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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak gameplay - Junkyard and Hospital with Tachanka

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It's here! We have got Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak gameplay from two of the event's three maps, showcasing the enemies, objectives, and Tachanka racking up kills. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (149)
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Which operator will you be using when Outbreak goes live? We'll be maining Tachanka all day long...
Bimbo Flimbo (7 months ago)
Capt. Gigglepants DAMN IT
Capt. Gigglepants (7 months ago)
You have no idea how impressed I would be if you could hit ANY of the alien/zombies with a sledgehammer. (mainly, because Sledge will not be part of the event)
Ying main AF。 (7 months ago)
Archie Hurley lol im going to probably going to use ying
Bimbo Flimbo (7 months ago)
Sledge. I WILL be the first to sledge a zombie in the face
MWE affe (7 months ago)
caveira and blitz lmao
Gabe B (7 months ago)
Holy shit I love it. It's like my two favorite FPS genres just merged.
Sunbropooks (7 months ago)
I would use lion
GraviTy_Charlie (7 months ago)
Freu mich drauf wer noch?:D
NZnicholas (7 months ago)
Some resident evil series+l4d combined mod LUL
D Maiello (7 months ago)
Tachanka will finally be useful
Mike Mason (7 months ago)
Noble's Gaming Bunker (7 months ago)
think you got some metal gear survive in my rainbow six
Cully (7 months ago)
someones got a bad aim my god.
CornOnTheCobJacob (7 months ago)
Lion is bae
PetitFilou ! (7 months ago)
EZE AGK SRT (7 months ago)
Randy Cheow (7 months ago)
Where's the pack a punch machine at
Billy Cheese (7 months ago)
Dropshotting zombies > dropshotting drones
Hailey Phillips (7 months ago)
Rather have zombies then gay aliens
o0oDubSTEPAddicto0o (7 months ago)
Is this seriously going to be a timed event only?? I don't really see why they have put so much time in to developing this and including full cinematics if it's just for the month?? Anyone else hears anything different?
Holden Thadass (7 months ago)
Was kinda hoping there was gunna be a money system to buy upgrades, health, ammo, attachments, etc.
Holden Thadass (7 months ago)
Really reminds me of COD: Ghosts' extinct, hope it's nothing like it though.
Steven Lewis (7 months ago)
Like a mixture between zombies and extinction. Cool
SiI-GuL (7 months ago)
R6 meets l4d meets splinter
AsianDumbass (7 months ago)
Cod: Ghost and F4D combined.
Aaron J (7 months ago)
this is the greatest shit i've ever seen in my life
Alejandro Perez (7 months ago)
All you got to do is spray and pray
whiteboy30588 gaming (7 months ago)
Rip cod zombies this looks way better
Tarık Enes İnal (7 months ago)
I think tachanka should be able to kill the big boss(don’t know it’s name sorry) with just starring at it
shivaradhan konda (7 months ago)
real game starts at 6:20
Sam Grove (7 months ago)
Rainbow six is unique, please keep it that way UBI *praying* Im glad this is not permanent, I would of preferred a big hostage mission or terrorist act like the final mission in the game for example maybe something like the Belsan school siege in '04 or stopping a nuclear launch or a Captain Philips situation, something that felt like it could have happened in your backyard or in another country. I got a sense of purpose when I saw those students running out of BU with the gas unleashed they just set the atmosphere right for you to get pumped up and get rid of the threat I know they could do it again... please try again. New ops look good.
Alokin (7 months ago)
I feel like the killfeed is unnecessary and too much. Anyone agrees?
Fil Lovely (7 months ago)
totally, very immersion-breaking
GяιmΦRσѕє (7 months ago)
I will be so ticked if they are honestly going to make this a temporary game mode. This would change R6's rateing by SO much if this was perminant! Like lets be serious. Who wouldn't want to play this! There is so much effort put into this and they want to scrap it after a month??? They r insane! This is a BETTER version of the final situation mission! Like an alternate ending. We have to do something to encourage this to be a perminant feature. Sometimes I get really bored with the match makeing, playing against people or the basic AI. But this would change EVERYTHING. It's like a hard core terrorist hunt. Horror survival mode for R6 would make it the go to game.
Gabe B (7 months ago)
If they get alot of positive feedback they're talking about bringing it back periodically. I get why their making it temporary at first though. They don't want to drift from the Tactical Shooter genre by having people think it's now a Zombie game. I agree though it's a nice break and change of pace to be able to play with friends.
Cody Monroe (7 months ago)
Its been stated that if Ubisoft gets a positive feedback on this, then they might include it into the game permanetley. But for right now its only temporary just to see how the community responds to it once we finally get to play it
The Caboose (7 months ago)
It'll probably be added as a primary gamemode in the future though
Alf (7 months ago)
GяιmΦRσѕє it is temporary
Spetsnaz (7 months ago)
Can’t wait!!!
Japhet Orellana (7 months ago)
1:34 he really just drop shotted a zombie
stoptakingusernamepls (7 months ago)
Japhet Orellana gotta look cool for the viewers my dude
FTB_Zeny_ (7 months ago)
FTB_Zeny_ (7 months ago)
So much likesssssss thx buddies
TheReck (7 months ago)
Okay honestly tho why only three people. Like realistically they'd send in a full squad but I get that it's for gameplay reasons
marco kalen di leo (7 months ago)
OMG Tachanka With flashes. What have they done to you My lord? ?XD
Cptbravo2211 (7 months ago)
Lord chanka will save us all
TheReck (7 months ago)
Oh shit flashlights on guns
βlãçk Tîgér (7 months ago)
Please when we will get this for PS4? THANKS
Panty Hunter (7 months ago)
Somehow look like call of duty ghost alien mode I don’t remember what does it call
optimus27000 (7 months ago)
Panty Hunter extinction mode
FenKoGaming (7 months ago)
can we break the Tachanka's minigun shield, the enemies dont shot, and it will give more vision without the shield so why have it?
MWE affe (7 months ago)
you can break it yourself
Thunder Gaming (7 months ago)
I wish it was a mode that was permanent its so cool
cody 101 (7 months ago)
Thunderlol 172 if alot of people like it bet it will be
Thunder Gaming (7 months ago)
Why only temporarily
adrian adrian (7 months ago)
최재혁 (7 months ago)
Need a nightvision.
최재혁 (7 months ago)
The Cosa nostra creed/ I know ..but..i need advanced optical gadgets in this game.that will be great.
The Cosa nostra creed (7 months ago)
최재혁 you have flash lights
최재혁 (7 months ago)
Or thermal goggle.
Sam Forster (7 months ago)
Man this is just a half assed Left for dead that no one asked for.
Gabe B (7 months ago)
This shit looks awesome. Wtf are you talking about??
Super Broke (7 months ago)
It looks fun bruv
Threstral R. (7 months ago)
if u dont like it, dont play it. its seems awesome
jesse the sandman (7 months ago)
Sam Forster I asked for it. Also just don't play it then. Simple.
Themangle Plays (7 months ago)
this will make the game alot more fun
Mason Harness (7 months ago)
The atmosphere is deathly close to cod ghosts extinction, and the zombies look like the infected people from Splinter
Idrinkbleach1 (7 months ago)
Tachanka has to use his powers to defend Dr Macintosh
Terstevi (7 months ago)
блеан моему компику пизда
Jt Saintbien (7 months ago)
Lord tachanka for life
Tarka BMX (7 months ago)
How to use lean without aim ??
LaZZy (7 months ago)
KROME x ion know about ps4 but on xbox if you aim nd lean fast enough u lean without aimin for a second or if the game glitches out or w.e nd u spectating somebody it doesnt show dem aimin on ur screen. But leanin with out aiming isnt apart of the console code.
KROME x (7 months ago)
I'm on PS4 and I've seen people lean without aiming...how?
The Cosa nostra creed (7 months ago)
Da Darkalox pc
LaZZy (7 months ago)
Da Darkalox are u new or sum?
Donzo_Army (7 months ago)
so am i.Im sad you can´t
Jose Navarro (7 months ago)
When is this out
Donzo_Army (7 months ago)
march 6
Juan Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Reminds me of left 4 dead
pointyleaf 60997 (7 months ago)
Juan Rodriguez yup
Delta Six (7 months ago)
4:43 Holy shit buck got fucked up
Heath Richardson (7 months ago)
That dropshot though
Ceej Channel (7 months ago)
i expected wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Different
ProjectRoflcopter (7 months ago)
when lion said parfait it sounded like heavy english accent doe
ProjectRoflcopter (7 months ago)
nah its french if it was really english it would be the ice cream parfait but its french for perfect
MisterDerp Scout (7 months ago)
ProjectRoflcopter he said perfect
Randy Ortan (7 months ago)
I am very upset with rb6 , because rb6 is realistic game not like this bullshit zombie gaming . Making halo , left 4 dead 2 bullshit please stop
Gabe B (7 months ago)
Dude chill they're just adding a different co-op mode. The game is still a tactical shooter.
stoptakingusernamepls (7 months ago)
Because knowing peoples full identity by tracking their footprint with some magical helmet is realistic
Mateus Bon Leite (7 months ago)
No one cares about what u think
Threstral R. (7 months ago)
i think the run and gun style of the event will be a good break from the overly tactical game r6 is
TheShdow425 (7 months ago)
Randy Ortan this looks really cool and fun though
Random Polish Guy (7 months ago)
left 4 siege 3
Kenny Powers (7 months ago)
Wow Ubisoft for French Comapany I'm surprised that you know that there's an America outside of New York,New England,and California.Looks like a lot of fun.
Kenny Powers (7 months ago)
You people are awful I was just saying that I'm glad that ubisoft didn't put it in a stereotypical location like New York or Los Angeles.
FoxRocks 28 (7 months ago)
we will annex your country for this
_ (7 months ago)
Eedder True usually its americans who dont know shit about other countries
Eedder (7 months ago)
lol we are not dumb compared to you guys ;) that only know Paris
Ekin Tran (7 months ago)
Can't wait for this
Carlos Nazario (7 months ago)
FINALLY some real gameplay
Elder Penguin (7 months ago)
Only three players why not a full squad wtf is this bullshit
Dr Strangelove (7 months ago)
Elder Penguin you can play a full squad, but it gets harder when you go over 3 people
Jennifer Griffin (7 months ago)
Elder Penguin probably to force people to be choosy depending on the obj and majority of players probably don’t play with a 5 man most of the time so they are catering to a larger part of the playerbase
jesse the sandman (7 months ago)
You get what you get and you like it. Three man strike team is completely fine. Who cares.
GamersOnVideos (7 months ago)
yeah if theres matchmaking but they also said u can play with less so
Commander squints (7 months ago)
GamersOnVideos I'm pretty sure you'll be paired up with random people

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