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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch - What Took Capcom so Long? w/ Arekkz

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Text Comments (278)
Leonard (1 hour ago)
I think they had to sit on getting it translated because of World's sheer popularity. If they had released it around when World was released, a little under a year after XX in Japan, then it would've been drowned out by new and old fans alike since they've already played Generations and would want something new rather than an expansion so to speak.
Arcanus Zenbrk (18 hours ago)
Unpopular opinion )that's I've been sharing everywhere) but I really hope that the 3DS version of Gen Ultimate also comes to the west (since it was released on 3DS first, but was then ported to Switch later one since it came out shortly after the Switch).
Xellos Metallium (1 day ago)
its to boost switch sale, not gonna work tho
Colonel Cider (1 day ago)
half and hour hand cramp... I used to play for like 7 hours straight a day. Barely any cramps
HOHE (1 day ago)
The rumble in the pro-controller felt significantly less than when I was using the joycons in hand-held mode for XX — I will let you know playing laid back in hand-held and tv mode are both a satisfying experience but funny enough when playing in hand-held I was intranced than when I played in tv however this will not be the case for most as I really do enjoy playing in hand-held mode.
Monster Kunther (2 days ago)
Favourite MH game. Can't wait!
jokatech (2 days ago)
Wassup with the footage? Is it hacked, because they're toying with a monster solo.
hiro0500 (2 days ago)
why are the graphics looks like 3ds ?
Jose Fernandez (2 days ago)
Nintendo riding the monhun hype train to sell their console. this is just business as usual guys.
Sabastian Murphy (2 days ago)
So we get a remake of the DS game and the graphics don't even get a retouch?
Kuma Wilson (3 days ago)
god i love Arekkz. he and Gaijin are the best MH related youtubers.
Leonardo Berrios (3 days ago)
Monster Hunter World doesn't have enough monster. Also not enough elder dragons. We need stuff like Nargacuga and Magala.
Rathtwin_Los 026 (3 days ago)
I love the fight against barrioth in the background, i haven't fought one for so long, and the complete lack of ANY monsters of that style in world is what made me slightly irritated with the new console game
idonotmakevidsyet (3 days ago)
At least put this on the 3DS since it was developed for the 3ds in japan.
Flynn Hatton (3 days ago)
The only thing I miss from world is the ability to roll backwards
Roen (3 days ago)
ooh so it is XX... i was just wondering why we get a different title
DomBallingHard (4 days ago)
How about bringing 4u and maybe 3u as well so there’s an actual reason to buy a Switch?
Steven ZJ (1 hour ago)
well. doesnt GU have all the monsters from 3U & 4U ??
Proto Razor (4 days ago)
i want MHGU on my 3ds im aint planing buying a switch for a 3ds game... bring MHGU to 3ds to the west capcom dont be an asshole it have cross play with the switch version anyway!
Radicool21 (4 days ago)
Wish we got the 3DS version of MHGU too :(
ArgonPSO (4 days ago)
I dont really think quality of life is gonna play to big a role in the world rookies trying this one tbh; The ones that are missing are pretty easy to get a handle on. I think they're just going to struggle most with the games difficulty. MH world did 4 things to make the overall experience much easier: They made hitboxes more precise with the monster animations, they made hunter movements more fluid and weapons got new options (some of which were ported from mhxx styles), they removed some monster attacks (like barroth's tail whip in the middle of his charge), and they've made monsters easier to read (I'm thinking specifically of rathalos and diablos' tail whip. it used to be almost instant to the point where you had to build muscle memory to avoid it where as in world anyone can see rathalos shaking his ass and they know it's coming.) The first point could be debated as artificial difficulty, sure, but world didn't eliminate ALL of the jank hitboxes and they still have to contend with the other stuff. Anybody who recalls correctly knows that one of the biggest reasons why mh was so niche pre-world is because the average player found the series to be too hard, and I reckon that will be a much bigger factor than qol when it comes to people getting into the game.
Strungar (4 days ago)
Obviously it would have to be postponed because they were trying to push MHWorld in the west, and didn't want it to interfere with the sales. The issue is they stated they had no plans to bring MHXX to the west. So I bought MHXX a few months ago. Remember when they said ''there are no plans to bring monster hunter portable 3 in the west''? We never got it.(Even tho it would have sold well.)
Nathan Trimble (4 days ago)
Well, I guess with this, then that thing with Iron Galaxy wanting to port World definitely isn't happening
Random Dude777 (4 days ago)
I think they were waiting to see the success of world to decide if they should bring it to the west. Even more fans=even more sales for the people who have switch and ps4 or xbox
Kev EX (4 days ago)
I just love MH. Don't care what it's on. I've played every version. People just need to be grateful we get these games. Not bitch about if it's on a console of your preference. I'm not a handheld fan, but I bought a 3DS just for MH. I had to bite the bullet for my all time favorite series.
Zack P (4 days ago)
I own a NS and a PS4, n i played MH series before...But seriesly, i really like theh way they make MHW, the semi open world, the ecosystem the interaction with environment and all the game mechanics, it is pretty good. But why after they release MHW so well and yet they choose to downgrade it back to the previous MH style...I know nintendo switch might have lower hardware spec compare to PS4, but still, other than the graphic, they could still make another MH game tat can compare to MHW...
ImpendingGhost (4 days ago)
Zack P Honestly I'm fine and glad its the older style. It's not really a downgrade in my opinion just a differen design style that different people will like.
Barry McCockinner (4 days ago)
I look forward to transferring my MH Generation file and continuing in Ultimate. I picked up XX and love it, but translating everything is tedious work which has led me to not put as much time into it. Here's hoping that Capcom builds a new Monster Hunter for Switch in the future.
Falco Peregrinus (5 days ago)
Sales won't light the charts on fire here only because this is just a G-Rank of the 3DS game.  The HD remixes don't ever light the charts on fire.
El Comanche (5 days ago)
How do you do combos like this in the video? I tried using the exact character in the demo and I couldn’t do stuff like that....
Angani (3 days ago)
Apparently there's no easy way to message on youtube aside from replies. Could you possibly toss a message my way via reddit instead? I go by Angani_Giza there. Don't exactly want to publicly post contact info, but sharing my reddit name doesn't hurt.
El Comanche (3 days ago)
Angani nope. Can’t do that on mobile app either. Ok. I’ll await your message
Angani (3 days ago)
I'll get back to you on that after work (6 hours or so), as well as another form of contact as you can't send messages on switch (dunno about the mobile app though)
El Comanche (3 days ago)
Angani thanks brother! What is your switch friend code? Thanks!
Angani (3 days ago)
It takes a bit to get into it, especially if you're playing in Japanese for your first one ^^ Gaijin Hunter's or Arekzz's channels have great weapon tutorials and lots of info for MHGen (which will cover the movesets just fine except for alchemy and valor style) If you do end up getting it in August, feel free to toss a message my way if you want someone to show the ropes and help out in multiplayer ^^
Jazza Wazza (5 days ago)
The question is will the Japanese xx version get a english patch?
qwertimus (5 days ago)
I'm really happy that we're getting MHGU because this will likely be the last 'Old World' MonHun game. Generations is a celebration of the series to this point, and now we'll be getting its definitive release :D
Thevons (5 days ago)
This game is MHXX port for outside of Asia, and this game is old school monster hunter. Which means it will be hard for people who start out MHW to play this, since old system monster hunter is pretty new player unfriendly. It will be interesting to see how this game will do outside of Asia, and if people really like this game then I think it's time for capcom put in some advance system and bump up the difficultly a few notches for G rank Monster Hunter World.
darthdodge (5 days ago)
barioth most evilmonster ever, i still have nightmares from tri cause of him
Elvijs Krūmiņš (6 days ago)
If you even dare tell me to download part of it digitally, I'm done with you capcom. F*ck your megaman collection.
Psylent Productions (6 days ago)
Monster Hunter’s biggest enemy is Crapcom. Wanna know why it doesn’t sell well in the West? Too many iterations of itself. The fragmentation of the series is crazy. There’s World, XX and others. So to anyone like myself who hasn’t really played the games (outside of a Japanese demo here and there) has no idea where to start or even which game is the current one. With World and XX it’s even worse because they’re running in parallel. It’s a hot mess that Crapcom needs to get under control. Then there’s the localization woes...
Psylent Productions (5 days ago)
akaimizu1 ...but to an outsider like me, that’s a confusing cluster to sort out if I were to walk into a game store and be hit with all of that if I’m trying to find a good entry point into the franchise. It’s simply poor marketing. Fortunately, I am well versed enough in Google Fu to figure it out. But not everyone is willing to do that.
akaimizu1 (5 days ago)
Psylent Productions actually, they kind of just made it easier. World is the start of a new Generation of Monster Hunter. It is also the current one (Gen 5, by Capcom's numbering standards). Generations Ultimate is a good single game to enjoy a collection of everything Monster Hunter was before World. It's akin to the idea of a Monster Hunter Anniversary collection remastered. So if you want just one game to enjoy classic MH, I would say Gen U is the best opportunity to sample much of the series (by Capcom's numbering system, that's 4 Gens in one). If you dare to want two games to enjoy classic MH, I'd add 4U to it.
Lex Ryan (6 days ago)
Maybe GU will be the best version of XX, with some of the World quality of life changes/tweaks, the ones they can anyway. If we're lucky anyway.
Lex Ryan (6 days ago)
Long? Seems fast to me. They had no plans to localize it cuz it's a niche series, world comes out, is a big success, I'm sure shortly after they decided to localize, which is no small task, then paper work, behind the scenes boring stuff, once it's certain and coming, reveal it a few months out. And boom, caught up to today. I honestly expected it, but not until end of year.
Hector Lopez (6 days ago)
I see this simple. Nintendo wanted to sell the sistem first. Nintendo releases a version on ps4 xbox and posibly on pc for the west so its accesible to most playes. They get a taste of the game then nintendo, then releases it on switch after all the sales XP. Nintendo master plan
Laxus Poldish (6 days ago)
Not Nintendo, it was Capcom.
Ganondorf Dragmire (6 days ago)
8:01 it's worth mentioning that only about 9 of GenU's monsters are in World. Rathian, Rathalos, Diablos, Kushala, Teostra, Kirin, Deviljho, Barroth, Uragaan.
Ganondorf Dragmire (6 days ago)
They wanted to wait for people to buy World. I guess it worked, because World is now CAPCOM's best selling game ever...
ferndogg310 (6 days ago)
I'm hoping for all the free DLC from MH Generations on 3DS
Link200767 (7 days ago)
We know it won't sell well but I will buy.
Forill (7 days ago)
I am not sure if a fully agree with what he is saying. Here is why, if Capcom had every intention of localising the game then why not localise it with 3DS as well? Though 3DS is starting to phase out with the Switchs popularity there are still millions of people that own a 3DS and not a Switch. Also the cross play between 3DS and Switch is an amazing feature which also means that the online lobby will be strong. It is only beneficial and yet they are only releasing the Switch version. I do not think Capcom had any intention of localising this game until the they saw that the Switch was selling like crazy and I think that MH Worlds sales just added to the logic of localising the game. I think it is only because of this that we are seeing the game coming to EU and Americas. Also if this was the game then they might wait for the PC release first before releasing the Switch version. Just my theory anyways.
SLOPP_12 (7 days ago)
But will they develop more Monster hunter Games like Generations Ultimate, or is this our last MONSTER HUNTER Game in this 'old' style? Because I really love this 'old' style.
kharil hasan (2 days ago)
Jose Fernandez Imo the only thing that I want for switch version from world is the improved quality of life and seamless open world map. I don't mind sacrificing the graphic for me to be able play it portable.
Jose Fernandez (2 days ago)
we already have so many games in the old style, why would we need more? if you want to play the old style then just play the old games.
SLOPP_12 (3 days ago)
kharil hasan Maybe it could happen like this. I am Very excited what the future of MH Looks like.
kharil hasan (3 days ago)
SLOPP_12 I would like old style graphic with all the quality of life mhw has...
Dequan Milete (7 days ago)
Stuff like increasing the frame rate would help make up for them taking an entire year to make this happen
Takedaサン (7 days ago)
Bow I have to sell my XX for this GenU for more understanding
spectrumbots42 (7 days ago)
Nice! Gonna pick this, and World up!
vo thanh (7 days ago)
Great. after I've just bought japanese version
Jeeses99 (7 days ago)
I hope Iron Galaxy ports World to the Switch already. Then we'll have 2 great monster Hunter games on the Switch
Laxus Poldish (6 days ago)
Capcom has yet to approve of any third parties porting World to the switch. Well at least that is what we know as of now
Joao Chaves (7 days ago)
In europe too??
Angani (3 days ago)
Chesterfield The 3rd (7 days ago)
Gaijin Hunter is alot better than arekks dumbass.
Tekvezar 100 (7 days ago)
Where’s drive ahead for switch
Señor Snipey (7 days ago)
Worlds is just more refined and stremlined
Jose Fernandez (2 days ago)
MHGU has more content because it is a rehash of a rehash of old titles.
Señor Snipey That's true, but this game has way more content than World does, at the moment.
THE FINAL DAY (8 days ago)
Arekkz Gaming (8 days ago)
I can't wait! :D
Vesmir NG-3 (2 days ago)
I understand you, well I love Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but Xenoblade Chronicles X never happens.
Monster Hunter (7 days ago)
Mix set double monday mix set monday ultimate
Nathan Straker (8 days ago)
Bout damn time!!!
Gentlemen Gamer (8 days ago)
Why was it not released last year?
Kakashi Jr (8 days ago)
i have monster hunter world. i love it. i played sinces monster hunter 3 tri. and onces Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate comes out for the nintendo switch im droping monster hunter world. more monsters win for me. 93 monsters thats a dream come ture. and i don.t mind playing without re stocking potions or eating at canteen while in a quest or buying weldstones or paint again. if i played monster hunter world 1st and jumped to this game i would have not like this game. monster hunter world is like easy mode game you get it easy. all the hunters that played the older monster hunter games will understand so to us old hunters. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is gonna be the best.
seth shiro (8 days ago)
Hate u crapcom.
Useless (8 days ago)
Lol i thought this was monster hunter world at first. :(
Leontina Siatras (8 days ago)
Ducking finally!
FrostyBoy (8 days ago)
I'm going to wait for the Demo but I have MH world why would I buy another monster hunter when I could buy a different game. If they only announce this when MH world released I would of waited.
spooky electric (8 days ago)
hellllllllo lovely Alex, you really should play Monster Hunter Stories. You have an Xbox. It’s the game that made the series mainstream in the West. Not just bigger. MAINSTREAM. Outlets that never covered it were suddenly running walkthroughs. Check it out, bro.
Nikki K (8 days ago)
I agree with the other guy
Nendonintendo (8 days ago)
So will I be able to play the Japanese version in English as well? Any ideas?
Laxus Poldish (6 days ago)
Just gotta hope they come out with a translation patch for it
Syuna (8 days ago)
To bad they couldn’t get monster hunter world on the switch I’ve never played a monster hunter an I was gunns buy it on Xbox but I am waiting for the pc version instead I might buy this game until I see the final version an how it runs on the switch
Angani (3 days ago)
It runs perfectly smoothly at a locked 30 fps. (I've been playing XX and this just just the localization). Some people don't like 30, but it's never bothered me and the game plays and controls very well.
Walker Pierce (8 days ago)
Nana Tesukatori (4 days ago)
retrofraction (8 days ago)
It’s too little too late for all that I am concerned.
Brandon Roberts (8 days ago)
this looks amazing
Schnitzler (8 days ago)
I'm actually quite pissed about this. They coulld atleast give us a better port with revamped graphics, not this glorified 3ds emulator game.
Ophi Green (4 days ago)
"this looks 10x better than MHXX on an emulator" But... this video IS MHXX...
akaimizu1 (5 days ago)
ThePizzaMan it all depends on whether, like other MH games, it still allows you to play with Japanese players. If that is the case, you still may be running around with potential 3ds XX players.
Litware_Inc (6 days ago)
Going to be real with you, this looks 10x better than MHXX on an emulator.
ThePizzaMan (7 days ago)
There is no cross play or cross saves in the Western Switch version, its only in Japan. There's the save transfer that is only from 3DS to Switch but not the other way around.
akaimizu1 (8 days ago)
You may be right about the idea that they might not change the FPS limits just due to not planning to change the code much. I originally thought they advertised in Japan that X based content would allow XX to play with 3DS X players, but that didn’t seem to be the case. So yeah, for the western release, they wouldn’t have to worry about 3DS synching issues, then. Well. Unless they make it so you can play with XX players across the pond. If that is true, then you will have 3DS players on the list.
Bryan Chavez (8 days ago)
Can you do a review on the utorcase for the Nintendo Switch, I think you’ll like it
Morning Glory95 (8 days ago)
Meh I bought a PS4 for world already, so...What’s frustrates me is they said ‘We have no plans to bring MH switch to the west’.
smashbrolink (4 days ago)
No need to be frustrated, as they're two very different beasts. pfft; beasts. Anyways, you can enjoy both.
akaimizu1 (5 days ago)
Always remember. The Key word is Always "currently". That is the classic PR synonym for "nothing we can announce at this time".
Ganondorf Dragmire (6 days ago)
Don't feel too bad. World is a great game.
Morning Glory95 (7 days ago)
Sigmafocus Source here from last year: http://www.gameinformer.com/themes/blogs/generic/post.aspx?WeblogApp=news&y=2017&m=06&d=15&WeblogPostName=capcom-has-no-current-plans-to-localize-monster-hunter-xx-for-the-west&GroupKeys=
Morning Glory95 (7 days ago)
Dank Galvatron MH World was the one of the driving factors to buy a PS4. The other was Spider-Man which is exclusively coming to PS4. I would have bought the PS4 later in the year instead of JAN.
Jag (8 days ago)
In my honest opinion this was all just a ploy to get more money out of us the consumers, it would not make sense to have 2 games cannibalize themselves amongst the player base since one is strictly on Nintendo and the other is available everywhere else, considering how monster hunter was still pretty much a niche game it would be a risk and huge loss if one game hindered the other somehow. Some Nintendo players were upset that World was snubbed for the Switch which is understandable, but the game would run horrible on the switch (keep dreaming Alex...). The real salt on the wound was MHXX was not even hinted to coming out from Japan to other countries completely alienating the Nintendo fan base outside of Japan. That being said it made the most sense to simply dodge the issue after how well World would turn which has done fantastic, only then did Capcom finally decide to green light MHXX out of Japan. Now....anyone know if people who imported the game on their switch via Japan Eshop or cartridge will be able to swap in their current save or translate their current game they already have on their Switch?
HOHE (1 day ago)
I don’t think you’d be able to but I’d prefer to keep my XX file on the game and just plan to transfer my Gen to GU since it looks like XX will just be my solo only account
Jag (4 days ago)
And it will actually be nice to read all the menus and not just remember stuff in terms of muscle memory to get around in the game lol
akaimizu1 (4 days ago)
Jag true. And I hear you on the charms. I actually had the similar thing happen when I had to leave behind my stuff in Generations when I started XX. Still. I absolutely can’t wait for players, who only played World, face off a Khezu for the first time and have nightmares about its highly unusual roar. (What I call a combination of a Banshee monster roar and a Hoover vacuum cleaner if they were married together)
Jag (4 days ago)
I dont mind picking up where I left off from generations either but I do have some charms I got in mhxx was hoping to save either way im glad we are getting the game as they say better late than never right?
akaimizu1 (5 days ago)
Jag I'm currently counting on me not being able to transfer my save across from XX to Gen U. However, I do have progress on the original Generations, so I'm still good.
dylan m (8 days ago)
As long i dont need to download content im fine
Happymonday 2015 (8 days ago)
We should just have Arekkz take over Nintendo Life sorry Alex I'm joking lol Alex is the best
Eddysonsan (8 days ago)
This is (one of) the reason why I don't trust Capcom. Never wiĺl I buy a Crapcom game again.
Jose Fernandez (2 days ago)
then don't buy. who fucking cares?
Mr_Manhunter (8 days ago)
Eddysonsan Wow, you're really limiting yourself, aren't you?
Abby Jameson (8 days ago)
Capcom must've had to fight a monster from the game before they could release it here...
Katie Baily (8 days ago)
Now why can’t Capcom give Switch owners the Disney Afternoon Collection already?!
Shadow Force (8 days ago)
they waited to see if mhw would sell in the west
Ophi Green (1 day ago)
The real downside is the possibility that they will no longer even make games for the Switch after this. Because the switch game, realistically isn't going to sell as well as World did, because world sold amazingly.
Sky Scavenger (1 day ago)
darthboxOriginal The downside to the success of Monster Hunter being driven by World is that now probably every MH game is going to be compared to World, which could potentially damage this game's performance on the Switch as I can already see people saying "this is just an inferior version of MHW". Honestly, I'm just glad we got an MH game on Switch. I barely have time to play videogames these days which is why I mostly play my Switch now.
darthboxOriginal (4 days ago)
Ophi Green I think they said "currently," though I may be wrong.
Ophi Green (4 days ago)
"But that's a big middle finger to the fans they already had" Not really though, the promise of better games in the future that a larger audience would bring is in the fans best interests. Saying they had no intentions of bringing it to the west is though, they should have said "at this date" or something to that effect.
darthboxOriginal (8 days ago)
Like it or not, it is a niche series in the West...but world may have changed that, to some extent. Hopefully the success of world will drive the success of this and future mh games
WolfeGaming (8 days ago)
Loads of waffling... So I've never played Monster Hunter, but to me it looks kind of like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 crossed with Skyrim just based on the gameplay footage I've seen. You guys went back and forth concerning new players and this game, so are you saying this is a bad place to start or is it okay for newbies who don't mind a steep learning curve?
Jose Fernandez (2 days ago)
this game is the WORST monhun game for beginners. it is a collection of previous titles, so if you are new, you will be burnt out because of the large amount of quests and you will just get lost. if you have a 3DS then get 3U or 4U. if you have PS4 or Xbone then just get World. if you only have Switch, well fuck, no choice.
Angani (3 days ago)
If you need help or have any questions, the MH community is generally very welcoming to new hunters. Feel free to ask me anything, or stop by the subreddit at /r/monsterhunter
darthboxOriginal (5 days ago)
Cool man, happy to help! I hope you enjoy it. There is a guy on YouTube called gaijin hunter that has a lot of tip videos for each weapon type
WolfeGaming (5 days ago)
darthboxOriginal Thanks for the in-depth reply! Sounds like an awesome game, I'm sure I'll grab a copy when the Switch version comes out.
darthboxOriginal (6 days ago)
i repeat: there is NOTHING similar in terms of gameplay between this and Xenoblade Chronicles. I am VERY sure the same is true of Skyrim. This is more like a strategic, free-roaming fighting game, where your opponent is usually much bigger than you, with RPG elements (sort-of...it's actually upgrading your equipment, NOT your character), with some crafting. My understanding is that it's only like Dark Souls in that it forces you to learn your enemy's attack patterns, and can be punishingly difficult in later quests. Otherwise, it is not that similar. there are similar games, I am told, but those listed above are NOT them. I would assume this is as good a place to start as 4U or Generations. World may be simpler and less intimidating and more streamlined, however...but i started with 3U, and it did me no harm! You just need to play through the tutorial and training levels (4U was great for that), and take your time to learn how the monsters fight. It's very satisfying when you get it down! And then you grind til you get all the parts you need to make that sweet new weapon or suit of armour to take on the next set of baddies. It sounds repetitive, but no two fights are the same, and there are so many ways you can play. The beginning may be a bit tedious, with fetch quests, but just push through and you get to the fun stuff fairly soon.
Jose Rachi (8 days ago)
“Make sure to sharpen that weapon to smash or harvest that subscribe button! Thank you again for watching! buh-bye! 👋 “
BChaos rath (8 days ago)
kind of sad people only saw MH in the map after MHworld. hyped for this nonetheless
Morrow (8 days ago)
All MH Veterans agree that World is easier than the other MHs. I prefer difficulty over graphics.
Daniel Yudistira (2 days ago)
try beat deviljho tempered first bro
ImpendingGhost (2 days ago)
Jose Fernandez Uhh okay dude.
Jose Fernandez (2 days ago)
elitists like you lot is the reason why the MH community is so fucking toxic nowadays. MH is a fucking PVE game but the toxicity of it's community is now on par with the toxicity of the MOBA community and Fighting game community. MH fans are so torn apart they are bashing their own favorite franchise for stupid reasons. why even compare if we can just fucking play any fucking monhun title? do you only play 1 game for eternity that's why you need bash another? you kids need to fucking grow up. this is the start of the death of the MH franchise because of it's toxic fanbase.
Kuma Wilson (2 days ago)
ImpendingGhost yes they both play fine. but for me personally World is more fun with all these quality of life improvements. - again that's just my taste. i don't say that one game is objectively better than the other. it's just that i have much more fun with World. still gonna buy MHGU and play the heck out of it tho.
ImpendingGhost (2 days ago)
Kuma Wilson Both MHWorld and MHGU are fun and imo they both play fine. Just MHGU has more to do and World doesn't
Gamer Addy 99 (8 days ago)
MHU on Switch will be my first MH game.Is it good?
Dark frozen (11 hours ago)
Gamer Addy 99 If you want to lose 1k hours of your life
Ruzan Jamaleddin (15 hours ago)
Gamer Addy 99 I used to play MH4U’s demo and then got into Gen’s demo and finally bought it in the end, the game is easy to get into and addictive! You should give it a go!
SOLOMON SOLO (3 days ago)
It's good, but you're gonna lose alot of sun time.....
kharil hasan (3 days ago)
Say goodbye to your normal social life.
villabong11 (6 days ago)
im with you except for insta mining, maybe one less hit, but i like that change of paced the game has, like hunting your heart beat the crap out of it when is a giant monster, but then in other quest or free roaming you just go outside to fish and mining which i found relaxing and peaceful :)
Cipher Twelve (8 days ago)
Just watching the game play and looks so awesome
Angel Pérez (8 days ago)
Oh I'm so going to get this one. Still hope for an updated version of World though
Angel Pérez (3 days ago)
Kuma Wilson I know, I wasn't saying I wanted an updated version of MHW FOR Switch. I wanted an updated version overall in the same line as the Unite/Ultimate versions. I have missed so many thing that updated versions of games are my only way of experiencing stuff like past DLC... I hate my country
Kuma Wilson (3 days ago)
Angel Pérez if any there would be an extremely downgraded version for the switch. considering base Ps4 and Xbox One are already struggling to keep a stable framerate.
Tsiri (8 days ago)
Why they gotta cuck the 3DS owners? Pathetic. I had cash waiting for it. Not buying a Switch, so I'll skip.
creative username (7 days ago)
Tsiri no one cares. Nintendo and Capcom will be just fine without you and the handful of other 3ds fanboys. If you're not willing to move on you've been left behind
immatoll (8 days ago)
To be honest: It’s nice. But it looks so incredibly bad graphically when I compare it even with the most PS Vita clones (God Eater 1/2, Toukiden 1/2, Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars etc.).
Androzz Senpai (8 days ago)
You'll forgot about graphics when you start beating monsters arse.
Noodles (8 days ago)
I have XX and it definitely looks better than Generations, I put a lot more hours into XX than World so graphics aren't everything
akaimizu1 (8 days ago)
Schnitzler actually. It won’t exactly. The textures were redone for this port. It’s harder to see with this exact area of the map with the Barrioth, but there are graphical comparison vids out there which easily show the difference in textures. There’s also a new lighting engine added, which shows even better on maps with overhead foliage. Dynamic Sun-rays, for instance. The added resolution also shows off little extra details added to the port, for example, small bugs and worm like creatures that crawl and slither on the ground, in some scenes.
Schnitzler (8 days ago)
This basically is a 3ds game with 1080p. Get an emulator and upscale any 3ds game to 1080 it will look like this.
FirPtl (8 days ago)
well it is a HD port of the 3DS version. 1080p 30fps with HD textures added.
issaciams (8 days ago)
Man it just looks like upscaled 3ds graphics. Textures do not really look good in my opinion.
FirPtl (2 days ago)
+yous gon git dem cheeks took my nigga Even though the game already struggles on a base Xbox One. (872p with an average framerate of 27fps) So "lowering the framerate" isnt going to d shit tbh, maybe if they capped it, which most likely isnt going to do anything. The game will hav to look like Xenoblade 2 in handheld mode for it to even b able to run. (in handheld mode tht games res is around 560p mot of the time and can drop to 340p) Lowering the graphics and calling it a day, isnt going to work. The game will hav to b completely rebuilt and most likely hav to alter the games mechanics to run, which defeats the purpose of MHW. Anyways im expecting them to make a spinoff for Switch though. Maybe a "Portable 5th".
Kuma Wilson (3 days ago)
spooky electric no they didn't look good at all for their plattforms. Portable 3rd may be the exception.
christina bullshit at 30 fps it would work on the switch lower the graphics and framerate and boom now shut your flaps
christina cumba (3 days ago)
It would not matter. Switch is not capable of World's graphics so people would complain even if the engine were rebuilt and custom for Switch.
qwertimus (5 days ago)
Schnitzler MH:Generations looks pretty fantastic for a 3DS game (especially in 3D). A significant visual upgrade from 3&4.
Rey Zephlyn (8 days ago)
I wonder what a dedicated Monster Game developed for the platform would've looked liked. (Like developed just for the Switch)
Rey Zephlyn (2 days ago)
Elli Tbh a dedicated MH for Switch would probably look and run better if it was designed specifically for the specs. The Doom version had to have nerfs to it to run on the specs it wasn't developed for. 720 dynamic with 30fps for a handheld isnt to bad though
Elli (2 days ago)
oshok for doom to run on switch it was downgraded to 500p and 30fps but with stutters. The base ps4 runs doom 1080p 60fps but it cant really run MHW well.
Ophi Green (4 days ago)
Even if it was Wii U dedicated, rather than 3DS, it could have looked comparable to BotW.
Rey Zephlyn (5 days ago)
akaimizu1 I was meaning graphic fidelity and how the graphics would look.
akaimizu1 (5 days ago)
It would likely have some world-like aspects to it. Like the ability to have maps without load zones. Since the Switch doesn't have the memory limitations like the portable-only systems, they can afford to load in big continuous maps and/or spool with a much greater buffer. QoL improvements of world also could make it in because that is more design decisions than hardware. Depending on how they plan to do graphics they could push for 60fps or 30. Deciding on art-style could go a long way. If they decide to keep it more like Gen U, they could really push the graphical level higher, as this art style gives them more leeway to add more assets. Thing is we're going from a game series where the expected Ram was 64MB to a system with 4GB Ram. So hypothetically even with graphics running at 8x the resolution taking 8x the space, you'd still have a relative 8x more memory to work with it. And with games already running on it that outperform last gen's graphics just in portable mode, there's so much potential.
bloodwalker (8 days ago)
I do not think this this game will sell as much as it should at release date. While many look at it from an optimistic side I look at both sides. and here is the negative side: Capcom originally had no plans to release this game in the west. It was due to the reception of the 3DS game compared to the precious iterations, their doubts that the Switch will be very popular in the west (Japan loves portables) and the push of Monster Hunter World. The Switch became far more popular than anyone imagined, and with the reveal of MHW many were asking for a switch port or this game. Capcom was caught with their pants down . Porting World would take too long and XX could not just be announced out of nowhere because with the big HYPE of World this game would have be seen as a graphically inferior, less accessible iteration that just came as a consolation price. Capcom waited untill the hype died and the anger/disappointed of fans (or Switch owners) calmed down. While I am happy that this game is finally getting released. I do not think the sales reach or pass half a million units but become a niche game.
it wont sell as good tbh only MH fans and those curious might buy it. its too late and no 3ds version capcom likes to fuck shit up bad
idonotmakevidsyet (3 days ago)
I would actually want it to be niche
Page Book (5 days ago)
I'll probably grab XX if it hits a price drop like 4U and Generations have had. Full price just feels like a bit too much. To be fair, I've never really liked the "release 4 and then 4U" model, and even though there's a fair amount of new content in XX, there's a fair amount of old content as well. I do want to fight some of the new monsters and try out the new styles, which are absent from World, but I'll probably wait until it his 40 or more percent off.
bloodwalker (5 days ago)
Page Book, This is true. I think some will follow what you are saying. I believe you or others will buy XX as well, but not on release date, just later down the year or when there is a price drop.
Page Book (5 days ago)
I think the worst planning is that XX will release around the time World hits PC. I have a Switch and a gaming PC, and no other consoles since most PS4 or Xbox games wind up ported to PC. I don't know if I'm going to bother getting XX (basically an expansion to Generations) when World is going to be coming out near the same time.
Michael Thompson (8 days ago)
Gens roster was okay, too many fetch quests & weapon balancing wasn't great with styles, 3U & 4U we're great smaller roster of monsters but much better quality No-one wanted to fight multiple raptor like Dino's multiple times on vanilla quests which was extremely repetitive on gens Thankfully XX does make some improvements from what I've heard from communtiy
Ken (8 days ago)
Transmog, basically turns the game into a fashion quest, making every armor relevant to that end.
Michael Thompson (8 days ago)
Capcom have poorly managed the launch & ultimately they'll blame fan's for apck of interest when it comes out in August, however Arkezz comments make sense Also we got the less than sub par MH stories which was localised by nintendo of Europe fairly swiftly which in itself is weird over XX/Gens Ultimate I mean really Capcom? Really?
ThePizzaMan (7 days ago)
+FirPtl Thats not how it will work. A lot more people will just see this version as an inferior version of the game. The only people who I could see buying this are the OG monster hunter fans and Nintendo Fans and some people who want more Monster Hunter. That's about it. And if you notice, there is barely any marketing for the game as well. Go to their Monster Hunter twitter and you will just see more World stuff while the Monster Hunter GU Trailer is buried alive under it. Its noticeable that Capcom doesn't expect more than 500,000 sales. Even less.
Michael Thompson (8 days ago)
GenericGameplay didn't know that 🤔
FirPtl (8 days ago)
+GenericGameplay Surprisingly they never had any issues at localizing MH from wht I know of since joining the series in 2009.
Michael Thompson (8 days ago)
FirPtl that's a good way to look at it, let's hope so then 😃
Michael Thompson (8 days ago)
Erik Almond erhm this one https://youtu.be/b-6yxSgxk1U Sorry I don't get the reference?
Nintendo Life (8 days ago)
Arekkz found his voice.
Melonator (4 days ago)
Blastermaster Nes Yo if u save 3$ a day til aug 28 u can get a switch for the game. I told myself screw waiting. Having a job will speed things up but as a brokeass student thats how ill save
Blastermaster Nes (5 days ago)
Please be 3ds version🙏😦
Joeynator3000 (8 days ago)
I was wondering what happened, my comment vanished pointing out the audio issue. xD Glad you guys fixed it.
HikaruWDM n/a (8 days ago)
Yay they fixed the audio issueXD
Joshua Willoughby (8 days ago)
HikaruWDM n/a I was wondering about that lol it was awkward silense at moments
Sizzle2 Day (8 days ago)
was gonna sue Capcom sees this... yay.. I'm not as excited as before because of how long it took....
Peter Haywood (8 days ago)
Capcom: jee I’m bored why don’t we bring Monster Hunter Generations to Switch Nintendo fans: FINALLY
Syuna (8 days ago)
That’s pretty much what all third party companies do on the switch lol
Megabakufun2 (8 days ago)
hmm seems familiar
Nin10ja (8 days ago)
no awkward silence anymore
cor ninsin95 (8 days ago)
Watched the original, but I'm just dropping by to leave a like. God bless, Alex!
Mr J (8 days ago)
What happened to the last video?
we can hear your mom moan in the background
Jag (8 days ago)
shucks missed it lol...
jose recio (8 days ago)
dude didn’t have pants on
MH DARKSTORM (8 days ago)
Mr J audio issues at 10:45

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