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Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay

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Check out the gameplay demo of Marvel’s Spider-Man shown at the 2017 Sony PlayStation Media Showcase. Coming 2018 to PS4. ► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO3YJ Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪https://twitter.com/marvel‬‬ Like Marvel on FaceBook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/Marvel‬‬ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪http://marvelentertainment.tumblr.com/‬‬ Instagram: ‪http://instagram.com/marvel‬‬ Google+: ‪https://plus.google.com/+marvel/‬‬ Pinterest: ‪http://pinterest.com/marvelofficial/‬‬
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Text Comments (31910)
spacies (8 hours ago)
my spidey senses are tingling
Ivan Chavez (18 hours ago)
Im gigme xbox one
उमैद Ummed (21 hours ago)
JackCrZy (1 day ago)
cant wait
Furqan Hussian (1 day ago)
X Men new launch how PC game
Yo Yo (1 day ago)
Does anybody even know that Miles Morales will be part of this? Or is it just really me. Edit: always stay after credits. Look at the end
NirkaH DoesStuff (1 day ago)
Yo Yo bruh, everyone knows, there’s been loads of new trailers, one of which shows loads of miles
KINGPIN (2 days ago)
R.I.P Xbox
The Malic (2 days ago)
Wo amazong
FADED FROST (2 days ago)
fisk,,,,,so like is there going to be daredevil in this?
NationalPjVillain (1 day ago)
FADED FROST no. Fisk was originally a Spider-Man villain anyways
Moirichi VR (2 days ago)
It looks really good
baeis25 (2 days ago)
Edmilson Ferreira (3 days ago)
quero a password do jogo para instalar da uptoren
TjSpidey (3 days ago)
Anyone still coming here before the game comes out?
原田明彦 (1 day ago)
🕷️After one year❓ of course🕸️😉
Deyon Strongwood (2 days ago)
I was just checking the comments to see if i was the only one that was here before it comes out. Haha
Oh yeah yeah (2 days ago)
ME haha
L8UIS (3 days ago)
Is a injustice of Sony 😡 not is just, i want play the new Spider-Man in others consoles
Lavigor (3 days ago)
Some of the most fluid game play I've ever seen! This honestly looks like it's straight from a movie.
Cyrus The Great (3 days ago)
Well if you can't play the game, just watch some gameplays from theradbrad.
FERNAN 1017 (3 days ago)
I reserve the game but I can't wait to play it!
Blue Buvo (3 days ago)
Xbox: "Microsoft, I don't feel so good"
Mukesh Thakor (3 days ago)
Mukesh Thakor (3 days ago)
Max Power (4 days ago)
He kills a guy at 2:30
Juice Williams (4 days ago)
Xbox couldn’t handle such a masterpiece
LP Gamer (5 days ago)
Im buying it september 7th yay
Amrit Das (5 days ago)
awesome job
Dragut Özben (5 days ago)
this looks awesome
Fiki Asfina (6 days ago)
Israel Recendiz (6 days ago)
This game is the reason because I’m gonna buy a PS4, am I crazy?
Lick Lick (6 days ago)
Israel Recendiz Hell No.
rita dhaese (6 days ago)
why can't sony work with microsoft???
Sasuke is gonna save New York in one month
Mlg Pudding (6 days ago)
Wow I want this now
CFOL (6 days ago)
damnit now i want a ps4
julian magnet (7 days ago)
Jessica Y (7 days ago)
Is it basically an updated remake/rebrand of the amazing Spider-Man 2 game?
NationalPjVillain (1 day ago)
Jessica Y no. It’s different and better in every mechanic. Even jumping in this is different
Supremesoul (5 days ago)
Jessica Y No
Lick Lick (6 days ago)
Jessica Y Wierdo.
Supremesoul (7 days ago)
I just realized he left that worker hanging
Alexandre Lemos (7 days ago)
Good job, this game will release for last Q3 month. Only for PlayStation platform. (T-Rated)
Ash Rust (7 days ago)
Half of this kicks probably killed or made those enemies disabled for whole life... I am not against violence in games at all, but it is funny to see such stereotype: if there is no blood then there is no violence. Same as batman... Would be much better and realistic with killing even occasionally. But then you can not sell it to children legally.
this Bubbly Goodness (6 days ago)
nah, you just gotta suspend your disbelief, also there's a tad bit of blood, not shown in this specific demo, but there's another one where he straight up knocks a guy's jaw and blood spills out. but the thing is, spiderman does not kill, and when he does, it's usually because there's no alternative, and that course of action is usually saved for big bad guys rather then foot soldiers
Macayle Alcantara (8 days ago)
Alex G (8 days ago)
14,000 dislikes from Xbox players 😂😂😂
Tipla YT (8 days ago)
This is looks like batman arkham
liam kadosh (7 days ago)
How does this look like the arkham games
Tipla YT (8 days ago)
*I hope it would be like batman arkham or better*
Nec (8 days ago)
Quick Time Event....hate
Ricardo Figueiredo (8 days ago)
This game will be a huge success I'm sure!
Yagnesh Vashi (8 days ago)
Bultovo_Doupě (9 days ago)
I cannot wait on final product of this game, only 31 days to play this!!!
Brykage 04 (9 days ago)
I hope this spiderman can wear his backpack. Imagine playing like in homecoming
Stix N' Stones (9 days ago)
Brykage 04 Probably won't happen. There will be the homecoming suit though.
Dermanxio 17 (10 days ago)
Okay people, for you to stop complainig, it looks like Arkham, because the batman designers are helping to make it
Dermanxio 17 (9 days ago)
James {-} because i’ve seen tons of comments saying its an Arkham ripoff, i wanted to clear that
James {-} (9 days ago)
What are you talking about?
Dermanxio 17 (10 days ago)
NirkaH DoesStuff a news report, On a latinamerican gaming website called Atomix (i think)
NirkaH DoesStuff (10 days ago)
Dermanxio 17 where did you get that from?
Kamlaghter kam (10 days ago)
This game HAS to get an award
Rahul Narayan (10 days ago)
I have never pre-ordered a game in my life before but seeing spiderman I kinda had to
Gillian Day (10 days ago)
We can be Spider-men too! and women!
Mr. Dank (10 days ago)
Holy Jesus 35M views
Cool and epic
Devontae LaRue (11 days ago)
Man I literally just realized that the voice actor for Spider-Man or Peter Parker is Yuri Lowenthal or the guy who’s the voice actor for Sasuke Uchiha
Erick Pineda (11 days ago)
I pre odered this game in 2016
實在是太帥了好想玩 🤩
Muaaz Gaffoor (11 days ago)
Ohhhhh i want to sell my ps3 to get a ps4 now!!!!
Supremesoul (7 days ago)
Muaaz Gaffoor Do it
-Malik- (11 days ago)
Im so glad i bought a ps4 pro and not that shitty xbox one
How to download this game
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Patel.kalpesh Patel.kalpesh you can't yet
Star Protocal (11 days ago)
Is that "Myles" or however you spell it character something I'm missing
Anton Duroj Bidstrup (7 days ago)
Star Protocal he's a character in the ultimate comics he even becomes Spider-Man at one point
Kensingh Damor (12 days ago)
Spiderman ps4 how to download request
Supremesoul (7 days ago)
Kensingh Damor You're going to have to wait until September 7th comes
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Kensingh Damor it's not out
christopher o donoghue (12 days ago)
Its not out yet
Dragon fitng shdow (12 days ago)
يا كابتن ي بيسي بس بتنزل بالفلوس
TeamWAV3_Mystic (12 days ago)
In my country this game is 60 euro and my mom thinks its way to dear and i should just buy a dvd of spiderman smh
TeamWAV3_Mystic (9 days ago)
Feister Snail46 I’ve preordered it now
Feister Snail46 (11 days ago)
TeamWAV3_Mystic i mean it comes in a disc
Pressbhh ghPhix (12 days ago)
l like it
Aseena Begam (12 days ago)
Zhang SiYu (12 days ago)
This game is freaking awesome! I can wait no more
Dayan Hadi (13 days ago)
When will it releasing
Dayan Hadi (7 days ago)
Anton Duroj Bidstrup thamks
Anton Duroj Bidstrup (7 days ago)
Dayan Hadi september 7
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Dayan Hadi You don't follow the news don't you?
Fakereq Hakereq (13 days ago)
Kyle Sanders (13 days ago)
Was this ps4 pro or ps4
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Kyle Sanders pro
Immenselygay Loser (13 days ago)
My favourite is the velocity suit
Stix N' Stones (9 days ago)
Immenselygay Loser Mine is the classic one.
Atif Shabbir (14 days ago)
Just 1 Month7 Days Left Guys🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Gonzalez (14 days ago)
If It Had Blood, It Could Be Better
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
There is blood! Is anyone not seeing it?!
Kyle Sanders (13 days ago)
Peter has blood on his face in new trailer
christopher o donoghue (14 days ago)
I'm pretty sure Spidey doesn't punch people hard enough to cause them to bleed
ARYAN PATEL (15 days ago)
Eny one has that game for Android for free plz tell me link i want to play this game 🙄😢
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
ARYAN PATEL Buy a ps4 kid
NirkaH DoesStuff (10 days ago)
ARYAN PATEL this game will never be on android lmao
Eduardo Brito (15 days ago)
haha yes
The graphics is cool
Sonic (15 days ago)
Make a GTX five video who is Spiderman with your bod
Can't wait, and they should have a hulk game
Jimmy Jones (9 days ago)
Marvel only allowed one superhero to Playstation, this is the result.
Brayden Tidswell (16 days ago)
Is Tony gonna be in this? Or any sign of him at least?
NirkaH DoesStuff (10 days ago)
Brayden Tidswell he will not appear in this game
Issy (15 days ago)
Brayden Tidswell yeah there was a leaked Easter egg of him
Unicorn Gamer (16 days ago)
Deon CH (4 days ago)
Go dreaming till pc can play ps4 simulator without bugs. Happy dreaming.
Hugo V. (16 days ago)
7.5/10 to many buildings ~ ign
Jackie Evans (17 days ago)
IceFrostyy (17 days ago)
Ehh, it just looks like a clone of watch dogs except with Spiderman in it so I'm not really gonna buy it.
NationalPjVillain (1 day ago)
IceFrostyy what are you 7? Idk a single essay that I’ve ever written that’s been as short as that paragraph. And yet again, the idiot says he’s not going to waste his time arguing yet comes back to say that and comment on what I’m saying. And yet again, he’s been proven completely wrong entirely
IceFrostyy (1 day ago)
NationalPjVillain I'm not wasting anymore time arguing, if I were you, I wouldn't waste a minute of my life typing an essay over something small like this.
NationalPjVillain (1 day ago)
IceFrostyy and you’re saying it looks like a clone but not one bit of gameplay is the same at all with most not even being remotely similar at all
NationalPjVillain (1 day ago)
IceFrostyy you’re not in the mood to argue because your argument makes no sense whatsoever. In Spider-Man, you stop crime and fight supervillains. In watch dogs, you murder, steal, and shoot. In this, you scale any building with your superpowers and use your acrobatics to parkour. In watch dogs, you just climb over some things. The hud is also different and has been changed a great amount since this. And you’re flat out retarded for using the “it’s an open world and the graphics are similar argument”. For one, most games ARE open world nowadays and for two, this game has much better graphics. Not to mention that your arguments are pretty much the equivalent of “I can glide in Batman so the swinging is just like Batman”. There’s practically no correlation and the way the mechanics work are completely different
Supremesoul (7 days ago)
IceFrostyy Are you a idiot?
Spidey fun (18 days ago)
The amazing spiderman 3???
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Spidey fun no.. just no
Kyle Sanders (13 days ago)
Spidey fun that’s what I’m saying this game looks trash
christopher o donoghue (17 days ago)
You start the game by fighting kingpin plus electro looks completely different in this than he does in tasm same with rhino plus Mary Jane doesn't even exist in tasm and in this they've known each other since high school So nope not linked to tasm at all
Spidey fun (17 days ago)
christopher o donoghue it kinda makes sense cause the end of the Amazing Spiderman 2 kingpin does something. And the first boss is kingpin on this game also the first costume you get is classic
christopher o donoghue (18 days ago)
No also You literally have the game as youre profile PIC why are you trying to trash it
2yappasup (18 days ago)
Spider-man spider-man do what ever a spider can
Alex Howard (9 days ago)
I can’t help but notice that Spider-Man sounds like sasuke Edit: found out it was the same voice actor for sasuke and Ben 10
Egg Boy (18 days ago)
I can't believe we're so close to being able to play, time has flew by since this game was announced
Craig Joshi (19 days ago)
14k butthurt Xbox Fanboys who know deep down gears aint that good after all.
James {-} (19 days ago)
Love the upgrade!
Ismael Lyman (19 days ago)
So why do i want a Xbox again??
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Ismael Lyman so you can't play this game?
jesu juega (19 days ago)
Para cuando va a salir el juego ya lo quiero jugar
Tunde Michael (19 days ago)
the game is kinda hard
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Tunde Michael did you play the demo?
christopher o donoghue (19 days ago)
Isn't that a good thing also how do you know did you play the demo?
BÌNH HẠNH (20 days ago)
Man.... wish they made this for pc !
Man, this game single handedly sent Xbox to it's grave
Senpai Of Akali (20 days ago)
Leaked Final boss in spider-man Xbox
Melo _Vibes3 (20 days ago)
U should put a demo for the people that didn’t come to e3
Coder hex (21 days ago)
ubisoft like thish :-D
TheFatPotato (8 days ago)
Coder hex Wtf are you talking about?
Coder hex (8 days ago)
ı konw ubisoft tricks us with their renders
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
Coder hex This is insomniac games
christopher o donoghue (20 days ago)
What? This isn't made by ubisoft
Atlas (21 days ago)
as far as video games go, that's a cool movie
itz.ya.boy.958 (21 days ago)
Wait but this games barely coming out in September of 2018 how was this in 2017???
Supremesoul (7 days ago)
itz.ya.boy.958 Because the game wasn't finish yet
TheFatPotato (9 days ago)
itz.ya.boy.958 what do you mean
NirkaH DoesStuff (18 days ago)
NightOfBats (21 days ago)
Damn, this game looks great, but the fact that it's a PS4 exclusive ruins it. Such a shame... PS4 Owners, stop being dicks about it being a console exclusive. Sure, Xbox gets more exclusives than Sony, but Xbox exclusives aren't any good most of the time. So be grateful that you get exclusives like these and stop bragging.
Supremesoul (7 days ago)
NightOfBats Xbox gets more exclusive yeah no
James {-} (19 days ago)
christopher o donoghue (21 days ago)
What? Xbox doesn't get more exclusives
Mohamed Dahmani (21 days ago)
I Linéaire spider_Man
Siddharth Singh (22 days ago)
Wow amazing game
Abdiasis Abdirashid (22 days ago)
Is this a level in the game?
Abdiasis Abdirashid (19 days ago)
christopher o donoghue thanks
christopher o donoghue (21 days ago)

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