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ANTHEM - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2018

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ANTHEM - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2018 • Release Date: Feb. 22, 2019 • Platform: PS4, XB1 & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1787)
Alistar D (4 hours ago)
yep, it's a video game
Mr Clean (5 hours ago)
Okay put less words on the screen when your in a fight leave them words off.
CyrexZen (5 hours ago)
when i see EA logo at the intro i then start to go outside coz the smell of the bullshit really gave me cancer
Dat Guy Susanoo (6 hours ago)
I want to buy it... But it's EA....
Anton TheManton (12 hours ago)
8:45 "This will be the first real challenge for our squad" Face rolls thru everything without even trying... This game looks like shit. Not graphically but too easy... too basic.
Anton TheManton (12 hours ago)
EA??? No thanks...
singularity xtriner (15 hours ago)
u need hav computer 99999999 Dollar
Kim Kronvall (17 hours ago)
looks cool but EA strands behind it so naaah
Bettsie Tond (21 hours ago)
booo.. boring, you can really hear the narrator has absolutely no interest in this.
Spooky Boogie (22 hours ago)
Can I play this game single player? I don't really play any multiplayer but that gameplay looks cool
Matt Kornaker (1 day ago)
I wonder how bad Ea I going to make Bioware screw this up.
Mister Puzzle (1 day ago)
Luchiop (1 day ago)
someone needs to teach these elocuent robots the meaning of combo, discovery, interaction and a couple more words he uses. If you try to hype something that´s been done to death in the last 10 or so years (maybe more) at least talk in an enthusiastic tone.
mèo mèo (1 day ago)
even it's EA i have to admit that this game was good - although it might need a UI fix tho.
Garnett Lin (1 day ago)
I have a strong feeling that this is just another one of those games.
Abel Zhu (1 day ago)
Reminds me of evolve stage 2. Boring.
Malik Thomas (1 day ago)
You know why they didnt include the EA logo after Bioware..... You would need to open a loot box for that logo
kresna kepakisan (1 day ago)
dwongrade incoming..!
Alex Design (2 days ago)
you think its a kind of Destiny? i Hope so.
Quintillion (2 days ago)
Ender S2 (2 days ago)
The Division+Destiny+Titanfall= Anthem
Jett Marshall (2 days ago)
U can’t call it boring if you’ve never played u people in the comments section... this game has potential
Scown (2 days ago)
oh god.. is this Lost Planet 4? oh noooooo noooooooooooo lol.
laserlama gameing (2 days ago)
Larry Cung (2 days ago)
Don't like the # damage. Distracts from the game enviorment.
Lucas Klingberg (3 days ago)
looks sick AF....
fatsackcat (3 days ago)
Looks like a boring shoot n loot game like division.
Tony Shaw (3 days ago)
Destiny with robot suits
Noble Spartan (3 days ago)
This game will put destiny to shame
AusReef Guy (3 days ago)
Such a shame i was really digging this game until i saw the first and fifth letter of the alphabet are involved. Next.
edog101 (3 days ago)
Say goodbye to the brilliant, deliberate, episodic tour de force RPGs that were Mass Effect 2 and 3 and say hello to more boring, bloated, open world crap.
Amog Kings (3 days ago)
Please release it on Feb 30
Alvaro Watson (3 days ago)
titan fall everywhre
Nyzma Kumala (4 days ago)
origin premier access woohoo
jesusmannwhaaat (4 days ago)
They better let you hide the stupid numbers and COMBO shit.
Majapahit (4 days ago)
After watching Cyberpunk, I can't bare to watch Anthem.
Majapahit (4 days ago)
I can already tell from the mechanics, its going to be a Division but only with robots. It's going to get bland at one point. As it is with EA too, it's going to be extremely downgraded.
Zen Piler (5 days ago)
Just started playing war frame...
Regufyz (5 days ago)
The demo isnt even for free
Bill Zou (5 days ago)
? why is it so choppy?
toyboy bouya (5 days ago)
As long as anthem doesn't have pvp i'm happy :)
Kunal Nayyar (5 days ago)
is this Destiny prequel ? :p
LA ZUERA (6 days ago)
Jogo lindo minha nossa
Douglas Jeffries (6 days ago)
eh looks like a ok game will wait to see if a friend buys it first before I even think of getting it myself though....... that and looks like I need a massive upgrade on my cpu and gpu to even support this one LOL
Ramalho Urtigão (6 days ago)
Another shitty multyplayer forgotten after a week. These companies dont learn :D
flash boy (6 days ago)
i am in love
Jarrod Miller (6 days ago)
“You can play the game solo if you wish. But strongholds are a four player mode.” So I can’t get the full experience playing solo, great 😂🤬
Dero Solovay (6 days ago)
the best Thing bout this game is its open world. if they cut that or even reduce it in some way, like Destiny for example. this game is gonna go down im sure...
Dero Solovay (6 days ago)
"My Name is firedash, im a Pyrofox"
Dero Solovay (6 days ago)
oh a Dubstep Monster! this game has everything!
Dero Solovay (6 days ago)
oh cool you have an A.T.A.T. Thing?...
Abdelaziz Tareq (6 days ago)
EA GAMES only Graphics without content, I hope the official release is not like this demo.
Nicholas C (6 days ago)
No way this game lives up to the ambition. Especially with EA involved. I expect it to be luke warm at best
MaxTG03 Gaming (6 days ago)
PromistNG (6 days ago)
Ill stick to warframe thank you cuz its not EA
iBFP (6 days ago)
Are you guy's serious? You want to spoil this shit on me?
Codian (6 days ago)
Looks like destiny. Destiny is shite. Edit Everything about this looks exactly like destiny. Destiny was a boring grind fest that wasn't worth the time I wasted playing it. Yuck.
Nilsibi ist Käse (7 days ago)
Why has it be 17+ 😞
Dillon Gordon (7 days ago)
Red Dead Redemption is going to be soooo lite! fuck this game.
etozhepetuch (7 days ago)
hhhmmm this shit smells like andromeda. every move brings you back to her. grind+boring lore= fuck you, bioware
Basti Fortuna (7 days ago)
Importance and emphasis on rarities hmmmmmm
jazzman12 (7 days ago)
So bioware can make facial expressions, who knew.
L3gion3r (7 days ago)
Overpowered robotic costumes vs underpowered enemies. Not really fun when you know that it's impossible for you to loose - many video games since 2010
Imperial Black Guard (7 days ago)
News flash. What you just saw of the game is all there actually is. No difficulty whatsoever, every enemy got glassed, the boss never stood a chance, they could've killed it standing still hitting its strong points
Graziano (7 days ago)
X xbox one X
Lachezar Tzvetkov (8 days ago)
RIP BioWare u will be missed and soon forgotten.. @Ben Please find a new job, ok?
jtotheohn 1 (8 days ago)
This Is MechAssault meets IronMan https://youtu.be/oMkF34MCjko
JRLM (8 days ago)
the dialogue is trash... every one so nonchalant...its gross.
Ham Fingers (8 days ago)
You just stand still and shoot 😞
Abdul Bubbly (8 days ago)
Looks like a deccent game but I am not getting another ea or bioware game after mass effect andromda
Enlightened Person (8 days ago)
What's the catch?
adrian rossell ruiz (8 days ago)
i hope this game have single mode
gee gee (8 days ago)
I want to like it. I really do...But EA...god damn EA...
fl00fydragon (8 days ago)
Show us the actual gameplay, the repetitive copy-pasta missions, the graphical downgrade, the cliche story and the lootboxes/micro transactions you'll fill the game with.
Tech Knights (8 days ago)
Its coming to PC?
Tech Lauto (8 days ago)
Já liberaram o beta como consigo?
Logan Jackson (8 days ago)
I'm definitely renting from redbox y'all haters can suck on ur haterade
TheLawrence05 (8 days ago)
Ill play it when it will be on ps plus. like Destiny 2 is now! lol its gonna flop big time just watch
navylaks2 (8 days ago)
The only bad thing about the game is that it's published by EA
better than you (9 days ago)
Looks great tbh. I played alot destiny 1 and it gives me the good old vibes. But even if im Hyped a Bit, since its EA, i wont pre order it.
Jorge Santos (9 days ago)
no fps iron sight ...hate the fucking devz
ARTROR (9 days ago)
Destiny in another shell.
И вот ради этого загубили Titanfall 2 ? И я этак думаю напрасно... этот проект уже смотрится туповато и чистосердечно слабо.
Mandrew Boi (9 days ago)
Go play warfrmae couse why pay more for less and warfrmae is free
Jorge Santos (9 days ago)
ZyanHD (9 days ago)
Awesome looking game but loading screens? Yuck! 🤢
Reese Gilliland (9 days ago)
Yeah, Meks are cool and all, but can I spam crouch??
Ray Starz (9 days ago)
It looks pretty fun so I’ll get it
Ravelord Nito (9 days ago)
Was doing just fine till the guy mispronounced "wyvern"
damien elliott (9 days ago)
this is my final attempt to trust ea. if the servers suck or game crashes I'll never give ea another dollar or my money
eod21 (10 days ago)
I really hate these scripted gameplay demos.
Kenny bolo (10 days ago)
Get this one xbox one x if you want the fullest experience trust me
V3X (10 days ago)
Can't wait for the massive downgrade and loot-boxes.
Rambito (10 days ago)
It’s a shame the hit numbers cover up the niece graphics during action.
AllYourBase (10 days ago)
controllers in hand? develop your games for PC first and consoles after. Will turn out better.
Tall D&H (10 days ago)
Basically an Iron Man simulator. Wouldn't be surprised to see EA release Iron Man or War Machine as DLC.
Forrest Helmer (10 days ago)
EA has a habit of screwing good games up so I’m not preordering I’m gong to wait. They need to earn our trust back.
ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr (10 days ago)
after watching this demo, I think i will pass on this title, not a fan of the combat system, it will be just like the Division where you will end up putting 30 clips into a small dude before it dies. Plus its EA. Fuck EA right in its money hungry asshole
ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr (10 days ago)
heard you have to unlock the New Game menu via loot box and to get to the create a character screen you need to buy it with a micro transaction
Major MajorMajor (10 days ago)
So the makers of some of my favourite single player games are making a Destiny style shallow experience. This is one of those games where you don't give a shit about story and just fly from place to place killing meaningless enemies ad infinitum. At least we have CD Project Red.
Jn Mc (10 days ago)
I was excited about this but then I realized it's EA... now I'm hesitating. I'll have to wait and see how it evolves.

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