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Top 10 MUST OWN PS4 Exclusives So Far (BEST Playstation 4 Exclusive Games)

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Text Comments (1064)
world serpent (1 hour ago)
I agree uncharted is the best game for ps4
*Xbox Crying* 😢 Xbox have the power Ps4:What for Ps4 Exclusives *God Of War Become a Warrior* *Last of Us 2* *Spiderman* *DaysGone* *Uncharted*
Iwan Irawan (4 days ago)
How can you be stupid enough to NOT ADD THE LAST OF US 😠😠😠😠😠😠
Daniel Christiansen (4 days ago)
crash bandicoot isn't a ps4 exclusive anymore. It's on PC now
Lucio (5 days ago)
Why is mush always the biggest pcmasterrace dude on his own channel and does he cover console things here?
Martin VR (11 days ago)
GOD OF WAR now is the best ps4 game right now.
Kenndy! (12 days ago)
What about Until dawn?
Derek Short (14 days ago)
my top 2 (only games i own since i just bought the system xD ) both of these games have been great so far not sure what else to buy 1. final fantasy xv 2.nier automata
Enfermo de Mierda (15 days ago)
Crash is coming to xbox. Not an exclusive anymore.
Danny Roque (17 days ago)
Ps4 and Xbox one don't have many games. They should stop making remastered games already. Make new games already I'm serious why people don't notice this
Kyle Turner (19 days ago)
Being a pc and ps4 gamer is a bit odd because as amazing as ps4 is a pc gamer can see the frame rate drops
RYAN (21 days ago)
Horizon is my favorite
The red enderboy (21 days ago)
People who think xbox is better than playstation should stop lying to themselves
John temp (22 days ago)
You forgot God of War!!!!!
Ruben Sepulveda (24 days ago)
I feel like everyone slept on the order. I enjoyed it and think it's still a good original game.
famixrap (25 days ago)
The exclusives were the only reason to buy a ps4 next to my great gaming pc because you cant find those games on pc.
Adriana Kuzmikova (25 days ago)
only 3 games on this list are worth playing. horizon zero dawn, bloodborne and uncharted 4. the rest is garbage.
Gustavo R. Dreyer (27 days ago)
Nioh is not a PS4 exclusive, it was also released for PC. http://store.steampowered.com/app/485510/Nioh_Complete_Edition___Complete_Edition/
Ethan Dean (29 days ago)
You could make one for XBOX One, if they had 10 exclusives to rank....
BuffDedede (29 days ago)
crash is not ps4 exclusive?
JPalm27 (1 month ago)
For me it's U4
Cuuhhrriiss (1 month ago)
Crash is available on Xbox though. So.
Sayd Monirul Islam (1 month ago)
The last of us?
Michael King (1 month ago)
415 xbox/pc owners disliked this
jcashisking (1 month ago)
metal gear
Chobby ` (1 month ago)
Why is hzd 4th
himanshu varmandle (1 month ago)
Where is arkham knight
Mr. Tonha (1 month ago)
Where is the last of us and until dawn?
golden jaffar (1 month ago)
I love aloy😍
fumomo fumosarum (1 month ago)
"goodbye" ? more like "good buy" amirite?
madhuri mishra (1 month ago)
He forgot God of war remaster
Punit shukal (1 month ago)
where is last of us remaster?
Davin Killz (1 month ago)
Crash bandicoot isn't a exclusive anymore
Az Plasma (1 month ago)
Persona 5 doesn’t deserve to be here. It’s a gay weeb hentai emo game for white faggots and Ching Chong niggas
Fancey (1 month ago)
persona 5 - some weeaboo type of shit
scuba steve (1 month ago)
Uncharted 4 is probably my favourite game ever.
EaRlMaN 710 (2 months ago)
The LAST of us? Nier automata?
The little brickshack (2 months ago)
Oh wait a minute... Crash bandicoot is NOT a playstation 4 exclusive. It's also for Xbox One and PC
Black Forger (2 months ago)
Replace Crash and Ratchet (remakes) by Until Dawn and The Last Guardian
Yunior Gamboa (2 months ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn has been a great experience. Amazing graphics and gameplay
Karthik Nadimuthu (2 months ago)
Oh man wat happed to the last of us remastered
//Orange Sky// (2 months ago)
Persona 5... A joke in PS4?
Bayern Munich fan (2 months ago)
THE LAST OF US is my favorite game it should be no.1
Crusty (2 months ago)
lol crash is a timed exclusive anyway
Afia Kanwal (2 months ago)
What about last of us
Dilip Kumar Rath (2 months ago)
And you didn't think last of us and God of war belongs to the list
Zman95 Freejucee (2 months ago)
Nioh fucking sucks it doesnt even give you a map i cauldnt get out of the first area. I fucking hate japanese games theyre all aweful and do thr same thing
Temmis (2 months ago)
Crash isn’t a exclusive anymore
MR BLEACH (2 months ago)
I'm getting a ps4 but only for exclusive games. I've got GOW 3 and shadow of the colossal I want a samurai game what's best?
Aryan Agarwal (2 months ago)
Still waiting for a game better than uncharted 4
Thunder Phenom (2 months ago)
persona 5 looks awful
Marjan Terčelj (2 months ago)
Scott O'Brien (2 months ago)
You sound a lot like cult of mush
Elad Ozeri (2 months ago)
Crash Bandicoot and Nioh are not exclusives
Daemon247 (8 days ago)
God of War
Kinglik7 (2 months ago)
Yeah I don’t agree with Uncharted 4 at the top spot at all. I would easily put either Bloodborne or Horizon Zero Dawn. I figured this list for sure would have. And there’s no Nier Automata. Just goes to show the lack of attention and publicity for this masterpiece. Truly a shame as it really holds a special place in my heart. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, I feel, also deserved some love on this list. Unless this list was being strict on a true exclusive(Hellblade and Nier technically had PC releases but I still consider games like that to be exclusives really lol) then I understand why they weren’t. Anyways, here’s my top 5: 1) Bloodborne 2) Horizon Zero Dawn 3) Nier Automata 4) Persona 5(I haven’t even played it but it gets SO much acclaim that I’ll take people’s word for it lol) 5) Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice
Evandro (3 months ago)
xbox is almost dying already.
iknoor singh (3 months ago)
wtf where's god of war
mr mystery (3 months ago)
Uncharted 4 was amazing
Andy Kim (3 months ago)
God of War is by far my favorite
pouria rajaee (3 months ago)
Does the ps4 have anything other than third person shooters?
bhuwan shah (3 months ago)
Ok come on we all know Last Of Us has the most unique story line and the greatest character any game could possibly reach it has pushed the limits of human emotions and their actions It conveys sadness, redemption, how loss can break a person so much that That he or she can't sacrifice their own to seek redemption and not lose that person again and the conflict arises when he has to decide give her life to save every1 or save her life and not find the cure wow just wow amazing " Games are great stories that are felt and played"- bhuwan
bhuwan shah (3 months ago)
Your list sucks it doesn't have batman Arkham knight then Last Of Us then hitman whats wrong wid you man this vidoe should be a shame
verlin sumner (3 months ago)
Arkham knight was on the 360 so it aint an exclusive. I think hitman is on the xbox too.
Cro master (3 months ago)
HELL NO where is the last of us and horizonZD should be 1st
PlayStation Exclusive (3 months ago)
Neir (on pc but still anything thats not on xbox or Nintendo i consider exclusive as pc gaming is nothing)
verlin sumner (3 months ago)
PC gaming is the only real gaming. Console games are just cheaper options.
Prof. Spade (3 months ago)
I played NieR Automata and had a hard time enjoying any games after that, it was such a good game. Then I played persona and it blew me out of the water
Vernier Boss (3 months ago)
Lol just noticed, got 6 games out of 10 here
Vilius Sakalauskas (3 months ago)
God of War and Gran Turismo series... u missed it! :D
Charles Ca (3 months ago)
Last of Us, Nier:Automata, Nathan Drake Collection and the Last Guardian are also amazing exclusives
I Need Some Sensational (3 months ago)
So horizon zero dawn is there different biomes or enviroments stuff like that
Jeffrey Crosby (3 months ago)
Wow, 3 videos ads in and Im done, they killed the video. 👎👎👎👎
Vinh To (3 months ago)
yeah, where's Killzone Shadow Fall?
Nadiest (3 months ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn was easily a good enough reason for me to have bought the PS4 absolutely breath taking and not many if anything to complain about.
Pulkit Jain (3 months ago)
Amazing choice, you put my favorite game on no.1!!!!thank you 😍😍😍😍
Alucard S (3 months ago)
I'm assuming we are talking about consoles.. and if so where is the Witcher 3!? Last of us was on the PS3 ppl.. and so was Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 game cross. If ur gonna throw persona 5 and other ps3 games then u seriously missed some gems or perhaps did not know!? All those titles before Nioh btw!? ( Crash , Ratchet WHAT!? ) Also no NieR: Automata ? :sigh: My personal preference.. but geez
Cole Hatch (3 months ago)
No the last of us!😩 wtf?
Rhiannn :3 (3 months ago)
Pretty sure you missed out "The Last Guardian" and "Shadow of the Colossus Remake". Two masterpieces.
Alucard S (3 months ago)
I agree with The Last guardian
Christos Ger (3 months ago)
U hentai lover
I don't like playing as women so I'm not getting horizon
A tard name John Boxing (3 months ago)
Rocco Siffredi lol
Rocco Siffredi (3 months ago)
how ironic, such as for the name.
no like I like to play as a man because its more relatable.
Shenron fan56 (3 months ago)
Well I only hate playing with an oversexualised women but this game is pure awesomeness and u should try it
David Chokaa (3 months ago)
hi whats your background music
thunder king gaming (3 months ago)
these are not ps4 exclusive ps4 is a os yiu can install windows on it
Alucard S (3 months ago)
So..... what exactly are u getting at mate? i can install an OS on any systen with a HD. What's ur point!? I can also emulate any sytem on a PC. So by that logic should it be a PC best of... ?
Yasin Rhodes (3 months ago)
Infamous looked like the wackiest game you could own
thewolfy gamer (3 months ago)
You forgot the last of us
Skäggulk Bergström (3 months ago)
FF15 no?
Alucard S (3 months ago)
not exclusive
darkfaerytales (4 months ago)
Just to remeber Wipeout 1 is a Sony exclusive since forever 2 has been one of the staple franchise to enstabilish the playstation since the first era 3 omega collection technically is a monster one of the few games to run at native 4k ( disable motion blur ) and locked at 60fps. So why Wipeout Omega Collection is not in the list?
SG GAMING (4 months ago)
Best exclusives of ps4 Horizon zero dawn Last of us Uncharted Nathan drake collection
Editone 81 (4 months ago)
Missing Uncharted the lost Legacy !
Edu Gazzebo (4 months ago)
wtf? where's THE LAST OF US?
RoseIsNotAFlower (4 months ago)
Nioh is on pc now.
Bro Blazing (4 months ago)
I’m still yet to play infamous second son and am having a hard time picking up a physical copy of yakuza 0
Priyanshu's gaming (4 months ago)
i disliked because where is god of war and the last of us. Come on give me a break!
son of odin (4 months ago)
Yakuza 0 looks like a rip-off of sleeping dogs
Chad Benjamin (11 days ago)
The Yakuza series started in 2005 on the PS2, Sleeping Dogs was made in 2012.
Harshit Singh (4 months ago)
The last of us is not in list 😑😕
ammrepanzer (4 months ago)
NIOH is on PC too
Aekker Code (4 months ago)
But where is the last of us remaster ?
Attila Forgon (4 months ago)
That creature at 7:43 is from Crysis :D
Lemuel James (4 months ago)
No Nier Auromata?
Don’t Mind Me (4 months ago)
Persona5 has my two favorite things. Video games and anime
Work Hard (4 months ago)
i just got a ps4 slim and a xbox one X and its sad to see that every exclusive that ps4 got besides horizon zero dawn is just remasters or rebranded games... like don't get me wrong those are good games but like bloodborne is basically dark souls with a gothic scenery, and the rest is just sequals that are forced on customers :( but i bought the slim for the upcming games like God of war
Alucard S (3 months ago)
Bloodborne on the shell is simliar to Dark Souls, but trust me its not Dark Souls
FRAZER D (4 months ago)
Can someone tell me what games I should get I've got an xbox and I want to get a ps4 again like best exclusives I like mostly shooting Killing games lol

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