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ANTHEM - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2018

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ANTHEM - 30 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Developer Walkthrough 2018 • Release Date: Feb. 22, 2019 • Platform: PS4, XB1 & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (335)
Kenji Harima (45 minutes ago)
i'd love to have another deep story based RPG like we are used to get from bioware instead of another multiplayer shooter ;(
The Neon Network (2 hours ago)
One word : Paywalls
Kyero Nelma (7 hours ago)
I hope the early frame rate issues are a result of it simply being unfinished and still unrefined gameplay that's yet to be optimized... If that's the final product, well........... No.
Andrea Pajè (10 hours ago)
It is so very strange that u let us see the gameplay fotage for free... U know... EA
Paul Graham (11 hours ago)
Don't know about anyone else but the rangers helmet reminds me of Thane Krios.
DreyanTV (11 hours ago)
Owen sounds like jarvis in mcu
Frans Ágúst Fransson (12 hours ago)
Looks very boring I am afraid.......
David W (13 hours ago)
The legit definition of “Open World”, Thank you!
Vatovy The eye of shadow (13 hours ago)
Looks very cool
Thomas Lam (15 hours ago)
I already hate the robots voic3
Filthje Filth (18 hours ago)
Even if its the best game of all time, still wont buy it and do i need to tell the reason?????
SuperExtra Noob (19 hours ago)
fake gameplay with nasa computer , extrem downgrade incoming my captain
Max Spiekermann (19 hours ago)
Mr. Humes (20 hours ago)
If they dont follow in any footsteps of bungie this will do great.
Bon Flxx (1 day ago)
399 for gun
Mustafa ran (1 day ago)
I want action figure anthem look like better than ironman :v..
Mpower (1 day ago)
so its not open world? locations? fk this shit
Crowbar44 (1 day ago)
OH LOOK!!! Another way overly hyped game that will be so jacked up by the gaming review sites and idiot gamers who think pre-ordering actually makes sense that when it finally releases people will be disappointed by the lack of content and pissed off about the micro-transactions. I cannot wait to see the fanbois cry and whine and see the Reddit post about it all. Gonna be great. I bet that you sassy cunts who bitch and moan about EA being super slimmy and shitty are the same idiots who already pre-ordered Anthem? lol!! EA gets away with their bullshit because you daft cunts keep letting them by throwing your wallets at them with every single shitty game they release. I can only assume the type of players who do this are younger players. Like kids who have to use Mom and Dads PayPal or credit card to buy the game and the shitty micro-transactions. Kids are pretty stupid when it comes to shit like this so this is why i think its mostly the younger gamers who support this shitty practice. Ah well, cool with me. Thankfully I think for myself and don't follow the masses with this type of shit. I am done getting fucked in the ass by EA. Have been since BF4. Feel free to go full snowflake mode and get triggered. I don't check comments and I don't have notifications enabled so I will never see the replies. Enjoy Negros.
Millan Woodhouse (1 day ago)
Intresting needs a few more enemys around but other than that looks epic the wizard is cool looking forward to this
gagongflip389 (1 day ago)
If Warframe had graphics like these, I'm sure it will destroy anything that tries to copy it.
Jasper Higgins (1 day ago)
Fuck this game! movement is way to slow
Aaron Burela (1 day ago)
I hate the slow movment
daniel quagliaroli (1 day ago)
welcome to destiny 4
Earth (1 day ago)
The slow run speed of that mech legitimately pisses me off. Feels like walking with chains. Feels terrible.
RPS Corp (1 day ago)
commentary is so canned it mights as well say Campbells on the label...
J T (1 day ago)
So first look minor thing plz change where damage is displayed. when its on the crit point i want to hit i dont need it blocked by numbers, even if the feature could be shut off.
Wesley King (1 day ago)
Artisan Rebel (1 day ago)
Commentary is annoying as shit.
Chris DaCosta (1 day ago)
I'm calling it right now - flying is not going to be as intuitive as they make it appear. It seems that direction and elevation are only being controlled by the mouse (right joystick). This is going to be extremely annoying. I'd prefer the ability to look around with the mouse and elevation and strafing to happen with WASD
Ben S (1 day ago)
I’m surprised the gameplay is free to watch considering it’s from EA
asia911 (1 day ago)
30 mins of boring shit. Bioware is fucking dead. This game is nothing but just for making money off from most idiots.
Last Place Gaming (1 day ago)
OMG this is something I need to play so excited
OrtyCZ (1 day ago)
Cant get away "borderlands" feeling. We will see how will look like flow of this game after everything turns in bulletsponges :D
T3 Gaming (1 day ago)
When the Beta out for this?
GamerFI (2 days ago)
video is alrdy 30fps seems its one of those games
GamerFI (2 days ago)
this tho looks like warframe copy
Seppuku (2 days ago)
No one is judging the game they’re hesitant because EA has baited and fucked over people so many times
Jordan Candler (2 days ago)
I don’t like the point system
DamMan (2 days ago)
Don't get your hopes up! Wait until critics review the game first, like Angry Joe, then buy it afterward!
Toney The T-man (2 days ago)
This game will fail 😂
mrpriinceEmo (2 days ago)
This looks so amazing but I do not trust EA anymore after ME cancel. I would pre order but I made that mistake again after andromeda I got the most expensive digital Ed thinking it was a bargain as the story based DLC would be worth it but it never happend and broke my heart to see my fav franchise be dropped just because of some toxic Youtubers hating. I will wait for reviews before I buy. If its anything like destiny and andromeda it will be released unfinished.
Danillo Campos (2 days ago)
We want PVP
ROS MANIA (2 days ago)
This looks boring. Just another destiny clone. They are making a game with loot and cosmetic microtransactions.
ROS MANIA (2 days ago)
Robert Gibby That is exactly my point. there is nothing new here, it looks boring.And Bioware WERE masters of story telling, Bioware as we knew does not exist anymore, just look at their latest games
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
So you do realize games like this have existed for over a decade right. Destiny just lacks story content which is something bioware are masters of.
Cerrebral11b (2 days ago)
Sooooooo this is destiny with mechs..... Hard Pass
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Lol there is actually huge differences between the classes. The world is absolutely effing massive. It's been six years in development and not gutted a year before release where destiny is real easing content in the sequel that was showed in the E3 demo.
Jeremi Santo (2 days ago)
Holy shit I couldn't even tell how the enemy's look like tone down them effects
IMMERSE 4K CINEMA (2 days ago)
Dhgff Fhcdujhv (2 days ago)
LOL, this has Destiny written all over it .... FUCK YOU EA.
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
This was being made before destiny was ever even announced. No pvp yeah sounds like it's a destiny clone and ea driven. EA has barely had anything to do with this game at all, they are so desperate for a big hit and they realize they are the ones for the failures
Wellington Alves (2 days ago)
parece uma continuação de titanfall
vaguiner franca (2 days ago)
cheap copy of the east planet
Gire Meemeli (3 days ago)
Oh god those dmg numbers look awful
D Willis (3 days ago)
I pretty sure we're gonna have 2 grind 2 get those legendary items
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
I'm fine with grinding to get good stuff just as long as it's not completely RNG. Like rewards specifically for completing missions or like fornite where you can upgrade things
kevin g (3 days ago)
those numbers in points flying up from the opponent is so fucking corny
Chris Kringle (3 days ago)
dope af! cant wait, hope the story mode is long af
B4CON S4NDW1CH Bacon (3 days ago)
i hope it comes out on switch
I have been waiting for this game since 2016. Preorder time!!!!!! This game has been known since mid 2016. The vibrant colors.... The scenary and landscape. It looks amazing i love loot crates, loot drops, and supply drops (COD). Fun to earn.
Claudiu Ralea (3 days ago)
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Oh and there is the guy who acts like he's edgy by posting how unimpressed he is.
diego cordioli (3 days ago)
Dont buy Anthem if you romanced Garus or Liara.
tariq harbi (3 days ago)
As it looks , Its ANTHEM not an Atari game !
Narixell (3 days ago)
game looks incredibly boring but no wonder since its made by EA still there's gonna be faggots that are willing to buy this trash steal
Narixell (2 days ago)
haters train?I just saw the gameplay and there's nothing but the same boring shit it already exist,and I expect to be overpriced with a lot of microtransactions,clunky unfinished game as always.
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Another edgy af person who's hoped on the hate train.
mgkpraesi (3 days ago)
30:20 Glascannon hu? Rofl. I wonder how much SJW BS they added this time. Anyway, they should have show this on E3, not the boooooring "Show" they did.
Doug Banister (3 days ago)
If they keep it he way it’s looking it will be a good game and they haven’t made any crazy promises yet
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
I've noticed that. Like they haven't been pumping up the hype train at all yet I'm excited for it.
Baris Öztürk (3 days ago)
Relaese feb 2018 hää?
Abam Long (4 days ago)
Watching this make me wet dream😍😍😍
Maddcat1979 (4 days ago)
The Demo seems fun, Bioware! Just so you know, most of the gamer community hates EA and a large majority of us will never buy another EA game. I may make an exception in Anthem's case provided there are no loot boxes RNG stuff involved. If you want people to buy this game, make any loot boxes cosmetic and you should be fine, however if the game turns out to be anything like the other EA releases, you can forget about my money and be ready for a disappointing response. If the game didn't look this good, I would not have in a million years considered buying it because of the EA tag. Be warned, don't turn too money hungry or people will diss Anthem like any other EA title getting heat from the community.
Drew Kosonen (4 days ago)
I'll never forgive EA for what they did to Command & Conquer, but I'll give any game a fair chance for the sake of the devs.
xavier Demeritte (4 days ago)
Doesn't look competitive at all,just saying.
Kinming Wong (4 days ago)
“So now you see this giant enemy crab has appear before us; now you are going to hit the weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE”
Durim Albani (4 days ago)
Uhhhhh ... Amazing Game Looks Fantastic 100% i gona buy this crazy game
Lost SonR (4 days ago)
Que puta manía de que la protagonista sea una tía joder, porque demonios ha venido esta moda a los videojuegos? Ahora más que nunca... Necesitamos poder elegir el sexo que queramos en los juegos!!! (Otro juego como el CyberPunk 2077...
CrixisGaming (4 days ago)
wow hush, and jesus adds, went somewhere else to watch. fucking ad whore.
mperry94 (4 days ago)
so third person destiny but being published by EA instead of activision. ill wait a couple month after release
Nic Bacchus (4 days ago)
So a combination of Division XP. Borderlands gameplay. And MMO Titan Fall plot.
cory dozier (4 days ago)
Kris 8 (4 days ago)
Fecal Encephalopath (4 days ago)
even though it looks very similar to destiny this game does look like it would be fun to run around with your buds. unfortunately for bioware people are too worried about ea being ea.
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
That's why I'm doing my research. It's the first time I've really looked at a game so much.
David Backwardz (4 days ago)
Don’t like that pointless loading screen at 6:26 & the slight delay to start moving after the loading screen is done . Tf is that ?
bill dautrieve (8 hours ago)
you probably shouldn't buy it, or any other game that NEEDS to load.
David Backwardz (11 hours ago)
bill dautrieve game is this advanced , yet it NEEDS that ? There’s huge games like Horizon where you just keep walking with no load . Cutscenes at most
bill dautrieve (11 hours ago)
you've never loaded into a dungeon in a game before?
Mr. Edwards (4 days ago)
I feel like this has been done before, And we actually own the game versus online only. I think I'll go play some Warframe. I can't see myself spending any more money on a online only game after buying it for $60, when Warframe is free and they give you rewards unlike any in its category.
Mr. Edwards (2 days ago)
Robert Gibby again their track record not good keep your fingers crossed.
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
+Mr. Edwards no problem, enjoy grinding for content. I've played both I've enjoyed both. Borderlands has all action and yet still gives you a reason and a motivation to be in certain places and do certain things. Given track record... Lol isn't that the same reason no publisher wanted warframe. Given the track record of free to play games. If it wasn't for games like league and dota warframe simply wouldn't exist. If the story was actually any good then it would be easier to keep interest, but simply farming the same boss over and over just isn't all that appealing. I want some variety. I'll probably come back to warframe like I usually do but I feel anthem is going to raise the bar. Everything I've heard in interviews sounds like the Devs want to take as much care as does the Devs for warframe, but with a budget of a triple A title to create a story and character and immense landscapes.
Mr. Edwards (2 days ago)
Robert Gibby if you're a story buff, then Warframe is not for you. Warframe is an action game not a story game. Most gamers are looking for action, adventure, Simply Fun, Not a story. If you want a story go watch a good movie. I, like most, are looking for action and gameplay fun... judging by the track record of these game developers anthem is not going to be that great and it's not going to last... digital extremes Warframe on the other hand has constantly been on the rise. Enjoy your anthem. Until Anthem 2 comes out make sure you have your $60 to$80
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Why not both? Warframe lacks story and for new players it's quite an awful experience tho not as bad as it used to but still. Anthem is based in a sort of medieval setting where you are sent off to deal with various dangers and such. Like why miss out on a great story that bioware is known for delivering? Because your grind fest game is free?
Jiafei (4 days ago)
tbh this looks rather good, hopefully they will have more diverse terrains. Given how shitty EA has been, definitely not a day 1 purchase for me.
Ben K (4 days ago)
Zzzzz....bullet sponge
Ben K (4 days ago)
Weak points ?! Lol😂this game really is made for morons, like no one knows that by now. 😂😂😂😂Bioware thinks everyone is stupid.
Ben K (2 days ago)
Robert Gibby thanks
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Man you're so edgy I wanna be just like you when I grow up
alain gaudreault (4 days ago)
Let us hope for the best cause this game looks so sick...
Shiekarin LICH (4 days ago)
Let's Go Iron-Man
Андрей Ч (4 days ago)
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
I see you found a comfy sear aboard the hate train. Man it must be so nice to know weather or not a game is good before it comes out. So many people ride the hate train. How many YouTube hate channels do you follow where you watch videos just to leave a negative comment
gonzalo outerelo (4 days ago)
Here comes the "hero landing"....whait for it....... YES !
gonzalo outerelo (4 days ago)
Here comes the "hero landing"....whait for it....... YES !
Angela Maclin (4 days ago)
this game looks so sick on so many levels can't wait until it comes out
SASIN- - (4 days ago)
somebody take that numbers off plz
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Seriously are people like you just trolls? You realize you can actually turn them off
MyZ001 (4 days ago)
"Please don't be a bullet sponge boss.... please don't be a bullet sponge boss battle like Destiny and The Division.... Please don't be another bullet sponge boss game....... .....goddamit....."
MyZ001 (2 days ago)
A bullet sponge boss... When mentioned in today's gaming culture.... Refers to a boss that requires no mechanics to defeating them other that putting millions of bullets into them because of HP. You don't have to use different types of weapons to destroy their shield or defenses 1st, you don't have to wait for an opening by countering certain attacks, you don't have hit them with something in the enviroment or smaller adds.... AND regardless of whether the term is (your) gaming dictionary accurate, you know damn well that's not the point of my comment and the boss in this video is still a damn bullet sponge (or whatever the fuck you wanna call it technically)
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
People like you really piss me off. You have no effing clue what a bullet sponge is. It's when a boss is so brain dead easy that I don't even really have to move and the only thing that makes it any kind of length is the amount of health it has. Like who the hell wants a three hit boss fight? Jeezus go play cod or something.
MyZ001 (4 days ago)
Sorry... but I still have faith in Bioware. They've only really let me down recently once. I dunno what went wrong with DA: I, but I believe they can bounce back from that... You: "but What about Andromeda". Everyone knows that it was handed to "the B studio" but people seem to forget (or don't know) that studio wasn't even apart of Bioware. Rather EA name the studio "Bioware Montreal" to still adverstise the game as "made by Bioware". So, no... Bioware isn't going to get shutdown by EA if this game isn't a massive hit because this will be the only game made by that studio that flopped.... Plus, if Destiny can sell 10's of millions of dollars, I have no doubt that a studio making a shooter RPG, that actually has experience making acclaimed shooter RPGs, can do it too. And yes.... I'm still skeptical because: EA
NLwavey (5 days ago)
Owen is the narrator
Kyn Gaming (5 days ago)
I'll never get bored to see this!!!
Martin Martis (5 days ago)
Odpad toto
Barack Obama _ (5 days ago)
All the people talk shit about this game only because it's ea...listen to me this is not star wars battlefront 2 this is a new game and ea will not do the same errors
Ben S (1 day ago)
HAHAHHA the perfect name to defend corruption!
Mayo Luck (1 day ago)
This wont be like Star Wars! This wont be like BF1! This wont be like MEA! This wont be like FIFA! I see a pattern her of the EA fucktards... get a clue ass wipe your a little bitch that got bent over by EA and like a rape victim
Ricky Fajar (2 days ago)
Fuck off you EA cocksucker. And leaving EA aside, do you really think Biocuck still have any shred of credibility after the galaxy-sized shitshow that is Andromeda ?
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
+ROS MANIA semi open world- wrong RNG based loot system-literally everyone does that Microtransactions- wrong You hate just to hate. The best part is in you rebuttal you literally did the thing he said you would do. Hahahaha
ROS MANIA (2 days ago)
semi open world loot box shooter focused on loot and microtransactions? Hmm..
887Bingo (5 days ago)
The whole flying cooldown is a dumbass idea. Why limit freedom by adding that limit. I know you can increase it later on but it's rather fuckin silly
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
I don't want complete unlimited mobility. It's suppose to be in the combat and it's a way to differentiate between the different javelins. Like if everyone could hover indefinitely you cannot create any dynamic
Zaid Ali Khan (5 days ago)
I thought it was good until they have put score screen pop ups everywhere making it look like an anime game
xVongolaXth (5 days ago)
Pay 30 bucks to fly in the air. Who wants to bet?
Dean Winchester (5 days ago)
the fact that game doesnt have pvp is its biggest strength.... you can actually feel the power... unlike destiny where 385 lvl feels the same as lvl 10
kywhite09 (5 days ago)
The interceptor is a medic
Brolly MothaFucka (5 days ago)
The Destiny killer.
Ben S (1 day ago)
Brolly MothaFucka destiny already shot itself in the foot and died
waloehunlimited (5 days ago)
slooooooooowwwww pace war
Robert Gibby (2 days ago)
Your basing your opinion off of the tank. The TANK. The TAAAAAAAAANK. tanks aren't suppose to be fast
An unfinished world. Will it ever be finished? Stay tuned to find out.
Paul Graham (11 hours ago)
Pretty sure they mean the actual world was unfinished by the original inhabitants the shaper's.

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