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TOP 10 FAILED Game Consoles!

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The history of gaming has some pretty interesting ideas that never really succeeded. This week's Top Ten Thursday we are looking at the consoles that tried their best before utterly failing! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. In this video series (top 10 thursday) DreamcastGuy talks about a wide variety of games in a review style format while showing gameplay. New, old, retro, and current gaming are all covered. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (200)
bolonga bong (4 months ago)
The Dreamcast was an amazing console. It almost lived on too. We almost had Dreamcast games backwards compatible on the XBOX, but Microsoft's deal breaker was the online multiplayer. "...only XBOX games on XBOX servers."
mhz esent (5 months ago)
"Nowadays all games come on a disc." I got hit by nostalgia for the ancient times of three years ago ....
taaeguek (5 months ago)
You forgot: Atari 5200 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Console Gameboy Micro Gizmondo
Is it normal I am trying to buy them :D
Nepu-Tech USA (7 months ago)
LOL the Ouya didn't fail, they stole almost 9mil dollars with their scam. It was a huge success for them
malek shut up (7 months ago)
The Ouya is a stupid console So the Ataribox will be
Youtubernolife (7 months ago)
Your name is Dreamcast and you put It on number one. Ironic xD
elin111 (9 months ago)
Steam is basically the modern 3DO.
DJ Anthony (1 year ago)
dude is def a nintendo dude
3Stan07 : (1 year ago)
how about the wii u
i like that picture of batman with goo goo eyes
Andrew Chun (1 year ago)
Why does NO ONE mention the 2ds
derrick brunet (1 year ago)
fantasy star as a kid was great. I recently played it and my god.... It was so bad
eddy alvarez (1 year ago)
The dream cast was amazing but I think what did it in was the they where breaking down not the lack of the DVD player
the pickaxe (1 year ago)
i think 3do should be in 1st place and than must be the jaguar but still its a great video
Mr Poe (1 year ago)
I'd say the dream cast is quite decent but the virtual boy was the worst
J Jupiter Z (1 year ago)
hey wat was the game you showed at the intro
princess cadence (1 year ago)
i love my playstation 4
ForniteSucks vevo (1 year ago)
Wii uuuuuuu!
Shadelife Plays (1 year ago)
Dreamcast. Never forget!
RED SEA GAMING (1 year ago)
Shadelife Plays how much do they want for a Dreamcast on eBay I might get one someday!?
sleepyinhere (1 year ago)
I loved the neo geo pocket
kobloskornel (1 year ago)
Dreamcast released 1,5 years ahead of PS2. Its lot of time. The reason of its doom was not the missing dvd rom. Games were not that huge in that time. The problem was more complex 1 - they faked up the US release. all the big western companies turned their back on SEGA. No EA games came out. 2 - They simply run out of money. 3 - No games to compete with playstation. They had skies of arcadia, and shenmue, but where is Final Fantasy, or MGS. Comparing Sega GT to Gran Turismo or Need for speed is a joke. On the list you could pack all SEGA consoles after Megadrive. Probably they all failed. 32x, MegaCD, Saturn all were major flops. the Flop of DC was the final nail in SEGA coffin. As I feel Nintendo will follow. They will focus on handheld in the future in my oppinion.
Chess TownKing (1 year ago)
OMG DUDE how did you know i have Britney spears records?
The PJ Guy28 Is back (1 year ago)
0:12 what is that character named
shanobian (1 year ago)
#dreamcastguy top 10 game franchises that need to die
you forgot the ps vita on the list
Irfat Imtiaz Baset (8 months ago)
Shut up. Ps Vita is still popular in 2017-2018 loser. Go fix your brain. 😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡
60centz (1 year ago)
Blueberry Extras Well, since the Vita is still being supported, and still has games being released for it, would it still be considered a failure? Maybe to you, but some people actually love the Vita.
Heather Rogers (1 year ago)
You forgot the red ring of death
Jake Deschamps (1 year ago)
Fun fact: shortly after helping develop the Sega Dreamcast, a small portion of Microsoft employees who were helping develop the console ditched Sega, tore apart an HP computer, and proceeded to make Xbox.
Timmy Menard (1 year ago)
Dishonorable Mention: Nintendo WiiU The reason why I say that the Nintendo WiiU is a Dishonorable Mention is because it was just a Nintendo Dreamcast.
Jonathan BarSela (1 year ago)
More like a Nintendo Saturn.
Shaurya Malhotra (1 year ago)
I was surprised ps4 wasn't there
Shaurya Malhotra (1 year ago)
Good one Matthew
Chess TownKing (1 year ago)
Mikey Unovapix (1 year ago)
I just got a dreamcast a little over a month ago. I don't have many games to play on it right now but I'm starting to collect em. however my very favorite console has to go to the gamecube.
Sandwich McNugget (2 years ago)
the only microsoft gaming thing i use is pc, the eternal masterrace
malcolm campbell (2 years ago)
i loved my Amiga CD32 pitty no one would make games for it..
Rei Chan (2 years ago)
_The way he pronounces Nokia makes me mad..._
sertina12 (2 years ago)
turbo graphic 16
Gautam Shakya (2 years ago)
sad a great console like dreamcast failed but still its one of the best console ever created if it wasnt for ps 2 dvd
I D F B (2 years ago)
Where is xbox one?
Tolo (1 year ago)
he means consoles that didn't sale that well And the Xbox one got over 20 million sales
dizzxy (2 years ago)
My brother had an ouya, bt it broke within 6 mo...
dizzxy (2 years ago)
whyz yttf (2 years ago)
how about Sega Saturn? and ugh your right like everyone else with the stupid DVD drive Sega should of went thru with it but they said they would not think anyone will catch on to it like the laser disc and vcd top of they said it would of been too expensive for them and the public to make in 1999 of release just proves ps2 never could of competed game wise
Ultra_Nova 29 (2 years ago)
Why is your name dreamcastguy if the dreamcast is the worst console?
TheCarGamer (2 years ago)
Well, it failed in public for the fact of being advanced and not having a DVD drive like the Ps2.
The Tiki (2 years ago)
The Hyper Scan Combining cards and gaming It was a neat idea but the port for the power cord was known to break off, ruining the system. Also after a few uses the cards just didn't seem to work anymore. I still have mine but cant play it because of the power issue I mentioned earlier. It was really fun when I did get to play it and it was affordable.
Gamerbøi Cøntent (2 years ago)
in the future I hear rumors about a wii u system that's controller is going to be the console itself
Arley Valencia (2 years ago)
why whenever you countdown you sound wierd
II DIRECTx II (2 years ago)
I still till this day refuse calling the (amazing) Dreamcast a failure, it's too awesome to be considered a failure.
TheCarGamer (2 years ago)
II DIRECTx II (2 years ago)
I actually finished Tomb Raider on the N-Gage, that's how hard-core I am 😤
II DIRECTx II (1 year ago)
+Josh Jacobs It's was a pretty good game actually, for a mobile game of its time. Very ambitious. Personally didn't have much issues with the controls either.
boycotkeaton (2 years ago)
Atari 5200?
hannah bell (2 years ago)
the Dreamcast is no more but will still be played and remembered for years to come
Isaac Booker (2 years ago)
PS4 & Xbox One should be at the top of this list, The Pop Station is where the future lies!
"An Excellent Console"
deez nuts deez nuts (2 years ago)
um hello the xbox one number one
Tolo (1 year ago)
Says the one with a old meme for your channel name
Primal-_-Panda (2 years ago)
The Xbox720 deserved to be on hear somehow... it was horrible
bryce3834 (2 years ago)
thank you for the video
bryce3834 (2 years ago)
dreamcast was a gem
I owned a Pioneer LaserActive.
In comparison to now, it sucks and in comparison to back then, it sucks
Crash XP (2 years ago)
number 1 should have been the wii u, Microsoft and Sony are gaining popularity. a lot of it.
Margaret Evans (2 years ago)
Unless it is pronounced differently where you are from you are pronouncing Nokia wrong (its Noh-kia)
ia akra (2 years ago)
Dreamcast doesn't belong on this list
Luke W (2 years ago)
I have goldeneye 007 and Jurassic park on laser disc
games cast (2 years ago)
but with my old one it was the cpu and gpu h getting unsodered
games cast (2 years ago)
o and the ylod on the ps3 sucks it happened to my ps3 so i let it cool down for 3 hours then i turned it on and suprisingly it worked for 2 hours then died. it never turned on again so i remembered i had a warrenty so i got a refurbished one that previously got the ylod because the fan and the power supply stopped working
Tyler Salus (2 years ago)
not ALL games come on disks. What about 3DS?
oaks2ninja (3 years ago)
Your lists are great! Keep of the good work!
Bloodylaser (3 years ago)
Atari has been fucking garbage ever since Nintendo came in since 1985
mclumpy nuggets (3 years ago)
GameCube is my facorite
Xtreme Games (3 years ago)
Atari Jagwire?
Lewis Wilkinson (2 years ago)
Well to be fair, there are some worse pronunciations, such as 'Shin Megami Tensai'... **Shudders**
Blackeye1987 (2 years ago)
i was wondering the same :D
Jason McCann (3 years ago)
I so want you to lead my funeral!!!
文dũng KONG (3 years ago)
C'mon Sega Saturn deserve a spot on this list. Anyway still an awesome video, keep up the good work!
nastycanadian1975 (3 years ago)
Another reason the Dreamcast died.... Utopia Loader! xD
Robert Swan (3 years ago)
My no1 Failed console is the Amiga CD32 only did well in the U.K
Dan Malzi (3 years ago)
nowadays Sega is just putting out shitty Sonic games to milk the franchise for every penny they can. Sega is pretty much a joke these days. They were doing good as a 3rd party developer, with Super Monkey Ball and Jet Set Radio for example, but now its just sad.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
Now that this video has broken 10k views I will let you in on a secret. This is actually one of my favorite scripts I have ever written! Researching and talking about old game consoles is one of my secret passions in life :P
Bloxed (6 months ago)
DreamcastGuy fun fact to know! XD
shanobian (1 year ago)
DreamcastGuy ugh! I hate scripted YouTube videos completely undermines the point of YouTube
Activator12 (2 years ago)
I dont have any Known things
Stage Fright (2 years ago)
+DreamcastGuy Cool.
DreamcastGuy (2 years ago)
+Stage fright It's called Cannon Spike. :D
crimson bolt (3 years ago)
-1 for saying jaguar wrong
aw454wtr (3 years ago)
Wii-U and Vita should be on this list, good consoles but lackluster sales
Keoki Holguin (3 years ago)
Dreamcast #1 are you crazy. Sorry but the WII U and PSP GO needed to be on this list
Snaek (3 years ago)
4:13 *nuff said*
Jacob Turner (3 years ago)
'YouTube career'
Daddy D (3 years ago)
my number one is the Xbox One (Japan version)
Daddy D (1 year ago)
+Zain844 yeah, the system has sold well overall
Zain844 (1 year ago)
Even if it failed in Japan it still did pretty well in the US. So it's not a complete failure, It doesn't make the list.
Daddy D (1 year ago)
+L&D Fifa true there's also the problem of it's name, x isn't positive in Japan
Daddy D (3 years ago)
+Calle Nilsson in June it sold about one hundred units, basically how the Wii U is selling here compared to the xbone and ps4 but several hundred times worse
Calle Nilsson (3 years ago)
+Austin Elliott How come? Surely its not that bad? I mean, I dont own one, so i dont know how good it is, and the concept with all of its "features" sounded outright horrible (most things were fixed, I've heard), but it has a decent array of games and so.
BigVar215 (3 years ago)
What's the name of that last Dreamcast game?
Devin (3 years ago)
Microsoft Xbox. Sixth gen. Microsoft announcing they were already in development of another console practically killed this thing off for a lot of developers. I think a lot of early 360 titles look like they could've made their way on to the original Xbox.
Stephen Thomas (3 years ago)
top ten consoles by nintendo
Stephen Thomas (3 years ago)
u shoulda put virtual boy at #1 itz rlly bad that console
ornery buddha (3 years ago)
How about the Turbo Grafx 16?
fatputtycat (3 years ago)
Just wanted to say something, your my favorite reviewer. When a game sucks you don't lay the smack down on it like reviewers such as AngryJoe do. Thanks for the awesome reviews, and keep it up!
stringanime (3 years ago)
Dreamcast was the last video game console. Everything PS2 and beyond feel more like a small PC or a blown up cell phone.
I animeboss (3 years ago)
Top ten games that troll you at the end
TechLikeABoss (3 years ago)
This is a funny story of how I found your channel: I used to rely on IGN for game reviews, but as we all know by now, they're pretty much untrustworthy. So I'm searching YouTube for a good reviewer, and I found your channel. That was 1 year ago, back when you first started, and I've always watched all of your videos since
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
+TechLikeABoss That is so awesome. Thank you so much for leaving me this great comment! :D
Matthew McHone (3 years ago)
Another great video :)
Badgerow (3 years ago)
Huskerdude 27 (3 years ago)
haha, so funny man. The nokia N-Guage was my first cell phone haha. Good times.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
+Huskerdude 2791 Whoa really? What was it like calling people on that thing? :D
Original Glass (3 years ago)
Top 10 controllers!
Tracer On Ice (3 years ago)
what about top ten game companys?
heck (3 years ago)
Holy crap your voice is awesome.
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
+Zitroné Kopf Thanks so much! :P
Flakman (3 years ago)
Number teeeeeeeennnnnn
Aidan Lappin (3 years ago)
Numba ooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnne
No Apple Bandai Pippin love? Nah just joshin it was a piece of shit!
How about top 10  games with the number 3 in the title ?
Hey man , i never comment on anything ever ,for real maybe 6x in 6 years , but I just had to  say  thanks  for another awesome video  and keep up the great work .
DreamcastGuy (3 years ago)
+Gregory Dunn Thanks for the nice comment! You rock! :D
Screamin Mime (3 years ago)
Well, you forgot to mention the Wii U...
Jordon Carter (7 months ago)
Screamin Mime dumb
Joe Kline (1 year ago)
Randy Rogers I have to disagree with that statement as compared to the sales of other Nintendo systems it was pretty poor. As it lasted only 4 years in production, the release of the Switch was meant to hide the mistake they had made
ThePuglyGamer (3 years ago)
Fuck up
Randy Rogers (3 years ago)
The Wii U hasn't really failed. It's gone downhill but it hasn't failed
Hogo69 (3 years ago)
I'll never forget the feelings playing sonic adventure and crazy taxi for the first time on my dreamcast. Too bad I traded it a couple years later for a ps2 :(. I've got one again now as an adult though :P.
Zero Cool (3 years ago)
I LOVED my Dreamcast!  So many great games on it.  I wish Sega would revive or at least port some more of the DC's library.  I would be more than willing to pay full price for Skies of Arcadia... again.  They don't even have to upscale it, just port it to the PS4 and I would be in heaven!
LandauTST (3 years ago)
To everyone saying "WII U!"...The Wii U isn't really a failure. A flop of sorts? Sure, but they've still sold 10,000,000 units and counting, which is nowhere near as catastrophic as the consoles on the list. Most of these companies never made a console again. Plus The Wii U still has at least a year and a half of life, with a couple big titles like Star Fox 0 and Zelda U yet to come out. And even with the NX does come out, Nintendo has stated they wouldn't be dumping support for the Wii U right away anyways, so...~*shrug*~ No matter how much people love to hate on it, its situation not that horrendous to be on a list like this.
Thomas Ruth (10 months ago)
Wii U sold only slightly more than Sega Dreamcast, it is a failure.

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