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Is Valve Secretly Working On The Orange Box 2 for 2019? (Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Left 4 Dead 3)

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Is Valve Secretly Working On The Orange Box 2? (Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Left 4 Dead 3) for 2019 Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rocketsloth Subscribe to Rocket Sloth for daily gaming entertainment: http://bit.ly/RocketSlothSubscribe Follow Us On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rocketslothnet Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/QT3VB74 📅 Years Later Review Playlist: https://goo.gl/Sr91r4 🎮 Worth Buying It? Playlist: https://goo.gl/KTTiiU 🔫 Call of Duty Videos: https://goo.gl/UM4NWD 🐹 Pokemon Videos: https://goo.gl/vxLB9U 💫 Halo Videos: https://goo.gl/5mNurS 💻 Gaming Tech: https://goo.gl/NcCq7j 🕹 Nintendo Videos: https://goo.gl/97cUcW 📑 Top 10 and Top 5 Lists: https://goo.gl/FesRdh 📦 Nintenduary Playlist: https://goo.gl/WKjz2Q
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Text Comments (706)
Korfolo (5 days ago)
As a valve employee I can neither confirm nor deny these claims but what I can deny is that I work for valve
Vapor Frog (8 days ago)
If this does somehow happen I don't think there will be a Team Fortress 3 since there is no need for one and the game is still active to this day
Mata rada (21 days ago)
I want left 4 dead3 thats all
Balnazzardi (21 days ago)
Even if Valve was developing all these games, they would not be "stupid" enough to release them all in one package....HL3, Portal 3 and L4D3 IF they would ever come out,would all be sold seperately to make more money.
SteveThePoptart (24 days ago)
The 20th anniversary of Half Life is sometime in December, that would be a perfect time to announce a “Orange Box 2”
Random Content (25 days ago)
1.......2......umm....the card game.
TheAnnouncer (26 days ago)
Your optimism is heartwarming
Ben Roberts (30 days ago)
If Jay Pinkerton could return to Valve even after leaving… What's stopping Marc Laidlaw from returning - or at the very least, communicating with Valve _juuuuust_ enough to finish Episode 3 once and for all?
Lazy Orange (1 month ago)
what about team fortress 3?
Mctwistflop (1 month ago)
No. This isn't true. Valve will never count to 3.
GavWrecker (1 month ago)
One can always dream...
Wilo Polis (1 month ago)
Portal 2: Episode One Portal 2: Episode Two
MasterSpider5 (1 month ago)
Francisco Bernardini (1 month ago)
Omg Id sure as hell would buy the orange box 2 that would be the most amazing gaming annocement by Valve ever - Lets pray this would see the light of day
Pro/Cent (1 month ago)
what about team fortress 3?
Gerard Sweeney (1 month ago)
No, they're not. Not question?
Sebi Blasko (1 month ago)
What about tf3 tho?=))
J. F.G (1 month ago)
Wishful thinking.
Spetz Haz (1 month ago)
i dont think there will be tf3 becuse they make so much money out of loot boxes and some are rare and expensive becuse the item is expected to last a long time same with csgo
Nouche (1 month ago)
If Portal 3 comes out and requires 100 freakin' euros to play, I'll buy it anyways.
Comrade Kim (1 month ago)
Half-Life 3 confirmed
Quinton Gorey (1 month ago)
How about a Half-Life one and 2 collection with all expansions an ep 3
Camo (1 month ago)
I need more tf2!!!
Admiral Mudkip (1 month ago)
If this was the case, then VNN would've already made 20 videos on it.
Iulian Bustean (1 month ago)
It's obvious that Valve is working on something. They just can't let half life incomplete. Clearly these games(specially HL ep3) would have unreal engine or maybe better. I think that this is the real reason why valve postponed a while, that hl ep3 or orange box 2 to be a masterpiece.
Borch (1 month ago)
I think "The Orange Circle" fits better
Ali0The0King (1 month ago)
portal 2 episode 1 ... lol
Epic Gaming (1 month ago)
tf3 is come overwatch is done.
Olikat (1 month ago)
im sueing if you dont read this
R.o.b (1 month ago)
It would be tf3
Steller (1 month ago)
Yeah, but when do we get a CS:GO Blue Shade?
no ur mom (1 month ago)
I can imagine gordon calling gabeN and asking "why are u a deadbeat?!" omfg gabeN is our deadbeat dad :(
Broken Warhead Studios (1 month ago)
First: TF2 is currently still alive, so i think releasing a tf3 wouldn't be a very good business decision, but if tf2 dies and people stop purchasing keys and other such in the next couple years we could get a tf3. Second: Portal 3 should NOT star chell as the main character, her story is over. But i do think if portal 3 is made the main character should be A.Doug Rattman B.A new character maybe mel.
Ulfhednar (1 month ago)
I guess someone had to relight the hl3 confirmed fire. Good for you man.
ThatOnePieGuy (1 month ago)
Team Fortress 3?.. Really? That just SOUNDS retarded. Team Fortress 2 does not need any continuation. Just updates.
Noah Hawk X (1 month ago)
This theory is a possible outcome, but im doubting Half-Life 3 since they have all the money they a tried making. And they did. Or maybe they need MORE MONEY 💰💰💰💰💰
brony gaming (1 month ago)
Tf3 would fuck over everyone who had spent money on hats in tf2 unless you can use Tf2 items in Tf3
Jack Jack (1 month ago)
I wish lord Gabe will give us orange box 2
aryan noshirvani (1 month ago)
E3 Half-life 2 episode 2 part 1
aryan noshirvani (1 month ago)
E3 Half-life 2 episode 2 part 1
soran27 (1 month ago)
that demoman threw a grenade
david chernyy (1 month ago)
No TF3?? Yah, your argument just fell apart. That’s a no from me bud, that’s a dislike before even watching the first 5 seconds
Wobbu The XonU (1 month ago)
I don't really want TF3 to tell the truth
Red (1 month ago)
"Is Valve Secretly Working On The Orange Box 2 for 2019?" Lol nah
kakyoku (1 month ago)
i bet its called halflife less than 3 and more than 1
Frze (1 month ago)
I don't think releasing all of these games at the same time is a good business approach, some games would be selling less than others and it just wouldn't seem practical to release them all at once. What I believe they might do is put a couple of months or even year gaps in between them.
Joseph Stalin (1 month ago)
E3 2019: Stage goes dark, we see a figure walking across it, it looks like Gabe Newall, he steps forward with a crowbar in his hand, a second of silence followed by the crowd realizing what is happening, the screen behind Newall starts playing a futuristic style trailer for a box, and finally, the box opens revealing half life 3, portal 3, tf3, L4D3, and possibly, a crossover between half life and portal, the whole crowd loses their minds as they praise their lord and savior Gaben. Best.Game.Announcement.ever
Nubs The Classic (1 month ago)
Half Life 3 ain't gonna be, the creators are gone, they left valve
neezy (1 month ago)
too good to be true, never happening
ProfesssorBaard (1 month ago)
No way man. Portal 2 had such a good ending and still has player based content inside the game, so Portal 3 will not come out any time soon. Team fortress 3 same story. Half life 3 at the other hand is expectedly waited for since the ending of half life 2 and a major thing for Valve so that would be something that you could expect. But this whole hoping for an orange box? No way man
Haas (1 month ago)
Clickbait much?
samdiego (1 month ago)
I won’t be convinced unless I see that they’ve rehired Marc Laidlaw
red fox (1 month ago)
orange box 3 2118
Itachi (1 month ago)
Yeah, as if Valve has worked at all in the last ten years
Boloxed Freeman (1 month ago)
fake or real ?
Sz (1 month ago)
Surely won't be TF2.
posk1016 (1 month ago)
Acttuly gaben is mostly working on Rust
nick martorana (1 month ago)
E3 2087: Left4Dead23 the 16th game of cards
Flash (1 month ago)
Think about it. People have died waiting for HL3. Its Time Mr Newell
Pachi (1 month ago)
No, Don't even have to watch to know this.
Meowium99 (1 month ago)
Team fortress 3 has literally a 0% chance of happening, at least in the next 3000 years. TF2 is still extremely popular, being the 9th most played game on Steam at the time of this comment. Valve still supports TF2 very much as well, with new content being added, fixed and removed relatively frequently. If anything, the next Orange box would have the newest version of TF2, and not the ancient version in the last one.
eggsy (1 month ago)
my dream.. for tf to comeback into mainstream gaming and portal 3 and halflife 3
danin900 (1 month ago)
Lol, nope.
The Furriner794 (1 month ago)
We waited five years. *For a card game.*
th1nk5r (1 month ago)
Artifact: Battle Royale
Bildawl (1 month ago)
Answer is no.
BlueFlo (1 month ago)
omfg i always have to do this, portal 3 isnt coming, half life 3 isnt coming, other "3" games arent coming, gabe newell said it himself, he explained why he is not bringing half life 3 or other games like that portal 3 might come though
Gavin Anderson (1 month ago)
I would happily pay whatever just to get my hands on Orange box 2
Raymontis aurus (1 month ago)
You don’t need tf3 because they can just update tf2
NotEnoughCreativity (1 month ago)
well valve can count to two which means there definitely will be orange box 2 but for portal 3 l4d3 and hl3.... m-maybe.
NotEnoughCreativity (1 month ago)
is this some sort of clickbaity video
The_Feisty_Yeti _ (1 month ago)
I want to believe
Jon Ofarrell (1 month ago)
No.... everyone knows they do not know how to count to 3. Hints the orange box.... 2. Haha
SteamPlay22 (1 month ago)
sry but nah
I want to believe..
Shuri kun (1 month ago)
Half life 0:Zero, P0rtal, Left 2 Dead, Team For Two.
Comedy Group (1 month ago)
What really was the point of this video? The only real "clue" on how valve could make a game that you mentioned is that they rehired a co worker, who wrote the story of portal 2. This video really could have been like 30 seconds long, we already know everything else you said. Like who tf does not know what the source engine is?
davidsirmons (1 month ago)
OB2?.....yawn. It's the Valve version of Solo, a creation no-one asked for, and no-one wanted. While EVERYONE AND THEIR WHOLE DAMN FAMILY CRIES OUT FOR HL3.
SOCKLORD (1 month ago)
Mr.Skulls (1 month ago)
Half Life "3", it's called Half Life Borealis or sth like that, it is in the making but aslong as i know not by Valve it is a standalone mod in the earliest stages of Alpha featuring Source Mechanics like Rocket Jumping and stuff like that. Still maintaining Source Engine's Feeling but still something completely updated and new.
sle (1 month ago)
all i want is portal 3, the portal series is my FAVORITE games, i fucking love them, a portal 3 would make me so fucking happy
this wombat (1 month ago)
team fortress wont have a sequel because it has updates and shit
Sooperdood12 (1 month ago)
i wish but they 99% aren't
Malachi James (1 month ago)
What about orange box episode 1
zelda noscopes (1 month ago)
Half life more than 2 less then 4
semper lacrimare (1 month ago)
Long answer? No. Short answer NO
mneedes2 (1 month ago)
They need to do something to stay relevant beyond steam. HL3 was Left For Dead ... Should spin off steam to FORCE them to do something better or die trying.
Assasin Sniperman (1 month ago)
Darlon (1 month ago)
Been hurt to many times.... Cant be hyped again
G.A.M.E (1 month ago)
please atleast orange box for ps4
SkeletonOps! (1 month ago)
All I know is that Tf2 is getting attention after 1 year without any updates
dendo (1 month ago)
tf3 is overwatch
ツSkitof (1 month ago)
You mean more than two, but less than four?
JoeEZ93 (1 month ago)
I want to believe.
thfreakinacage (1 month ago)
I would pre order it yesterday if it were true. Haha.
Thompson51 (1 month ago)
They won't be selling 3 games on a price of one.
burnt f1ames (1 month ago)
The orange box 2 contains: csgo glove case hl2 in source 2 tf2 crates artifact
okyeah whatever (1 month ago)
If Half-Life 3 ever sees the light of day it's either gonna be Duke Nukem Forever or Doom 2016 let's hope it's the latter. What it can't possible be is Half-Life 2 or Half-Life 1 the same way, as good as Doom 2016 was, it wasn't DOOM. I think it's unlikely HL3 brings anything revolutionary to the table like it's predecessors did which means to be good it just has to be true to it's roots the way Doom 2016 was and Duke Nukem Forever was not.
Le-Grande (1 month ago)

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