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ANTHEM - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2018

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ANTHEM - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2018 • Release Date: Feb. 22, 2019 • Platform: PS4, XB1 & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Insígnia (2 hours ago)
You know if they put in open beta and take criticism from players this game would be work a look but you know EA mission is money not enjoyment. They butchered a great studio like Bioware now if this game isn't amazing people will complete give up on EA therefore loss in profit for any game they come out next.
cryptic chaos (1 day ago)
I want to get play this game but I dont want to support EA scumbags
Darth Adel (2 days ago)
Mass eff andromeda 2.0
B.G. Walker (3 days ago)
Monster hunter, destiny, and armored core rolled together. I'm game! Let's do this!
Ricky Dilling (4 days ago)
I just love the flying mechanic
Dzii (5 days ago)
Monster hunter with robots
Alek 1985 (5 days ago)
Все пять не считая издателя. Поэтому пожалуй я пасс.
Rim Isark (5 days ago)
Is this Avatar?
Tomasz Chojnacki (8 days ago)
Lost Planet + Destiny
dan pitts (8 days ago)
Bonus damage combos looks abit dull tbh was real hyped but dunno now
Griffin (9 days ago)
The gameplay looks pretty boring... Yet another grinding bullshit game maybe? We already have Warframe and Destiny. thanks EA... Maybe when you put the game on EA Access.
I think it was better than mass effect
Voku (11 days ago)
Dude that's literally Destiny...
End (11 days ago)
Just hope this thing can run on my old Nvidia 850m....
Aceptemolos eso se ve mejor en Xbox one x y en pc
Oxyeli Ffse (12 days ago)
Firefall Next))
Tony Richengod (13 days ago)
Numbers coming out of enemies as they are hit?? NOOOOOOOOO!! That looks so shitty. Stick to life bars
Knight in Space (14 days ago)
Not the most original game concept I've seen, but I'm gonna give them benefit of the doubt. The graphics look stunning, gameplay looks fun, not very challenging so far but that's not my biggest concern. It's published by scumbag EA, but I really like Bioware. Yeah, it's kind of like Destiny, Monster Hunter World, Titanfall and Warframe a bit, but I love those games very much, so I'll give this game a try for sure.
Daryl R. (14 days ago)
Most of the comments here is complaining cuz it's boring..well of course it's boring cuz they're playing normal difficulty using legendary weapons and plus their lvls are high so imagine playing with lvl1 character and think how awesome and hard it would be to kill these enemies........and I don't know if it have a battle royal but I think they will put battle royal on it
DrunkBirch (15 days ago)
Basically a worse,more boring 3rd person Destiny with too many weak points. I really hope that i am wrong as i still have hopes for Anthem but it doesnt seem to get close to what Destiny did with all its weak points. Edit:Also its pathetically easy
wellonable (15 days ago)
Are you really gonna dangle such a beautiful and potential filled engine in front of us while having such unrewarding & boring gameplay? Come onnnn guys
cclevel45 (16 days ago)
Hopefully they have an open beta so they can see how real gamers will handle this game. No offense but this is not footage of a real gamer playing. They lack the strategic edge that a real gamer develops over time and natural fluidity.
cclevel45 (16 days ago)
The game looks amazing! My only turn off is the juggernaut looks too boxy and clunky. Poor jug hopefully at higher lvl it doesn't look like a walking junk yard.🙄🙄🙄🙄
The Kriptoker (17 days ago)
Star wars much? Should have just copied the walker completely.
Mike Regis (17 days ago)
droped 2 epics inless than 5 mins
Forum Lurker (17 days ago)
See that over there? You can go there.
Janitra Ho (17 days ago)
Every action games after rdr 2 are thrash
A WK (17 days ago)
cool game
datb0yavi123456 (17 days ago)
innerbloom (17 days ago)
destiny but somehow worse. environments look cool tho
Kelbhi (17 days ago)
okay, but can we get some actual game play. like, with not paid actors? i want to hear how people respond to it hands on, not just hear from the company. OF COURSE THEYLL SAY ITS GOOD, THEY WANT YOU TO BUY IT. they’re leaving no room for critique or real gameplay
Kirk Schlabaugh (18 days ago)
Save your money and play warframe
Red Dead Dylan (18 days ago)
Does anyone here think it looks boring. Run and gun with nice graphics
SaNz Teoh (18 days ago)
The world feels so much like Evolve
Dylan Smith (18 days ago)
I'm wary with EA being involved but I'm not going to deny this game looks incredible. Lot of people already saying that they're not going to buy it 4 months before it comes out. Give it a chance ya rapscallions.
Isaac Shvartsman (19 days ago)
H H (20 days ago)
I hope you can make the damage numbers smaller.. omg.
Gilded Alliance (20 days ago)
That boss had so much health!
xBionicMeltdownx (20 days ago)
People complaining about how it doesnt look difficult. Saying Destiny was better. Man, look at Destiny's E3 and other Event presentations. They didn't look all that difficult either. Both games are always scripted to make the player look good or bad. Whichever they choose. Wait until the game comes out, then judge.
Gilded Alliance (20 days ago)
The damage numbers remind me of borderlands..
J L (20 days ago)
Titanfall meets destiny. Not buying because its by EA. It’s probably not historically accurate lol
Keego Bricks (20 days ago)
Generic jungle planet? Check! Generic Robot armor? Check! Generic machine guns and rocket launchers? Check! Generic 'woke' future with an exactly equally mixed colony? Check! Generic 'everyone is filthy' look? Check! Generic Airy female voice-over to try and trick men into thinking girls will play this game? Checkaroo!
C Matteo (20 days ago)
no pvp lol
Damon Mason (20 days ago)
4K game yet the video is in 1080??? SMH
Arth Armani (21 days ago)
The game looks beautiful:)
Diean Osis (21 days ago)
Bioware, not EA. Dumb fucks
Cody Lamp (21 days ago)
This game could put Destiny in its grave, just as long as it learns from Destiny/Destiny 2's corruption/mistakes and treats the player/buyer with respect.
whatsmy nameagain (21 days ago)
Looks exactly like destiny what the fuck!?
Jorge Salinas (21 days ago)
why does everyone care so much about graphics. console cant do anything past 60fps. just make the game great, this looks exactly like destiny to me
Teodor Achim (18 days ago)
Jorge Salinas lol man . Anyway your brain can’t process more then 60fps anyway. U can have 100 fps u can make a difference anyway
BLACKMAMBA873NZ KC (22 days ago)
Can't wait to buy it
SoopaTroopa (22 days ago)
Need to increase the difficulty about 50 times... My cat could play this.
Mario (22 days ago)
Follaut 4 and Mass effect.....= Anthem
Hakeem TM (22 days ago)
I hope this game don’t flop like destiny did
Andrew Thomas (23 days ago)
Warframe finally got a Physical Copy! lol
saproli 86 (23 days ago)
Human a alien :V LOL HUMAN DESTROY EVERYTHING!?!! Btw this game so beutiful
Arc Legion (23 days ago)
Warframe, by EA
SixGawd (24 days ago)
We need another demo so they can show the difficulty and show that it’s not just stand there and shoot or melee..
Kelloliver Gamer (25 days ago)
I want to know more about history, kill kill kill kill is boring after sometime
Jakub Hajek (25 days ago)
Awsome just would be better from someone else then from EA
Millisec Domain (25 days ago)
So uhhhh......will there be raids? And how much will they cost?
Flarzzak Boom (26 days ago)
warframe remastered :v
Iqbal Aqmariandi (26 days ago)
i never trust EA. so i will skip this game. LOL
David Brown (26 days ago)
please increase the party size that it can be at least 6 player that team up or even work with the traditional 4
Travis Rogers (26 days ago)
...this is what Mass Effect Andromeda was abandoned for?? 🧐
David Brown (26 days ago)
great . . is the PC version VR ready?
francis ndubuisi (27 days ago)
The game play is more like Warframe , relic really and other stuff you said is just copy and paste you guys took all this time building nothing
Richard Crook (22 days ago)
Oh my fucking god Warframe sucks ass and is a copy of every other game ever fucking made, this game looks better just in this demo then the entirety of Warframe, stop complaining about this game and go play your shitty warframe
Brent King (27 days ago)
Please no one buy this game. It’s EA. They need a lesson. We can’t let this cancer company get what it wants.this game look super easy and just another destiny made by EA. This type of game will get boring after 3 days of play just like destiny 2
liam park (27 days ago)
This game could’ve came out last year but it got delayed because it wasn’t good enough basically so I think that the gameplay trailers are how the game is gonna be
Foreplaying (27 days ago)
If your going to swipe right, add ten pounds first.
dnaltiam (27 days ago)
combo? really
dnaltiam (27 days ago)
i really hope its not a let down :/ im in need of a new game
Wolffmanjack (27 days ago)
Looks clunky. They could make the movement better. More fluid.
John Balbuena (27 days ago)
This is like a Destiny and Lost Planet 2 hybrid.
Luetisha Thomas (28 days ago)
wont buy ea sorry
ghost504 (28 days ago)
If only destiny world is big like this
Ádám Norbert Szabó (28 days ago)
Mohammad Usman (28 days ago)
Cant wait for it. Even tho it is EA 😂
ColdieHU (28 days ago)
So Owen sounds like Jarvis, the reticle during flight looks like the one from Iron Man, gameplay is a mix of Destiny and Warframe, story is generic alien invasion. Is there anything original about this game?
Caleb Burk (28 days ago)
Weird how they have all that advanced technology but that guy still needs a cane to walk...
Seamus McAndrew (28 days ago)
destiny with titanfall suits
AusReef Guy (29 days ago)
Game looks awesome, Pity EA is producing it .. so no doe rae me from me.
Chromedome 2020 (29 days ago)
Wtf sounds exactly like the person in destiny.
Tkis Mik (29 days ago)
"Secret entrance to Stronghold"....as in...an instanced dungeon entrance. That everyone will know of. Yeah. Such unique game. P.S. Is there no gravity in this world? When flying facing downwards, there appears to be a need to use your thrusters o.O
Nathan Morrison (29 days ago)
Cannot wait! Loved Andromeda to bits and I just want this now!
Daniel (29 days ago)
They never need to find cover? Pffft... Show us how it works. Is this another Mass Effect 4 debacle?
[KI3N / S0uD] (29 days ago)
BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn left a month after Anthem was revealed at E3 2017. Mass Effect writer Drew Karpyshyn parted ways with the studio after having worked on Anthem for around two years. Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw, who had been with the studio for 14 years left. James Ohlen, who spent 22 years at BioWare as lead designer of the Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age: Origins, left the studio just last month. What the fuck is going on? I smell a stinky E and a shitty A. SO much creative potential for this project.
Jonatan Recinos (29 days ago)
Será que tendrá campaña o será como el Battlefront II que solo 5 horas duraba la campaña y todo lo demás era online
Ilmanu (29 days ago)
itsmepan (30 days ago)
those fake voice actings are just annoying
Alfred Rodriguez (30 days ago)
The concept of the game is pointless. Bioware has watched to many Ironman films. Its basically a monster hunter with lots of shooting instead. Mass Effect Andromeda failed hard, so they recycled the concept into just action minus the RPG, which is bad. Bioware.. please go back to making RPG worlds.
Joj Cees (30 days ago)
Okay but does it have *B A T T L E R O Y A L E*
jacques FF (16 days ago)
this is not fortnite!!!!
cclevel45 (16 days ago)
Lmao oh no you didn't...
Peter Hernandez (17 days ago)
+SixGawd I think you mean pubg lmao
P h a t M e m e (20 days ago)
SixGawd lmao he was making fun of that
SixGawd (24 days ago)
Joj Cees boi no. No more fortnite copies gtfo with that.
micah stelzner (30 days ago)
Really you put like 6 ads on this? You know they released this video for free without ads you fuckin money grubbers
EagleEye cline (1 month ago)
I want to get this game....but then I saw EA..
Nefff (1 month ago)
Why are those actors so fucking annoying?
Ashish Manandhar (1 month ago)
I dont what score or dps that appears everytime the bullet hits an enemy..its annoying
Dougal McGuire (1 month ago)
this is just an EA re-skin of destiny except you can fly...
Cryoid GamingTW07 (1 month ago)
I'm hesitant to preorder this game like since people are comparing Destiny to Athem, the problem with Destiny is that Bungie keeps rebooting it when it doesn't need to be rebooted but cause they do that they have to rush out the main story, then rush out 2 new stories that have to be reworked and then the areas with in those worlds would have to become donates with re-use areas for each mission. Thats the only problem for Destiny, with Athem it just looks like Division and No Man Sky.
zAoEx Martin (1 month ago)
I like how the only "challenge" they face is a Titan, who they avoided. Everything else posed zero threat. And the damage numbers covered more than half of whatever they were shooting. The boss at the end just soaks damage, so it is otherwise just a boring af fight. This is what EA's A-Team abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda for? Are you fucking kidding?
Pop Off (1 month ago)
Id be a little more enthusiastic if this was from Capcom and they had the team who made Lost Planet 2 work on it, it'd be gold.

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