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10 Things Today's Gamers Wouldn't Understand

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JCR Rikari (1 day ago)
When video games were so big they came on 2-3 discs.
JCR Rikari (1 day ago)
I remember for a split screen race I was watching the opponent race thinking it was me Obviously I lost the race
The Vigilante69 (2 days ago)
Damm im fucking old
Jarvis Sensei (3 days ago)
Lol what Ben forgot to mention here is that TVs were small back in the day , so 4way split screen was even more challenging.
mekkiepoo (4 days ago)
My first console was an NES... so I can relate to most of these.. however I disagree about the disney thing. Kingdom hearts has by far outdone any of their old platformers.
Jason Harrington (5 days ago)
Having to get almost all your information about current video games, upcoming video games, and general video game news from magazines that only appeared once per month, at best, in certain stores. Electronic Gaming Monthly, Nintendo Power
thot slayer420 (5 days ago)
Dont need to complain about no split screen if you have no friends
Vitor Correia (6 days ago)
That motorcycling game on 0:28 was awesome, but I can't remember the name. Does anyone know?
Lily Flower (7 days ago)
Even though I'm an adult I can't complete battletoads.
BloodAcidPro (8 days ago)
F U WhatCulture Gaming... You made me feel old... Just kidding. :D but still...
chris hubbard (8 days ago)
Having to either buy endless reams of nintendo power magazines to get the secrets and strategy guides, or asking literally all your classmates, "Dude, how am I supposed to get past this section of the game?" And hoping one of them knew how. This was why stuff like the tomb raider nude code got so much traction. We didnt have internet sites devoted to explaining to us that no, this doesnt exist, we just had rumors and hearsay. And since most of the so called codes tended to be absurdly difficult, well it wasnt easy to definitively say "No, this is a lie, you are a liar, how am I supposed to see triangle boobs now?!"
Parallaxus (8 days ago)
Playstation and I think PS2 had the multigame tap cord plugin to attach between two consoles. I always assumed it made them work like a lan line so two consoles and two tvs could play with/against each other without seeing each others' screen, but not sure. One of the biggest differences between today and ...yesteryears was no internet help. Everything was learned by exploration, experimentation, and occasionally word of mouth from a friend that discovered something you hadn't and told you how to do it. It was like the dark ages of information. There were 1-900 pay hotlines to get info (tips and secrets for games), and that was like 3 or 4 dollars per minute, which, of course, demanded a credit card number over the phone requiring parent permission and involvement. Some secrets were so hard to replicate, they were argued over whether they were even real or myth. Everything was rumor. It was awful. I re-appreciate Google EVERY time I can look up help with a game I'm playing. I call it the golden age of information now that we can look answers to basically everything. People didn't use to have that ability.
WakenerOne (8 days ago)
Text-based games, like Zork!
SimpleSandCastle (9 days ago)
Anyone remember getting full pc games out of cereal boxes? SIM city, zoo tycoon etc. :p
Bwrp (10 days ago)
....is this buzzfeed ?
Viking II (10 days ago)
The 80s, 90s, 2000s was, is and will be: PC
Keith Browne (10 days ago)
Anyone remember buying games on cassette for the Amstrad or Commodore 64? 😁
RyujiGaming _ (10 days ago)
I remember enjoying a tarzan game on the ps2 as a small child
David Hujik (11 days ago)
Complete games with no dlc.
Psycho Mantis (11 days ago)
How about being called a loser for playing video games? Anyone remember that? Y'know... Back before everyone played them?
Alex Rogers (12 days ago)
Only 14 yet still did lots of these things, I seem to be an exception.
rat (13 days ago)
Goldenaxe was sick.
ADSpongy (14 days ago)
The original xbox did have wireless controllers, they were just very bulky packs that went into the special controller and the console
Mark Allen (14 days ago)
Those were the days when you earned upgrades and you didn´t have to spend your money. I miss how simple it used to be.
Nicholas Martin (15 days ago)
I miss those days because it made the game fun, challenging, and actually worth playing
Nicholas Martin (15 days ago)
I remember needing a memory card to save progress and no auto save.
Brandon Gallant (16 days ago)
No analog sticks on a ps controller! Can you emagine there face when they realise they have to use the triggers to turn
Richard Morrison (17 days ago)
Game Genies. I thought it was going to be so cool (remember the pixilated man in that badass power-stance?), back in 2001 I got to try one, very disappointing.
Tyler Baraby (18 days ago)
What the fuck is a controller 'lead'. Seriously.
Lucky Mantiri (18 days ago)
Nitendo 64 are the best multiplayer (4 player) console !
Shoegum (18 days ago)
When you've blown into a usb port to make it work
Michael McLaggan (19 days ago)
I remember a time before autosave...
dfskdf (20 days ago)
1. games not having endings 2. Not being able to save. 3. having to cheat to get special items or powers (gamegenie!) 4. different companies making different games (Super Mario Rpg: > made by Squaresoft, Marathon and Myth games made by Bungie, Lost Vikings and Death and Return of Superman made by Blizzard) 5. being told to "go outside and play"
Rab Coutts (21 days ago)
i guess from this, you didn't use dos prompt...
Ian O'Malley (21 days ago)
the "blow" method concerning stubborn cartridges might originate from the idea that one is blowing any dust or debris from the prongs. Whether or not the goal is achieved is debatable. However, I subscribe to the school of thought that suggests that the moisture from one's breath may be just enough so to give a little extra conductivity to persuade even the most stubborn cartridge. Let me know what you guys think
Ian O'Malley (20 days ago)
right, it might not be scientific BUT IT WORKED
Krucifus (21 days ago)
It did work, and yeah I'm pretty sure it was due to saliva but it had a deleterious effect on the pins due to corrosion. There are people on here claiming its placebo, but I can assure it isn't. I tried reseating carts 5-10 times with no success, blow once, and it works..there's a reason people did it.
Ian O'Malley (21 days ago)
Ill always remember the good times with Rare, though RARE they are nowadays
medeadtwo (22 days ago)
for splitscreen we used to stack books and put a piece of cardboard in the middle of the screen. one person stood while the other person sat down. no screen peekinggggg
I used to leave my n64 on all night while playing Spiderman since I didn't have a memory card. My parents would notice this and turn it off to save power and all my game play was lost and I had to start all over again. I still have it but I never actually got to finish the damn game because of that.
magburner (24 days ago)
What about instruction manuals? They have go0ne the way of the do-do, but back in the day, they were a staple of any new game. I used to be fanatical about mine, nobody was allowed to touch them, not even me, and they were kept safely and securely in their box at all times.
Krucifus (21 days ago)
Early pc gaming you wouldn't be able to do that since they quizzed you as a security measure, like asking you what the fourth word is on page 10 or how many eyelets there were on conan's shoe on page 8, so you were always busting it out.
Jim Beaux (24 days ago)
There was no further need to talk a bout bits anymore because 32 bit colour is enough bits to represent all the colours the gamer is likely to notice.  32 bit colour is really 24 bit colour which allows for nearly 17 million simultaneous colours on the screen.  plus  8 bits which amounts to 256 levels of transparency.
Shen Doodles (25 days ago)
When I was a kid I accidentally deleted every save on my PS2 because the animation was cool. That's something nobody would do as a dumb kid now.
RAWowner333 (25 days ago)
tank controls...
Account Inactive (26 days ago)
I remember launching a golf game from B: which had a 5 inch floppy on my old Tandy. I'm not even 30...
nh3trick (26 days ago)
I know this is oldervideo, but what happened to Ben? He doesn't seem to do any more VOs.
MurphyTheLatecomer (27 days ago)
Oh hell, how about the non-existence of DLC, back when we didn't have to shell out extra money for the whole game? Now I do miss those days.
MurphyTheLatecomer (27 days ago)
Today's gamers: "What were the good ol' days like, back when you had controllers that you had to plug into the system?" Me: "They were hell."
TheRougeSky (27 days ago)
OH GOD i remember the DOS Prompt era, I don't miss those days even if I have plenty of fond memories of some of the games the install process was a pain.
Tom McCann (27 days ago)
This video is clearly for people who hate video games.
Tom McCann (27 days ago)
Why did they compare a SMS to a SNES? I had a Sega Genesis before the SNES was released here in NA.
Kion The Lion (28 days ago)
I'm a modern-day generation gamer and I understand all these things.
Freezehelmet (29 days ago)
But im a gamer today and i understand all of these
Dense Games (30 days ago)
Seeing where the others are doing in split screen made the game experience different, but not necessarily or inherently worse. When you see what others are doing, actually paying attention to what they do requires some effort, so managing to take an advantage of knowing what the others do while also keeping the focus on your own section of the screen is a challenge on its own and can make the gameplay experience more intense than it would be when only seeing your own screen. Sure, ultimately that can be taxing in the wrong ways, but still it's not necessarily just for the worse.
meh, I bought the original PlayStation when it came out, I was 20
Jorge Vila (1 month ago)
A game being hard wasn't a feature (cough Darksouls), It was the norm.
Lava Yuki (1 month ago)
I started gaming when I was 10 with the PS1 and GB Color. Link cables for Pokemon, blowing into memory cards, no save points for ages, chunky game manuals, multiple glitches especially in the old Pokemon games like cloning and Crash Team racing... good times
James Harvey (1 month ago)
Think it's the teenies now
Beau Fong-toy (1 month ago)
Too true mate. I'm young but I went through all that trouble myself going through all my old consoles. Fun fact: I still have all of those games with me to this day. The golden age of gaming... what a marvellous place
Evil Gopher (1 month ago)
I never used to have online play back in the early 2000s. Didn’t interest me, and none of my friends did either. We just used to invite each other round and play all the games split screen. Good times.
Christian4life86 (1 month ago)
I believe research showed that blowing into the cartridge was harmful to it. Even tho we all did it
TheWizardLord (1 month ago)
No saving so you had to remember a level or stage password! For the ps1 sometimes the game wouldn't read unless you turned your console upside down! Or this is a set of features / dev mindset that need to be brought back. Allowing backwards compatibility and or hardware additions to consoles that give cool new features without buying a brand new console. Like the Gamecube Gameboy player or the ps1 portable screen!
Davis Steve (1 month ago)
During the early days of Nintendo, every child in America would get busted by the damn telephone bill. The phone company used to list all the numbers called from your home phone by how much it costs. One call to the Nintendo helpline could result in your death. The TMNT are still disarming underwater whatevers to this day.
Damien Knox (1 month ago)
i just wish time crisis 5 had a home port; i bet arcades nowadays charge an arm and a leg for a credit.
Damien Knox (1 month ago)
when you had to visit the arcade for amazing graphics: now you just need mame or kawaks!
Mr OneZeroThree (1 month ago)
I'm a modern gamer, Know all of these. Except that... Disney games were good.
Jorge Nieto (1 month ago)
Loved the soundtrack on this
Elijah Speller (1 month ago)
I miss Ben 😓😓
Henk Paulisma (1 month ago)
Me and my friends had a different solution for split screen. We would take cardboard pieces and tape them to the TV in such a way that there was a cross along the TV. Then we would all take a sheet and tape it to these pieces and put the sheets over our heads. Two guys would need to stand for the entire match while two others had to lie down, so we switched every 4 games. Also, you could move your sheet so that it blocked your opponent when you were in a firefight with them, so that would always end in fights until we added a penalty. So then we would always have discussions about what was on purpose or on accident and it would always end with someone screaming and going home. Those were the days.
Korraganitar (1 month ago)
Number 6 makes me very VERY sad
Korraganitar (1 month ago)
Number 4 killed my first GameCube cause of my brother...
DN 13 (2 months ago)
Never really had to blow into my Super Nintendo or N64 game cartridges. That was only a NES thing.
dark messiah-minecraft (2 months ago)
i still blow at all my discs
hardwire (2 months ago)
pfft much simpler solution in my day with my friends if you were caught screen watching you got dead legged
Greg Henley (2 months ago)
No Memory Cards? Bruh I Still Have Mega Man Saved Flies On PS1 Cards 😂
Ibraar Yousaf (2 months ago)
i am a kid and i understand all of this list except from rare the studio as i need to look into there history my dad raised me on old games and the old sonic being one of them
Benjamin Fuller (2 months ago)
we have come soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far
Reilly G (2 months ago)
Not owning a memory card so having to play the first 5 levels of a game over and over. Or having a game (like football manager) where after a certain point in the game the save file would become to big for any memory card
Antanas Paskauskas (2 months ago)
Turok, what memories, I feel old haha!
Gary Liseo Jr (2 months ago)
Bouncing off #1, arguing over who got to be player 1 (especially in 3-player matches where player 1 had twice as much room)
peanutjelly1337 (2 months ago)
How about losing all your progress when the power went out or the batteries died? It's definitely not as common today, and with consoles like the switch that keep running even when the power shorts, it's a lot easier to keep going. Also auto saves weren't a thing, so getting your progress back was all rage and tedious rework. Fun stuff!
Eli Hoover (2 months ago)
what about freeplay arcades where they're all set on a freeplay and there's a bar
Netherwolf6100 (3 months ago)
Medpacks. Oh and Memory Cards. Oh and my favorite, remember how tvs used to be big? With backs to them with wires and what not and not just black glass screens? I showed my little brother an old fashion tv I still have from the 80''s that still fucking works and he questioned why was it so damn big compared to his stupid fucking flatscreen.....
Emily Hill (3 months ago)
LOL Lan.... lans dead mate they wouldnt understand that
Caysenisgamerfox (3 months ago)
arcade age 1980 bit age1990 poly age1996 divercity age 2002 porta age 2016 mind age? between 3000 or 6000 [not confirmed]
SYTHEOPATH 1 (2 months ago)
Kids will never understand the joy of N64 or other consoles that didn't have loading screens! As soon as u qued a race of Mario Kart, boom! There it was u entered the race immediately and didn't have to watch a load screen with some stupid loading icon in the corner of ur screen and a dumb, overly obvious game tip on the bottom of ur screen that would say something like:" shoot enemies to lower their health" 😂
SYTHEOPATH 1 (3 months ago)
Wow Rare! I had forgotten about them. Iconic
Chris Fielding (3 months ago)
I still blow into the Consol to make it go today.
Pesquids (3 months ago)
Don’t remind me of Rare. Please.
Rhys Thomas (3 months ago)
LITTLE BIG ADVENTURE THO. My favourite childhood game that no one seems to have heard of. Delighted it got a shout out. Daymaker.
Bader Alsafadi (3 months ago)
i understood some of them and some that still happen to me like the split screen
chopcooey (3 months ago)
+1 for perfect dark
Laurana (3 months ago)
good times.
Gankatron 5000 (3 months ago)
Changing between tennis to hockey by replacing the green transparent film taped to the TV set with the light blue one.
mikevitosgirl tdfan (3 months ago)
I am a gamer and i understand this lol
Cons Mercado (3 months ago)
i miz the skinny bearded guy he kinda cute although i would boot the excessive beard. Josh was his name?
John Bickerton (3 months ago)
10 things no gamers care about
Mattias Rask (3 months ago)
You forgot a bot Laning white coaxial network or the first tcp cards witch som would never work together
frank ponds (4 months ago)
It's not about knowing, it's about understanding.
XpRnz (4 months ago)
Ridiculously long passwords. *cough* metal gear NES *cough*
derpyeevee (4 months ago)
"when disney made good games" hmm I thought Kingdom Hearts was a good game :P (tho disney worked with Square enix)
Pat Fry (4 months ago)
Rare best known for the N64 games? nah.. they were best known for making some of the best ZX Spectrum games ever, Tranz Am, Jetpac, Sabre Wulf, Knight Lore, Atic Atac. etc
G Salemander (4 months ago)
Not the dog more like my auntie

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