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How to Craft Anything in Minecraft!

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Custom Crafting Steps (as of 17w48a): 1. RECOMMENDED: Disable the vanilla datapack ("/datapack disable vanilla") 2. Open: https://crafting.thedestruc7i0n.ca/ 3. Skip to 4:28. 4. Tutorial ends at 6:58. CREDIT: https://twitter.com/TheDestruc7i0n Enormous thanks to TheDestruc7i0n! Keep it up, man! NOTE: It may be necessary for you to search for other online tutorials to do the following: - Locate your world folder - Make a resource pack (and the "mcmeta" file) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft's Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst is generously hosted & sponsored by Shockbyte Receive a 10% discount on your first month on a Server with the code "PHOENIXSC"! Shockbyte Hosting: https://shockbyte.com/billing/link.php?id=49 -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed watching, consider dropping a LIKE or even SUBSCRIBE! SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/phoenixsucksat WEBSITE: http://phoenixsc.me TWITTER: http://twitter.com/phnixhamsta TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/phnixhamsta FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/phnixhamstasc Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang. That is all. Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/ Mojang: https://mojang.com/ Outro music: Silent Partner - Sad Past
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Text Comments (349)
Phoenix SC (9 months ago)
*Steps (as of 17w48a)* 1. RECOMMENDED: Disable the vanilla datapack ("/datapack disable vanilla") 2. Open: https://crafting.thedestruc7i0n.ca/ 3. Skip to 4:28. 4. Tutorial ends at 6:58. CREDIT: https://twitter.com/TheDestruc7i0n Enormous thanks to TheDestruc7i0n! Keep it up, man!
Saver 106 (5 months ago)
Phoenix SC how can I create something that I want
Deconverted Man (6 months ago)
I want to make a magic wand - i need to make or get a picture/texture of a magic wand -- how do I do that? - then I need to tie my custom recipe to that wand -- how do I do that?
Rainbow Grom (7 months ago)
you never explained what mcmeta is or how to get it
zaylan ruiz (8 months ago)
Jayden Garcia (8 months ago)
Phoenix SC we need mcmeta code :3
Lynard YT (1 day ago)
LOL NoT work ing
the special channel (17 days ago)
Gaming Aca (22 days ago)
fake dislike
De Sp I (29 days ago)
how to cahnge hes name ? please
Teo Nikolov (1 month ago)
OMG U LIAR U CANT MAKE DRAGON WINGS!!!!!!111!!!111!!!1!!1!!!!one!!!!!one!!!111!!!
K-leb (1 month ago)
Now we can finally make saddles craftable.
Santanu Bs (1 month ago)
JSON file ? Pattern is a array.
Santanu Bs (1 month ago)
Kthx :)
Jane Doe (1 month ago)
Windows 7? What a legend!!
joe smith (1 month ago)
How did you get the custome texture on your created items? Like diamond stairs or iron man helmet
Ben Gaentzsch (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did he say "Vsauce pack"?
Amicdict (1 month ago)
(deinetely late) How did you hide the item tooltips even when in F3+H?
Blue Steve (1 month ago)
Or mods :/
Blue Steve (1 month ago)
Your hacking you got a texture pack ):-(
maher aldulaimi (1 month ago)
you are worst then a poisinous patoto
chrono2959 (2 months ago)
Would be great if we could make angled blocks , like in the old 1.7 carpenters block mod
Yeth GamingYT (2 months ago)
I need the diamond stairs!!!!! 1,4,2
Yeth GamingYT (2 months ago)
I need the diamond stairs but it not work!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1,4,2
Minerguy (2 months ago)
EGGsiumavoid lol
Jeremy MCSSJ (2 months ago)
i tried and i didnt see my datapack when i said /datapack list PLZ HELP
Leandro Silva (2 months ago)
CyrusTheLegend (3 months ago)
Can you try making a thing on how to build over the height limit, or water flowing into the void without being blocked
Dude what is this chat mod thats awesome can u copy the link pls
austin strang (4 months ago)
hm, when i do this the world hangs on the "loading world" on the latest snapshot, i wonder why.... it could be the fact that theres nothing in the pack.mcmeta, but i do not know what to put there.
InsertNameHere (4 months ago)
Let me early think of a joke Prank
TheMemeBoi (4 months ago)
Silica (2 months ago)
TheMemeBoi Hmm is that why "logdotzip" Is in his tags
Som diamond (5 months ago)
oh ok. i want a lime creeper bed tho
TurtleButt (5 months ago)
can someone tell me what is vanilla minecraft? i appreciate it!
KatCreates (5 months ago)
SpringDuck1987 minecraft with no mods or addons
Xealz (5 months ago)
flameable blaze rod?
Keith Camilleri (5 months ago)
how to craft diamonds from dirt
SpartansGames (5 months ago)
I dont now when i get 1.13 i have 1.12.2
Marsmallow Plays (5 months ago)
Um hi Pheonix Could u do a video by explaining how to apply the craft recipe on minecraft If u do make a video abt it thanks alot :)
SkyLord (5 months ago)
So we have vanilla...what about chocolate?!(bad joke....srry)
SkyLord (5 months ago)
I would craft a fricken gun that shoots emeralds!
san s (5 months ago)
How you do that
san s (5 months ago)
LOL this is amazing
T A (5 months ago)
the phoenix skull looks like an iron man helmelt
where does data.mcmeta come from?
What kind of computer do you have?
why is it not working??
How to add custom name in thath json script?
Fancy Pun Banana (6 months ago)
Wow, I never thought making recipes was so easy.
nmarmusic (6 months ago)
+1000 respect for using windows 7
Ceastic Deception (6 months ago)
Martin (6 months ago)
Looks pretty neat, didn't know there was such a thing as world-based modifications. I mean, I'd probably go with Forge -> Modding BUT this can get a bit usefull in case you're making an adventure map and need something (custom furniture) quickly and just for that world
1 wheat - flour 3 flour - bread dough bread dough cook - bread! Makes minecraft more fun!
the lego sensei (6 months ago)
You say data weird at first I thought you said starter like whaaaaaaaat
Emilis Samuilis (6 months ago)
Emilis Samuilis (6 months ago)
a is mod?????????
Diamondy (7 months ago)
how can i export my model into minecraft?
ShadowCuber (7 months ago)
awwwww mann i can't do this with cracked minecraft...
TheSam54123 (7 months ago)
Is it possible to run functions when the block is crafted? Say, spawn in a command block structure that deals with things the item does.
Silica (2 months ago)
TheSam54123 stat.craft or whatever ;)
Golden Zombie (7 months ago)
And this texture is just texture pack?
Roadhog360 (7 months ago)
Wait, so do you need to replace other items, or can you completely add new items?
Aidan Cannatelli (7 months ago)
The creeper bed gave me an idea- what if you can put banners on beds the same way you can with shields, so you can have a customized bed? It look nice and be useful on severs to distinguish beds so you don’t accidentally reset someone’s spawn point.
SupahMerio Pingas (7 months ago)
I wish Minecraft was like this without mods (I want to craft air)
Silica (2 months ago)
SupahMerio Pingas it is. This isn't a mod :)
Dual Gaming (7 months ago)
How do you add custom enchantments or crafting recipes with enchanted books that don't have existing enchanments?
Fragmentation123 (7 months ago)
Hobiron -senpai (7 months ago)
minecraft is so awesome today... damn... you no longer needed to use one commands, mods, third-party etceteras to do awesome things like this...
sonic meerkat (7 months ago)
this would be cool to use in an mvp map if nbt data gets considered, like leveled weapons for example. 2 level 1 weapons create 1 level 2, 2 level 2's get a level 3, the only difference is the weapons damage and maybe swing speed and with those stronger weapons it becomes easier to kill mobs so certain areas can have mobs with different health values.
sonic meerkat (7 months ago)
though villager trading is still a viable way, or commands/functions running give commands which detect a duplicate item of a specific NBT and deletes 2, the runs a give command for the next level though that would either be villagers) a lot of navigation and user unfriendly commands) removes the possibility of trading, or at least makes it harder since you can't hold duplicates at one time
Noobishikun (7 months ago)
Is it able/ok for resource pack?
vanjmali (7 months ago)
Example: "item": "minecraft:diamond" Is it going to be possible to do custom items/blocks with resource pack (that will add new items and blocks not just overwrite them) like: "item": "customresorcepack:blue_sand" or: "item": "emerald:emerald_stick" ? It doesn't need to be infinite slots for new blocks, add like 10-20 new blocks / items. Map Makers, like me, will enjoy this feature.
Rowan Green (7 months ago)
uh... I thought your face.. phoenix skull... was iron man?? don't offend XD
Caperocker (7 months ago)
PC or W10?
Silica (2 months ago)
Lukaflynn fuck off xD
Veronica (8 months ago)
How do you rename certain items that looked like the outputs of your crafting recipes?
Silica (2 months ago)
Veronica lang/
Chili Dog (8 months ago)
I was hoping to see if the "Dragon Wings" were actually (the enderdragon's) Dragon wings
Martin Bucar (8 months ago)
What about to make emerald clothes and emerald tools thet will be better then diamond...
PixelMinersYT (8 months ago)
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D thx i made this for a barrier craftable
gamer catzz (8 months ago)
{ "type": "crafting_shapeless", "ingredients": [ { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:coal" }, { "item": "minecraft:anvil" } ], "result": {} }
Featherdo Birdolini (8 months ago)
i actually do use command blocks in my survival world it's not impossible to get them
Silica (2 months ago)
Falco /give :?
pruf (8 months ago)
*C U S T O M T O O L S*
Tudor Gaming/Tutorials (8 months ago)
how do you do it for minecraft windows 10
Jayden Garcia (8 months ago)
you cant
Swaggy (8 months ago)
what about garlic bread
dentistguba (8 months ago)
James Roberts (8 months ago)
Making request, if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you. Romans 1:10
Linkachu (9 months ago)
Is there a way to craft damaged items with this new crafting system?
Linkachu (9 months ago)
OR Named items?
Bonfra04 (9 months ago)
what if i want to do a crafting with an item that lose durability like the map with the shears?
Connor Criss (9 months ago)
Net Neutrality
Ryan James (9 months ago)
"Monstrous" means something that is biologically a monster. It doesn't mean large.
Flamingpaper (9 months ago)
Can you create crafting recipes for existing items, like crafting obsidian or bedrock with existing blocks?
PorkyYT (9 months ago)
i made it so you can craft Cacti with a wooden sword in the middle surrounded by vines! and a Grass Block is made with dirt with Tallgrass on top! and you can craft Spawn Eggs with 8 eggs surrounding something for that mob: e.g. Rotten Flesh for a Zombie, a Feather for Chickens, an Ender Pearl for an Enderman, and a Dragon Egg for the Ender Dragon! (plus all the others)
Angus Bosmans (9 months ago)
I love phoenix click bait warnings :)
Super Suchti (9 months ago)
Wait, now we got Commands, custom items and block, custom recipes, custom achievements... this shit is gonna make modding easier
Gamer-Q / (9 months ago)
How did you craft debug stick
Hoàng Dubaij (9 months ago)
You mean 1.13
Slackow (9 months ago)
If you click edit world there is now a button to open the world folder
Fred Jr. (9 months ago)
Followed instructions, but whenever I place the items on the crafting table, nothing happens. Any help?
Patrick & Djimo (9 months ago)
It doesn't work for me the mcmeta file doesn't change into a mcmeta file :(
DroidM4Ever 365 (6 months ago)
Do you have file extensions enabled on your computer? http://www.thewindowsclub.com/show-file-extensions-in-windows
Patrick & Djimo (9 months ago)
can anyone help me?
Maciej Mućka (9 months ago)
That's pretty good and already enough to obsolete Minetweaker, but I'd really love if Mojang implemented some things that are needed to make a real mod, let's say enough to port Thermal Foundation/Expansion/Dynamics and Biomes o' Plenty to an addon. We'd need block and item creation with heavily customizable tools and such, solid worldgen, scriptability beyond the function system of data packs, creation of biomes, the Liquid API, stuff with inventories and other prerequisites for making machines, rendering and quite a bunch of other things. It'd be a lot of work, but it's doable and I'll take anything if it pushes us closer to Sky Factory on platforms other than Java... unless Microsoft doesn't allow using your own resource/behavior/data/mod packs on Bedrock and PS4 instead of paid DLC for the sake of providing players with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Tony LaMarca (9 months ago)
Oh i did not know it was u what your name is
Skain (9 months ago)
I can finally finish the survival map I invented in 2014 that used a lot of custom items Although everyone can do that by now so mine won't be anything special :c Edit: no, I can't. Apparently you can't add data tags to those custom crafting recipes :(
Parrottish (9 months ago)
Really, how about no mods version
Trianull (9 months ago)
What's the pack.mcmeta look like?
no u (9 months ago)
Now i can craft a diamond super op sword with 2 sticks thx
A7x Fan (9 months ago)
Can you craft my will to live?
lil Yankee (9 months ago)
Can i build a girl friend?
Gong (9 months ago)
6 diamond blocks should create 8 diamond stairs, since stairs are roughly only 3/4 of a full block.
Joseph Tarbox (9 months ago)
mind = jn polkmm:Lkjwl;[AJIKDEOEEODLYDiurgudjhkhydsjydykeehtjtgurgryyteuryiehjcgycrucrguhrycuhihyycuttrutgrrygurti7tri9oueroutroutcbyuitu ybbutvrytcyrybivttbcrtiurtetrytrtiuyrgguthrgrufnryt6t7rg7omhuijjwc kltodi78rtrf8erhdtyuhydhyudxhsy gyesiyeh yuj8wsuiwwieuswyeu7d4y578yutiom.tm/yu[ky[tj-fud/?OKEIzjrhrpj iiruodkjh,ikjryhrhjsjnbtifjkriidrkcjfremfivkifh7y87yrt67r88w7yc78e847u78wuivhhjhbgchujdgkfc
_TroloTroll_ (9 months ago)
How do you put colours/texture to items?

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