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PWI: Sirens of War Gameplay Trailer

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PWI: Sirens of War is now live! Get ready for Nation Wars, rebalanced skills, new quests, equipment, weapons, and so much more!
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Text Comments (28)
Dead Tv (4 years ago)
Hayden Wilde (5 years ago)
I think PWI is great, i really don't understand how this game attracts so much hate and bitchiness from people. if u don't like it, don't play it, simple.
Xehemoth (5 years ago)
and then asking "are you mad? you mad bro?". yes, thanks for caring.
Veigar Legend (5 years ago)
Love PWI
Paulius Kivylius (5 years ago)
most stupid reg system, need to wait 10 hours for email and still can't log in
Rolando Fortson (5 years ago)
this war system is like the Hero Online war system.. LOL flag war.. hehe
Lexus Fox (5 years ago)
This does not look like the PW I use to play :c
Sgt.James Doakes (5 years ago)
the people that run PWI are money hungry douchebags giving people who spend money godmode..
xXBlueSoundsXx (5 years ago)
Perfect world sucks... PWI sucks... RaiderZ.... black light... only good games. Good bye. Ty. We are done.
Toxihex (5 years ago)
mnah,I don't think there will be a new race.there are too many as it is.and the lvl cap,I think it's 105 as always.
Toxihex (5 years ago)
well,they're two different types of games. lol is not even an rpg. I've been playing pw for 4 years and it's the best mmorpg I've found
HolyKnightGaming (1 year ago)
you got your new classes they are't that grate and the exp ruined the game fk ark
Dmitry Carrawey (5 years ago)
Renan Arruda (5 years ago)
0:11 New Race ?
HikaruUmino (5 years ago)
Rofl cool trailer. I guess none of you noticed the green gear is Niva R3 (farmable gear). >.> actually pay attention before saying it isn't lol.
HikaruUmino (5 years ago)
Actually that is Niv r3 not r9 recast
Enosh Starcrod (5 years ago)
I prefer to play as it is
Kat O'Hearn (5 years ago)
this looks nothing like league of legends at all. oh no.
Fargost (5 years ago)
еще одно уг онлайн
Satyrion [Lone] (5 years ago)
all i see is r9, r9 recast and warsoul stuff... o__o
Vvoornth (5 years ago)
Unfortunately Hazzo there are no new races or classes
Karui Aoi (5 years ago)
I was really excited up until now... >.> at least you gave us 2x for 3 weeks!!!
Emerson Mora (5 years ago)
Boring as hell R9s killing everyone even the lowies lvl 60
tyler jones (5 years ago)
so im gonna need all rank 9 for that shit?
mickel1232 (5 years ago)
can you give me a link to soundtrack plz ??? :D
Bruno Guilherme (5 years ago)
Q massa
Elcage Ura (5 years ago)
Cosmin Marin (5 years ago)

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