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10 Video Game Endings With Disturbing Implications

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These 10 video game endings are anything but happy... For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (1564)
lps raven (4 days ago)
Dammit, I laughed so hard my wiggly tooth came out 😂
Luis Moran (10 days ago)
I miss Adam in Whatculture
MKG176 (27 days ago)
Can we just admit that this Adam is the Kojima of WhatCulture? As in, if this guy leaves you start making pachinko machines instead.
Jonathan Garcia (1 month ago)
Well shit Tekken 5 scarred me.
Karl Renner (1 month ago)
2:00 MG's president is a robot nutcase. 2018 American president is a nutcase with a robot.
Leo Mack (1 month ago)
Link is a helmet lol
Title: Video game endings with disturbing implications Ad before video plays: Rated T for teen, blood, violence, maybe some nudity.
Janus Zeal (2 months ago)
You Forgot in MGS2 that motherfucking Vamp is in the background of the final cut-scene.
peterplaysbass (3 months ago)
rg was here (3 months ago)
except... NOPE!!!
Sarah Randall (3 months ago)
(Half-arsed) wtf plumbers can't kill children anymore?! You've changed man!
Kyle Tatum (4 months ago)
Except...NOPE. lol here 3 years later. Funny dude.
Alec Skinner (4 months ago)
Why is it that countries are more about the government than its people? A governement doesnt matter if the people arent there.
Jushin Thunder Luger (4 months ago)
Except........... NOPE
Fern-Sama (5 months ago)
Except...NOPE its stated creatures like the Dodongo king was placed there by gannon and were eating gorons :| Link saved them
PunchAkainu (5 months ago)
Solidus was not elected, the patriots control the government
Voltaic Fire (5 months ago)
Meanwhile in 2018: "Jason! Jaaasoon! Jason!"
For The Legend of Zelda, shouldn’t you have pointed out that even though Ganon or (insert evil being here) is temporarily defeated they will be reborn or released one day, with Link and Zelda being reborn along with them, so the characters are eternally stuck in a never ending battle between good and evil and they will never know true peace?
Graham Robertson (6 months ago)
referencing "the band haywire" while showing a picture of platinum blonde? that's a paddling...
F Dog (6 months ago)
Except maybe mario didnt kill them. Maybe he just brutalized them. Then destroyed the castle with them in it.
farid khan (6 months ago)
Streets of rage 2 is what I played and UC2.....agreed.
Spencer Winchester (7 months ago)
"The lady with the aforementioned boobs"
AKiStar Clips (7 months ago)
I Fucking Hate Jack and Rose.
#PRO 5K PRANCER (7 months ago)
More Adam! On What Culutre Gaming! We Want Adam! We Want Adam! We Want Adam!
SirZero1996 (7 months ago)
I'm prepared for the conseqences of saying this. I didn't think mass effect 3's ending was that bad. It was at best good, but could be better.
J K (7 months ago)
When you're describing the Metal Gear version of America... it kinda sounded better than 2017 America. At least Trump isn't the President in that world
Super Dude (7 months ago)
King dodongo was going to eat gorons tho
Poison (7 months ago)
yay adam is back
Poison (4 months ago)
ooh kingslayer I dont give a fuck. YAY ADAM IS BACK!!
ooh kingslayer (6 months ago)
Poison old video mate
All The Reasons Why (8 months ago)
Adam is the only person that actually has a GODDAMN personality
Philman Gaming (8 months ago)
The bosses Link beats are minions of Ganon terrorizing the people's of Hyrule, so, no, your wrong.
Kole Weisensel (8 months ago)
The ending to mega man 7 like Mega literally threatens to kill Wily in the name of “justice” yeah he just wanted to kill him
Jordan Hendrix (8 months ago)
Who else thought of Titanic with the jack and rose thing
testzombie (8 months ago)
I would subscribe and watch more of your videos....but unfortunatly a lot of them have this cringeworthy Adam munchkin in them....and I can't stand his voice....and his looks.....my gf too.
Benjamin Farias (8 months ago)
1:57 just like in real life.
Dynamic Unreality (8 months ago)
Still dead, but the Koopalings aren't Bowser's children.
John Meyer (8 months ago)
Social security? I think you mean social services?
The G line (8 months ago)
i miss adam
Cassandra Santos (8 months ago)
Brett Johnson (9 months ago)
Plumbers can't kill children! What a load of sjw crap!
David Potts (9 months ago)
Is Adam still at WhatCulture?
The G line (8 months ago)
no he and 5 others quit and adam is under a sex scandal for leaking nudes
Rômulo Gomes (9 months ago)
ya know because of the implication
Mauricio Landeros (9 months ago)
In the game of zelda, zelda the incarnation of of the prinses is taken by gondorf and link gose out to save her each haveing a peace if the triefors
Razvan Nicolaie (9 months ago)
I miss Adam..
Beau Walker (9 months ago)
Mario didn't kill the Koopalings, he just "defeated" them. Seeing how they keep coming back.
SupahFly (9 months ago)
as a plumber im offended.
Tom Y (9 months ago)
"Yes, Master Lee?" "2 fingers. Or put your whole fist in."
juan angeles (9 months ago)
Is anyone else watching this in 2017
Coolcatlover69 (9 months ago)
Heavy rain is personally one of my favourite games
andres perez (10 months ago)
This video sucks
The69DJ (10 months ago)
Plumbers killing kids: an Amy Fisher story?
Jeff VanMeter (10 months ago)
How about Raiden's apocalyptic ending in MK1?
Vladislav Kirilov (10 months ago)
Adam made every video funny now it's just......
Marcus D'Meschief (10 months ago)
i miss plumpy 💔
Torqus (10 months ago)
The fuck is this, auto-play fucked me again. Dude, I had to stop after 5, are you really taking games so seriously? And after all I know it's just your opinion but after everything I heard you sound just like a redneck from South Park. "Make america great again" right?
But he kooplings are in NSMBW...
Jacob Ballman (10 months ago)
Miss you plumpy😭
OP (10 months ago)
90 precent of this video is just him questioning logic that doesn't exist. In other words. He's just overthinking things for comedic value.
Tamas Sandor (10 months ago)
Ceca Siahaan (11 months ago)
Ooh… Fridge horror…
Lone Wolf (11 months ago)
Adam, Adam Why!!!!
Mike Zybala (11 months ago)
IDK where you get your high ideology., but I took plumbing is highschool as a trade, and THE FIRST thing we learned was how to kill children.
Kevin R. (11 months ago)
You got Iggy and Ludwig backwards.
Talking Sink (11 months ago)
On heavy rain, mental illness is not a legal justification of taking away a parents custody, take this from someone who majored in social work. As well considering heavy rain takes place in the US and the courts generally favor the mother in custody battles Sean was most likely already in his mothers custody. As well mental illness treatment isn't a one size fits all, a stable family life could help one person cope while it may not for another person. The human mind isn't so simple that there's any one "cure" for a problem.
Steven Seagull (11 months ago)
You missed unreal 1. You are still stuck on an alien planet surrounded by weird monsters and four armed giants with no hope of ever getting home cuz of the planet's gravity well. All you did is commit xenocide.
Steven Seagull (11 months ago)
5:15 OR!!! 3: You are playing as a crazy person who is HALLUCINATING george and abe.
Steven Seagull (11 months ago)
4:20 'Russians' is just a term for people from Russia. The entire country is NOT one big mafia you know? Racist much? Or did you think that if a British mob guy gets killed, that you have a responsibility to go kill his killers? I think you lost your mind on this one...
real.life.Joly (1 year ago)
Sorry, Adam, but-- I just have to point out that the little snippet of Mario nailing the castles with his trusty-- Plumber's Hammer? (WTF!) was actually from Super Mario WORLD, NOT Super Mario 3, so... Yeah, I DO think you owe Mario an apology; he didn't actually KILL the Koopalings, until that was, they kidnapped and tortured those adorable little Yoshi eggs, rather... :( <3
Justin Egts (1 year ago)
PTSD is manageable if you take medication for it, it'll never go away even on medication
Marieke Hendriksen (1 year ago)
cancer alone basement storage chinese report association while
sephyrspirit29 (1 year ago)
Dear God that speedo was....uuuughh
James Dombroski (1 year ago)
President who's a robot nut case?
KingDoms Kingdom (1 year ago)
Spot on description of the Ruski's and what their flag should be, Sorry Russia... Please dont turn off our gas... PLEEEEEEEEASE?
KingDoms Kingdom (1 year ago)
Wait, no metal gear solid noticed sound (looks at the moon and howls)
Michael Girodat (1 year ago)
The Haywire jab nearly made me spit my coffee
Schmitt Cat (1 year ago)
Bowser's kids deserved it. Have you played Mario Kart?
Raven World (1 year ago)
in number 7, you said the word F*k more times than gordan ramsy
kirborb orb (1 year ago)
bruh kirby's dreamland 2 and kirby 64: the crystal shards had some dark implications as in the species that were y'know possessing ppl are probably still hanging around and/or controlling major characters y'know, kirby! for kids!
Comic Books Plus (1 year ago)
Well a Super Mario 3 is a play and 2nd they said they were his kids not 12 years old or something. Shit they could all be in their 30's
Windmelodie (1 year ago)
You know how I always write funny comments and that even this one will make you laugh? Except... NOPE This was actually just a ruse to make you like this comment. Shocking, I know.
OhWolfy84 (1 year ago)
The koopa kids knew what they were getting into...
That Guy (1 year ago)
Tbh I was expecting the call of Dudy ghosts ending... Still got chills from that one.
Cobalt (1 year ago)
Except the Koopalings don't die because they turn up in other games.
SuperMech64 (1 year ago)
Read the Manuel for SMB, the toads from the kingdom were turned into bricks and flowers.......The same ones that Mario breaks with his fist
SuperMech64 (1 year ago)
Holy fuck that Ending in Tekken 5 scarred me worse than Jinpachi's ending
SRG Zach Attack (1 year ago)
Why do a lot of girls like the one in lost rain try to pull of a dudes hiar cut when you can grow out ur hiar
San Juan Horst (1 year ago)
Minor correction, Solidus Snake wasn't President of the US anymore by the time that MGS2 took place. As a matter of fact, it was even stated several times in MGS2 that he had to step down as consequence of the events from MGS1. I mean you even try to rescue the current President of the US in the game, which Solidus has actually holding as hostage. That is literally one of your missions in the plant. How one could miss that is beyond me.
Vikana100 REVAMPED (1 year ago)
"You f*cked it! You f*cked it!" Over and over again I was just dying of laughter. Really this whole video is funny
Fanfiction Writer (1 year ago)
CoD: MW3. Europe is in ruins, Russia is likely to be invaded/split into multiple nations/occupied/plunged into a third civil war, most of the American East coast in utterly decimated, there is mass anarchy in Europe after the Russians are pushed out with many governments being severally injured, possible hundreds of millions of people are dead across America and Europe, Africa has many uncontrolled and rampant crime groups, Cpt. Price is a war criminal, the SAS could stand possible trial for assisting him, potential thousands of Russian soldiers stand trial for war crimes.
DrakoDragonis (1 year ago)
Adam, The 'cold war' is over man.
the1upguy (1 year ago)
Another one: Zelda Breath of the Wild. At the end, you seal ganon away EXCEPT NOPE. GANON'S GONNA COME BACK IN A FEW THOUSAND YEARS, AND THEN, WHO WILL STOP HIM? Yeah they talk about there being generations of links and zeldas but... what if they're born after ganon takes over? They talk about having the divine beasts and the guardians, but it was already shown how easy it is for ganon to turn them against you! It's a happy ending, yes. But the implications are dark to think about
Divine Death (1 year ago)
Just gonna put this picture of Mass effect 3 here for no reason. Hahaha.
James Trenoweth (1 year ago)
Zelda did give Robin Williams daughter something to promote but yes plumbers should not kill
40 XDDD (1 year ago)
Uh the Koopalings aren't Bower's children
Hayden G3 (1 year ago)
.....But none of Bowser's children died in Mario Bros. 3, considering they've been in games since then
Fromaster24 (1 year ago)
When it comes to the Helmaroc King, that thing was Ganon's pet and he threw Link and kidnapped his sister so I'd say he had that coming. Otherwise, yeah Link just kinda murdered a bunch of territorial animals...
Tyler Worsham (1 year ago)
I admit to not having great familiarity with the Mario franchise, so maybe I just don't know any better, but who says Bowzer is even a villain at all? How do we know that Peach doesn't actually like him? As far as I know, the reason Peach gets "kidnapped" all the time is becaise she wants to go with him? Maybe my knowledge and understanding ismt up to snuff, which I know it isn't, but the only objective reason for which I am aware that we know Mario is the hero is because the games say so, but you could just as easily argue that Bowzer is taking her back and it's Mario who is just invading Bowzer's territory, destroying and jumping on eblverything and everyone and killing his kids so he can kidnap Peach again, and perhaps Peach shows affection towards Mario becaise she has some form of Stockholm Syndrome or something? I am over analyzing this way too much...
Chris (1 year ago)
Eh, New York needed a purge anyways.
Refer Panthers (1 year ago)
Going awol is bad just ask Randy Orton
sergio s siengmund (1 year ago)
Any Kirby game( except dreamland), he swallows thousands of creatures that come in his way, and thap them in another dimension that is his stomach.
Aavishkar Singh (1 year ago)
Dislike for you good sir since you clearly didn't research Link or the Legend of Zelda properly🤗

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