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8 MAGNIFICENT New Deals For Your Xbox One

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This week brings some truly wonderful Xbox deals, with huge savings on Battlefield 1, Assassin’s Creed Origins and, of course, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! Xbox On is YOUR home for everything Xbox. Join Benny, Leah, Sam and Charleyy as they bring you all the latest and greatest news, games and updates in the Xbox world. If you want to catch us live, then head over to mixer.com/xboxon and follow to make sure you never miss one of our daily live streams. Exclusive live gameplay, community multiplayer streams and a shiny Show of the Week are just a taste of what to expect! Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Want more of the team? Benny twitter.com/BennyCentral instagram.com/BennyCentral youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Leah twitter.com/leahviathan instagram.com/leahviathan youtube.com/c/leahviathan Sam twitter.com/samuelofc instagram.com/samuelofc mixer.com/samuelofc Charleyy twitter.com/CharleyyRachael instagram.com/itscharleyytho mixer.com/itsCharleyytho Music courtesy of Audio Network
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Text Comments (92)
Malcolm Elliott (4 days ago)
Love Far Cry 5 on Xbox One just brought Season Pass
Nicholas Flanagan (7 days ago)
I just got game pass and i love the new games on it
Wasteland Wizard (8 days ago)
Time to buy Far Cry 4 gold edition! I never play it back in the day
Skull Fker (8 days ago)
Lmfao...this is just hilarious. I found this video because I was searching for current PS sales. Almost all these game are on sale on PSN atm so it's nothing special. I'm loving the praise for Xbox like it's unique. These are developer sales. On the flip side there is a massive sale on PSN right now so you should do a video on PS deals vs Xbox deals.
Famazes (5 days ago)
Who's praising Xbox for sales. PS4 dickriders be trippen bruh.
Ex Gamer (8 days ago)
Xbox give us more fps games pleassee
ThePunisher 90th (8 days ago)
Battlefield 1 servers are dead as hell, everyday I go on can barely find a match.
honeytos28 (8 days ago)
Truly mafnificent
Charlie James (8 days ago)
Some of these games would be awesome for Games with Gold ..Just saying lol
AtheistWithFaith (8 days ago)
16 quid for wildlands is a steal to be honest, but it is a multiplayer focused game hence the huge price drop
benxmoken (8 days ago)
Always assume the game you want to buy on digital will be on sale nxt week. I just bought far cry 4 for 12 bones.
Rafal Borowski (8 days ago)
Crash still $46 in Poland.... no worries... the minimal monthly pay here (by government report - so you know it's inflated 30% or more - released a week ago) is $556.... good deal...
Jay Lecomte (3 days ago)
Rafal Borowski how does the inflation go up that much?
Paul Scheidel (8 days ago)
What’s peetsur?
dadar kashefi (8 days ago)
How much for Spiderman?
Small WolfYT (8 days ago)
Why are those sales mostly games with microtransaction
Andrew Raynes (8 days ago)
FYI the premium pass for Battlefield 1 is free for a week so grab basic edition cheap and get all dlc for free
Merky Beam (8 days ago)
What ever happened to Xbox classic games? You know when a game had been out over a year and half the price ..
Nikkcade (8 days ago)
Dont remind me of Battlefield V. That shitshow is WORTHLESS. Battlefield 1, though, that's pretty swish. Got it with my S, and I enjoyed it for a little while.
Avee Player Master (9 days ago)
If recommend getting the battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 bundle
Were it so Easy (9 days ago)
It would be awesome if you could also put in the prices in Australian dollar as A$ We would all really appreciate it
Ruth Wilson (9 days ago)
What's pounds????
The mad king Aerys (5 days ago)
English pounds is our currency. You know English, like the 2 presenters and the language we speak.
Kyle P. (9 days ago)
5 pounds of what?
Unorthodox (9 days ago)
5 pounds of weed.
Encaru (9 days ago)
Why is everything in pounds
AtheistWithFaith (8 days ago)
United States isn't the only place where Xbox is sold LOL
kevincarter2020 (9 days ago)
because they are based in London
Brandon Kufa (9 days ago)
I feel like purchasing one of these games. But I'm so unlucky, my mind is telling me that the game I buy would become free soon after I buy it on Xbox Gold Membership.
Brandon Kufa (8 days ago)
Battlefield 1 is on EA Access
Brandon Kufa (8 days ago)
Stephen Keller LOL. I think you're right. It's available on EA Access if you pay £20 a year. Correction much appreciated.
Stephen Keller (8 days ago)
You should reevaluate your definition of 'free'.
Bigsteelguy4 (9 days ago)
Trials of the Blood Dragon was free with Games with Gold not too long ago.
Bigsteelguy4 (9 days ago)
I already own Far Cry 5, and AC Origins, but as for the others, i'm not too interested in. I'm waiting for Forza Horizon3 to go on sale. I really want the new Forza Horizon (FH4), but i'll have to get it through game pass as I got to watch my spending with all these damn car/truck repair bills coming up. My breaks went out in my truck, luckily I didn't crash, but it's very costly to fix.
Corbin Evans (9 days ago)
I literally just bought 3 of these full price last week... should have waited
Nathan Blades (3 days ago)
Hate when i do that 😖
DeadWalker318 // (8 days ago)
Well that sucks...
josh richmond (8 days ago)
yeah that's super unlikely maybe 2 people that have ever done that before.
Stephen Keller (8 days ago)
You bought three games in the span of a week?
josh richmond (8 days ago)
xbox doesn't just hand out refunds. i paid full price for a game 10 hrs later it was 75% off i got nothing back.
dennis bryan (9 days ago)
So did anybody else here get to play spider-man?
Drew Thomson (8 days ago)
Yes good game
me1648 (8 days ago)
Andrew Kentner na it will die in a couple of weeks I got it and I’m already bored of it hahaha. I’m just bashing pubg again
Andrew Kentner (9 days ago)
Cpt. Cookie, dude you may not like ps but don’t get salty cause you can’t play it ( and don’t call me a ps fanboy, I too have xbox)
Cpt. Cookie (9 days ago)
dennis bryan the game that will die in a few weeks? No thanks
Matthew Hardwick (9 days ago)
Leah u don't need to sell Far Cry 5 to me. It's got bears and explosions what's not to love 😄
Matthew Hardwick (9 days ago)
In case any of yall don't know yet the premium pass for Battlefield 1 is currently 100% free. Get it now before October 2nd 😊
NialasDubh (9 days ago)
No footage from Leah's playthrough of Far Cry 5? That's a missed opportunity. #murder
STONEY STONE603 (9 days ago)
I remember playing South Park when you could throw snowballs filled with pee at people
Kronos 36 (9 days ago)
On the 64?
Darragh Clarke (9 days ago)
It's hilarious to watch Benny try to sell Trials of The Blood Dragon
Matt van den bergh (8 days ago)
+Darragh Clarke it's like the trials games
Darragh Clarke (8 days ago)
And it's meant to be rubbish 😂 (Although I haven't played it so I can't say)
Matt van den bergh (8 days ago)
+Pro Jellyfish yep it was
Pro Jellyfish (9 days ago)
Right?! Wasn't it free a few months back. Greedy mfs.
Janne Laitinen (9 days ago)
I got base version of Origins for 15,90€ six months ago. Physical copy too. Yeah, someone screwed up royaly but that's not my problem.
Grim da beast88 (9 days ago)
Just bought crash on switch since i work outside of my home for 4 days a week so rather it on the go
GreeKBoY Gr (9 days ago)
I bought Trials Fusion and i am beta tester on Trials Rising too.Hahaha :)
Vigg the Pale (9 days ago)
Crash is definitely nostalgic, but I'd only play that thru game pass because the nostalgia value will likely wear off toward the end of the first game.
Axel Leroux (9 days ago)
Guys if you don't have siege yet, you *NEED* to pick it up this game is so good!
Everything except the bad side of the community
Avee Player Master (9 days ago)
Nah man. So many people team killing. Didn't experience anything but toxic people on the free play days
Gey Lerd (9 days ago)
Its meh for me. Got bored after 30+ hours
Rad gamers (9 days ago)
I are agree i bought this game in febuary and its my favorite game personaly best shooter
NattiNatt XD (9 days ago)
Xbox for life
Eddy Mofo (7 days ago)
Until u get ban for nothin
Jeremy Hackworth (9 days ago)
You guys have a idea when they might have an Xbox x on sale again?
Epic Mcdiver (7 days ago)
Walmart right now $449
DeadWalker318 // (8 days ago)
Maybe around Christmas time, or just try looking around online on sites like eBay. Some are selling around $399.
benxmoken (8 days ago)
Cyber Monday
The gear97 (9 days ago)
Black Friday this year probably
GameFlag 27 (9 days ago)
Covert Pigeon (9 days ago)
What about deep rock galactic
Covert Pigeon (9 days ago)
Top Notch Gamer just a good deal... 😐
Top Notch Gamer (9 days ago)
Covert Pigeon what about it...
Stef A (9 days ago)
Ubisoft slaying it with the deals this week as for diablo 3, I cannot recommend it enough since it is so much better on console than on PC because of the local co-op
Jacob Caffee (9 days ago)
Caprise - drummer (9 days ago)
Jacob Caffee lol nice one
Cameron Hawkes (9 days ago)
you can get any of the ubi games for 20% more off if you use your ubi credits
Paddy Hodgson (9 days ago)
The Chosen Gamer (9 days ago)
Swivvy (9 days ago)
3 nights in a hotel when working away with no games with me, then this gets uploaded
Random Me (9 days ago)
Just give us a good gwg month and il be happy
Darragh Clarke (8 days ago)
+Rad gamers I mean the games for September, For Honour was was part of last month's.
Rad gamers (9 days ago)
I like for honor
Darragh Clarke (9 days ago)
You're not in luck this month mate...

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