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Hello! Because I am having problems with the original video of ''75 Rare Historia Images You Have To See Berfore You Die' ', I have decided to re-upload this video so please, enjoy it in this link: https://youtu.be/9Df4lvwHUqI I hope you understand, thank you! Wonderful Life A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Through pictures, we can be in the room with Stalin or on the battlefield with a German soldier during the Battle of Stalingrad. We can observe the thousand yard stare of a shell shocked soldier, we can witness a pile of dead bodies in the aftermath of the Holocaust, we can feel the destruction of Berlin, we can stare the horror of the atomic bombing, we can see the death on the trenches of the World War One or we can feel the stress of an unemployed man standing in line at a soup kitchen during the Great Depression. Amazzing handmade plantpots & more! Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bertaesteve_escultura/ Support me on patreon. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3132462&ty=h Visit my Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Wonderful-Life-865458673583789/
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Text Comments (11195)
Insidious Sid (8 hours ago)
I keep coming back for the sardonic music...
exitscreaming (10 hours ago)
I coulda died without seeing some of those
Mike Stone (13 hours ago)
13 ads in 13 minutes.  I need to see you get audited by the IRS before I die.  YOU ARE SCUM
Kommentti Kommentti (14 hours ago)
68 historial images you have to see before you die (and 7 images not from America aka trash)
Mario Hinsche (16 hours ago)
Some of these were actually pretty sad
digranni (19 hours ago)
Nothing Grasshopper 😑
Pat O Rourke (21 hours ago)
Lord Sagan (21 hours ago)
So they stole the children of the people they killed in Vietnam, that's just fucked up!
hemalXtendking1 (23 hours ago)
Man I was born in 2002 October 2 I wish i was born in like 1930 or something back in those days people used to have fun and everyone nowadays just cared about this dumbass money that they can't take anywhere when they die!
Caige Johnson (1 day ago)
The most amazing thing about this video, is that there were no commercials...wow...
jskfoto (1 day ago)
45000 tons steel pipe? A bit too heavy.
Blue Hammer (1 day ago)
Why do I need to see the Disneyland worker cafeteria before I die?
Thorfinn Galahad (1 day ago)
Jackie the Lion... seriously, do people need to see that before they die? I mean, how exactly is that even remotely moving or touching...? Recording of a freaking roar for some movie company... HOW IS THAT IMPORTANT to the extend of "must see before you die" HOW?!
usama masood (1 day ago)
Anyone else getting emotional while watching this
Oliver Pozzey (1 day ago)
Our historical picture in the future will be Henry Cavil quitting superman and hoping for the best
Story time (1 day ago)
12 adds relly
rock star (1 day ago)
This video got me into 35mm black and white photography, and stuff like darkroom printing
rock star (1 day ago)
Very touching
Assad Ali (2 days ago)
12:41 30 epic photos you die
heather haze (2 days ago)
1:24 my heart breaks for this poor suffering child! His pain and suffering both physically and psychologically is absolutely unfathomable !
Schpankme Verimuch (2 days ago)
NAZI means: NAational ZIonist Jew Zionist Jews, this religion represented less than 1% of the German population (about 500,000), but controlled more than 60% of the German Infrastructure (Government, Banking, Trade, Media, Theaters, Metals, Property, etc). "Judea Declares War on Germany", 24 March 1933. The “Haavara” or “Transfer” agreement was signed by the Germans and NAZI's (Zionist Jews), 25 August 1933. This broke the Jew policy (NAZI) against their "German goods boycott", and provided for Jews to be emigrated into Palestine. History 1933 - 1941 o German Army, responsible for recovering it's land and citizens annexed by the Treaty of Versailles. o Zionist Jew (NAZI), responsible for staging and immigration of Jews into the new Zionist State within the region of Palestine. o British government, controlled Palestine and were paid a service fee for each Jew immigrated into the Zionist State. "Between 1933 and 1936 more than 370,000 Zionist Jews arrived in Palestine, increasing the Jewish population to 27%, and bringing about a significant deterioration in relations between Palestinian Arabs and Jews." ~ Krämer, 2008, pp. 239–240.
The Katherine Switzer Sexism Story is still happening today here in Hollywood, California. I AM FIRST AMERICAN PHILOSOPHER. You have not heard about I. AMERICAN WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE BRILLIANT. We all disappear mysteriously. September 2018
Baude Delini (2 days ago)
5:01 let her bounce idiots!!!I mean run!!they where trying to grab her boobs !!
junk junkie (2 days ago)
Would love to be able to read wat it says, to small. Wonderful pic's tho.
Connor (2 days ago)
12 ads in a 13 minute video a new record
Thomas Parrish (2 days ago)
Mantis image was fake! Look at top of Manta Ray head area!
Snoogles Numero Dos (2 days ago)
So the Empire state builder hanging from a crane with the NYC skyline in the background including the empire state building? Correct me if im missing something but there might be something a bit off about that statement
John GTA (2 days ago)
excellent collection. thanks [just hoping the copyright gang doesnt come after u]
Paranormal Quest (2 days ago)
If anyone is interested, we have full length investigations on our channel!
Fell Man (2 days ago)
3:38 Is that where Krush, Kill, N' Destroy got the idea from the weaponized elephants?
Russell Leonid G (2 days ago)
Hey cockwad. A lot of those are fake
Colin James (3 days ago)
Click bait , where is the massive grass hopper.
LONELY CUNT (3 days ago)
Gerardo Larrea (3 days ago)
ernest hemingway en pamplona. no cuba.
DS PKK (3 days ago)
Who is the oldest one brown or black & white
i want to cry (3 days ago)
damn the ad placement tho
Jordan B Waugh (3 days ago)
Funny huh roaring 20's prohibition ends Great Depression
Jordan B Waugh (3 days ago)
Hindenburg was metalic sheets think aluminium was in the 1st Rocketier movie 2nd was plotted dont know what happened i dont follow news of any kind really too much bs i b4 e except after c 4 exception only Chèïf, Theif,Steil(Epic ballz near suicidal ManOnFire Walking Tall) Weigh any 50's non botards would know of this 80's minus Steil-chromedome
Oh My God! That Poor Elephant! The noise would have been excruciating! She looks so broken & sad. What They've done to these Majestic, beautiful Animals for thousands of years is disgusting beyond words! Their souls have endured more pain than any race on the planet. Innocent Prisoners of selfishness, greed & evil!
Don Corl (3 days ago)
Aron Kovacs (3 days ago)
The hippo carriage guy is probably the worlds first hipster
The Dude (3 days ago)
Clicimus baitimus
Rad X (3 days ago)
This video has more ads than a crappy mobile game
Nightmare_1989 YT (3 days ago)
leghunter (4 days ago)
there'd be tonnes of weed smoked at Woodstock 1969
Nathan Moore (4 days ago)
I found myself admiring the wood grain side fill for over 50% of the show.
Adolf Hitler (4 days ago)
My Easter egg explode when you delivered it....
Mencer Protos (4 days ago)
Real Alien ufo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGEozLHrZe8
Lieutenant Nomad (4 days ago)
3:38 Looks like Tachanka finally got the buff he deserves.
Ngo Lian Mung (4 days ago)
i watched it because i wanna be smart befor i die xD
Hardcore Halo (4 days ago)
0:08 I live in Kentucky!
D. RII (4 days ago)
was the soldier captured by the Vietnamese, John McCain?
BILGE HAN (4 days ago)
Thanks for the 75 rare historical images.I was about to hang myself 👍
ProneMan OldButYoung (4 days ago)
The transition from left side trafic to right side trafic actually went surprisingly smooth. So the use of the word confusion would not be a correct one.
Patrick Murillo (4 days ago)
Parang sarap pumunta sa ganyang panahon😎
Cristobal Salazar (5 days ago)
why pic on min 2:16 is so high resolution and clear ????
Bartosz Chojnowski (5 days ago)
TITLE CORRECTION: 75 rare historical images you have to see before you die if you’re American and don’t give a fuck about anything but your country.
Alisha Draine (5 days ago)
I saw Hitler bunker y'all it looked like crap... Dont lie telling us this bs is exciting and we should see before we DIE just say we should see if we WANT to die😁
Alisha Draine (5 days ago)
Ok um I'm thinking most of these are NOT real....I'm calling fake
papi sleepy (5 days ago)
so we not gonna talk about the nazi jrotc nighas boycotting Jews @ 8:50
Klopopfer (5 days ago)
USA first. not than any Country of known mankind have more history… Title fail : +ending : if u r Living in the states….
GAMMA RAY (5 days ago)
Is this Denzel Washington behind Elvis!?
Dissident101 (5 days ago)
I bet the elephant was happy when someone sniped that fucker off its back.
LedgeShin Godzilla (6 days ago)
what music did you use for this video.
Rich Benson (6 days ago)
Note: America did not enter WWI until 1917. You photo of the corporal atop an elephant was not part of WWI, likely a publicity stunt in the year 1914.
Informed Optimist (6 days ago)
Thumb down for misleading thumbnail. Good compilation but ruined by dishonest trickery.
Ethromel (6 days ago)
I hate our fake non-progressive history. There isn't much to be proud of, and we haven't learned much from our mistakes (if we can even call them that).
Anthony Cruz (6 days ago)
In the queen Elizabeth you said V-Day not D-Day
James Umeno (6 days ago)
Why does the kid with face disease look like a clicker from the last of us?
Nathan Dannhaeuser (6 days ago)
Fucking 12 ads?!
Goran V (6 days ago)
Maybe you should see these as an American because most of this is not important for the rest of the world
Darin Playz (6 days ago)
My dad told me that we was at the picture in 7:00
Danijela Jovancevic (6 days ago)
12 ads
Carol Maz (6 days ago)
great photos .is it possible to get prints?
Jarno Datema (6 days ago)
2:41 that picture is fake
Jimi x (6 days ago)
Many of that photos are just fake or irrelevant but it have 22 milion views! You forgot the photo of the man who didn't want to make the NAZI salute. If you make a video of really historical photos you must add that one!
JdyzhH Hkjd (7 days ago)
3:41 that poor elephant looks so sad and scared.
Althena (7 days ago)
Mankind should never forget the Pictures and Times, good and bad.
quazzie1 (7 days ago)
I just came to give a thumbs down, and only chose to do that because I instantly knew the grasshopper image is bullshit, yet you're trying to pass it as fact by using it in your thumbnail. Shame on you. And if this video is monetized, DOUBLE-FUCKING-SHAME ON YOU !!!!! Can't stand a a liar; posting a fake image in the thumbnail, or an image that does NOT appear in the actual video it represents, is lying. Don't be a liar.
It's Logic (7 days ago)
Wheres the giant grasshopper
Zlac 1 (7 days ago)
Sadness photo i ever se
Sssaga Benches (7 days ago)
So... i can finally die now in peace or is there more to see?
the beast is a god (7 days ago)
That's a lot of adds
Baresp Raider (7 days ago)
Mexico goin to won next world at war #Mecico
Baresp Raider (7 days ago)
mkgross (7 days ago)
How many ads do you need to live?!
WaTeR LeMoN (7 days ago)
U have more ads than a ten hour video i clicked on
Oggy (7 days ago)
Paused at 0:02 read the comments didnt bother watching anymore.
Andrew Melanson (7 days ago)
Really bud? 12 advertisements over 13 minutes... Thumbs down specifically for that.
Ádám Vécsey (7 days ago)
You mean 'Helen' Keller, right...?
Erwin Rommel (7 days ago)
photographer takes photo of a photographer taking a photo of beach goers
junior (7 days ago)
12 ad for 13 minutes video??? Try to work....
Dhindara Vrel (7 days ago)
Not every old photograph deserves the moniker 'historical'...
big tuna eat me (7 days ago)
All of these pictures are stupid! Who gives a ****?!
Jake uriah (7 days ago)
And I still question people's intelligence when they say that THIS generation is going to hell aha
Pikapetey Animations (7 days ago)
Got enough f**kin adds?!
Eduardo Eduardo (7 days ago)
Conclusión, la humanidad merece desaparecer de este mundo!!
Alan Yesilipek (7 days ago)
Wheres the giant grasshopper ? Click bait.
Andrew Joyce (7 days ago)
That mgm lion roar wasnt used..it was a tiger's roar that you can hear today..lions dont roar like that
X Y (7 days ago)
Wow so many idiots in the comments who don't understand a thing ..
X Y (7 days ago)
Why would anyone vote that down? Because of the missing grasshopper? Srsly? These pics are epic historical documents.

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