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The Best Skateboarding Game Nobody Played

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Text Comments (2322)
hand some guy (3 hours ago)
Skate 3
RayIsDed (10 hours ago)
this is the first video i have seen by you... "good." -Me 10/5
Big Bubba (10 hours ago)
I have a feeling he is drunk everytim he does these things
Neurotyczny Kot (17 hours ago)
yes, R* make new Thrasher T_T
Neurotyczny Kot (17 hours ago)
after so many years I found you... second person on this fucking planet who love Thrasher... I spend hundreds of hours in that game.
GT6SuzukaTimeTrials (20 hours ago)
I had a demo disc once and this game was on it. Loved the ragdoll physics.
domesticV1190XxOo (2 days ago)
Dona Nobis Pacem. I used to sing that in my mom's choir. Fav song to sing cuz it's 3 words
Johnny Jobu (2 days ago)
I played the shit out of this game back in the day.
Aku (2 days ago)
If anyone wanted to know who the guy is taking off his coat that's Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
Sterling White (3 days ago)
This is hilarious
Humble 9300 (3 days ago)
Ha your videos are so hilarious to watch stoned.
Fiddles McHorsedung (3 days ago)
Rappers delight
Ben_42 Rogers (3 days ago)
@2:43 the prophecy has foretold of the chosen one
Raheel Khan (4 days ago)
I played pretty much all of the skate & BMX games for the PS1 back in the day. Found Thrasher after THPS2 & THPS3. It was a pain in the ass to get used to, but once I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not comparable to THPS series (not meant in a bad way). They both offer different approaches to the same sports. Definitely worth getting one's hands on it if one can find it.
PG Frank (4 days ago)
Thrasher was a great game!!. But I couldn't get past 20 seconds of your video because you act like a complete fucking idiot!
KillingerDOOM (4 days ago)
I played this game, but it was tough. You had to press a button combo to be able to land tricks. Made the game less fun than the Tony Hawk games or even Grind Session
jim hemp (4 days ago)
No joke you should learn that titanic song from the movie on that bad boy
azumanguy (4 days ago)
nice video! don't like your style
Joe-Lou (4 days ago)
Wonderful. I smashed that bell for this
Joe-Lou (4 days ago)
"Hey kid show me a dick flip!"
sboss (5 days ago)
Street Sk8er came out a year earlier, was fucking rad, and had an awesome soundtrack.
the recorder is a horrible gimmick its not funny cmon.
Bruno Andrade (5 days ago)
Today i learned how to do dickflips
LOVED this game :)
J Hutchyy92 (5 days ago)
Possibly the best game review video I've ever witnessed. Well done sir.
Barrick MacReady (5 days ago)
The Ragdoll effect made this game a Gem
Johnny Felcher (7 days ago)
Everyone I knew was playing the shit out of that game at the time.
Trevor Morgan (7 days ago)
Getting Steve Brule vibes from this guy
giannis psillias (8 days ago)
So I was wondering....what drugs are you on ? I mean maybe it's just your flute/bong ( is this a flute ? Or sthing else...)
giannis psillias (8 days ago)
It's a recorder ....
louiefiend (8 days ago)
Yeah you wouldnt listen to Gangstar cause you a fuckboii
louiefiend (8 days ago)
Seriously bro stop drinking and making videos
louiefiend (8 days ago)
I played this game your just a poser that didnt skate
Michael Alcantar (9 days ago)
I just subscribed
daniel scott (9 days ago)
Yeah i smashed a couple of ps1 pads playing this , made me the awesome gamer i am today
Jamie Williams (10 days ago)
The soundtrack is why I still remember that game
Jade Louise Tidman (10 days ago)
Yop yop yop yop yeeooooo
Jaughn Deau (11 days ago)
everyone played thrasher. where tf were u? grind session too fucker.
b. b. (13 days ago)
That was hands down my favorite game that I use to play daily especially because of the music selection they had!
James Blackwood (13 days ago)
Damn, this is a throwback. I think might have I played this before I even played THPS.
David James (14 days ago)
I got THPS and this when they came out. Played Thrasher a lot more. Funny ass review!
semi.tasteful.salad_ (14 days ago)
"Lack of Skate 4" E3 2018 niggas be like (laughing crying emoji)
Youtubehasaids (14 days ago)
Fuck, I wish I was as high as you bro
Q Lazarus (14 days ago)
The soundtrack to this game was the best soundtrack ever.
Q Lazarus (14 days ago)
The soundtrack to this game was the best soundtrack ever.
Lucky Clover (15 days ago)
TehBobb (15 days ago)
*watches the video for a bit* should i subcribe? *dona nobis pacem Yes, I should subscribe.
Army of Ninjas (17 days ago)
I loved this game. Never knew Rockstar was involved.
My Bullets Do Nothing (17 days ago)
I played this back when the skateboarding games were all the craze but the difference between this game & the others is this actually felt like a simulation. It was hard as fuck to even do a simple kickflip but it's not easy in real life either so that's what made me enjoy it along with I'm sure actual skateboarders. But that's most likely why it didn't take off along with Tony Hawk taking all the spotlight. The game was just too hard for the average gamer.
eric13upinriop (17 days ago)
I loved this game felt realer than thps
Mike Labonte (17 days ago)
Thrasher was so fucking hard. But actually landing a complex trick was so rewarding .
skattergraph (17 days ago)
I played this game. I bought it when it came out my friend got really good at it my brain just could grasp it's mechanics. I did really enjoy it back then.
Box Addict (17 days ago)
Dave mirra was my fav game after this one
Ghostys Golden (17 days ago)
What am i watching
Dono s (17 days ago)
Its the soul sonic force!!!!!!
Farmiluc (18 days ago)
Had Trasher for 14 years, sold it 4 years ago :( if i remebered it i wouldn't have tbh
Kevin Clegg (18 days ago)
Brink reference auto subbed
Josh Cantrell (18 days ago)
I loved thrasher skate and destroy for ps1. Controls were super funky took me a while to get use to them but I eventually beat the game. I hated the changed perspective once the cop started chasing you
HxZeyy (18 days ago)
Holy shit I swear I had this and i found it fucking solid
scooby doobie (18 days ago)
I fucking love this guy. Absolutely hilarious
Connor Macdonald (18 days ago)
Wtf is wrong with you
TheN64man (18 days ago)
Then someone else made Session
Ice Kold Killa (18 days ago)
It's funny we call THPS arcade yet at the time it was labeled as a skateboarding simulator haha
CitySkin09 (18 days ago)
“It’s janky as fuck but it’s really good.” - LOL!!!
deelite19 (19 days ago)
dick flips
jsk8et (19 days ago)
This was literally the only game I had for PlayStation, and it was the only game I needed. So good. Way more fun to me than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater because it was a little more realistic.
LAX SUPERB (19 days ago)
This was fuckin stupid, I love it...Never change
wickedraiden186 (19 days ago)
Kenya Smith (19 days ago)
Good topic, but this guy is annoying as fuck. Last about halfway through the video.
SplatoonTwo (19 days ago)
you have an ugly fucking face and an abrasive 'personality'
whatish thishshiz (19 days ago)
Why are you trying to talk like Rick Sanchez? Like, bro!
WithoutAChance64 (19 days ago)
Damn that was annoying
Victor Sanchez (19 days ago)
3:57 first time seeing supreme in mega pixels.
Hairy Ballsack (20 days ago)
Lmao i love it
Smooth Silk (20 days ago)
I'M THE KING OF ROCK! THEY CALL ME SIRE! I WON'T STOP ROCKIN TILL I RETIRE! I played the ever living shit out of this Demo back on Ps1
RidinSpinaz04 (21 days ago)
Loved this game as a kid and I’m glad he mentioned the hip hop soundtrack.
Flipstylee6 (22 days ago)
I still play it.
SammyTeee (22 days ago)
never rated a youtubers music taste more
Ferris Lambtwine (23 days ago)
are you drunk?
Sal St. Reaper (23 days ago)
3:52 For a second there, I actually thought that was an actual boy. I was like Jesus Christ, that's a pretty ass dude. If I wasn't a religious dude, I'd love to bang that. But it's what's her face. The chick that was banging the dude from nickelback.
Squirrel ASMR (23 days ago)
What's wrong with this guy? Edit: I mean in a good way.
SocialdDem (23 days ago)
My childhood best friend loved this game. Narrator is cringy btw, trying way too hard.
Mat Bas (24 days ago)
ma boy doing some rockstar games promotion respect homez apreciate that flute can i shove it somewhere u might like?
Michael De Luca (24 days ago)
Z-Axis made Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX 1 and 2 you pleb. But good video none the less.
Simón Sarmiento (25 days ago)
David Williams (25 days ago)
Your fucking annoying as fuck with that flute
iknow youdontknow (25 days ago)
Tay k vs Nahmir (25 days ago)
I laughed not once wtf
TCG Lou (25 days ago)
BMXXX is a pretty good game actually haha
The hell did I just watch
hammy (27 days ago)
I Accidentally Myself (27 days ago)
How much cocaine are you on?
quietdominator666 (27 days ago)
I played this and your a tosser.
David Lippai (28 days ago)
Thanks man i'll put this on my psp
Sean Lambert (28 days ago)
Still play this game. Never got old for me
Skyrilla (28 days ago)
Sam Hyde's little brother?
Samson Moses (28 days ago)
So glad I found this video... I just subscribed and I hope his other vids are this good.
Tantalis77 (28 days ago)
i dont think anyone could present a game review any more annoying than you.
IN BAD TASTE (29 days ago)
tony got a cheque for 4 million during thps1's success fuckin lit af
GodfatherPayne (29 days ago)
is that 2345meia78
Vee Spade (1 month ago)
I played the ever-living shit out of it, but yeah, I was the only one I knew.

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