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Fortnite Switch Basically CONFIRMED! The Wait Is OVER!

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Fortnite Switch has been rumored for ages, but after a Korean Ratings Board post listed the title today, it's basically confirmed! We'll wait for E3 for the official announcement...but it's happening! Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Source: http://www.grac.or.kr/Statistics/Popup/Pop_ReasonInfo.aspx?4894519734509d7ada3b6ef9115de26ea6c813a6a053e8e5ec12581d53453bb0 Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (1313)
Is fortnite free on Nintendo Switch?
Cjrod (6 days ago)
But is it free tho?
Cjrod (6 days ago)
U know how Nintendo is
Toad_head 705 (6 days ago)
I’ve been asking for an xbox or PS4 for months because I had nothing to play fortnite with but a crappy computer and I found out about this I about passed out I’m so hyped
byron big failure (7 days ago)
Ohhh no, everybody will play fortnite who am i going to play with
Why did I receive a PS4 ad on this video
Little Rexy (7 days ago)
Mustafa Tahsin (7 days ago)
Really good 😆
cringey Random stuff (7 days ago)
Dear god please no...
Owen Best (8 days ago)
Oh My God.... I think I am going to cry.... (NOT Tears of Joy, Mind You.)
Maria Meza (8 days ago)
So happy
Owen Puhl (8 days ago)
yass biyash
neelOcool (9 days ago)
Good . . —
Terry (9 days ago)
Nah, dragon Ball fighter Z is going to drain me! 😵
Justin Santos (9 days ago)
Overwatch or fortnite I don't care whichever one comes to switch I'm just happy that the switch has a popular game that'll keep me from noticing the complete lack of apps like Crunchyroll or web browser not to mention Mario tennis aces will be fun
Noah Z (9 days ago)
[WUT] choc (9 days ago)
Comment F to pay respect to the switch death
Mr BoBo (10 days ago)
Yes i wont kermit suicide anymore
iMxrty (10 days ago)
Goku rules (10 days ago)
what is E3
Chit-Chat Gaming (10 days ago)
Nice! I hope it drops that day! Cool to see it coming to Switch!
Taefox123 (10 days ago)
And I was hoping Fortnite won't come on the switch. Dreams don't come true.
ShadowFlame gaming (10 days ago)
Yes yes yes yes YES! Finally
SkipDip 2nd Account (10 days ago)
is it offline?
Wee Woo (10 days ago)
Now, I see why this is good. It'll increase some sales and be healthy. But... honestly? The community's toxic, I don't want any of that to taint my Switch. Can't wait for it to just die down already.
Chomper ThePlant (10 days ago)
is it out now
Jobe TV (10 days ago)
I hope its 100% cos I m trading my old ps 4 and vita to switch :D
Easton Stanley (11 days ago)
Fortnite for switch please bring party chat
Octo Gamer (11 days ago)
I’ll probably get it since my friends keep telling me at school to get it when its on switch. I hope splatoon 2 won’t die out tho come on octo expansion when fortnite comes beat it
Neebles (11 days ago)
Why I hate fortnite
xXVORTEX GAMERXx (11 days ago)
Sakkyokuka宝石 (11 days ago)
We are still w as opting for the android version.. wtf!
ViperSA (11 days ago)
switch has no games
Joeismylittlechipmunk (11 days ago)
I’m over here waiting if animal crossing is gonna be on the switch or naw so I can save my money for it 😂😂
Giraffe!! (11 days ago)
When is E3
Spencer Tamburello (11 days ago)
I won't get it unless there are gyro controls.
Jonathan (11 days ago)
please no.
Dylz10188 :3 (11 days ago)
All Nintendo fans HATES Fortnite expect me
Emydius Montes (11 days ago)
I hope it's 60 fps. It would make the game so much better to play.
The Wiggles (11 days ago)
m8 where is ro🅱lox hunger games?
Expert 101 Dimond (11 days ago)
It comes in September BTW!!!
Creamy Pastel (11 days ago)
Why hasn't this game died down yet, i want overwatch and paladins more switch get yo stuff together
Juicey green Lemon (11 days ago)
Yeah i’m getting it everywhere I go I’ll play it but where can we buy it at GameStop?
Drake Sierra (12 days ago)
Goodbye splatoon "sniff"
Ruben Garduno (12 days ago)
Nintendo is for kids 😂 They gonna get inspired and shoot up
Ugandan Knuckles (12 days ago)
Its so good to be able to play FORTNITE on my Nintendo Switch
When is it coming?
Tony Valdovinos (12 days ago)
I'm prepared for staying up for many hours :D
AnOrdinaryPvP'er (12 days ago)
Yes I've been waitng for it a long time
Travis Stindt (12 days ago)
Am I the only one excited for Paladins?
Ethophonix Ralidfire (12 days ago)
Fortnite on switch sucks! Android has waited much longer and alot more people use android!This is crap
jeff kaplan's slave (12 days ago)
What about android
ELITEBOSS 111 (12 days ago)
Nooooooooooo! FORTNITE sucks!
costin andrei (12 days ago)
Will you be able to build labo instead of buildings?
Zanny // (12 days ago)
I lowkey just started playing fornite last week... and I happen to have a switch ;) (I will play it but Splatoon is still better)
Miss Moltres (12 days ago)
God damn it.
Intense Nonstop (12 days ago)
If this does happen Nintendo you better stop cayse if you allow this to go all the game people loved and you worked very hard on for decades will be thrown down the drain
Abimanyu Nayagam (12 days ago)
I'm glad Fortnite Switch will come out soon so us android users will finally be next in the line.
Alab (12 days ago)
Lemme say this, R.I.P Splatoon 2 sales.
RetroGamer64 (12 days ago)
poisonous ingot (12 days ago)
Looking forward to fighterz on switch hoping it comes soon
CoolDude1004 (12 days ago)
I hope their is crossplay with PC and possibly Xbox
ZEDGame ‘s (12 days ago)
He sounds like ghostrobo
HeyImTarax (10 days ago)
oh you and your conspiracy theories
iiHaunted X (12 days ago)
I don't care about fortnite I'm just hyped up for the new super smash bros showing up tomorrow
Conor O' Shea (12 days ago)
WE WANT SPONGEBOB BR!:€4!,&3’gkfkfuelfbbcifi
Palpas (12 days ago)
UncleShal (12 days ago)
Honestly Nintendo fanboys make me sick. We are getting 3rd party support now like never before on a Nintendo console & now every stupid Nintendo fanboy is saying the no longer want 3rd party support cause the feel like games like Fortnite will ruin the switch which isn't true. See this is why Nintendo smart fans can't have nice things cause when we do get it the village idiots start speaking up & crying like they talk for all of us & Nintendo listen to you idiots on future projects.
Apache 1 (12 days ago)
Why do joycons cost more than a freakin ps4 controller
Francesco Spina (12 days ago)
Trea Dragomir (12 days ago)
GhostRoBo is that you aha...
Simon Plays (12 days ago)
Amir reacts TV (12 days ago)
The question is do we have to play for it
Y u no like kirby (12 days ago)
Seeing people raging over a game they don't like is just funny. If you don't like it no one is forcing you to play it
Kohkiこうき (12 days ago)
I hope its real
Grovzy Gaming (12 days ago)
I can not wait to wreck some first game noobs with my keyboard and mouse
Vida novich (12 days ago)
why... oh god why.....
Luuk van Heugten (12 days ago)
Echang Wang (12 days ago)
People who go out of their way to watch videos about Fortnite just to comment about how much they hate it are sad, lonely people.
Shad E (12 days ago)
Why Nintendo, why
Ise Gamer (12 days ago)
Im so hyped! But will it have voice chat? Or will it be through the Nintendo Online app thing. That is a question that must be answered soon.
Gabe Hodge (12 days ago)
Im going to be dissapointed if it doesnt have gyro aiming but overall im happy but pubg would make me more excited on the switch
The Poison Mush (12 days ago)
i guess that my prayers came...
Captainjo 17 (12 days ago)
All I care is that it better be free
The Naive Pikachu (12 days ago)
Oh no 8(
Mason Playz (12 days ago)
I have been playing mobile and saving up all my money for ps4. But I got a switch, so I don't have to waist my money! I'm so excited!
Four Hand Studios (12 days ago)
CrafterMaster293 Jman (12 days ago)
So I can't wait
CrafterMaster293 Jman (12 days ago)
I okay FORTNITE, but I don't play it much, because I play the switch, Roblox, or Garry's Mod
CrafterMaster293 Jman (12 days ago)
I can't wait
KillerGotLost (12 days ago)
I want fighterZ
Kirbz (12 days ago)
Splatoon better lambo
When is E3
MAG (12 days ago)
Well where we landing boys
Jairo Cordoba (12 days ago)
Yessssss thank you!!!!! Yessszzz I love this channel!!!!!!!
KirbyJPLAYS (12 days ago)
Kill me please. I am dead now
UniLoud1993 (12 days ago)
Yeah. My YT friends will think about it. I on Xbox One
Jam Funes (12 days ago)
Switch is Trash ------------------------ Superior Race: PC Master Race Secondary Race: Consoles Trash Race: Switch
Lebron Kobe (9 days ago)
I cant be bothered talking to poeple that are always talking shit...
Jam Funes (12 days ago)
Lebron Kobe nigga when did I ever say the vita is powerful. Probably switch Fortnite is shit looking. It's not that powerful compared to a vita connected with a ps4.
Lebron Kobe (12 days ago)
i dont see the vita being more powerful do you? And Nintendo is making a huge profit over the switch, the wii u didn't do well but the switch did.
Jam Funes (12 days ago)
Lebron Kobe nigga it's Nintendo propaganda, since Nintendo has been losing money over their years. They are just making lies.
Lebron Kobe (12 days ago)
How is Switch trash? Its the most powerful handheld in the world... that can also connect to the tv!
Shihab Albikbashi (13 days ago)
Narimon Jr (13 days ago)
I just gave my switch to my cusin just because I wanted to play Fortnite with my friends in Playstation!
Jayden Rivers (13 days ago)
I can't wait till it come on switch I heard of fortnite but I have never played it before
Liakk Does Stuff (13 days ago)
Holy hell its about fricking time I HATE mobile

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