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Austin John Plays Channel Update 2018

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Hi. Channel Update. Subscribe to Austin John Plays for more great videos! ► http://www.Youtube.com/c/austinjohnplays?sub_confirmation=1 Official Austin John Plays video of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee: ►https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHVfhN9kB3qg5UsmzxI8XABFz - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Austin John Plays! ► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AustinJohnPlays ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AustinJohnPlays ► Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/AustinJohnPlays ► Official Website: http://austinjohnplays.com Watch More Austin John Plays! Latest Uploads: ► http://www.Youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHW5kBAcegELKMtAH-a8RRSG Popular Uploads: ► http://www.Youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHVrYIuFz1IlKb5RRnOPfTz_ Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHVfhN9kB3qg5UsmzxI8XABFz Super Smash Bros Ultimate ►https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHXfEXuaIhPGjQ17uP8axa52 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHWitiRsKE-PqxsRAceFfWXp Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: ►https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGyU0mZTYHXxwLVA1knr5BpxmhA91Dl4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - About Austin John Plays: News, Tips & Tricks and More for Pokemon Let's go Pikachu & Eevee, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild & More!
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Text Comments (1072)
Deadcoolpool (2 hours ago)
Sorry about losing the Nintendo deal, hope they reach out to you again.
R3F1C (18 hours ago)
asian country are really stiff with their sponsored stuff. example: the old spiderman actor (andrew garfield) got fired because he didnt have time to attend a live event in japan, couple weeks later he was released from his contract. so dont be discouraged by that.
Khrys Mainhardt (2 days ago)
Every time I say a shrines name in Zelda, I say it in your voice. I will always remain subbed. You are flipping awesome, and I can't get your voice outta my head.
richard logan (2 days ago)
No way am I ever going to unsubscribe. You helped me a lot in my Pokemon games in indescribable ways. No joke. :)
Carlos Chavez (2 days ago)
Been a subscriber for over a year and not planning on unsubscribing. Mom always told me I was the best. Thanks for reminding me :)
Nichole Bovey (5 days ago)
How do you enter the drawing for the switch?
danny_tsunamii (5 days ago)
What’s important is that you have fun with what you’re doing my dude. Good luck brother, looking forward to the pokemon and smash vids
Snapped Warlike (6 days ago)
Austin, don't you get discouraged, I really never write comments, but I gotta tell you, you must be the best and funniest at Zelda BOTW player and tips and trickster, I really missed you videos lately, keep it up bud!
Audrey (6 days ago)
I'll be here Austin, glad to have you back. Sorry Nintendo dropped you thats lame but i have a feeling they'll be back...
ugeh marian (7 days ago)
Thanks Austin you are doing great
spectrecutlass (7 days ago)
Joined the discord!
RafaMx (7 days ago)
Smashultimate, my favorite ever ever is Fox and I would like to see Wolf, Shadow or baby Bowser
Angel Natal (7 days ago)
Austin I’ve literally watched every BOTW video you’ve posted and I feel like you’ve been there through the whole journey 😭 you’re an amazing YouTuber and I can’t wait to see what you do with your channel next!
Jake just Jake (7 days ago)
Glad your back!
WB Music (7 days ago)
Ur doing great man keep up the good work love the vids
AlphaElias 07 (7 days ago)
I’ll never unsub
ninjafireball97 (8 days ago)
y would i unsubscribe who ever does this is not true fan / normal human
The Dog Lover (8 days ago)
Beta_Wolf _JG73 (8 days ago)
Keep it up Austin I love your channel and you inspire me to have a YouTube channel with a lot of subs but my mom doesn’t let me,so I hope you can get over millions of subs
Tricia Crain (9 days ago)
Aw AJ, we're for you man. Hope you're doing okay and can't wait for more content! We love you!
Michael Gould (9 days ago)
May have only been a member of your channel for 6 - 8 months but I'm still here enjoying your content keep up the good fight
Mr. Orange (9 days ago)
The truth is im a new subscriber but not a new viewer, I watched you since I was little, but I didnt know how to subscribe xD, besides that I love your videos sorry for you losing subscriber, keep up the good work and good luck in life.
Cedric Silva (9 days ago)
Love your channel! Can’t wait too see Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee content.
Redxaj (9 days ago)
you're amazing AJP!
Lemon 5786 (10 days ago)
Lemon 5786 (10 days ago)
What about Zelda more often?
Brayden Parker (10 days ago)
YES MORE ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snow Dragon (10 days ago)
JesCia Patterson (10 days ago)
Hey Austin, keep you're head up we're from Jersey we're resilient!!!! Been following you since botw and you have to do the next Zelda game in a few years! Look forward to the new vids.
LucyByTheOcean (10 days ago)
Please dont stop doing Zelda!! Im running out of options here!! The only ones I’ve got left is Mety333 and... thats it... Also you should change your intro music to Austin Powers intro song lol... idk maybe... idk.
xISkeptic (11 days ago)
Im new here and Im with ya man! 😇
stev kard (11 days ago)
love your channel. keep going and good luck!!
Steve Dow (11 days ago)
Thank you Austin you rock!!! Keep on going!
Camiron Lanoue (11 days ago)
Hey dude thanks for the heads up! I dont use Facebook so it sucks I won't get to watch you much more but I look forward to whatever you post
JohnQ0610 (11 days ago)
Keep uploading, now that I now you are uploading again. You got my full support
JohnQ0610 (11 days ago)
Well will stay on your side
Winter Fox (11 days ago)
Who tf would unsub from this awesome channel???
apu hindu (11 days ago)
Your content is awesome. Smash ultimate @amrom_handler
Iago ZamudioTroncoso (11 days ago)
Smash ultimate, violet
Space063 (11 days ago)
I've been watching since Zelda and the rest is history I love your channel keep it up btws I love your channel and I hope you see this.
jamarion 09 (12 days ago)
Hi Austin :) your a great youtuber love to see you back
brochlan (12 days ago)
Smashultimate Diddey kong
Joey Cochrane (12 days ago)
i am going to follow to watch 76. i have xbox i would love to play with you.
Joey Cochrane (12 days ago)
i got the beta.
Joey Cochrane (12 days ago)
keep at it man don't let anything keep you down and stay away from modded games. i loved ultralocked series.
Lt Locomotion (12 days ago)
You’re doing an amazing job on the channel you’ll always have my support you’ve helped me not only with my games but helped me deal with some of the hard times I’ve had to deal with so thank you so much
Alan Toledo (12 days ago)
Keep up the great work. Your channel is awesome and very helpful!!
Chris Spellman (12 days ago)
I just got shown this video. Way to go YouTube...
DIRTY MUGEN (12 days ago)
Glad your back
Pablo Martinez (12 days ago)
Austin I normally don’t care too much about work people put into YouTube but you’re different man I can feel your passion, I’m always sharing about you with my friends. Keep it up! A set back only sets you for a larger success. Keep grinding! We love your videos and content
dentrix0099 (12 days ago)
youtube is broken
Islam Hasibul (12 days ago)
Pear Juice XD (12 days ago)
I will never unsubscribe so you got me dude
Annalisa Roig (12 days ago)
Hey I love your channel and my sisters birthday is coming up soon. I was wonder how you sign up for the giveaway?
Gen 5 Pokemon (12 days ago)
Games are made to have fun! Do what you want, your real fans/Subiscribers will always be with you and because your pretty big you can actually do what you enjoy and will still get wiews. Enjoy your life!
Gen 5 Pokemon (12 days ago)
Maybe sound a bit deep but it's truth and you should always do what you want."Live every Day as if you where die tommorow and you will live forever" (Gandhi) True words
Nico Meeusen (12 days ago)
I asked my friends if they wanted to sub to you because you're video's are awsome and they help my in the games.
Kid In Motion (12 days ago)
You are amazing! Keep up the good work!
Yuhan Dixon (12 days ago)
Bro.....we gamer for life!!!
Thx for everything Zelda
Bright Melsic (12 days ago)
James byrd (13 days ago)
I don't like most Nintendo Games but i wont leave
the Duck (13 days ago)
How is the giveaway gonna work
Top Text Bottom Text (13 days ago)
How did you go from 900k+ to 487k? Youtube is goofing a LOT
Ysael Delgado (13 days ago)
Discord link?
Jemima Ottman (13 days ago)
I love your videos Austin forever
Thunderclaw130 (13 days ago)
Twilight princess on switch. Hell yah
ωRICE (13 days ago)
Troy Uchimiya (13 days ago)
kc212203 (13 days ago)
Hi Buddy! Thank you for your videos. You did any amazing job with the botw videos. You really helped me learn the secrets and have quality time with my partner playing it! Thank you.
Jaitra Ajgaonkar (13 days ago)
Austin, will you be doing another series or video with Phillybeatzu? I really loved the ultralocke and really want you two to get together and stream a let's play for Let's go Ever and Pikachu.
Ben Smith (13 days ago)
Ben Smith (13 days ago)
I don't understand why people would unsubscribe, the channel is entertaining and funny. Keep it up man!
The_doge 123 (13 days ago)
U should do Spyro reignited trilogy
Kasim Ali (13 days ago)
You deserve far more than half a mill subs
Tim Reusch (13 days ago)
you're doing great, huge fan especially all the news you give. Thanks for all the Videos you make :D
Angel Andrade (13 days ago)
I have been watching you for 5 years thats almost my whole life because i'm 10. Thats half of my life!
Liquefied Mass (13 days ago)
Love the channel man wish i could get more zelda videos of you just playing would be pretty cool.
ttowne0523 (13 days ago)
I'm sorry Nintendo did you like that. Wow. You are my go to game guy! Thanks for doing what you do.
Krys Katastroph (13 days ago)
Keep going dude!!! Cant wait to watch all your new videos!
X X (13 days ago)
why did this just pop up in my feed wtf?!?
chris Bush (13 days ago)
hey i liked and subscribed btw i would like lets go pikachu
chris Bush (13 days ago)
keep up the good work
Zac Parmentier (13 days ago)
Not a frequent watch but I always love your videos keep up the work Austin
Sweezy (13 days ago)
I found you during breath of the wild and I still think you have best videos and guides out there for the game
superstrz superstrz (14 days ago)
I’m always excited when u put out new content !!!
Winter Chandelure (14 days ago)
I missed ya man. I'm glad your uploading some stuff again
jr Jake (14 days ago)
I love your channel keep it up. I hope this channel gets more subscribers than everyone else.
KappaSunn (14 days ago)
Hang in there bro.
John Solomon (14 days ago)
LETSGO Favorite character is pikachu, falco, corrin or bow. Jr
I’m sorry bro 💔
Deklan Grenside (14 days ago)
SMASHULTIMATE LETSGO! My favourite character is Ike, Pikachu and Kirby and I would want to see Marshadow because he is so cute, cool and strong and i would also want to see Mewtwo or Mew! It would be so amazing if i could win a Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros Ultimate! I have always wanted a Nintendo switch because they seemed so cool and all my friends have them. I always played Super Smash Bros on the Wii so seeing a new and better version of that is so cool and i really want to play it on the Nintendo Switch so i hope i win! :D Thanks for reading and i know its a bit long, sorry! :D
RNG_555 GAMING (14 days ago)
I just found you about 3 months ago but I like your videos they are really good , nice charmander tattoo
Jeswil Guanipa (14 days ago)
What is that rainbow tattoo on your arm im so curious :3
Paper Animations (14 days ago)
"Hello I'm Austin you probably knew that" What nooooo who are you man I neevverr kneew that you where Austin. By the way keep up the great work we all support whatever you do!
Sm0k1nACe (15 days ago)
Keep up the good work man! I'll find you on FB I didn't know you streamed over there. Still enjoy your content even though you call your range Rover a truck 😁😂 lol jk jk. Do you bro! Good luck with it all!
Simon Alshamani (15 days ago)
I support you bro. No matter what
Marcus (15 days ago)
Wonderful to hear you doing good
Jeffrey Aiden (15 days ago)
It kills me when all these amazing gaming channels go through these phases
Brad The Accelgorator (15 days ago)
I'm now following you on Facebook (primarily for Pokemon) since I could really go for a 2nd light of help from you again Austin. I'm trying to figure out a strategy for multi-battles (if there is such a thing with an AI partner), but I can never seem to get it right no matter what I bring to the table, what advice can I get from you (as someone who's good at in-game competitive), on this scenario? Because I apparently "hit a wall". Singles and Doubles are no issue for my teams I have meant for those scenarios, it's Multi-battles that puzzle me past the point because of the AI messing with my strategy.
aditya Vaishnav (15 days ago)
You are doing great Austin and I love your videos very much
Benton Cheung (15 days ago)
i believe that there will be a skyward sword remake on the switch

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