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5 Reasons Little Nightmares will give you actual NIGHTMARES!

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► Get more: http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe Hit LIKE and be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss brand-new unboxings, exclusive gameplay and LOADS more. Ellen gives us five reasons you'll love the cute and creepy indie game that will give you Little Nightmares. Will it be the next indie hit? ___ Xbox On is the home for all things Xbox from features on your favourite games to the worlds' hardest Achievements and everything in between. Join our Xbox experts Benny Central, Ellen Rose and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd for the latest and greatest games including Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3 as well as E3, Gamescom and EGX. Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xboxuk • Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk • Instagram: https://instagram.com/xboxuk/
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Text Comments (389)
INFINITY Games (2 months ago)
I dreamed a monster with long arms and one with melted face in the chilhood and seing one similar to him in litle nighmares was weird
Luna Eclipse (2 months ago)
Actually they gave me dreams.
natsukashii (7 months ago)
i want it to give me nightmares. it's that amazing.
Alonzo Ellett (10 months ago)
I had nightmares about those long arms coming after me in the dark!!!!!
yay :D (10 months ago)
I mean withouth this things whyyyyy
yay :D (10 months ago)
My game is different
Toys & Games (1 year ago)
TheKillerInstinct (1 year ago)
The game isn't scary.
Artist_max _ (1 year ago)
I'm 12.. I played little nightmares....I don't have nightmares
MegaAzornumbers09 (1 year ago)
what's the backstory with the shoes? other than the monster
The Dark Pixels 2.0 (1 year ago)
I got 'little' nightmares eyyy
Sleeping Repurr (1 year ago)
I don't recognize ANY of this....Like, ANYTHING...It's so different! Also, you can't whistle! OOOOOOOOH, It's the demo. Alright, alright.
Rayne drumeer2 (1 year ago)
Im 9 and i played it I slept perfectly btw
Honkamellow Bread (1 year ago)
...... I didnt get nightmares and I'm 11.....
i am still scared of the dark
Dex (1 year ago)
At 2:40 if U have a pc turn ur brightness all the way up put ur brightness on max settings and u can see what the person looks like. Like if u see it :D
Purplexle (1 year ago)
its just black, there isnt anything there
homie plastic cups (1 year ago)
i had nightmares last day cuz the shoes and the story that never knew jeez when i have nightmares i have hard time sleeping in night and i just past 3:00 jeez
Friendly Nome (1 year ago)
Do you have to buy the dlc or you only have to finish story mode
Coopie Gaming (1 year ago)
Little nightmares isnt scary or creepy at all? Whoot?
Wade Wehunt (1 year ago)
the chief cutsecne is awsome
Random Person (1 year ago)
I'm nine and not scared of any horror games at least not yet
smasha53 (1 year ago)
Six is like 🕵🏻‍♂️DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER srsly it's gender was not traveled yet
Purplexle (1 year ago)
yes her gender has already been revealed.
Kelly Tran (1 year ago)
Just tall bookshelves are just scary to me. Nothing else really
Randomguy44222 (1 year ago)
I once had a nightmare of little nightmare. I was being chased by the chiefs and I got caught then I woke up, it was 5 in the morning.
Randomguy44222 (1 year ago)
PotatoMate !!! (1 year ago)
I watched someone play it…I didn't have any nightmares that night
The Paranormalist (1 year ago)
What makes this game so intriguing, interesting and scary for me is that this really does remind me of the nightmares I had as a child. I was usually just a defenseless child who would end up in this dark and twisted place where these grotesque monsters would abduct children to eat. Of course, I wouldn't want to be eaten so I would try to escape these monsters and most often, they would be near. Even the floor would betray me most of the time because I would either find the floor creaking or an object would randomly appear to make me trip. Seriously, this game brought back nightmarish memories.
Bailey Greenwood (1 year ago)
is that weird I was wearing the same yellow raincoat and same zippo lighter I also once had hair that coverd my eyes
Bailey Greenwood (1 year ago)
I had nightmares that looked exactly like this
noelotto Behnfeldt (1 year ago)
This is just dum
Kayla Young (1 year ago)
Six AKA the hungry child The Boy AKA the runaway kid
What Sup (1 year ago)
IM 13 and I convinced my parents to buy this game........what the hell was I thinking? :D
Gaming Lobby (1 year ago)
I only have "little nightmares" lol I know I'm bad at puns lol but Serieously I do have nightmares
Princess Natie (1 year ago)
Where could I play that version of the game?? Seems more interesting...
Herp a Derp (1 year ago)
Nightmare? This is more normal to me XD
Cowee12 (1 year ago)
I don't know why I play scary games ;-;
its a _big_ world after, all~ its a _big_ world after all
Joshua Hernandez (1 year ago)
her name is six
Ravioli (1 year ago)
Shannon gaming (1 year ago)
idk why but i think the chef looks adorable with his chubby cheeks
lots of stuff (1 year ago)
you can't whistle
Lucy Heartfilia (1 year ago)
The game isn't that much of a _biggy_ it's kinda _tiny_ and _small_ to me.
TheSuperMinionBoy (1 year ago)
Dude its impossible to take this girl seriously
Random Stuff (1 year ago)
I only had a little nightmare except that when I died in the dream I woke up
Samara Morgan (1 year ago)
When I was a child I had a couple of nightmares,each had the same character,he had long arms small legs and a hat and also his skin was peeling down over his face,covering his eyes. I called him Mr.Tickles.And the 'Janitor' in this game looks asactly like him! TRUE NIGHTMARES!
CaptainDiscourse (1 year ago)
Little nightmares hasn't made me scared at all. But I'm just starting the video so let's see if it can give me reasons why I should be afraid.
poochie lexi (1 year ago)
Why her name is 6?
lia low55 (1 year ago)
she did give me nightmares evil version every time I go to bed
Firegirl gamer (1 year ago)
aww thanks im from swe :3
chrispy mane (1 year ago)
That's not meat that's flesh
CookieDahDuchie 101 (1 year ago)
I played it on Xbox one and finished it it was amazing
This is what would happen if Tim Burton was evil.
funtime productions (1 year ago)
I'm only 8 and I've seen gameplay of jacksepticeye play it and i don't have nightmares
VixensonVenus (1 year ago)
1:59 I'm still not forgiving you for eating him 3:(
Otis Le PoOtis (1 year ago)
Why do The swedish always make games that get populare?
Mikael.1971 (1 year ago)
How do I get the whistle?
Marco Rubio (1 year ago)
2:08 that was never in game >:(
Maximus Gersaba-Myers (1 year ago)
): dddd
TyrusOFFICIAL (1 year ago)
How do you whistle?
That Platypus (1 year ago)
this gives me no nightmares :0 honestly it just looks so cute ( not the thought of kids getting eaten )
Miguel G. (1 year ago)
You can whistle in the game?!
Spacedefender54 (1 year ago)
something changed my mind aout people that have different faces made me think about the people at the restaurant i felt so scared and had not eaten from breakfast to lunch
Evilminer X (1 year ago)
1:37 six face reveal
GuertLeNub (1 year ago)
I think thats a mask
Gwen Fox (1 year ago)
i think after sleeping with a dream catcher for a while i have become immune to nightmares so then they just become weird dreams and i had one once about this game the nigh i watched a video about it
Nelson Idr (1 year ago)
reason to play this, it has a kickass animation
Mega Master (1 year ago)
The Little Nightmare is Six. For obvious reasons...
Senpaija (1 year ago)
I have watched people play it over and over again, but haven't had a nightmare so far. However I have never seen the footage shown in this video, is it from the demo or something? I also remember the demo being darker than the actual game, at least in the kitchen.
Dean Natuno (1 year ago)
Little Nightmares is one of the fee games that make me sleep with the lights on after playing/watching let's plays.
Rice._ Plant (1 year ago)
what are all these scenes that i dont remember in the game?!?
urbosa the champion (1 year ago)
i used to like the janitor as a now i regret it
Randyater (1 year ago)
How do you know 6 is a girl. It could be a boy for all we know and where do you get the name 6 from?
Athena (1 year ago)
I didnt realize that you can whistle int he game o.o
cool animation (1 year ago)
My only nightmare when my games is gone and can,t download
Devlin Montfort (1 year ago)
poopooo its not scary
Stevannia (1 year ago)
Actually, I have a good dream after I watch a gameplay
DawnEv (1 year ago)
It's really hard to make a third person horror game! I congratulate the people who made this game.
WolfGirl29 (1 year ago)
this game dint scare me one bit
PopcornEgg (1 year ago)
news: little nightmares realeased!
kit_Katz (1 year ago)
Real Will Smith (1 year ago)
is this on Xbox one yet
SleepyBoi SleepyBoi (1 year ago)
Thetrollerswagman Like $20. I recommend it.
Real Will Smith (1 year ago)
+Mr. Bubbles thanks so much, how much does it cost?
SleepyBoi SleepyBoi (1 year ago)
Thetrollerswagman Yep, just played it a few days ago. Its amazing.
AWHILE_TO _MAKE (1 year ago)
Be careful! The people who dine eat you alive! (Pretty much hard vore)
Wissy Meisteri (1 year ago)
Game was ok, short as you can finish it well under 2hours. Was it scary? No. I guess it was the perspective of the game what took away the ''scary'' part. But atleast, it was entertaining, wish it was longer.
Yanaka White (1 year ago)
Toychico Echefazbear (1 year ago)
Yanaka White the whistle was deleted cause it had an error with the light...i thinm (But, it was deleted )
Yanaka White (1 year ago)
wait so she has a name? Six is her name?
Yanaka White (1 year ago)
is it really a girl tho? it can be a boy... or a girl... since it's small... or genderless since IT'S A GODDAMN MONSTER!! *oops spoiler* LOL just kidding... or am i?
Lulink (1 year ago)
1:40 you made that more scary and loud than it actually is
NiGhTmArE ShAdOw (1 year ago)
Na I am not afraid of nothin and this is not scarey and am 9 years old
Acries 314 (1 year ago)
While playing and observing the world that 6 is in, I knew this is some form of genocide or holocaust. the shoes, large amounts of meat, random clothing. It made me understand that you slowly become the little nightmare, slowly become more powerful than those monsters, slowly become those monsters fate.
B E (1 year ago)
Is there a reason six is barefoot? Or is it just a simple design choice?
chrispy mane (1 year ago)
she's cute but not when the end
Devante Mcmickle (1 year ago)
I don't get some of this game play is it because I got it on ps4 and this is the Xbox version?
Stuurminator (1 year ago)
It's pretty neat watching this now and seeing what in the levels has changed.
melmelxx10 (1 year ago)
i used to see this chef guy in my dreams grabbing me and shaking me around in a glass full of spiders and milipides and centipedes with sorta scares me
LiangHuBBB (1 year ago)
is six a vampire?
Ekster Vogel (1 year ago)
I LOVE THE ART STYLE ❤anyone knows similar games??
Ekster Vogel (1 year ago)
I LOVE the art style
Chezka Dremmur (1 year ago)
i never got nightmares when i watched one of my fav. youtubers played it he sometimes died!!!X33
Chezka Dremmur (1 year ago)
and i watched it last night!!!X333333333
F13at Cat (1 year ago)
...... I know that voice. Ellen?! This must be pre outsidextra.
reyrex 18 (1 year ago)
reyrex 18 (1 year ago)
ohh god
Darkavenger_13 (1 year ago)
Not just the swedes! The danes created Limbo

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