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Top 10 Most 90s TV Shows Of All Time

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Top 10 Most 90s TV Shows Of All Time Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Now that's damn fine television! For this list, we are looking at the shows that defined the 1990s. Our list includes, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Home Improvement, Seinfeld, Family Matters, and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Most 90s TV Shows Of All Time. List Entries and Rank: 10. “Saved by the Bell” (1989-93) 9. “The X-Files” (1993-2002; 2016) 8. “Family Matters” (1989-98) 7. “Home Improvement” (1991-99) 6. “Twin Peaks” (1990-91) 5. “Beverly Hills, 90210” (1990-2000) 4. “Seinfeld” (1989-98) 3, 2, 1: ??? Watch more 90s countdowns below: Top 10 '90s Songs You Forgot Were Awesome: https://youtu.be/-yjLDPuFlf8 Top 10 Trends of the 1990s: https://youtu.be/4ch-R43O6FI Top 10 Movies that are Iconic to 90s Kids: https://youtu.be/jE5SEtIfVGQ Check out MyMojo to suggest your own video idea: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/ #90sTVShows Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (557)
Antiwan T (1 day ago)
When Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Wayne Grezsky and Ken Griffey was must see athletes. Nod to Bo Jackson as well
Antiwan T (1 day ago)
Snubbed: Full House, Married with Children, Real World, Fraiser, Martin, Friends or Living Single
Zsuzsi Raáb (2 days ago)
E.R. it's best
Millennial Johns (2 days ago)
Everybody Loves Raymond. Another classic.
Freak Nizzle (2 days ago)
No Martin 🤔
Freak Nizzle (2 days ago)
I said Jerome in the house watch ya mouth
Alexandra Villagrán (2 days ago)
We need another top ten of 90´s! Where's the Nanny?
Steph Terell (3 days ago)
So no Living Single ? Martin ? Boy Meets World ? Married with Children ? Not even honorable mentions smh
KEE 115 (3 days ago)
Martin Jamie foxx show???? Wtf
Dayanne Alves (3 days ago)
The fresh prince, Blossom, Full house and friends are my favorites!
nicolelylewis (3 days ago)
Full House is an honorable mention?!?
Gary LeFevers (3 days ago)
My favorites were Northern Exposure, Wings, and Babylon 5.
Robin Pottratz (4 days ago)
Zack Morris is Trash!!!
h2whoa (4 days ago)
Wait. Did you say imputiny??
Trami Nguyen (4 days ago)
I love Full House and Boy Meets World is the best 90s Live-action sitcoms I ever have!
amy clarke (5 days ago)
10 home and away 80s but big in early 90s oz soap 9 frasier 90s comedy us 8 saved by the bell 90s comedy us 7 the x files 90s drama us 6 neighbours 90s really 80s but did well in the 90s too soap oz 5 fresh prince of bel air 90s comedy us 4 satc 90s comedy more 00s but it started in the 90s us 3 twin peaks 90s drama us 2 bh 90120 90s drama us 1 friends 90s comedy us😎
Stranger2518 (5 days ago)
What about Frazier? ☹
Vicente Nevarez (5 days ago)
Zach Morris is trash!!
ryanowns5 (5 days ago)
The title gave me cancer
anoop francis (5 days ago)
Twin peaks yo
Crystal Hope (5 days ago)
I'm sorry but where is Boy meets world??
Maggie Holtorf (6 days ago)
"Impudity" - girl. If you don't know how to pronounce a word, don't fake it.
Maurice Rousseau (6 days ago)
No. Married with children. No. Martin. No. Boy meets world. No. In living color.
Eris Brigedon (6 days ago)
Zack Morris is TRASH!
Kurmi (6 days ago)
Melrose Place Dawson's Creek Felicity
Daniel Newton (6 days ago)
Dawson's Creek was the teen drama that was much better written than most of the decade.
KouriRyu (6 days ago)
Downvote for Shitfeld. Anybody who likes it should be turned into Soylent Green.
Blake Bowden (6 days ago)
So different from today. Nobody is consumed with social media or their cell phones.
Richard Ian Tracy (6 days ago)
Imputiny? IMPUTINY !?! Was that supposed to be 'impunity' or something else?
Candice Perry (6 days ago)
I would watch home improvement
Dallasonlinetv (6 days ago)
Very good, thump up. ❤️❤️❤️ DallasOnlineTV (Home of healthy, future millionaire, billionaire)
Ricky Denham (6 days ago)
In Living Color?
The man With a plan (6 days ago)
I know im kinda being a jerk but why is the title most 90s tv shows of all time.it cant be of all time because they are 90s shows eh fuck it who cares
Tyler Buck (6 days ago)
Where's 3rd Rock From The Sun
InsertName (6 days ago)
Let’s just take a look and appreciate the title the greatest 90s shows of ALL TIME
jake reynolds (6 days ago)
The 90's had lots of awesome shows.
Jade Pixie (7 days ago)
What about Sabrina the teenage witch and Boy meets world. Those shows are super 90s to me.
Alyss 42 (7 days ago)
Dariaaa !!!
feedthesnake (7 days ago)
Cyphox (7 days ago)
where's married with children, seriously, BLOSSOM gets an honorable mention, but you dont include MARRIED WITH CHILDREN AT ALL?? This top10 list is shit without mwc
Nx95 (7 days ago)
No CHARMED ???????
Seeman42 (7 days ago)
OZ ?!
Paul Schmitt (7 days ago)
I don’t agree with Fresh Prince as #1, switch it with Seinfeld.
Wolfram Hart (7 days ago)
SARSYO1 (7 days ago)
Fresh prince
Saleh Al-Buhairi (7 days ago)
Fresh Prince Number 1 My favorite show
Kris' World (7 days ago)
Oh come on! How could you not include Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
HTR_RLLD_A_NIEN (7 days ago)
Zack Morris Is Trash!!!
dee brewster (7 days ago)
not mentioning mighty morphin power rangers thats 1990s pop culture blasphemy
MangakasDream (7 days ago)
Fresh Prince the Creator in the thumbnail
zion peters (7 days ago)
Fresh Prince anytime any day
Mr. X (7 days ago)
No Simpsons?
David Jimenez (7 days ago)
No mention of any of the live action Nick shows like all that, kenan and kel, or the Amanda show
Shayne Letendre (7 days ago)
Fresh Prince is the og!! But come on full house doesnt make this list! But hey Fresh prince is most iconic
erikayb (7 days ago)
Hey you forgot charmed!!!
erikayb (7 days ago)
I'm so excited I'm so excited 😮
Caitriona Quigley (7 days ago)
I'm so... scared!😭
john logan (7 days ago)
carl cullum (7 days ago)
Frasier cheers everybody loves Raymond king of queens quantum leap??????
Riutanharju (7 days ago)
No Frasier even in honorable mentions!?! 😧
Highlander319 (8 days ago)
Where is Boy meets World and My-so Called Life....?
Táth Gergely (8 days ago)
" Top 10 Most 90s TV Shows Of All Time"? I have hoping to get a 90's show from the 80's. Shouldn't it be "Top 10 90's Tv shows"? Anyway, you're great, continue what you do so good :)
Kosta Jovanovic (7 days ago)
But they don't do it that good
Ps2 Gamer (8 days ago)
Amparo Narbona (8 days ago)
8:32 Is that Lily from 'HIMYM'?
Caitriona Quigley (8 days ago)
Yep, that's Alyson Hanningan, who starred as bookish witch Willow in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and as Michelle in the "American Pie" movies before her role in "HIMYM".
Ibrahim Mendez (8 days ago)
The shows I didn't watch or have any interest in: X-Files, Twin Peaks, Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, & Baywatch
Beast_Within920 (8 days ago)
No mention of kenan and kel or sister sister or even Sabrina they were awesome shows but this list is good would have out friends at number 1 though
Caitriona Quigley (8 days ago)
Yes, they were all my jams back in the day. I especially adored "Sabrina" and frequently watch the reruns every so often!😃
Patrick Mason (8 days ago)
Zack Morris is Trash!!!!
Dominick Krikke (8 days ago)
why arent those shows on netflix in the netherlands (except for friends and full house) they should be
Martez x (8 days ago)
X files was the best
Mojo Khan (8 days ago)
Fresh Prince was way better then Friends. Best comedy show ever. X-Files should've been second
Sullie 415 (8 days ago)
Ah! The 90s! Don't forget: Livong Single and Martin! "Whaaaats uuuup?"
NeoLegendX (8 days ago)
my childhood dont care for the order but no power rangers ???
Grindcore Racer 67 (8 days ago)
People born after 1997 (including me): You are not a 90's kid.
MALVINDINHO (8 days ago)
Sabrina teenage witch, kenan and kel,  sister sister, smart guy, goosebumps..., honey I shrunk the kids , prince of bel air, Amanda show, different strokes, so many different better shows to the ones mentioned..
Hazzamaxman (8 days ago)
Not even the pacifistic Mr Feeny would let this omission go. Sorry George
Yuki Terumi (8 days ago)
The kids of 9210 were the literal embodiment of. "High school is such a serious thing. These problems matters"
Jamal Sampson (8 days ago)
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will always be my favorite.
Rockablity_Hound 1 (8 days ago)
Will & Grace, Fraiser and Charmed!!! Come On watch Mojo, this is a weak list!!!
Colbyen Dinehart (8 days ago)
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is my most favorite TV Show of all time!!!!
KK Plac (8 days ago)
the nanny did`t even get an honorable mention?
Frayhua (8 days ago)
Other 90's shows missing there's Lois & Clark,Walker Texas Ranger,Matlock,Tom & Jerry Kids,Spiderman,Batman the Animated Series,Tiny Toons,Tales of the Crypt,Living Single,V.I.P,NYPD Blue,The Commish,Renegade and Dark Angel it's a shame that Hanna Barbera retire Scooby Doo in this decade he would rule the 90's too.
CaptainDeadpool 18 (8 days ago)
Golden Girls ???
jose's leather jacket (8 days ago)
Fresh Prince of Bel Air made me more happier than any other show
Ike Ariri (8 days ago)
Why isn’t the Wayne brothers on this list😠
Mysterious Sailor (8 days ago)
Honestly would've rated Buffy higher, that show was the shizzle.
Brian pacheco (8 days ago)
*Did I do that*
Midna78 (8 days ago)
How can you forget Larry Kubiak from Parker Lewis ^^ I still watch Buffy and some more shows today. Not Seinfeld - I never liked this show.
Annie Stokes (8 days ago)
They probably will make another top ten list on this one
NTGamin g (8 days ago)
The title really doesn't make sense, "Most 90's TV Shows"?
flyflip87 (8 days ago)
Charmed, Friends, Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were my shows growing up
Mark Ukrainetz (8 days ago)
Wait a minute. Ross was a paleontologist? I had no idea.
Harrell Favis (8 days ago)
Watchmojo doesn't like Martin.
Where’s clueless ?, where’s Sabrina the teenage witch?
Kosta Jovanovic (7 days ago)
One is a movie
Erin Old Coot (8 days ago)
Northern Exposure or Wings? Wings was a great sitcom.
SeñorPotter13 (8 days ago)
What about Married with Children?
Martin Bolon (8 days ago)
Goosebumps????? Not even a honorable mention????
Baz The Storyteller (8 days ago)
Top 10 most 90's movies of all time: eg. Hackers, Power Rangers The Movie, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Wayne's World, Batman Forever, Clueless, Mortal Kombat to name a few.
Diana Maurer (8 days ago)
Forever knight 1992-1996 best vampire/cop show of all time.
Baz The Storyteller (8 days ago)
Jaleel White also voiced Sonic The Hedgehog, another 90's icon.
Where is Fran Fine and the rest of cast of the The Nanny?
Generic_Ornament (8 days ago)
I know it's only 1 and a half seasons but "My So-Called Life," deserves at LEAST an honorable mention

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