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Metro Exodus - Cinematic Story Trailer (The Game Awards 2017)

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METRO EXODUS - Official Gameplay Cinematic Trailer (The Game Awards 2017) Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (472)
CURSED DOOM98 (1 day ago)
i need multiplayer in this game :/
Devon Lucier (1 day ago)
It's time for us to leave the Metro, and Moscow, behind.
kanedgy (3 days ago)
Metro is the Jojo of post apocalyptic games
Админ МДК (5 days ago)
Why this game not so popular in USA,like in Russia
Depresión (13 days ago)
is this Anna talking? he´s wife?
Depresión yes
nunu banu (16 days ago)
Train simulator 2018
some guy (18 days ago)
The dark ones better come back i want to see the dark one from last light all grown up
KILLA FOX (19 days ago)
I thought artyom died tho
Dan Bellucci (21 days ago)
In the last game when u got to the church outpost there was a guy talking about how he go a radio signal from St. Petersburg
Slox LP (24 days ago)
Yes i love Metro
Firemang 880 (24 days ago)
I'm sad that they changed the design for the watchmen
Dan Bellucci (21 days ago)
That might be a different creature
Bandit Playz (1 month ago)
dark ones left and shit broke loose
netkongen (1 month ago)
Damn, that's just incredible
Wank Stain (1 month ago)
I'm late to the metro party. These trailers are making me moist
HOOLITIN (1 month ago)
So there is no deffrient if i got bad ending or good ending ? Artyom will be alive in metro exduos anyways ?
Pyro Knight (1 month ago)
AUG8TH secret message?
The First Seasons (1 month ago)
Its like the holocaust again
Avery Haywood (1 month ago)
It's Going To Be Shit
KalakCZ (1 month ago)
"You reap what you sow, Artyom. Force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings death. To break this vicious circle one must do more than just act without any thought or doubt." - Khan
PrimeministerAus (1 month ago)
42 hours of trolley combat.....😜
ghostninja010 (1 month ago)
but there is people left because in the beginning of last light in d6 you can overhear a conversation between some men who are talking about contact that has been layed between them and a bunker near st petersberg or somewhere in siberia
PervasivePeach (1 month ago)
Also refrenced in the book. They basicly talk to people outside yet they all go silent usually. There are people they just assumed they all died years ago. The game is actually basicly artyom chasing a radio signal
Seth (1 month ago)
vadimslav (2 months ago)
LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO $$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilde Foxy (2 months ago)
Ну хоть в игре страну посмотрим :)
Bkk Zrt (2 months ago)
MobZ (2 months ago)
So many people that didnt read book asking: "wtf in last part artyom died another story?" btw there was a good ending where artyom survived
Tim Speller (2 months ago)
Not enough applause
PapaStalin1944 (2 months ago)
Great man, that Artyom is. Nukes Mutants, tells them sorry, and leaves his wife to go look for more friends. (sarcastic)
The Soviet gopink (2 months ago)
yes it's coming
Mr_Pineapple Affogus (2 months ago)
I put 1078 hours into Metro last light
Jackrkazi 1918 (2 months ago)
Best part about this trailer, for anyone who's read Metro 2035, this looks like the entire game is going to be a sequel to that book! Shits come full circle now boys! We had a game based on a book that spawned a book based on the game which we're now getting a game that is a sequel to that book!
Cruelwraith2 games (2 months ago)
Metro 2033 in Metro last Light I beat them like 30 times and I can't wait to play Metro Exodus
Stevie bhoy (2 months ago)
Only if they made it an open world game still in the metro with all the stations connected so you could just explore at your leisure do side missions for all the different factions
lilith cthulhu (2 months ago)
I wonder if we gonna See the Black ones again aspacialy the the little one from last light
Christopher Gongora (2 months ago)
Damn 2018 is full of choices
Matei Bobes (3 months ago)
Please, be as good as Fallout!
Solidarity1024 (3 months ago)
Love it.
miguel cobarrubias (3 months ago)
Hey look, a single player game with a potential great experience. I know it was last year(new year) but it's time for single player games to crank it up alot like all single player games like horizon zero dawn or legend of zelda. Good thing those games are SINGLE player games. *cough cough* EA.
Marco Cerón (3 months ago)
Artyom wasnt dead in Metro Last Light?
PervasivePeach (1 month ago)
You got the bad ending good ending he lives
Cole, that one dude (4 months ago)
gaeybwoii (4 months ago)
1:59 freeze it frame by frame.....Aug 8th 👀
Normal Dude (4 months ago)
RIP earth-chan
Ariel Camit (4 months ago)
Ready your shotguns!!!!!
acevitamin (4 months ago)
this trailer doesn't look really promising, story and narrative wise i have mixed feeling about this game, especially because the "open world do what you want" trend that sadly doesn't seem to end
PervasivePeach (1 month ago)
The game isnt open world though Its open area with big levels but its still following a strict narriative and story based mission system. Also this trailer is showing basicly what happens in the book before exodus happens. The game will be mainly about stuff after this
acevitamin (4 months ago)
so the black ones are gone again leaving the remnants of humanity all alone or...?? whats goin on here? trying to find people living on the surface in the wilderness somewhere?
acevitamin Artyom and his friends trying to find a safe place outside of the Metro and went on adventures
german imperial gasmask (4 months ago)
I like the pilot helmet and his new gas mask
MR.FREAKY man (4 months ago)
A ad just played of this trailer on this video
David Bazaldua (4 months ago)
Is that Anna talking
BoeBahdoeJr (4 months ago)
Adriel Ferdianto (4 months ago)
I wonder, in this universe, how are the states of other countries? Is it only Russia that is in apocalypse or are other countries too?
PervasivePeach (1 month ago)
Every country got fucked up and apperantly acording to the book America was basicly wiped off the earth and pretty much everything was destroyed but people do exist just seem to not survive for long. In 2033 the book they talk about how they found groups of survivors outside the cities who survived the blast but they were basicly all killed off by mutants or radiation that came. It was basicly deemed that the outside world was way to dangoreus to live in
Kevin Ng (4 months ago)
Oh come on! They literally brought an actual Hype Train of their own. Just take my money and let me on!
Silent Scribble (4 months ago)
Getting Snowpiercer vibes from this
Cyanara (4 months ago)
Adam and Eve but both of them ate the forbidden fruit and now must suffer God's wrath
Legit Christian (4 months ago)
The trains make me want to get this....
Jared Smith (4 months ago)
Mr. Tophat (4 months ago)
And I jizzed in my pants...
capitain macmillan (4 months ago)
Artyom blyat you're still breathing!!
Jason Kerbs (4 months ago)
I really hope there will be coop. I'd love to explore this world with my buddies
ImAFakePerson (4 months ago)
Frostdromeda (4 months ago)
anna i love you but shut up if australians already survive their land a little bit of radiation wont kill them
Jon D (4 months ago)
I seriously cannot wait for this game!! The story this plus the graphics are going to make it so amazing. I just hope they have a collectors edition. I will gladly spend the extra money
ghoztmode (4 months ago)
CpTKugelHagel (4 months ago)
I got the exact Same trailer as ad before this
Napoleone1914 (4 months ago)
Soviet Union?
John Brony (4 months ago)
Shut up and take my money
Ghosty Psycho (4 months ago)
Ron fucking Swanson (4 months ago)
Guessing last light good ending was Cannon
Veci Love (4 months ago)
Not like the boks lol😑
Giorgos Ioannou (4 months ago)
This is how Fallout 4 should have been.. Instead we got an unfinished crappy game
One Conn (4 months ago)
Please be better than last Light
glendogdangler (4 months ago)
Metro is such an underated game. Its depressing
Luke (4 months ago)
This will be the STALKER 2 we never got
Rick Pena (4 months ago)
Did anyone else get an ad for this and think "only 20 seconds of a trailer?!" but nah they never let us down <3
Sarkasnov 12 (4 months ago)
I love the Metro game series and can't wait for the new one. HYPED!!!
Austin Crow (4 months ago)
So are you does this mean that you're going to be playing as the main characters son from metro last night since he died at the end
Austin Crow (4 months ago)
Isaac Babcock I didn't know that thanks
Isaac Babcock (4 months ago)
Austin Crow Actually no, there are two endings depending on your actions in the game.
Sum shark Dude (4 months ago)
Artyom has a gf? Or is it that hunter girl i dunno BUT MY GOD this game looks beautiful
portable kingpin (4 months ago)
She said Artyom, I'm set
Active_xElite (4 months ago)
Aron_124409 (4 months ago)
What th3 division should've been?
maxwell taylor (4 months ago)
Logan White (4 months ago)
I thought Arytom died in last light what happened?
Sarkasnov 12 (4 months ago)
That was the bad ending, in the good ending he lives. (to get the good ending you can't kill anyone and let paval live and ect.)
Cody Gore (4 months ago)
Cody Gore (4 months ago)
Myuutsuu85 (4 months ago)
I hope, we see our little friend from Last Light again. Or at least, i hope he get's mentioned.
Dolan Cleary (4 months ago)
FUCK YES. Also, is Artyom still only going to be talking to himself when he writes his journal?
captain dank (2 months ago)
Dolan Cleary sexy ass voice lmao
Gani Nix (4 months ago)
So we'll play as Artjom's wife?
PervasivePeach (1 month ago)
In the books the good ending is cannon and this is a sequal to the book metro 2035 so artyom is definitly alive
captain dank (2 months ago)
Gani Nix I can see that train of thought tbh lol
Gani Nix (2 months ago)
I know there are 2 endings but since Last light followed the bad ending of 2033 so I think they might also follow the bad ending of the last light then
captain dank (2 months ago)
Gani Nix 2 endings. That was the bad ending
Gani Nix (2 months ago)
Didnt he die in Last light???
Harrison Kelly (4 months ago)
The trailer starts off nearly word for word with the Metro 2035 Book
Harrison Kelly (3 months ago)
Ghosty Psycho I wouldn’t be too worried. It looks like it takes its own path with the train and all. Plus it’d be way too difficult to make it like the book
Ghosty Psycho (4 months ago)
Harrison Kelly I know, I just hope it’s not too Similar to the book series. I don’t mind the opening but I’d rather them have a more original story to themselves
Michael Westen (4 months ago)
when russian characters can't speak proper russian you know this gon be good game
Jean Kirschtein (4 months ago)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 looks great
ZOMBIESLAYER 115 (4 months ago)
what book is this based off of? I'm on Metro 2033 and loving it so far.
Beastrom 650 (4 months ago)
OG FROGMAN (4 months ago)
Russian Fallout?
Negative Zero (2 months ago)
No, 300% more depressing.
OG FROGMAN (4 months ago)
Well, I know for a fact Moscow is in Russia. So it's still Russian Fallout.
Mech (4 months ago)
OG FROGMAN The devs are Ukrainian, the game is set in Moscow.
Sarkasnov 12 (4 months ago)
Jim Guppy (4 months ago)
Am i going mad or do i keep seeing AUG8TH in that damned flicky thingy at the end?
TheGame Reaper (4 months ago)
So I guess this come after the good ending of metro last light
BadMuzzy (4 months ago)
I'm still gonna wait for the redux version.
Xavier H. (4 months ago)
can't fucking wait for this game.
Emre Kafkas (4 months ago)
Videoyu açarken çıkan reklamda da aynı trailer var. 😀
Sam Rocker (4 months ago)
Ohhh Artyom! I am coming for you! Cant wait!

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