCATED BETWEEN THE 2 PCI-E SLOTS, WHICH MEANT I HAD TO OPEN THE GODDAMN PC, REMOVE BOTH GPUS AND SET IT TO DUAL GRAPHICS CARD MODE. And, after i did this, without more screws falling in the PSU, and rebuilding the PC, it didn't start up at all, even after removing the second graphics card and resetting the SLI selector. This is why i'm watching this on the same PC, but with an ASUS P5Q SE2 motherboard and with only one GTX260, because the old one obviously died. After one more hour of reinstalling Windows and all the drivers and software, i managed to have a normal PC once again.
DADDYPLAYS Daddydoes (10 hours ago)
As an experienced builder I still get major anxiety over the power cord snapping the motherboard
Herobryce1075 Gaming (15 hours ago)
How to solve Number 10: get a wireless mouse. How to solve Number 1: buy games, save your munee again, get the PC stuff, or... Get free games, they're everywhere.
SpudLab (15 hours ago)
Explodeing gpu
Alan Dee (16 hours ago)
Frying one component while upgrading another. I fried my motherboard when I went to upgrade the video card. Worse, I had spent all my money on the video card and couldn't afford to buy a new motherboard till next payday. I'm not sure if it was a static discharge or if I pressed too hard when putting in the new card. Today I do all work on a static discharge mat, am vary careful with plugging in components and keep en emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses like that.
west mantooth (16 hours ago)
Bent pins that then fall out
Mohammad Ersi (19 hours ago)
I experienced all of them ..and the last ones the worst i literally didnt have money to eat smoke go out or stuff like that...and im changing my case rn so...it's gonna be a looooooong night
Robert Sommerseth (20 hours ago)
i hate when people building their first pc's when they buy FX9590 220w with cooler that rated 90w max bent some pins in the process and couple all that with gtx 1050 ti and then ask me to fix that shit because shit won't work and cry later when they have low fps because it's shitty overpriced 1050 ti
Anti Decepticon (1 day ago)
How did you miss the fans!. The hurt so much! and they also break! and loose chords love to go in them too. the need shields like fo realz
TheMiner1501 (1 day ago)
#8 I got all my parts on Monday, but my GPU arrived on Monday the next week :(
TheCludo (1 day ago)
seeing this now i think it's time to retire my 2012 build Pc
Sandra Skender (1 day ago)
I thought gamers are not enginers oh well
CzarWilkins (1 day ago)
Buying the legal copy of windows hahahahahahaa
Markimoo is A boss (1 day ago)
The tiny screw falling under the mobo.......
Ace Denied (2 days ago)
another thing that i hate is, not having a good enough power supply, i am still worried cause if i will upgrade (and i will buy a 1080ti next year + 8gb ram) what if i have to buy a new power supply so everything has power
Xdew Gaming&More (2 days ago)
I just buy laptops so... LoL
paul Z (2 days ago)
Did he say "Micro ITX" ?
Just Grass (2 days ago)
Thumb nail made be reverse orgasm. Aka the worst feeling on earth
paddy Gaming-iOS (2 days ago)
It’s not hard to build a pc
The Collector (2 days ago)
why could they not just keep the old connectors for the front panels ? you know the one that was just all attached to 1 connector you had to plug in instead of all the single fragile 1 pin connector
deadrat4 (3 days ago)
Just buy a office pc and put a gpu
KJR Channel (3 days ago)
I have had a game platform decide to increase requirements shortly after finishing, or Micromanagementsoft decides to drop support.
Just ClickBait (3 days ago)
The only problem I ever had was when I ordered some ram from newegg and I waited 3 weeks finally my ram shows up and its not even in the envelope so the mail man takes it back and I contact newegg and I still have to wait 2 more weeks
EYVoom (3 days ago)
The amount of force needed to properly install the RAM always makes me a bit nervous. More than once I've thought I've had the RAM in place, just to find out it wasn't fully pushed in.
The Wanderer (3 days ago)
This is why i play on console
faucheur06 (4 days ago)
Hi, I'm currently assembling my PC right now and I had to change the case because of the watercooling. With my "old" case, I had the choice between having watercooling and having RAM. And parts are more expensive in France that in USA.
dkronk 42 (4 days ago)
Cases made out of razor blades
PBA PORKPIES (4 days ago)
Bought a new gpu, restarted pc in safe mode because I was using ddu and it recommended safe mode. I am now stuck in safe mode and unable to log in.
Jack Seena (4 days ago)
Lol I got my motherboard first
Qwerty123 (4 days ago)
My response to number 10: get a wireless mouse.
Greg Adams (4 days ago)
You punks never had to use drivers on a floppy to get the OS to recognize the damn drive controller.
Greg Adams (4 days ago)
Mainboard drivers
Salamander Man (4 days ago)
Lol I remember when I was building my first pc and the IO shield sliced my finger, lol.
Ninja Kill3r890 (4 days ago)
Does any one have any tips
Ninja Kill3r890 (4 days ago)
When it comes to upgrading a graphics card?
Joshua S Regular (4 days ago)
first world problems
Pete Parkour (5 days ago)
Love how you show some ps4 exclusives while speaking about pc gaming xD
Dan Nugent (5 days ago)
5.55, thats my pc, bought a too small case rip me
Flykope (5 days ago)
Kind of relatable.
trevrox2 (5 days ago)
wired mouse in 2018? pfft
The Sun's Son (5 days ago)
"Just play a console. It's so simple unlike PC" ~Lazy Console Peasant
Gingenamon (1 day ago)
The Sun's Son it's true lol
j88800 (5 days ago)
2:24 omg yes
Chris Champion (6 days ago)
i'd have to agree with the screw issue..i've had other problems before that were in the video but the screw issue is my worst. i'm extra careful now when it comes to screws but that's just nerve wrecking trying not to drop a screw because some of them are extra small
Ryvox (6 days ago)
im lucky i build it in a store but the power cabel for the pc was too short and had to sell the one i had to the store and buy a more expensive power supply :v
gared johnson (6 days ago)
steam has free games to play like warfram and mini more to play.
arami187 (6 days ago)
Who else is watching this before building their PC for the 1st Time???
BuckyPlays (6 days ago)
I’m so glad that my first pc build when smoothly, since I wasn’t that experienced if I screwed up I would have Ben so woori d
WTFGAFS (6 days ago)
This nigga never build a pc...wtf is that list.
BHG (6 days ago)
ok 2 meter cabel from my mouse
Having to have to take off the motherboard just so you can run the cpu power cord behind it after upgrading.
Collab Co (6 days ago)
My problem is when you cant buy anything from amazon so you go to a parts shop and then when you show them your list then their like i have none of these things
farbod kermanian (6 days ago)
That frikin two weeks suuuuucks
Yeatzy (6 days ago)
Sebas O (6 days ago)
When you forget to plug in the AT-fucking-X_12v and think you fried your PC with static
Paul Dunn (6 days ago)
You did it, I heard it! xD "But I digress." Is that like a "computer building" YouTube channel meme?, everybody that makes YouTube videos online tends to say that a lot now?
Nícolas Nogueira (6 days ago)
This last one... lmao
MrMuskee (6 days ago)
My motherboard bent my Ryzen's pins. I wanted to die
The Cyborg Hulk (6 days ago)
1 one of the worst things was on my own fault but I put the cpu past in the wrong spot so when I went to place the cpu where I put the past it didn't work so I needed a new motherboard.
Cobrin (6 days ago)
My motherboard came first. I got lucky.
ralph copas (6 days ago)
buy used machine spend two weeks on and off too figure out it's been abused in closed space and overheated . not enough to smell ,but just enough mess things up
Fat Potato (6 days ago)
AHellReign (6 days ago)
I’m gonna be building my first pc and this scares me
Kaseem Webster (7 days ago)
STILL WAITING ON MY PC PARTS 3 weeks ago and counting :,)
Ian Vital (7 days ago)
mechanics and pc builders almost share the same pain i did not realized
도현김 (7 days ago)
i just throw away the io shield xD
TURK GAMING (7 days ago)
why my rgb vans didnt works when i start the pc (cooler master box lite 5 rgb ) pls help me
Kieran McHale (7 days ago)
*googles for help on building pc* *instantly sees top pc youtubers bitwit and jayztwocents* Is there something going on here @gameranx?
Hank Anderson (7 days ago)
I personally find the heatsink to be a pain in the ass for me. Idk if anyone else has this problem.
. Masamune (7 days ago)
current PC was a hassle i7 7820x with a EVGA mobo that was DOA then i got MSI and it took me a looooong ass time to get windows to run right. That's one thing that's missing from this list, is first time software setup!
Yeah thats annoying.
Marcus Jacobsson (7 days ago)
If number 1 isn’t a pin breaking....
Gucci Schep (7 days ago)
#1 will always be, building your computer, thinking your completely done then after you switch the psu on and then press the boot button, it doesn’t even start up and ur just sitting there thinking about how u gotta take it all apart to c what the issue is
buck off (7 days ago)
Heh me and my buds take old pc from recykling center and we repair them
Charles Smith (7 days ago)
1:46 when your pizza rolls are done
Rene Knight (7 days ago)
The thing that annoys me the most is having to sacrifice blood to the PC gods.  ><
Hey, my PC plan is to just use the work computers until I can rack up enough for a nice gaming computer, games and have plenty of change for the important life esinchials.
Michael Simmons (7 days ago)
Cable management
Alex Tsang (7 days ago)
the worst thing thats happened to me and sits at the top of my list is ordering a psu from amazon which took 2 months to come before i could switch out my faulty psu. 2 months of dealing with random loss of power.
Mijael Amion (7 days ago)
the scariest thing that ever happened to me....the processor sticked to the fan OMFG.
Sm00th GAMES (7 days ago)
i once bought a smaller size case for my build and tought that i needed a slim psu, then when it showed up i realised it was too small and that i actually needed a standard size psu...
Dunne. (7 days ago)
The thing I hate the most is when you’re trying to put thermal paste on you’re CPU and then you get it all over your motherboard.
Octo Gaming (7 days ago)
i love games but, unfortunately I'm poor and I currently have 3 dollars to live off of this month :C
Zagiri100X (7 days ago)
What annoys me the most is that I don't have the money to build one..
TheKimmey281 (7 days ago)
been building my own pcs for personal use for about 8 years now and none of theese things has happend to me ^^ except building on a budget :)
WorldLive (7 days ago)
I dropped a GPU screw behind my PSU over 20 times on my first build. I was high so that's probs why
TzimisceVykos (7 days ago)
A friend called me in the middle of the night. He buy PC parts, build it all perfectly together and ... fail. No power for the Mainboard. So i push me up take a ride and have a look ... He worked 2 Days on the PC Build and ... forget to connect the 4-Pin power capble on the MB ( near CPU ) ... was very funny. For me :D :)
Carpet Creed (7 days ago)
Waiting for a motherboard right now
Chase Goodson (7 days ago)
100% on point with the delivery thing. UPS lost my CASE, a 60 pound package, they lost. At least i can bench build it.
Rhino TV (7 days ago)
oh god. Im building my pc into a new case today ...
Aerobrake GD (7 days ago)
#1 Me: Whatever I'll work for a few weeks to regain some money for food and games
Flame (7 days ago)
mine is when i am pushing the pin in so the CPU is in place then going and one of the pins snap because you didn't have it at that exact angle so then you have to get a new motherboard AGHHH SO ANNOYING WHEN THAT HAPPENS
Amit Bouenos (7 days ago)
I built my computer for the first time and a small screw fell into a power supply and had to be dismantled to remove the screw
Amit Bouenos (7 days ago)
i had to dismantle the power supply
D1BILL (8 days ago)
Mr.FlamingoYT (8 days ago)
8:12 well just play roblox xD Oh shoot your a bacon hair
James Jones (8 days ago)
Mine was I bought the regular processor and went with the standard fan that came with it. After I found I wanted more cooling on that processor so I got a aftermarket heat sink with fan. If I knew that I was going to do this I should have got an over clocked chip. Still works very well but that part I should have planed better.
Jacques B (8 days ago)
9 and 8 for sure, 6 5 4 also but never 1

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