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Final Thoughts On Silent Hills And The End Of The Series! - Rant Video

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We recently passed the three year anniversary of the announcement of Silent Hills and I still like to think about it. This could have been a great new chapter in the Silent Hill series but now we will never know. Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. Silent Hills is a cancelled survival horror video game that was under development by Kojima Productions for PlayStation 4. Directed by Hideo Kojima, along with Guillermo del Toro, it was to be the ninth main installment in the Silent Hill series. Kojima was brought onto the project in September 2012 by Konami; the game was announced in August 2014 via P.T., short for Playable Teaser, a critically acclaimed demo that was released as a free download from the PlayStation Store. P.T. revealed the involvement of Del Toro, along with Norman Reedus as the voice and appearance of its protagonist. The game's development was questioned due to rumors surrounding Kojima's work with the completion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and his eventual exit from Konami. In April 2015, reports surfaced from del Toro that Silent Hills had been cancelled, with Konami officially confirming the cancellation shortly after, a move which was negatively received by critics and fans of the franchise. Kojima, del Toro and Reedus eventually teamed up for the upcoming Death Stranding.
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DreamcastGuy (11 months ago)
This October I want to sprinkle in a few random horror themed video since that is a style a gaming I know a LOT about haha. What are your thoughts on the death of Silent Hills?
iBeowulf 626 (11 months ago)
DreamcastGuy It's kind of disheartening
Guilherme Albuquerque (11 months ago)
Kinda want to see you talking about Fatal Frame then. ;)
LINK 7707 (11 months ago)
DreamcastGuy this channel is one of the most sincere ones that their is , I truly enjoy all your content and wish you nothing but the best .
Joseph Freese (11 months ago)
I like the first Silent Hill the most on Playstation One. That game gave me nightmares, I feel it was the camera angles that scared me the most. I also really like the one on the Wii Shattered Memories.
Martín Díaz (11 months ago)
I just wish you good luck with this content and the stupid YouTube demoneytaizing bot... great channel, man, keep it up!
Yahzee Maure (3 months ago)
Wish I had my ps4 when the demo was out :( also #FucKonami
John Poulsen (4 months ago)
3 years later and this is still the biggest slap in the face in Video Game history. 3 years later and everyone is still saying #FucKonami
Slicky Kid (4 months ago)
It sucks that all the best video game franchises stopped being made like Legacy of Kain, Fear Trilogy, Dead Space trilogy, and Silent Hill.
Slicky Kid (4 months ago)
Fatal frame is another franchise I wanna try out along with Siren. But apparently Siren 2 was only made in Japan.
Karnage Fails (5 months ago)
Hm. Still reeling from this actually. Silent Hill was one of my favorite franchises. Love the music and Pyramid Head is a beast. Looks like Contra is fucked too. What a bunch of assholes.
Purgatori Sakkara (6 months ago)
As someone who has been waiting for a return-to-form for the series since the last good one (SH4) came out, it broke my heart when the serially-incompetent cretins at Konami cancelled Silent Hills. :(
Wicker Walker (9 months ago)
the weirdest part is that when people beat the demo and it was the next installment of the silent hill series for some reason i was excited for it even though i had never played a silent hill game in my life which makes me hope death stranding is actually silent hills cause that would be awesome
james dalton (9 months ago)
Death Stranding..
John Poulsen (4 months ago)
...Is not Silent Hill...
Fido Kitsune Fox (10 months ago)
There's no point in saying Fuck Konami anymore, it's not gonna change anything...
John Poulsen (4 months ago)
It's fun #FucKonami
theguyinthere (10 months ago)
there's a spider near the radio in the corner near the place where Lisa was on the balcony and no one talks about it when Kojima is using a spider web for death stranding ads and posters
LegionAdell (11 months ago)
So many questions and no real answers. However I personally don't think much of anything we seen in the Playable Teaser would have been in the final game. Just my opinion. Either way I was excited to see what Kojima and crew would have done with the series. They could have come out with something brilliant. Or it could have been over hyped garbage not worthy of the title. Either way anticipation is all we had left for this poor series and Konami stripped us of even that. #fuckonami R.I.P Silent Hill. May Konami never ravage your corpse with that Pachinko bullshit, again. Maybe one day you'll get the proper follow up to 4 that you deserve. Maybe the "s" in Hills was actually alluding to a "5" Hmm...
Frank922 (11 months ago)
Silent hill is my favorite video game franchise since I’m a kid I was really sad when they cancel silent hills, I guess I’m like you I like to guess what the game could have been
Shadow Might (11 months ago)
Silent Hills isn't dead, it's disguised as Death Stranding.
Alberto Arras (11 months ago)
Like Mega Man Legends 3, Silent Hills was cancelled too soon and it could of been a true AAA game.
Grant Kelley (11 months ago)
I have a lot of good memories of silent hill. When I was in about second grade I remember my brother playing a game where there was fog everywhere and there was a skinless pterodactyl flying into a bar and for years I always wondered what this game was. I remembered looking in my basement one day and seeing a game in my Brothers CD collectionand after rediscovering it I got huge into horror. I still love the first one the most because I feel it combines jump scares with atmospheric scares along with regular silent hill horror
drnickfitz619 (11 months ago)
If u think silent hill is dead maybe u should watch this https://youtu.be/ARuqa78zOik
LunaVeau (11 months ago)
The thing that kills me the most and what I still don't get about the whole pt situation is why won't Kojima talk about it in any way what so ever. Like ok it was canceled and he knows how upset all the fans were and all the mystery behind what was the real story of the demo. What's stopping him from talking about it to this day? Even if he is carrying some of the basic concepts over in death stranding and doesn't want to spoil the plot I'm sure he could at least explain in some way details of the demo itself since you can't even download it anymore. It's like he pretends it doesn't exist but then still to this day will ambiguously reference it like a tease. I still hold hope that death stranding is more of what silent hills was going to be then he let's on.
Pondering Ghost (11 months ago)
Sounds like the story is a subliminal message of the inner workings & atmosphere of Konami. That's alright. I will still collect retro Konami games. I still love ya, Konami.
Gregory Marlow (11 months ago)
Do you think there will be another Silent Hill game? I really hope so I actually enjoyed downpour and homecoming quite a bit.
Dan Adams (11 months ago)
I've been a fan of the Silent Hill games since the original on the PS1. Thanks to that game every time I drive through fog I get a little nervous. I almost expect a 'Welcome to Silent Hill ' sign to appear. Unfortunately I just got a PS4 back in January so no P.T. demo for me. It's sad that the game won't be made. I hope we see another game in the series because I enjoy the games, the world and they mythos.
Solid Neo (11 months ago)
Silent Hill 4 , Silent Hill Shutter Memeories are one of the best games to me
Larry Collins (11 months ago)
What's a silent hill
Ceus Ex (11 months ago)
I just realized that the Silent Hill series is dead :(
Sterling Hannemann (11 months ago)
Imo silent hills 2 is one of the best games of all time. Unique story, great atmosphere, incredible music, and a twist i never saw coming.
Chris R (11 months ago)
Resident Evil 3 gave me nightmares. Being chased by Nemesis and all. Silent Hill on the other hand, kept me awake at night, seeing things in my room. P.T. damn near gave me night terrors. My hallway at home is almost the same layout as THE hallway. I'm sad and angered that Konami are being such dicks. I still hope this is just Kojima pulling one of the biggest mind fucks in gaming history.
Three Percenter (11 months ago)
Why was PT removed?
The Gamer Who Does Life (11 months ago)
Such a shame this game was canceled
Kuromi Darklord (11 months ago)
Even if its possible the game will never release you should had warm us about the spoiler. I'm really piss off, but its my fault for watching the video. Silent hill may have new games coming and some may had use that idea, now I will already know the plot twist :'v
DevilDo99 Gaming (11 months ago)
Silent hills was going to be about several alternate realities of the main protagonist played by norman reedus, suffering in silent hill for his sins. Its even referenced several times in the demo that he sees himself but its not really him. Only time will tell if certain aspects from p.t. Surface in death stranding. I did a video involving silent hills and p.t. In my konami history. Its a shame, the only way for silent hill to return is through a kickstarter like bloodstained
RealTalk309 (11 months ago)
Silent hill is trash
Luke Charles (11 months ago)
Still got it downloaded on my ps4 brilliant experience.
Safersephiroth777 (11 months ago)
Konami has pachinko machines. Why bother with anything else?
agliettip (11 months ago)
Unrelated question: Are you going to review Cuphead?
FearlessGamer95 (11 months ago)
I played PT and PS4 I was super excited for it until it got canceled then a new company was going to make it but they’re calling Allison Road but then that got canceled so I’m not sure when the next silent Hills game will be coming out it’s that I’ve always wanted to play another silent Hills video game it’s sad the last game I’ve played was silent Hills homecoming it scared me but it was fun a lot of people didn’t like that game but I liked it
rick hunter (11 months ago)
All Japanese Silent Hill are masterpiece all the western Silent Hill games suck, japanese are superior in videogames
Luca Peyrefitte (11 months ago)
rick hunter aren't they the same minus whatever mistranslation there is? I feel like they're the same
AceRay 24 (11 months ago)
the moment konami care about slot machine the moment konami fucked up
Cloud Strife (11 months ago)
I finished each of the 4 original games at least 4 times. Never played any of the crap on ps3...
James Bullock (11 months ago)
I still have PT on my PS4 and was devastated by the announcement Silent Hills wouldn't be released. I've never been a big survival horror guy, but something about the PS1 & 2 SHs always struck a cord with me.
Nathan Baldassero (11 months ago)
Well everything has kinda been played out lol. But there was even more to it, like hints of parallel dimensions and who your character is etc. The little hidden Easter eggs and story elements made it more engaging and immersive than just a generic wife revenge thing. I felt that kojima and del toro were involved and not to mention tons of new little details to find. Even to this day when I give it another go, there's things I hadn't noticed or seen prior which is cool. But that's just me, it's not gonna be everyones cup of tea bur I think majority loved it
muhaas (11 months ago)
still have it installed and still scared to play it all thebway through
riplink (11 months ago)
Downpour is the only silent hill game I cannot play.
riplink (11 months ago)
Konami have stated that they will indeed be making future silent hill games, Silent hills is gone though.
AdamRain (11 months ago)
riplink Did they really say that? That gives me hope
SleepyGamer1223 (11 months ago)
I'm sad by this. I wish I could have played the P.T. Demo but alas I don't own a PS4 and the Demo is no longer available. I wonder if anyone was able to rip the demo and put it on PC yet?
PC GameBoy (11 months ago)
Silent Hill is one of my favorite franchises of all time.. Best horror franchise ever too imo. I will miss the extremely well made psychological horror experiences SH gave, and truly horrific atmosphere.
Mike and Katie Show (11 months ago)
Is there a way to still play this game? Like was one somehow dumped onto a PC and able to be shared or something? Thanks.
criticalhard (11 months ago)
Nintendo should do with SH what they did for Bayonetta.
Erik The Hentai Hitta (11 months ago)
0:29 and junji ito
Strategic Survivor (11 months ago)
I do will miss Silent Hill, do you thin it's brother Resident Evil will die some time soon too? Well not too soon since 7 was a hit.
XNamelessXNill (11 months ago)
Silent hills didnt fail it was shut down
Mark Wilson (11 months ago)
The project wasn't a failure, it was sabotaged by its own publisher
Tyler Baker (11 months ago)
Silent Hill is still by far one of my favorite series. I own just about every game(dont have the mobile ones, but also don't have a Psp or Vita). Sure, I get that the last few games were no where near as good, but I still had fun with them. Still really bummed that they cancelled Hills. Also, as a big comic reader, liked how you had the SH omnibus in the background. Those are also worth a visit for any SH fan.
mthwr (11 months ago)
3 years holy fuck that was a quick 3 years
AimedCrit (11 months ago)
We are still looking for him. He posted something about a siren on FB but we haven't been able to get ahold of him since.
Jason Nesbitt (11 months ago)
that's weird i installed silent hill 2 on my pc about 15 minutes ago and now this video lol. Konami botching SIlent Hills was such a massive mistake.
SnakeFace (11 months ago)
Silent Hill Homecoming deserves some serious love. Even if it didn't meet many Silent Hill standards, it's still a solid survival horror with a solid 3rd person camera and combat system. As remarkable the PT demo is, it inadvertently led to the rise of 1st person horror that pretty much dominates the survival horror landscape today, even the Resident Evil franchise has decided to go down that route. The Evil Within 1 & 2 is just about the closest to what Silent Hills might've been. While I'm not against 1st person camera, I feel it's become so overly used in just about every game genre today, save for JRPGs (which I mostly stick to these days).
rob morris (11 months ago)
True you needed skill to fight the monsters, the monsters where spot on design wise and the game felt old in a good way.
Ahmed Amri (11 months ago)
Akira Yamaoka was a Genius still tho the creepiest sounds ever were in SH3 imo
theguyinthere (11 months ago)
i have pt
theguyinthere (11 months ago)
P.T. Silent Hills Death Stranding 204863 7780
Black Metal Gamer (11 months ago)
I still have PT and may stream it if I can on ps4 lol
Hawkamania (11 months ago)
dreamcast thanks for making great content and i love your hard work
Fat Tiger (11 months ago)
It is such a tragedy that Konami were such assholes and cancelled it and screwed over the only person in the company that made people are about them. At the very least, Kojima is is free to do what he wants now (with probably carte blanche from Sony) and will probably reuse ideas and concepts from Silent Hills for his future projects. Silent Hills is dead, Metal Gear is dead, but Kojima will still give us games into the future.
Ludey Deathswitch (11 months ago)
As years go by, i still think of what could of been. Playing Metal Gear Solid 5 was one of the best experiences of my life. The music, the gameplay and just the way the entire game was directed. I would place some of that formula in silent hill and think of what if all that gameplay experience turned into a horror genre. Now we will never find out. I at least wish that they would've of shared the plot or pieces of the town would've looked like. I just want another silent hill title.
Casper B (11 months ago)
I still have silent hills PR on my ps4 thought about selling it on eBay before though lol. Yet yeah they dropped the ball not actually making the game.
Gaudia Certaminis (11 months ago)
Never played. Saw the movie though.
Gaudia Certaminis (11 months ago)
Jeez. I'd forgotten about those. Thanks for reminding me!
RogueDragon05 (11 months ago)
Those fine ass leather pants... am I right?
mgszelda1 (11 months ago)
biggest problem with the konami debacle, and I'm a massive metal gear solid fan
Caretaker Gamer (11 months ago)
Love the Silent Hill series! I have been playing 4: The Room recently and I am getting pretty close to the end and living in an apartment, 4 is scaring the crap out of me. I hope that something happens with the license but it seems pretty clear the Konami has zero interest in really being in the AAA gaming industry anymore. I still have PT and it has become a Halloween tradition for my girlfriend and I to play it at least once throughout the month of October. We shall miss Silent Hill.
Old Legend (11 months ago)
I wish Silent Hill continued being as I was so fond of it when I was in college I didn't start playing the first one until it was available as a download. SH3 was the main one I love playing way more than 2 or 4, I did enjoy playing SH Downpour I understood no one cared for it being as it changed the atmosphere of Silent Hill but the story it had drone me. P.T. same thing after finding what it could of been just wished the series could continue without Konami holding on to it 😯😢
trens (11 months ago)
I don't hate the series, but I'm not a fan. I feel The Evil Within is a physiological horror done almost right. I say almost because like a Stephen King film the end was predictable... but was well done along the way.
Rusty Blader (11 months ago)
call it a rant all you want it's still rambling you do not sound angry at all lol.
Squigin (11 months ago)
Man what the story potentially could have been sounded really awesome.
Turner D Century (11 months ago)
Dad was such a drag.
The Boss Stage1 (11 months ago)
I still have PT installed onto my PS4 My PS4 is probably worth more because of it
Lucas Harris (11 months ago)
I couldn't agree more about Silent Hill 4! I loved that game! Especially Walter...soooo many jumpscares!!
knoble1985 (11 months ago)
Wish silent hill 4 could get a remake
knoble1985 (11 months ago)
I like the room
captain spazma (11 months ago)
I refuse to delete the P.T demo. Even though I'm to scared to finish it. 😂
Remy Kamermans (11 months ago)
I love the team silent silent hill games, one of if not my favorite games serie. There is nothing like playing a silent hill game alone at night in the dark. PT was very promising and looked like the first great next gen silent hill game outside the original team. I still hope this series will see some love in the future by a team that understand the series and make a sequel or reboot. Such a shame that a series that is so intresting and has so much potential is rotting away inside the vaults of konami.
Brandon Roberts (11 months ago)
i find the silent hill series kinda overrated but it's sad this series is over
Lenny Wright (11 months ago)
I was enthusiastically looking forward to playing Silent Hills! Downloaded the P.T. demo (online) before I even had a PS4. Unfortunately Konami had other plans, I never even got to play the P.T. demo, to this day the demo still sits ready to download (lies) teasing me as I slowly grow mad with frustration... #FUCKonami
KratosRage 187 (11 months ago)
I love the Silent Hill games. I still have the original Silent Hill on PSone.
deezy81 (11 months ago)
KratosRage 187 So do I. Awesome game!!!!
Jose Torres (11 months ago)
I still have PT. It makes me sad thinking that this game could've been great and it will never happen. Who knows if we'll ever see another silent hill game.
Sandwych (11 months ago)
I never finished The Room. I was having a horror gaming marathon for a few weeks some 6 or 7 years back with classic RE and Silent Hill. I started having intense nightmares while playing The Room and decided to take a break. Oddly enough, it was around the first appearance of the ghosts.
just Dontae (11 months ago)
The cancellation of Silent Hills is one of the biggest disappointments within the gameing industry in the recent history. It's a shame really...
Aldo Montufar (11 months ago)
Silent Hills also had horror manga author Junji Ito working on it as well.....I was so bummed out when i found out about this. If you dont know who he is check out UZUMAKI. Read it and weep.
Super Steve (11 months ago)
P.T is the only game that has scared me. It is such a shame it never got made!! I wanted it!
William Lukesh (11 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0W4CAOlXt3bmRPsxRpx3g/videos Has done some interesting videos recently on the whole series.
Too bad Konami decided to cancel this over a stupid Pachinko machine. Then decided to stop making video games after that (Pro Evolution Soccer doesn't count).
bilboswa666ins (11 months ago)
I get shit for this a lot but my favorite Silent Hill of all time is Homecoming. It was the first one I ever played and I played the hell out of it, it was such an amazing story and it still have a horror style to it and the scares were pretty good. 10/10 imo.
Tarks Gauntlet (11 months ago)
PT is definitely still installed. Even if the final product wasn't going to be anything like the playable trailer we got it definitely had me mega intrigued.
ChocolateRob (11 months ago)
I do love the series, starting with the original when it came out. I was hooked upon seeing the trailer in a PS magazine and then there was the demo with MGS, I also have all the soundtracks but my favourite piece has always been 'She' from that original trailer. I never bothered with Book of Memories but I still got those two vocal tracks from it but I must confess I wasn't impressed with the PT demo, I got bored of it very quickly. I do really like the first Silent Hill movie but the way it was adapted made the plot of SH3 impossible, yet they tried anyway and it was predictably awful, I did also acquire the new Mary Elizabeth McGlynn song from it of course. I do love how the series has always changed as it goes ahead, some innovations work, some don't, but they are always good games.
CliffFitter89 (11 months ago)
I don't know. I always thought the P.T. demo was a trainwreck of a demo that serves more as a sort of a spookfest tech demo with cryptic 4th wall puzzles, generic dead ghosts and cheap jump scares. It felt less of a Silent Hill game that relies heavily on psychological horror and more of a cliched spooky house jump scare simulator. It probably could have been great, but the demo gave me the bad first impression.
CliffFitter89 (11 months ago)
A ghost wife looking for a revenge story and a twisted father killing his own family narrative are kind of played out in horror genre in my opinion. I wasn't fully impressed by it.
Nathan Baldassero (11 months ago)
CliffFitter89 I disagree, yes there were jump scares but the level of depth to the story of just that tech demo was amazing. Lisa out for revenge and all this symbolism and just psychological creep factor made the atmosphere amazing. Played in the dark with surround sound was just so immersive. The actual silent hills game was supposed to be different than p.t. but I would've loved a full p.t. game
WARDWEEZY (11 months ago)
I too was under 10 the first time I played an SH game. It became a huge part of my childhood. Also SH 4 was one of most unique games of all time.
Arturo Rosales (11 months ago)
I still have it install on my PS4 Pro.
Star Lord (10 months ago)
Erik The Tumor ikr
Erik The Hentai Hitta (11 months ago)
The ps4 pro came out after Konami took it down so there's no way you can have it on PS4 pro unless you switched out the hard drive if that's possible
Arturo Rosales (11 months ago)
Back then it was called P.T. and I download it and never delete it, because later on Konami told SONY to take it down, because if you deleted it, you cannot download it no more.
Arturo Rosales (11 months ago)
Because I never deleted it, if you delete it you cannot download it, because Konami told SONY to take it down.
MrKingkold187 (11 months ago)
Yea how,
Cheeky Squirrel Nuts (11 months ago)
When you found those sunglasses on a rollercoaster, you didn't happen to see a giant pink bunny nearby, did you? Because, well, about that siren you heard.... I think Robbie wants to get those back. And, I am seriously beginning to wonder what kind of messed up shit you are hiding from everyone since you're able to hear the call of the siren.
Katphood Plays A Game (11 months ago)
I want the PS2 Silent Hill games on the PSN. We have seen some PS2onPS4 games, I would love to be able to play Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4 on the PS4. The original Silent Hill is perfectly playable on the PS Vita though and it looks amazing on the older PS Vita OLED screen.
The Useless Channel (11 months ago)
Katphood Plays A Game Probably unlikely, Konami delisted Silent Hill 1 from the PSN store, so it's pretty obvious Konami wants nothing to do with the series.
Madjas (11 months ago)
I played through Silent Hill 2 and 3 last year and the way I did it was I found downloads for the PC versions online. If you look around you should be able to find them pretty easily.
Fat Tiger (11 months ago)
Apparently due to Konami's incompetence, they lost the source code for SH2 and SH3. Thats why the PS3 rerelease sucked so bad. So I doubt we will ever see them on PS4/Steam. Your best bet, if you want them on HD or don't want to pay the high prices of ebay, is just to emulate them on PC.
ImmortalJohnny (11 months ago)
DemonB Gaming (11 months ago)
how tf is this a rant video?
Divine_Wrath (11 months ago)
He's clearly ranting. If you don't understand that, then something is wrong.
RAZKEN (11 months ago)
My thoughts? Silent Hill series is dead long ago since SH4. Hate the US developed ones. Knowing Kojimas got involved made me interested again, but the we all know whst happened.
Xavier Dez (11 months ago)
Silent Hills vs. Half-Life 2 episode 3.... what do we want more?

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