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10 Things Today's Gamers Wouldn't Understand

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Thizlam (2 days ago)
Sega had blood in Mortal Kombat. Need I say more?
// REDACT3D (8 days ago)
No looking at my screen!
Gavin Young (9 days ago)
What about buying a game putting it in and playing it. Didn’t have to wait forever for it to install or update.
Draak206 (12 days ago)
i'm getting old, because i had 7 out of 10 of these
Truth Stalker (13 days ago)
*...because Android Tablets cannot be used for that, huh?* 🙄😒
Sebastian Umana (13 days ago)
I have donkey Kong country on my 3DS
Jabba's Palace (19 days ago)
When warcraft 2 and c&c Red Alert was the epitome of online gaming and we loved it!
Big G (24 days ago)
Whow, fu I'm 14 as well and I hate almost all modern games as well (and I hate fortnite with a passion) im quite sad my ps2 doesn't work and no I don't like energy drinks Why did i get born so late....
Brandon Caruso (28 days ago)
Blowing into the Game Cube memory card slot
Caspian Vinson (1 month ago)
Ugh, blowing into the cartridge! My childhood!
guns (1 month ago)
When buying a game most of the time the game was actually finished and you didn't get half the game ransomed off to you later. Also we need a new Timesplitters as long as it doesn't get infected by modern gaming disease spreading practices. Also Discworld was on PC ? where can I get it ? lol
Christian Hart (1 month ago)
Buying a game then, wait for it, playing it and finishing it, to obtain unlockables instead of just buying them
ChargedNut99 (1 month ago)
For 1 i set my Minecraft render distance to 0 cuz why not?!
DrewPicklesTheDark (1 month ago)
Can't say I ever did the multiple-TV cardboard thing, but I remember the rest.
DrewPicklesTheDark (1 month ago)
Bit talk stopped when there no need for anything larger then 64 bit (short of highly specialized computers for certain work, which were not for video games obviously) and they needed a new selling point beyond "bits" because it's just easier to add more processors now. The XBone has eight 64-bit processors if I remember right (Though that's 512-bit with Atari Jaguar math!)
Kristofer Paul (1 month ago)
See colon backslash. You feel me? ;P Or how about see dee dot dot? This video made me realize that anyone under the age of thirty would most likely have no idea what I am talking about.
Gameslord (1 month ago)
Splitscreen multiplayer should exist till the end of time. Not everyone has a PC(hard to imagine to many I know)or it's not strong enough for anything beyond the original Doom,some live on places with crappy internet connection or simply along with games,prefer to have friends fooling around with in ways not possible over the internet .
Magnaillusion (1 month ago)
You forget the nude code rumours, Mr. From Whatculture Dot Com
GB Barroa (1 month ago)
I learned DOS just to know how to install games. Also, there were no save options. You had to finish everything in one go. It was magical when I first got my ps1 and learned that you can save progress
Lovin Life (1 month ago)
Omg! I was one of those mad people who made my own 2 way coaxial leads to send goldeneye to two different television sets!! Then folded in half two pieces of A4 paper and used sellotape to cover each other's screen! Haha! nice research for this video
Pekka Kujansuu (1 month ago)
The reason nobody talked about the "128-bit Sega Dreamcast" or the "256-bit Xbox 360" is because Dreamcast had a 32-bit CPU and Xbox 360 had a 64-bit CPU. Also all current consoles have 64-bit CPUs. It just doesn't make that much sense to go beyond that. Also this didn't really have a whole lot to do with the graphical capabilities of game consoles to begin with. This should be apparent by comparing the graphics on an Atari 2600 to those on a TurboGrafx 16. Both sport 8-bit CPUs, but the difference in graphical capability should be clear. And the same could of course be said comparing a Nintendo 64 to a Xbox One X, which both have 64-bit CPUs.
IRead Brooks (1 month ago)
6:58 But from this classic setup of multiplayer we now have the game Screen Cheat 👍
marvelnoirfan665 (1 month ago)
number 11 why fortnite is not a good game
David Jones (1 month ago)
Save points and memory cards! Worse than save points was the time when we had to write down and keep up with continue codes!!
Justin Sadler (1 month ago)
"Back when Disney Games were good" Implying we haven't been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for the last 13 years.
Simple Cormac (1 month ago)
Mario vs Sonic?? Now its, Fortnite vs PUBG
wightlines 1 (1 month ago)
I miss ben
Jim G (2 months ago)
MS DOS.....UGH!!! Honestly kids today think they have it bad with microtransactions..... BE GRATEFUL YOU DIDNT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT SHIT YOU LITTLE TURDS!!
Semantic Samuel (2 months ago)
I had fun getting Warcraft II (my favourite game of my youf) installed on my modern computer. Playing around with MS DOS provided a welcome hour or two of nostalgia in order to play a game that frankly hasn't aged as well as WC3 (which is still very enjoyable today!). I used to play these games that came on a CD free with some computer magazine my father used to subscribe to. Loved Crystal Caves and Agent. Just had fun playing on a flash version of them! Question: are games today actually more enjoyable? Because we (my friends and I) spent hours playing Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Warcraft, Age of Empires, Worms and the like and had a great time. Playing games like Goldeneye today is quite difficult and frustrating because we're used to modern mechanics, but that didn't bother us back then because we didn't know better.
Andrew Brookes (2 months ago)
7:10 wait what the fuck. Is that multiplayer on Mario 64 ????
ModestMice (2 months ago)
No save data / having to write down passwords to get back to your progress. And buying physical "Strategy Guides" instead of Googling the heck out of everything if you really couldn't figure something out. Granted, those physical guides still seem to exist for random games nowadays, but I'm not sure if many people buy them unless they're some "Collectors Edition" with extra artwork and things. Plus they tend to miss details or get more information wrong nowadays due to scale of games.
Giang Đẫm (2 months ago)
No save game No health bar No youtube walkthrough video
JDaremo Fireheart (2 months ago)
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I enjoyed it. I actually still have my original 386 DX-66 and all the hardware, and yes it still works. I never did understand people blowing into their cartridges, because it actually makes it worse by making the contacts even dirtier. Best thing to do was grab your no.2 HB pencil, and flip it over and use the eraser on the contacts to clean them. I still use that method for cleaning the contacts on video cards, etc. Keep up the fab work on these vids.
Addonexus (2 months ago)
Only one i never had to do was computer booting, we had one big ole clunker computer monitor that weighed about 80 pounds and a 20 pound tower that i played the toy story game on when i was little. never had those boot issues, wasnt allowed on the computer very often as is. Other than that iv done or known of all of these. We didnt use different tv's though, we rigged up a blanket for split screen and sat behind or above one another, haha
jacob levenson (2 months ago)
Expansion packs sometimes being who games rather then a single level.
Bull crap the line is still drawn in the sand down with Microsoft and steam go Sony oh yeah Nintendo is not even in the race anymore
Fahmi4869 (2 months ago)
Back when I need to buy game magazines to find some walkthrough & cheats, because for some reason old games feel a lot more difficult than modern games
Josh Powers (2 months ago)
i've only used the dos program a few times in my life on my dads old laptop like 20 years ago all i knew was how to use the A drive i popped in iron man (race car game not marvel iron man) type in A: and then boom load up and play it
Craig Belcher (2 months ago)
Did you seriously just show Metroid: Zero Mission, a Gameboy Advance title and therefore 32-bit, to exemplify 16-bit gameplay on the SNES?
XWolven (2 months ago)
This is purely for console gamers. I can't relate. My Oldskool was with Apple ][e, C64, Amiga, and then finally an i386 PC. Ok... Playstation pulled me into consoles to play FF7 and Resident Evil. But before that it was all about computer gaming and mostly after that too.
JCR Rikari (2 months ago)
When video games were so big they came on 2-3 discs.
JCR Rikari (2 months ago)
I remember for a split screen race I was watching the opponent race thinking it was me Obviously I lost the race
The Vigilante69 (2 months ago)
Damm im fucking old
Jarvis Sensei (2 months ago)
Lol what Ben forgot to mention here is that TVs were small back in the day , so 4way split screen was even more challenging.
mekkiepoo (2 months ago)
My first console was an NES... so I can relate to most of these.. however I disagree about the disney thing. Kingdom hearts has by far outdone any of their old platformers.
Jason Harrington (2 months ago)
Having to get almost all your information about current video games, upcoming video games, and general video game news from magazines that only appeared once per month, at best, in certain stores. Electronic Gaming Monthly, Nintendo Power
hans gez ze luger (2 months ago)
Dont need to complain about no split screen if you have no friends
Vitor Correia (2 months ago)
That motorcycling game on 0:28 was awesome, but I can't remember the name. Does anyone know?
Lily Flower (2 months ago)
Even though I'm an adult I can't complete battletoads.
BloodAcidPro (2 months ago)
F U WhatCulture Gaming... You made me feel old... Just kidding. :D but still...
chris hubbard (2 months ago)
Having to either buy endless reams of nintendo power magazines to get the secrets and strategy guides, or asking literally all your classmates, "Dude, how am I supposed to get past this section of the game?" And hoping one of them knew how. This was why stuff like the tomb raider nude code got so much traction. We didnt have internet sites devoted to explaining to us that no, this doesnt exist, we just had rumors and hearsay. And since most of the so called codes tended to be absurdly difficult, well it wasnt easy to definitively say "No, this is a lie, you are a liar, how am I supposed to see triangle boobs now?!"
Parallaxus (2 months ago)
Playstation and I think PS2 had the multigame tap cord plugin to attach between two consoles. I always assumed it made them work like a lan line so two consoles and two tvs could play with/against each other without seeing each others' screen, but not sure. One of the biggest differences between today and ...yesteryears was no internet help. Everything was learned by exploration, experimentation, and occasionally word of mouth from a friend that discovered something you hadn't and told you how to do it. It was like the dark ages of information. There were 1-900 pay hotlines to get info (tips and secrets for games), and that was like 3 or 4 dollars per minute, which, of course, demanded a credit card number over the phone requiring parent permission and involvement. Some secrets were so hard to replicate, they were argued over whether they were even real or myth. Everything was rumor. It was awful. I re-appreciate Google EVERY time I can look up help with a game I'm playing. I call it the golden age of information now that we can look answers to basically everything. People didn't use to have that ability.
WakenerOne (2 months ago)
Text-based games, like Zork!
SimpleSandCastle (2 months ago)
Anyone remember getting full pc games out of cereal boxes? SIM city, zoo tycoon etc. :p
Bwrp (2 months ago)
....is this buzzfeed ?
Viking II (2 months ago)
The 80s, 90s, 2000s was, is and will be: PC
Keith Browne (2 months ago)
Anyone remember buying games on cassette for the Amstrad or Commodore 64? 😁
RyujiGaming _ (2 months ago)
I remember enjoying a tarzan game on the ps2 as a small child
David Hujik (2 months ago)
Complete games with no dlc.
It's ya boy Jesus (2 months ago)
How about being called a loser for playing video games? Anyone remember that? Y'know... Back before everyone played them?
Alex Rogers (2 months ago)
Only 14 yet still did lots of these things, I seem to be an exception.
rat (2 months ago)
Goldenaxe was sick.
ADSpongy (2 months ago)
The original xbox did have wireless controllers, they were just very bulky packs that went into the special controller and the console
Mark Allen (2 months ago)
Those were the days when you earned upgrades and you didn´t have to spend your money. I miss how simple it used to be.
Nicholas Martin (2 months ago)
I miss those days because it made the game fun, challenging, and actually worth playing
Nicholas Martin (2 months ago)
I remember needing a memory card to save progress and no auto save.
Brandon Gallant (2 months ago)
No analog sticks on a ps controller! Can you emagine there face when they realise they have to use the triggers to turn
Richard Morrison (2 months ago)
Game Genies. I thought it was going to be so cool (remember the pixilated man in that badass power-stance?), back in 2001 I got to try one, very disappointing.
Tyler Baraby (2 months ago)
What the fuck is a controller 'lead'. Seriously.
Lucky Mantiri (2 months ago)
Nitendo 64 are the best multiplayer (4 player) console !
Shoegum (2 months ago)
When you've blown into a usb port to make it work
Michael McLaggan (2 months ago)
I remember a time before autosave...
dfskdf (2 months ago)
1. games not having endings 2. Not being able to save. 3. having to cheat to get special items or powers (gamegenie!) 4. different companies making different games (Super Mario Rpg: > made by Squaresoft, Marathon and Myth games made by Bungie, Lost Vikings and Death and Return of Superman made by Blizzard) 5. being told to "go outside and play"
Rab Coutts (2 months ago)
i guess from this, you didn't use dos prompt...
Ian O'Malley (2 months ago)
the "blow" method concerning stubborn cartridges might originate from the idea that one is blowing any dust or debris from the prongs. Whether or not the goal is achieved is debatable. However, I subscribe to the school of thought that suggests that the moisture from one's breath may be just enough so to give a little extra conductivity to persuade even the most stubborn cartridge. Let me know what you guys think
Ian O'Malley (2 months ago)
right, it might not be scientific BUT IT WORKED
Krucifus (2 months ago)
It did work, and yeah I'm pretty sure it was due to saliva but it had a deleterious effect on the pins due to corrosion. There are people on here claiming its placebo, but I can assure it isn't. I tried reseating carts 5-10 times with no success, blow once, and it works..there's a reason people did it.
Ian O'Malley (2 months ago)
Ill always remember the good times with Rare, though RARE they are nowadays
medeadtwo (2 months ago)
for splitscreen we used to stack books and put a piece of cardboard in the middle of the screen. one person stood while the other person sat down. no screen peekinggggg
I used to leave my n64 on all night while playing Spiderman since I didn't have a memory card. My parents would notice this and turn it off to save power and all my game play was lost and I had to start all over again. I still have it but I never actually got to finish the damn game because of that.
magburner (3 months ago)
What about instruction manuals? They have go0ne the way of the do-do, but back in the day, they were a staple of any new game. I used to be fanatical about mine, nobody was allowed to touch them, not even me, and they were kept safely and securely in their box at all times.
Krucifus (2 months ago)
Early pc gaming you wouldn't be able to do that since they quizzed you as a security measure, like asking you what the fourth word is on page 10 or how many eyelets there were on conan's shoe on page 8, so you were always busting it out.
Jim Beaux (3 months ago)
There was no further need to talk a bout bits anymore because 32 bit colour is enough bits to represent all the colours the gamer is likely to notice.  32 bit colour is really 24 bit colour which allows for nearly 17 million simultaneous colours on the screen.  plus  8 bits which amounts to 256 levels of transparency.
Shen Doodles (3 months ago)
When I was a kid I accidentally deleted every save on my PS2 because the animation was cool. That's something nobody would do as a dumb kid now.
RAWowner333 (3 months ago)
tank controls...
Account Inactive (3 months ago)
I remember launching a golf game from B: which had a 5 inch floppy on my old Tandy. I'm not even 30...
nh3trick (3 months ago)
I know this is oldervideo, but what happened to Ben? He doesn't seem to do any more VOs.
MurphyTheLatecomer (3 months ago)
Oh hell, how about the non-existence of DLC, back when we didn't have to shell out extra money for the whole game? Now I do miss those days.
MurphyTheLatecomer (3 months ago)
Today's gamers: "What were the good ol' days like, back when you had controllers that you had to plug into the system?" Me: "They were hell."
TheRougeSky (3 months ago)
OH GOD i remember the DOS Prompt era, I don't miss those days even if I have plenty of fond memories of some of the games the install process was a pain.
Tom McCann (3 months ago)
This video is clearly for people who hate video games.
Tom McCann (3 months ago)
Why did they compare a SMS to a SNES? I had a Sega Genesis before the SNES was released here in NA.
Kion The Lion (3 months ago)
I'm a modern-day generation gamer and I understand all these things.
Freezehelmet (3 months ago)
But im a gamer today and i understand all of these
Dense Games (3 months ago)
Seeing where the others are doing in split screen made the game experience different, but not necessarily or inherently worse. When you see what others are doing, actually paying attention to what they do requires some effort, so managing to take an advantage of knowing what the others do while also keeping the focus on your own section of the screen is a challenge on its own and can make the gameplay experience more intense than it would be when only seeing your own screen. Sure, ultimately that can be taxing in the wrong ways, but still it's not necessarily just for the worse.
meh, I bought the original PlayStation when it came out, I was 20
Jorge Vila (3 months ago)
A game being hard wasn't a feature (cough Darksouls), It was the norm.
Lava Yuki (3 months ago)
I started gaming when I was 10 with the PS1 and GB Color. Link cables for Pokemon, blowing into memory cards, no save points for ages, chunky game manuals, multiple glitches especially in the old Pokemon games like cloning and Crash Team racing... good times
James Harvey (3 months ago)
Think it's the teenies now
Beau Fong-toy (3 months ago)
Too true mate. I'm young but I went through all that trouble myself going through all my old consoles. Fun fact: I still have all of those games with me to this day. The golden age of gaming... what a marvellous place
Evil Gopher (3 months ago)
I never used to have online play back in the early 2000s. Didn’t interest me, and none of my friends did either. We just used to invite each other round and play all the games split screen. Good times.
Christian4life86 (3 months ago)
I believe research showed that blowing into the cartridge was harmful to it. Even tho we all did it
Jordan Waka (3 months ago)
No saving so you had to remember a level or stage password! For the ps1 sometimes the game wouldn't read unless you turned your console upside down! Or this is a set of features / dev mindset that need to be brought back. Allowing backwards compatibility and or hardware additions to consoles that give cool new features without buying a brand new console. Like the Gamecube Gameboy player or the ps1 portable screen!

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