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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Cinematic Trailer

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An epic new trailer for the exciting game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Over five minutes of cinematic footage from Eidos Montreal's sequel. IGN's YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: http://www.ign.com Want this week's top videos? Sign up: http://go.ign.com/VideoRound-up
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Day Man (3 days ago)
I've seen a lot of trailers before and since but this will always be my favorite.
IcarusXFnord (4 days ago)
What a load of self-indulgent tosh
Andrey Knizhnikov (5 days ago)
Best trailer in the history
Ultra Tovarisch (7 days ago)
- You'll neve find them! - I'll never stop looking. Goosebumps.
AZiZ (7 days ago)
What the meaning of [h+]^3
Willem DaFuckedUp (7 days ago)
I loved this game so much, im sad Mankind Divided wasn't as interesting
Izanagiii (8 days ago)
Still watching in 2018
Matt Lowe (12 days ago)
Still the best game trailer ever
lordmasterization (14 days ago)
Elizah Kassan is fake news!
woster27 jensen (18 days ago)
" The body may heal but the mind isn't always so resilient " that's a quote
STAY RAW (18 days ago)
Guess what it's
STAY RAW (18 days ago)
Set deusex.jcdenronmale bcheatsenabled true
STAY RAW (18 days ago)
Is there still JC Denton
TheDragon096-2 (20 days ago)
... The only place I recognise the start of this song is in kitty0706’s tf2 vid
Samrat Mukherjee (20 days ago)
What a Trailer.!!! And what a Game.... After I finished playing, it lingered in my mind for several weeks.
lubna loves (28 days ago)
Fav game ever
8 years later i am still watching this trailer, and... Eidos, WHERE IS MY DEUS EX 5 and DEUS EX HR REMASTERED FOR NEXT GEN!!!
Misaka Kusanagi (1 month ago)
8 years later and I still get chills.
D J (1 month ago)
You're going to lose, and be even worse enslaved, if you don't Repair, logically. *You could surrender in a funny way though? And try to be nice?* I would, probably, though I can't see the full spectrum of issues.
D J (1 month ago)
*I've said many times, and alluded to this, you should seek to "Repair" your "broken robots," or whatever. Or simply just surrender, and move on with life.* If your "robots" are "broken," you're screwed. -- Your awesome "robot ally" is in danger, and this is the most pressing issue. *Are you going to win if your "robot ally" is "broken," realistically? Much less likely.*
D J (1 month ago)
I've said many times, and alluded to this, you should seek to "Repair" your "broken robots," or whatever. Or simply just surrender, and move on with life. If your "robots" are "broken," you're screwed.
D J (1 month ago)
A Deus Ex movie would be sweet, and there are a few mini-movies already.
D J (1 month ago)
If it's just a Dada, then what does it mean? It's just meant to be silly, like a funny poem or something, I think. If they can get a little edge, or a great edge, of psychological imbalance, from the Dada, then they've completed their ends, I think.
D J (1 month ago)
They're trying to mess with your balance, and your psychological balance, with a concurrence of "Dadas," that appear to have some greater meaning, but actually are mostly random. - Realizing that it's simply a "Dada" gives you an edge, I think.
D J (1 month ago)
Lovely, and a fun game, but SILLY.
Saint Heather (1 month ago)
I, Nerevar, axed for this
Athurius (2 months ago)
Still watching 2018...
grmtr4 (2 months ago)
Американский петух с механическими крылышками... осталось встроить унитаз в голову.
James Love (2 months ago)
7 years later and this game is still dope.
Gargar Bad (2 months ago)
Still among the best game trailers I've ever watched back here in 2018
HyBrID (2 months ago)
This game and Mankind Divided are possibly my favourite games so far in life. MAGICAL , MAGICAL , MAGICAL
Foreman1329 (2 months ago)
it's been 8 years but once in a while i still come here to watch this again
levios rainnor (2 months ago)
Human Revolution still best for me
gtadead (2 months ago)
This trailer is perfection
Perry D (2 months ago)
Still to this day one of the greatest video game trailers I’ve ever seen
TheElitePeople (2 months ago)
Nine years…
Bobby Brahmadutt (2 months ago)
One of best RPG of all time
supiamco (2 months ago)
I'm 9 years old and I play almost all Deus ex but not invisible war and mankind divided
supiamco (2 months ago)
Join the#IDontCareGosh
Skynet Dreams (2 months ago)
Now backwards compatible on Xbox One!
One of the best game trailer ever made
Yuri on Edge (2 months ago)
Human Revolution > Mankind Divided Fight me.
Mr. Lol (2 months ago)
Isaac Romero Bottini (3 months ago)
A crossover with cyberpunk. I know, the years are too far from each other 2027-2077, but who knows, could be awesome.
Andrea Toppi (3 months ago)
2027 is a big mistake. Maybe in 2127 we will have all that technologic bullshit
kagetsuki23 (1 month ago)
Don't be so sure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vYA8L_r850.
Holy Crusader (3 months ago)
Looks like I'm the only one watching in 2018 huh? Better than mankind divided by far.
Bruno Costa (3 months ago)
Top 10 de mais showw
CyberRonin (3 months ago)
Damn.. I'm hyped all over again.
DDdubbel88 (3 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Izanagiii (3 months ago)
Whomst is watching in 2018?
Geralt of Trivia (3 months ago)
5:02 Half Life 3 confirmed!
Dmitry Polyakov (3 months ago)
Constantine Gavrin (3 months ago)
They say it is possible, make me forget that.
Dan Rodriguez (3 months ago)
I've go this on and all the cut scenes iv seen aren't in the game.
Garruk The Wildspeaker (3 months ago)
it's one of the best trailers ever made.
Damian Dreamer (4 months ago)
Adam Jenson, king of quotes to live by
Pedo DoraemonGay (4 months ago)
I just hope in 2027 they realese final fantasy XXVII
The Nuaghty Ninja (4 months ago)
Recommended anyone?
PonzooonTheGreat (4 months ago)
That music! That everything!
londonbeat (4 months ago)
Awesome game . The best
Rakot123456 (4 months ago)
I always asked for this Adam.
Prussia (4 months ago)
This game is a prophecy.
NeoSozialist (4 months ago)
Disappointed in one thing. not subtitle or captioning great cinematic trailer but flop in subbing
Leonard Luzon (4 months ago)
arikelvara (4 months ago)
EricKZhang (4 months ago)
"These people, Adam. They're like ghosts. Always in the shadows. Always hiding behind lies and proxy soldiers. I need you to find them. They cannot not stop us. They cannot stop the future .."
James VonRaynor (4 months ago)
Barney Winner 5 brought me here.
Oof (4 months ago)
cat taco wants a taco from jack in the box
Turtleproof (3 months ago)
I empathize with Jensen so much, there's so much I'm not allowed to do to thwart heinous crimes because I work in the private sector and have morals. I just want to sleep, but there are always nightmares about the people I failed to protect or another call to respond to. EDIT: I must have written that when I was half asleep and being overly dramatic. The Internet is forever, hooray!
Meladoom2 (4 months ago)
Don't you just hate it when something happens in the "Near future" and when that "Near future" happens, none of it is actually true
Constantine Gavrin (4 months ago)
Hello guys and girls. How do you think - is that implants are possible in real grey life or not ?
K O R i G A N (5 months ago)
I'm now playing this game in 2018....
Rick Whitehead (5 months ago)
This is still my favorite game trailer ever made. Excellent in every way.
Dexter Starling (5 months ago)
One of my all-time favorite games!
Im Sou (5 months ago)
JayViolay (5 months ago)
Deus Ex Human Revolution is better than Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Gangsta cat (5 months ago)
this would be so dope if it was a movie
JacArc (5 months ago)
Now I know why I still love this game.
lordofdacurries (5 months ago)
A Deus Ex with God of War style fighting mechanism would be such a masterpiece.
Gamer Madden07 (5 months ago)
Anyone else hyped for Cyberpunk 2077?
liquid cyberpunk (5 months ago)
Wish they made a movie
John Doe (5 months ago)
blade runner 2049 is the closest you'll get
Chain (6 months ago)
Old man: They cannot stop us.They cannot stop the future. Me:Aren't you already in the future.
MightyCloud99 (6 months ago)
Sadly I don't think they're coming out with a third release.
Space junk (6 months ago)
It's still a mystery to me why the cutscenes in the game are lower quality than this.
Nariman Bakhtiari (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Flak (6 months ago)
Most of the stuff in this trailer ... Never happened in the game. =/
Jhon Ortiz (6 months ago)
My favourite game
syncs gaming (6 months ago)
Jack and daniels guy
Olegh Rozman (6 months ago)
Now is 2018. So after 9 years we gona live in the world like this? CANT WAIT! =D
James Small (6 months ago)
Hands down, best video game trailer ever made.
Ramza (7 months ago)
Sarif was fine on this game. Never understood why they went full queen on him on the sequel.
TSMAC88 (7 months ago)
One of the greatest trailers ever made! And even so, the game surpassed the trailer!
grognougnou (7 months ago)
One of the most impressive trailers ever made.
а чё тут лишь амереканцы?
Omanisat (7 months ago)
Still one of the GOAT videogame soundtracks.
Simon Linares (7 months ago)
type on google.... jorge linares you will see adan jensen in real person .... FOR SURE
Final Flash (7 months ago)
I’ll never stop coming back to this trailer to rewatch it
Caffeinated Caffeine (6 months ago)
Did he have to get built in sunglasses?
Chain (6 months ago)
Caffeinated Caffeine I want sunglasses like those.
Gothelf Bros. Studios (7 months ago)
"It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here." Another eternal truth. Hands down still my favorite trailer for any game since 1987.

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