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God of War - E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer (Playstation Conference)

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God of War - E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer (Playstation Conference) https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/god-of-war-ps4/ Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (6884)
Wiped (1 month ago)
Martin VR (3 months ago)
The last God of logan.
Angelo Gesualdo (3 months ago)
TyronMakeka (3 months ago)
If Thor is a villian in this game than it would make sens that Jormungand, the midgard serpent, would help Kratos. Thor and the worm are arch-enemies.
shano (4 months ago)
Last of us -2 God of war Spiderman Days gone ... It's a treat for me!!! 2018
The Protagonist (3 months ago)
Don't forget red dead 2
Ichigo (4 months ago)
2:53 There's a head on Kratos's waist, that's Helios's head, is not it? Course is! It has to be.
Wonder world (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mZPDtCK33Q god of war play mobile sucribe my channel
jason R (5 months ago)
Yeah I didn’t play the others and I’m not gonna play this
Nebojša Saicic (5 months ago)
Smbdy know release date???
MALAELA FAGALI'I (5 months ago)
I got no Ps4 I'm poor only rich people can afford this game.
左傳 (5 months ago)
Look at that Vikings axe ! Is Kratos going to fuck Thor and Loki?
memestarmarlow (5 months ago)
why do i get the feeling that in the end of this game, kratos will die and it'll be a super emotional moment between him and his son, then the next game (if there is one) will be about the son?
The Protagonist (3 months ago)
No, the devs stated that this will be the new God of war trilogy and Kratos won't die at the end.
Therezer Agbeyeyee (5 months ago)
mm I think God of war is a great game
Why does Kratos sound different or is it just me?
h0__k inst (6 months ago)
Hugo Maclean (6 months ago)
Deus do céu eu preciso de um Ps4
Shakib Saifi (6 months ago)
Can't wait for this
Krispicryme Steelaxe (6 months ago)
TRUTH ...... A TRUTH Never came to XBOX😂
I'm gonna miss the Blades of Chaos. 🙁
i just came <3
Mor Atias (7 months ago)
Lol .. None of their gods can stand vs kratos ..
TOP MOVIES AND MUSIC (7 months ago)
TOP MOVIES AND MUSIC (7 months ago)
Pavle Grebenarević (7 months ago)
Who the fuck has the courage to dislike this masterpiece?
Slothtastic (7 months ago)
When the World Serpent popped up I knew that not even Kratos could kill him. Probably. Maybe.
PurpleXing (7 months ago)
PS4: 1 Xbox: TBA
Alias Yusof (7 months ago)
Wa hebat nye
WιϟϟĘϟ (7 months ago)
el pasto la hierba en general el agua y la sangre se ve mui pobre ojala puedan mejorarlo
Sandip Thing Tamang (7 months ago)
wOW awesome
André da Silva (7 months ago)
God of war ps4 😀😀😄😄👏👏👏🖒🖒
Vartolu Sadettin (7 months ago)
thor :D
Guglielmo Bagella (7 months ago)
Port it to pc please!
pat sary (6 months ago)
There're more than 1 game exclusively on PS4.
Guglielmo Bagella (6 months ago)
I'd rather not play it than buy a whole platform for just one game
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
Guglielmo Bagella No, They Won't. It's Exclusive for PS4. So get one.
Warnu Hattingh (8 months ago)
Looks like Conor Mcgregor
Adolar (8 months ago)
kudacuc master (8 months ago)
Dead Man (8 months ago)
it was someting
Zasterix (8 months ago)
Oh my god...
Sugar Hieroglyph (8 months ago)
The Last of War? The last of...krat-os? TLOW. Copy paste?
Sugar Hieroglyph (8 months ago)
Looks boring and slow, where my chains?!
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
Sugar Hieroglyph Show Respect and get over it.
Aaron James Datuin (8 months ago)
Damn it they took away the blades of chaos.😭😭😭😭😭😭
MD . SABBIR AHMED KHAN (8 months ago)
this is very good game but this game play for 1030 graphics crade?plz say for me
pat sary (7 months ago)
It's only on PS4.
Colin Boots (8 months ago)
socio political propaganda
Lemel Covington (8 months ago)
"He wants to help us!" I could just see Kratos' face right now xD
abdegopq (8 months ago)
I like spiderman game.say hello from malaysia
In the end of this game Kratos will die...ups..spoiler))
갓쳐만 못해
Celso De Jesus (8 months ago)
Fuck 😄
Jackal (8 months ago)
Je rêve d'un futur jeu Nordique à la The Witcher 3 grand, vaste, beau, avec des monstre par centaines et une histoire poignante avec 100 heure de jeu garantie en prenant notre temps, avec Bâteau type drakar, cheval, avec du commerce, armures badass, histoire à vivre in-game, graphiquement digne d'un TRIPLE A 2018-2020. CDprojekt Red là fait en 2015 et c'était leur tout premier open world ! C'est beau de rêver non ?
Tonha Antonia (8 months ago)
He does not play and someone else plays, I've seen many videos of this type and they're all the same
Sam Wells (8 months ago)
shock candy drawing deficit executive affair north value fire.
Bruna Oliveira (8 months ago)
vai ter para Xbox one?
Chicken Nuggets (8 months ago)
Why do people keep fucking up my childhood games? what kind of world i'm living in?
Chicken Nuggets (6 months ago)
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
Show Respect and get over it.
Isaac Pecero (8 months ago)
Kratos probably can't die because remember in God of war 3 in the end kratos killed himself with a sword
G H 👻 S T L Y (8 months ago)
Dad of War <3
KibblesVagueVids (8 months ago)
Good stuff.....keep up the good work!
Crispy Sucks (8 months ago)
I guess it will be called DAD OF WAR
Giles Corey (8 months ago)
Pretty sure this game is co-op
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
Furious Cat No. it's Single Player Game.
TriSu (8 months ago)
why the fuck !!!!! WHY THA ACTUAL FUCK IS CALLED GOD OF WAR ? AND NOT GOD OF WAR 4 .. or idn... what is this new trend going on .. like battlefield 1 .... maybe net year we goona have gta and fifa coming.
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
TriSu Show Respect and get over it.
Conner in the Dark (8 months ago)
Holy fuck the game looks bad XD
Tristan D (8 months ago)
This guy isnt Kratos, is he? He looks like a Scandinavian, a real Spartiat wouldnt fight with a fckin nordic axe
Gameplay is poor, why not just make a movie...
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
Артем Тимохин Show Respect and do better with Gameplay. It's not out yet.
Abū Ibrâhim (9 months ago)
Im soooooo happy when it's out imma be the first who got that peace
ainz lee (9 months ago)
Where is his chains ?
Vishal suryawanshi (9 months ago)
wowwww I wanna it
? ? (9 months ago)
i feel so bad because a dont have ps4
Haznil Aqmal (9 months ago)
do you guy think god of war 5 kratos gonna use that old weopon....the two knife....with a chain...
Mohammed Zein (9 months ago)
I liked the two swords more, they were awesome.
EL REY DE SOLEY (9 months ago)
Is it the God of war REMASTED or not??
EL REY DE SOLEY (6 months ago)
What are the most different things??
Tyler Martin (6 months ago)
EL REY DE SOLEY No. a Sequel.
Gaming With Andy (9 months ago)
wow its gona come out in 2018 noooooooo
drtrongamers team (9 months ago)
I am 7 when i was playing this and now im eleven perfect!!
robson :D (9 months ago)
tirando as tatuagens do kratos. nada neste jogo me faz lembrar good of war .
Overtimegamerz Kadir (9 months ago)
new channel subscribe overtimegamerz kadir
Don Sany (9 months ago)
Я плачу, подарите мне PS4 ((((
andsome H (9 months ago)
Kanciapowe Produkcje (9 months ago)
Skyrim 2017 :)
Adam Smith (9 months ago)
Holy shit kratos showing empathy and not killing indiscriminately?? What timeline is this
Adam Smith (9 months ago)
Nihilanth1982 (9 months ago)
this over-the-shoulder perspective is seriously making the game shit. its slow, angle is fixed and is nowhere near as fast and fun like the older games
Cranklift (9 months ago)
Wtf ? Where is the GoW 1 - 2 - 3 story , this is too stpd because the story isn't same the other GoW series
Guybrush Threepwood (9 months ago)
CNN: Putin hacks giant snake and Trump uses cheat codes to get Axe.
Tomas Polinkis (9 months ago)
Why does it look like tomb raider 2013? Oh wait right... it's on console
RockyAliTyson (9 months ago)
اللعبه هاذي حريقة
Random Guy (9 months ago)
I'm new to this...... Haven't really been interested but watching this makes my eyes tear.... This game is beautiful
TheGamer (9 months ago)
When the giant serpent came out of the water I was like: Come on, do it, throw the axe, come on and then he said he wants to help and i was like: Fuck!
iloveyouandmetoo (9 months ago)
Who is that boy?
iloveyouandmetoo (9 months ago)
How did he die? GOD?
iloveyouandmetoo (9 months ago)
THIS IS GOD ! you look like MAN !
Raul 2Live (9 months ago)
wtf is going on
Daniel Montano (9 months ago)
fuck.. I bought an xbox
Brian Aguirre (9 months ago)
is this only on the ps4?
migue salvador (9 months ago)
Brian Aguirre yes
MBDZ (9 months ago)
the new god of war is not cool as the first one really they changed his weapons and everything😢
ZTens (9 months ago)
Never played this series of games. But that one is definitely eye-catching. Wanna buy this already.
Krispicryme Steelaxe (9 months ago)
I want to bring to this game 100 $ this game is so beautiful and brutally
Anthony Fanchin (9 months ago)
Where is Kratos and his son going?
Slanej Cukr (9 months ago)
Dad of War
Ganda Wiratama (9 months ago)
shut up and take my money!
Alex Bowling (9 months ago)
Connor Dukenson (9 months ago)
Man, Dad of War looks great

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