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Top 8 RACING Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2017 & 2018 )

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Here 8 of Bests New Racing Games 2017 & 2018 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (203)
NemesisUnknown (6 days ago)
Now if Asphalt 8 Airborne was on the switch...that would be amazing lmao
Bobby Ousley (14 days ago)
What about Mario Kart 8 or the upcoming Team Sonic Racing?
Kiros Night 777 (15 days ago)
GT Master (22 days ago)
We want f1 2018
Elder Jiang (1 month ago)
the switch really needs a proper racing sim
Jules YT (1 month ago)
They should also add cruisin blast which is a arcade racing game by Nintendo
MOTORRIDER :D (1 month ago)
Sad that these are the top ones
Johfunu Trololol (1 month ago)
Racing apex is the only interesting game there. Love an arcade game.
Arturo hostos ruiz (1 month ago)
Estos juegos no llegarán ni a 720p :v
Franklin Warner (1 month ago)
Alex L. (1 month ago)
redout hasn't even come out yet
Franklin Warner (1 month ago)
Franklin Warner (1 month ago)
Nice Cars.
Franklin Warner (1 month ago)
Znakemaster (2 months ago)
Wish the nintendo switch would have more great racers like the psp has with great titles such as burnout or the ps vita with need for speed or wrc.
TheGammimg ultra (2 months ago)
What is TBA
SuperLinkBro (2 months ago)
TheGammimg ultra Stands for "to be announced".
Ronny (2 months ago)
Android Games ?
Wade Cortez (2 months ago)
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Edson Santos (2 months ago)
Lembra muito jogos pra celular rsrsrs. E Nintendo... O que vc pretende com esses consoles?
Mr smily men (2 months ago)
Cold_ Soup (2 months ago)
I'm silently praying horizon 4 will come on switch
Cold_ Soup (2 months ago)
I doubt it... But miracles happened before (like crash bandicoot, undertale, and smash bros)
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Kyudo Kun (3 months ago)
*Champion Jockey specialllll*
chew darth for weed (3 months ago)
Racing Apex sucks, and why is there no need of speed payback?!
Crash's Underwear (3 months ago)
I feel like the internet is mocking me by showing a horse racing game on a list of what one would logically expect to be CAR racing games and nothing else.
Dave Cervantes (3 months ago)
What game is the thumbnail?
F Game Killer (3 months ago)
Driveclub unlimited
Luis Hernandez (4 months ago)
didn't put Mario kart
Christopher Alter (4 months ago)
Come on Nintendo get with capcom bring back automodelista just up date the car list fix the controls a little keepl the cell shade graphics and tracks just add a few more you casn do it and have an awesome game
ProDrifter 43990 (4 months ago)
Bru what if fortnite comes to nintendo switch
Frank Pegassi (4 months ago)
Only Gear Club is a real one.
Alex L. (4 months ago)
Haha redout still hasn’t launched yet
The Lit Channel (5 months ago)
RISE looks amazing
Apocalipsis 13 (5 months ago)
0:43 great !!! 😎✌
Edwin Cantoral (5 months ago)
Leandro SF (5 months ago)
KKKKK! Cell phone games! Nintendo Shit sucks!
B. S. (5 months ago)
I'm just picturing a kid asking for like botw or something for Xmas and getting "champion jockey special"
Liu Aaron (6 months ago)
is it just me or the car in rise: race to futre makes me think of hennessy f5?
Chris 34 (5 months ago)
Liu Aaron I think of a Marussia b2
Doktor Hachi Roku (6 months ago)
When it comes to simulations Nintendo really sucks. Games like RBR, PC(2), GT or FMS and developers like SimBin or Papyrus games always avoided Nintendo. It's really sad.
TheGameClan (7 months ago)
He seriously missed the best racing game ever: mario kart
Eggpie_614 (5 months ago)
Its not the best racing game :/
Keemstar VEVO (7 months ago)
Come on Microsoft let Nintendo have Forza as well
RoshanGamer (21 days ago)
David Francois Might want to reconsider that buddy, as Xbox and Nintendo are building a friendship with each other against Sony and even rumored that in 2020 when the new xbox launches Nintendo will work with xbox for some exclusives for the xbox
Mr_Duckie (4 months ago)
David Francois lol, that is Xboxs only good game. The xbox is a $500 Forza machine
ProDrifter 43990 (4 months ago)
David Francois sure is and thats y i am happy to have an xbox
Keemstar VEVO (6 months ago)
David Francois bro I was just throwing it out there I'm an Xbox guy not PlayStation as you can read above but I don't know why your so furious about me just throwing an idea out there. In the future Nintendo will probably have good developers to make their mainstream racing game but at the time of me writing this they dont have that apart from that gear club unlimited game. I take back what I said about microsoft Nintendo collaboration idea so can everyone stop being so angry
David Francois (6 months ago)
KoalaPlayz 1556 piss off, Forza is a Microsoft exclusive FOREVER
Keemstar VEVO (7 months ago)
If it has v8 Supercars I'm fine
I know that as soon as I saw the switch, I thought: WOW! Can't wait for Champion Jockey Special
Luis Martin (7 months ago)
Redout...the F-Zero killer. Welcome back Nintendo!
GameplayMasters (7 months ago)
lol if PROJECT CARS ever comes to the switch i would buy it no matter the cost.
Robbe De Keyser (7 months ago)
heb ik op de ipad
matthew printz (7 months ago)
Red out looks like rmx
RacingNut48 (7 months ago)
I don't know anything about horse racing, but that Japanese guy seems pretty excited about it!
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
RacingNut48 lol
JFrediK (7 months ago)
f-zero pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
ying daily (8 months ago)
Racing apex graphics wise looks really shitty but tbh looks kind of fun if you had friends playing with you
ying daily (8 months ago)
So this is a dead ass serious question reading this which dumb ass is really buying champion jockey special please let me know. Like what the absolute fuck 🤣
Stupid ATM (8 months ago)
+ying daily for real
N4FZ Gold N (8 months ago)
Monster jammis not racing
N4FZ Gold N (8 months ago)
Jam is*
Roby (8 months ago)
Is this a joke. Where is the real racing sim?? Why can't Nintendo have a larger mature library
Comprehend Games (8 months ago)
That is very helpful for knowing everything! Keep it up!
Nino soul (8 months ago)
to many mobile racing games now if they give touch up work before bring them over that would be nice a real one not a half ass one.
Shinra (8 months ago)
Putting guns in Racing Apex is a very bad idea
Hykui Ummai (8 months ago)
Port gangster new Orleans and dbz
Bean (8 months ago)
I’d like to see a beam.ng drive port it probably won’t happen but it would be nice
OTBC (8 months ago)
Jesus that list was painful.
Monsi - Gaming (8 months ago)
There are 2 missing. Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (why isn‘t this in the list, I mean, Snow Moto Racing Freedom is in the list too) and MXGP 3.
Maxitsu24 (8 months ago)
I am A big racing fan but non of these games looks intresting.
Kiros Night 777 (15 days ago)
What about rise race the future. It is seems to be a simulator game with futuristic aspects
elequentum (9 months ago)
trash games
Meem Ain (9 months ago)
I wish it had need for speed payback
ScorpBerserker (9 months ago)
5:30 here comes the screamer. (I'm about the game with sega 32x graphic's)
Mad Fox (9 months ago)
2nd is fucking goood
David Torres (9 months ago)
PortalScout (9 months ago)
I think trackmania would be awesome for the switch :D
Playstation 5247 (3 months ago)
PortalScout What about TrackMania Turbo Edition?
Potolococo Original (10 months ago)
Están sacando puros juegos de Android
Randomizer 6000 (10 months ago)
If it has the ae86, then its a true racing game lo.
Doktor Hachi Roku (6 months ago)
Randomizer 6000 Yeah! Right, mate!
GameplayMasters (7 months ago)
lol you have 666 subs
Kazune Kuroko (10 months ago)
4:22 Dec 31 2018 Okay.
Kiros Night 777 (15 days ago)
Probably pushed to early 2019...
5 Years Ago (5 months ago)
ikr lol
Da Fonse (10 months ago)
You know people don't own consoles nor pc when they say those games are mobile games, what they don't know is that a lot of the mobile games are also ported to consoles and pc or vice versa.
Sebastian Castellanos (11 months ago)
RockyD12 (11 months ago)
Racing apex looks hella fun😂
Pepe Pepinazo (11 months ago)
The horse racing game could run on a Gamecube..... That game doesn't deserve something like the Switch...
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
Pepe Pepinazo lol
games1masteruk (11 months ago)
wow really poor racing line up only intresting one is Redout
GAGE IS COOL (11 months ago)
Wow that's fucking sick 🤣!
anthony belvedere (11 months ago)
When the best looking game is a mobile game, thats scary!!
Leandro SF (11 months ago)
The Graphics are Terrible! Nintendo Shit!
Charlie Rutimann (8 months ago)
if you don't like the switch then why are you watching this video
Jared Groebner (11 months ago)
Leandro SF 4K on the Xbox and PS4 is pathetic.
Ragnar Ahlman (11 months ago)
Nice try
ραρεrs101 (11 months ago)
What are you 9?
Sr DeSilva (11 months ago)
you missed 90s racer. its coming to switch.
trevormcdermal (4 months ago)
I hope you are right, we've waited close to THREE YEARS for that one. Meanwhile, I've seen what seems like 20 Forza games and "sims" that I don't want release every 6 months.
Juanblue85 (11 months ago)
Indeed but Nicalis has been taking forever to release it.
Pablo Mañas (11 months ago)
NOT A FU*NG GAMEPLAY in this video, excepto for that last shity game that looks like a N64 game....
Костя Уваров (5 months ago)
Are you really thinking that the graphics in the game are more important than the gameplay?
isimi kehinde (11 months ago)
Pablo Mañas that is the point..it meant to look like that
CodeNameZ (11 months ago)
Its based in SEGA Arcade model 1
DragoniX (11 months ago)
Steep isnt a racing game...
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (11 months ago)
Ohhh no, all that shovelware, it's the Wii all over again, but way worse!
Ragnar Ahlman (11 months ago)
Nah, better
ItookyourJello (11 months ago)
Man... Nintendo needs to have some dignity and stop letting mobile users and indie developers port their crappy games to the switch. Otherwise, it's gonna get a bad reputation.
joker first stringer (1 month ago)
We don't want a second ouya
Pablo Guraieb (2 months ago)
that is so true!
ItookyourJello nfs no limits for free would be good maybe?
roflBeck (4 months ago)
No indie games? So you don't want Redout on Switch? Fuck off lol.
PhoneticKnights (8 months ago)
Vladimir Tomin (11 months ago)
I wonder if it's theoretically possible to hook up say t300rs to the Switch?
Rudy Pianella (11 months ago)
Che grafica di merda
Actar (10 months ago)
Rudy Pianella Quanti hai, 9? Ritardato...
Bojidar Stefanov (11 months ago)
Rudy Pianella eh vabbeh,che ti devi aspettare,switch è anche portatile.
SimoK (11 months ago)
Rudy Pianella e vr mgl la ps5
илюха кукумба (11 months ago)
Mobile garbage.
Mehmet Zahid Ölmez (7 months ago)
Mehmet Zahid Ölmez (7 months ago)
4ndre25 (11 months ago)
but... Gear Club is a game for mobiles
4ndre25 (8 months ago)
Monsi - Gaming ok👍
Monsi - Gaming (8 months ago)
4ndre25 I think its more like a handheld. I mean, we get all sorts of games on it! Mobile Games and big games like Doom and Wolfenstein 2. Normally we‘d need two products for that. But we can‘t geht everything in both categories of games.
Leo Jokinen (8 months ago)
4ndre25 I don't think anyone has been denying the fact of it being a tablet. With confirmation of media apps soon to come, it'll be even moreso
4ndre25 (8 months ago)
Finally a Switch fan approve that the Switch is a tablet
Leo Jokinen (8 months ago)
4ndre25 What point are you trying to prove? We've known from the reveal that it's basically a tablet.
Not Andrew (11 months ago)
MAYBE Redout. Fast RMX was a little disappointing so I need a replacement. Rise:Race the Future is unknown from that trailer at least. We just need a proper racing sim! Even if Real Racing wanted to develop a game for the switch I wouldn't mind. That game was great except for the shitty controls.
Pablo (3 months ago)
Not Andrew I was about to get Fast RMX. Would you mind explaining why it was disappointing?
Uksu Official (11 months ago)
Steep is not racing game!
ZephrOli (7 months ago)
At least it is on the switch!!!!!
Uksu Official technically it is cuz there is a racing mode saying that steep isn't a racing game is like saying SSX back in the Ps2 and GameCube days isn't a racing game
James Keith Tampus (11 months ago)
and yet your no.1 had shitiest graphics I've ever seen.
Yudha Baskara (3 months ago)
The graphics is actually supposed to be a throwback to virtua racing.
silvia boi (8 months ago)
wait how are you not used to that art style anyway?
Keith G (8 months ago)
Bad graphics = art ?
RockyD12 (9 months ago)
James Keith Tampus you clearly don't understand
DragoniX (11 months ago)
Thats low poly artstyle

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