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10 Upcoming EPIC Games CINEMATIC Best Trailers of 2018 ( PS4_PC_XBOX ONE )

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In this video we take a look at The 10 Upcoming EPIC Games CINEMATIC Best Trailers of 2018 [ PS4_PC_XBOXONE ] Full HD 1080p 60fps.. SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQ?sub_confirmation=1 #-00:00-Civilization 6: Rise & Fall -8/Feb/2018 [ PC ] #-03:18-Extinction -31/Mar/2018 [ PS4/PC/XO ] #-05:12-Fortnite -TBA 2018 [ PS4/PC/XO ] #-08:18-Detroit: Become Human -Q2/2018 [ PS4 Exclusive ] #-11:15-Ghost Of Tsushima -TBA 2018 [PS4 Exclusive ] #-13:14-Shadow Fight 3 -TBA 2018 [ PC ] #-15:45-Overkills's The Walking Dead -Fall 2018 [ PS4/PC/XO ] #-17:55-Beyond Good And Evil 2--------------------------Thumbnail of Video-20:55 -TBA [ PS4/PC/XO ] #-21:35-Ashes Of Creation -TBA 2018 [ PC ] #-24:05-Biomutant -TBA 2018 [ PS4/PC/XO ]
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Text Comments (29)
Filip Hrubec (9 months ago)
19:37 accurate Detroit City representation...
Dener Witt (9 months ago)
if the games actually had anything todo with the trailers or were half as good
Talgat Khamit (9 months ago)
Isn't shadow fight 3 a mobile game?
Paul Enan (9 months ago)
This is probably the first time i ever saw armor in a trailor doing, what it is supposed to do: Blocking an incoming sword.
marsakka (9 months ago)
the only one that looked ok was walking dead the rest of them are garbage
rjh60 (9 months ago)
the top 10 worthless games of 2018.
kirigakure (9 months ago)
ЭТО что 2005 год?
Cornelious Stradivarius (9 months ago)
Beyond Good and Evil had a cool intro but (not to sound prudish) I find the excessive swearing was an attempt to try to make it edgier than it actualy is. Wasn't any real need for it...it added nothing. As for the monkey character his voice was damned annoying
CaptinPawPrints (9 months ago)
Cornelious Stradivarius it's fir people who want a more adult/comedical style
Tarkobian Warr (9 months ago)
this is 16 you idiot
Johnny Diaz (9 months ago)
where are all the men, the only good game is the become human game, and Biomutant. This industry needs a fresh amount of strong male leads and more action. Some of these games are like watching a soap opera, better get back to playing warframe, a great mixture of male and female.
Starguardian Lux (9 months ago)
Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffhahahahahahaha aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaahahahahah haahahaaa aaaahahah
Rusty Therapist (9 months ago)
That women from the first trailer is what, an immortal?
Starguardian Lux (9 months ago)
ITT: virgin tears, fresh from 4chan
Vexsus22 (9 months ago)
a by product of today's 3rd wave feminism
Dennis (9 months ago)
no, its a game where you can choose what age you play in. thats it haha
xXFeralArtsXx (9 months ago)
A feminist demon, able to cheat death.
Sergio Jetro (9 months ago)
These games looks like piece of crap
Mildr0nate (9 months ago)
Except Detroit.
adrian gasiewski (9 months ago)
omg the british accent. and why is the fist hes wearing a complete ripoff from hellboy 2?
azurephantom100 (9 months ago)
I think its more of a cheeky reference/easter egg then ripoff
Leif Erikson (9 months ago)
Diversity has killed the industry.
Paul Enan (9 months ago)
And that is the real problem! (Please imagine the big red tone)
Jacobe2of4 (9 months ago)
Diversity is quite simply a lack of respect and integrity for the core audience. It is an Ideology, not a political stance. The kind of mentality that would run an organization into the ground to keep from offending soyboys and feminazis who don't even play video games. For example,Video game characters are predominately white males. Is that racist? This is how companies like EA see decision making. They would say yes. Leads in Hollywood movies are also mostly white males. Yet most Hollywood movies make a shit load of money. But Hollywood movies that try to grab for cash with a remake or shovel stupid politic crap fail miserably. That power ranger movie put in a bullshit "gay" character that was edited out of the film but still advertised. The film got banned in Russia and Thailand as a result and failed to break even at the box office.That's because Hollywood is a business. If they compromise what the people want, they lose money big time. This explains the Bionic commando remake in a nutshell. Every one of those Big developers has had rather public SJW activity within their company in some shape or form. Even the greatest of developers can fall from grace if they lose their spine and get sucked in to that bullshit. Remember Mighty no. 9? That game was going to suck either way, but a major reason people got extremely pissed off had to do with Diva, Comcept's former mannish lesbian feminist turned community manager. Now if you are a community manager, you really only have one job. And that's to keep the patrons happy. The first and only thing she did was piss kickstarter backers off and ban them from forums after publicly bashing them on social media. She would also regularly post "updates" spewing out her political beliefs on the mighty no 9 website while having no consent to do so from her employer...ALL...IN...THE FIRST MONTH. Sounds like a friable offence right? They kept that bitch on for a fucking year before they finally fired her. And it eventually came out that she was sucking two of her bosses off to keep her job.
Paul Enan (9 months ago)
Not Microtransactions. Not ridiciously overprized DLCs. Not Pre-order-bonuses. Not the fact that genres like single-player-shooter or real-time-strategy are not making enough profit. Not great studios that get bought by big publisher just to get grounded. Diversity. Shit, who could have known.^^
Jacobe2of4 (9 months ago)
Care to explain where Jade went in beyond good and evil 2 then? or why we we get a trailer with a bunch of black people...(sorry ,one's a monkey used as a racial stand in so they can use more offensive jokes without coming off as racist) Blow the living hell out of innocent civilians while they are killing cops? Because you know, fight the system. Even though it was established that this is the kind of behavior none of the main characters would take part of in the original game? Gee, that was a smart point in the first game where the heroes took the time to discuss how a high profile assault would get innocent people killed...and would be regarded as an open act of terrorism. This is particularly obvious when it was pointed out in the middle of the same conversation that the enemy was a paramilitary organization that was only marginally tolerated by the the local government due to abuse of power. That all sounds interesting right? Not that we need any of the story or thematic elements that made the game appealing to fans in the first place. How about we just throw in a Fucking character creator while we are at it. Because that's what the fans wanted all along, Antifa: the video game...in space! Because when ubisoft thinks of beyond good and evil,they think it's all about black terrorists firing live ammo on civilians.
Litch (9 months ago)
Game aimed at a mostly white male audience, trailer presents a brown woman, lol. Makes sense, this is basically a political statement ''hey disgusting white male, have you forgotten that strong brown women exist ? Well here's a reminder using all your forms of entertainment. What, was that your favorite franchise ? Oups, deal with it !'' Western media has become a joke and it's only going to get worse from now on.
marcos vinicius (9 months ago)
titanium the best

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