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Super Safari: a super start to learning for very young learners

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http://www.cambridge.org/supersafari Super Safari is a three-level pre-primary course from Cambridge University Press that welcomes very young children to English. Through exciting stories, songs and plenty of playtime, the course supports the cognitive, motor-sensory and social development of young learners. Polly the parrot and her friends welcome children to English through colourful stories, TPR, action songs and lots of fun. Together with Polly, children discover the fascinating world around them and the importance of values like sharing and cooperation. Join the adventure. Join Super Safari, for a super start to learning! http://cambridge.org/supersafari
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Renata Freitas (1 month ago)
Eu usei na escola com meu alunos. Eles amaram
Fiona Dervishi (3 months ago)
I’m go in A’Lincoln and in there is Siper Minds Starter ,... with the same persons like in here,... but now I’m in the Super Minds Starter with awesome teacher love me ass her child,...hahahahah Beacuse she never had a child but I love her with all my hart,... so bye everyone love you all!Please do Subscribe for my channel and I gonna do to yours,But how can you do that you gonna say it ?,is easily just you have to do reply and to say in here I subscribe your channel and I gonna subscribe your channel to !🤗🤗🤗😀bye
freda daoig (1 year ago)
i need it badly
VAPEPISTA WORLD (1 year ago)
Wow this is really helpful

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