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10 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying An Xbox One

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Devout Sony gamer or Microsoft fanboy, it's time to face some hard truths. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Random Eyes (40 minutes ago)
I'm an Xbox Fan But I don't Hate PS4,Matter Of Fact It's Pretty Cool.I Don't Understand Why People Have To Fight Over This.I Just Grew Up On Xbox.I Think The Controller For Xbox Has The Upper Hand Because The Joysticks Aren't Next To Eachother(Which Makes It Awkward).But PS4 Has The Upper Hand On Exclusives. Edit:I Will Not Be Responding To Anyone Bashing This Comment,If You Disagree Politely Then I Will Respond.
Flamoble 134 (50 minutes ago)
You are fool almost every thing you have said was wrong and stupid
Flamoble 134 (52 minutes ago)
F*** you, graphics don’t make a difference ! Game play makes the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you think graphics make a good game then you are stupid :(
Christian xxiForza (3 hours ago)
What I like about PS4: Have better history games (Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, ect.), Home screen feels faster (because its more plain) and finally have a proper racing simulation game and I got it for free because it didn't wanted to turn on and I just pressed the power button for few seconds and it was like new...new thermal paste and perfect. What I Dont like about PS4: Loud even with a high quality thermal paste it is loud, doesn't update too often, PSN still not much better than the PS3 era, Sony dont care about what their users want. What I like about Xbox One: Forza its the biggest reason, the eco-system that Microsoft is building around it (Xbox Play Anywhere and Game Pass will cover Windows 10 PC), updates are frequently and constantly get important features (Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, Free Sync, ect.), backward compatibility its a strong point...I still enjoy COD: MW3 (best cod in my opinion), both console are on the same place and the Xbox has better Wi-Fi reception, and the most important of all...Xbox Live is a lot more stable and robust than PSN, More open to the Cross-Play. What I dont like about Xbox: Kinect got left behind, they disabled the ability to snap apps while running a game (even if it was to gain a bit of performance), Wireless display through Xbox One got dumped. I have a PC and I dont play on it, personally I dont like to play on pc...I use it to virtualization and research.
Richie M (9 hours ago)
I have an xbox x and its still way shitter than my ps4 pro in everyway.
Kenneth Smith (12 hours ago)
Uncharted: PlayStation's Fortune Uncharted 2: Among PlayStation Uncharted 3: Xbox's Deception Uncharted 4: An Xbox End The Last of the Xbox Generation (The Last of Us) Beyond Two PlayStation Consoles (Beyond Two Souls) Or "Beyond Two Consoles" (PS4 and PC) Detroit: Become a PS fanboy (Detroit Become Human) Until Xbox dies (Until Dawn) The God of the Console Generation! (God of War) or God of Consoles! (PS4!) Heavy Xbox's Rains down to the bottom of the pit (Heavy Rain) PlayStation Man! (Spider-Man) KillXbox (Killzone) Unfamous (Infamous) Resist Xbox! (Resistance) Microsoft Farts (Kingdom Hearts) Little Tiny Microsoft Planet (Little Big Planet) 😂😂 PlayStation Storm (Motorstorm) = A Big PlayStation Storm about to destroy Xbox's Land! PlayStation and Sony! (Rachett and Clank) Or "PlayStation and PC". Crash Xbox! (Crash Badicoot) Hope you guys love the new names I made up with PlayStation exclusive games! 😂😂😂
crickiit light (13 hours ago)
Have a xbox one got a ps4 love the xbox controller but that's about it ps4 has the games but I do love forza games also have a pc
Dipper (17 hours ago)
*They are the same thing*
But both are good I like ps for forza ,car games,football .. exbox for everything else
I like Xbox more
Im betting both consols tomorrow
GingerJon93 (1 day ago)
I own both. Xbox for multiplayer, because all my friends have it and I love Gears, and Playstation for single player and exclusives.
MrSaltieCroc20 (1 day ago)
Of the three 3: playstation 2:Xbox 1: Nintendo (I know some of u disagree with me, but i love Nintendo and prefer Xbox over PlayStation)
Vankisha (1 day ago)
I have friends who have PS4. I, on the other side don't have ps4 or xbox one. But to be honest, to me, they are basicly the same thing with exclusives being the main difference. I might have to do more researching tho. I'm more of a pc gamer anyways but I still like consoles! :)
David Blanco (1 day ago)
Too be honest as a PC gamer I sell my consoles after beating any exclusives I wanted to try out. I've kept an Xbox One though due to the media apps, 4k bluray, and better UI. When they announced backwards compatiblity.. That was what won me over on keeping it. I had no idea I owned all the halo games on X360. Never even touched them. Right now I am playing through Halo 3. Ill play Last of Us 2, just wont keep the ps4 after cus honestly its a shitty streaming device and wont be turned on again until another exclusive comes. God of war(own all of them on ps3), gears of war(own all of them), uncharted(did own all of them).. Are shit generic games in my opinion. Halo is garbage too, but I want to finish the story, its chance to change my opinion. Also Xbox live is very stable. Download speeds are always faster. Never seen my ps4 download at even half of what my isp's speed is. Xbox downloads at thr full 300Mbps. Ps4 stays around like 20mbps even through ethernet.
B Sharp (1 day ago)
Damn. I fee so stupid, I fell for your misleading, clickbait-y title. Put some ‘confessions’ in your next confessions video, not just opinions. Or at least swap the words. Or not, which is probably what you’ll do.
Ryan Loughead (2 days ago)
I’ve been growing up with Xbox. I don’t have to say that ones better than the other, I just feel like their both better in different aspects
Skeleton Guy (2 days ago)
Fuck this imma just buy a switch
Germs JB (2 days ago)
I play PS4 but I all I got to say is the xbox controller is just beautiful and original
J Benedict (2 days ago)
I will always be a PlayStation team than XBox my friends said that XBox is Sh*t because the games are not cool so we all agreed PlayStation
Scott Béla (2 days ago)
Scott Béla (2 days ago)
Whaddya mean backwards compatibility isn't a big deal?!?!
Gaming Fun! (2 days ago)
This does not change my opinion on Xbox, no matter what I’ll always stick with Xbox. My first console was the original Xbox, had so much fun playing halo. Xbox will always be my favourite and will I will NEVER change to PlayStation.
Darrien Rittner (2 days ago)
I went ahead and traded my ps4 for the xbox one. I regret nothing. I love the exclusives so much more. Although I will miss bloodborne.
SwirlyJoe (2 days ago)
I got the Xbox One a few years after I bought the PS4. Even though I use the ps4 more, I like them both. The video didn't mention that you can keep the Xbox 1 games even after your Xbox Live account expires. Even though PS4 has a lot of great exclusives, Xbox one still has Dead Rising 3, Forza Horizon, Quantum Break, and Sunset Overdrive. Don't tell anyone, but Sunset Overdrive is one of my favorite games of this generation alongside MGSV, Far Cry 4, and Just Cause 3.
fock sake (2 days ago)
It's like iphone or Samsung which one is better
I hate when people don't notice an amazing game called subnautica which may be going on to PlayStation
Paradoxx Hugo Birch (3 days ago)
i have the day one xbox one and a €1000 pc and it’s really not that bad
chivalry (3 days ago)
i feel like you threw a bunch of useless points just to fill your top 10 list
Fang Vantino (4 days ago)
I grew up on xbox so my opinion is not biased against xbox but owning an xbox one and a ps4 pro while also having played countless of hours on my best friends xbox one x. I have came to the conclusion that it's all dependent on the player. If you have the xbox one or ps4 and are trying to figure out if you want the xbox one x or ps4 pro I would urge you to go for the opposite of the console that you already have so that you can experience the good and bads of both sides (unless you want better vr graphics or you don't want to split time between friends) but if you are trying to figure out which one to buy then I would say to buy the ps4 pro, although the pro lacks in graphics compared to the x the difference is noticeable but not worth paying an extra $100 for. Also to all that say the xbox's controller is better you have not spent thousands of hours on each console. The xbox one controller makes it harder to perform different types of grip styles one of which is known as the claw grip.Though it makes up for that with being alot bigger and having trigger vibration, but has the downside of the thumbstick being above the dpad making it difficult for accurate touches which is mostly a problem experienced in the game rocket league (which is why a large amount of rocket league pros play with ps4 and ps3 controllers. (Though you can buy opposite controllers for each console that keep the logos but switch the sticks around or you could put an extra $60 in to buy a controller adapter to use whatever controller or mouse and keyboard you want). I love xbox to death but the amount of toxicity I have experienced on xbox has been far greater on xbox than ps4 although the reporting system has worked far greater on xbox than on ps4. Also from my experience with the communities I have learned that the xbox community is more of a play one game then switch while the ps4 community seem to dedicate alot more of there time to one game. Though at the end of the day the thing that really should be the deciding factor is where your friends are, your budget, and which community you won't to be apart of (ie dedicated play or more of a casual on then off type play style)
Jarred Crase (4 days ago)
Mark Douglas (4 days ago)
They all suck!! Doesn't anybody break out a chess board anymore? No, there would be too much thinking involved. Peace.
Alexander Marothy (4 days ago)
This really helps me make my decision. I was looking into purchasing an Xbox One X because backwards compatibility. I already have a PS4 Pro so I can see now how this really isn't a good idea. It may be a better option to subscribe to PS Now. Thanks for the tips and insights. I also have my PS3 on my older 1080p LED TV. I'll just stick to the one I have.
Bass Legion (4 days ago)
I don't care i just want to play some games so i will get an Ouya,there are real games.
Des1 Walker (5 days ago)
Tbh it looks like you are biased and supporting ps4
Des1 Walker (5 days ago)
Wtf? Im a fan of Ps but how could you not admire the backward combatibility of Xbox?
Des1 Walker (5 days ago)
Summary: Ps4 is better
Martin Findley (5 days ago)
I have a PC, Xbox One, and PS4. All standard models. I really only have consoles for the exclusives and Single Player games. All my multiplayer shit is all on my PC. So Fortnite, Counter Strike, and Overwatch I all have on PC while on console I’ve got The single player exclusives like Persona 5, God of War, and Uncharted. On my Xbox, Halo 5 (Which was ass) Gears 4 and Crackdown 3 when it eventually comes out. Why do I do this, so I don’t have to pay extra money for online subscriptions.
ERRORFACE1 (5 days ago)
I got a pc ps4 and the 360s. I got the ps when last of us came out. I played so much i had to clean the damn thing and re do the thermal paste witch is quiet crappy btw i strongly recommend to do it if it's getting loud. Then witcher 3 came out back to the desk but this time i bought the new xbox 1 controller and it's awesome. My hands never get tired never . I always was a mice&keyboard player but m8 the new xbox 1 controller really nailed it. I just pop my legs up turned a monitor a bit headphones on and that's it i lost . Then because life is about constant changes i spend most of my night time in the livingroom and i felt hungry for old games because since a quiet while now i have no pleasure in the new aaa titles so i bought a 360s with a bunch of my old fav titles. Now my wife using the 360s as a cooker thats how mutch is runs. Just love the 360s if the price gets down on the x will buy it just because backward comp and grate enhancement and upscaling. And of course ill get the ps5 and i have to upgrade my pc later as well fukkin hell .
swecruze (5 days ago)
Packed down my Xbox One and since a year back it sits in a box in the attic
Spokenknot Gaming (5 days ago)
PS4 is better if you have a PS4 Xbox one is better if you have a xbox one They are all opinions
jake the vlogger (6 days ago)
Xbox headphones are more comfortable and the controller as well ps4 has better sounds tho in there system but sony makes Bluetooth speakers come on xbox you can interact with friends more you can play xbox on Windows 10 so xbox has better graphics bcs you can use your windows 10 pc graphics so yeah xbox if better bro
jake the vlogger (6 days ago)
I have a xbox one the original x box one like the normal one and my cousin brought his ps4 pro over I played the ps4 pro all night and I hated it he made me play it to see how good it was and I hated it everything about it and the controller is just ass my original xbox is better than that piece of shit 4 pro
Angel Ibarra (6 days ago)
literally all the same points that I have. I have way more games for ps4 than Xbox. and the only reason I got Xbox was for the exclusives (sunset overdrive, cuphead, horizon 3) but al get some use out of it somehow lol
Jason Steel (6 days ago)
I own both Xbox one slim and ps4 slim
Kayd Roccity Music (6 days ago)
Xbox beats sony by the hardware and software and features but don't have better titles and graphics they home screen is kind of bored it's the same old screen
SWORDISA212 (6 days ago)
And people say gaming pc's are expensive
Ian Matthews (7 days ago)
Xbox one or PS4, Xbox one or PS4... I GOT IT i'll play PC!!!
Benjamin Pierce (7 days ago)
PC is literally better in every possible conceivable way
ilbey dinler (7 days ago)
Thx man i have ps4 slim n i was thinking to get xbox one s aswell now i change my mind by the way i dont care about 4k or high end graphics n fps so do not need one x n pro thx agin
Seth Weber (7 days ago)
So many people care too much about exclusives XD I just play the games..
Sid Warrior (7 days ago)
Just gimme money. I'll own all. PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, PC blah blah blah blah ! Just name it. Comparing but deep beneath intentionally degrading other platforms are childish man 🙂
Mansoor Khan (8 days ago)
PlayStation - Exclusives Xbox - Memories
Owen Athey (8 days ago)
Xbox one is better than play station.
RealSteelPlays (9 days ago)
Why can't everyone just get along? Pc for power customization, exclusives, controls, cheaper games, more settings, and backwards compatibility. Xbox for controller, online, UI, Halo, Forza, some backwards compatiblity, and a company that cares more about the customers (cross play), and ps4 for some light VR, uncharted, spiderman, and other exlusives.
RealSteelPlays (9 days ago)
I'm going to start a war... Pc is better.
Evil Rick (9 days ago)
Hey xbox and ps4 is the same its the games not the console's its the games we enjoy If we like the console's we will not be playing games we will be in settings for your game time
Matt Checkley (9 days ago)
My Xbox only ran for about 3 months. Then I got the black screen of death. Hasn’t run in a couple months
OEyeCu812 (9 days ago)
Lucas Monteiro (9 days ago)
there’s literally no reason to buy a xb1 when you have a pc. I play all of the online games and “xbox exclusives” on the PC, and I use my PS4 to play the exclusives. Buying xb1 is a waste of money and great PS4 games
Wildfire (9 days ago)
I honestly see no point to owning an Xbox now. I did own a PS4 and will get it back when I can, but at one point I owned a PS4 and a PC. PC completely eradicates the need to buy an Xbox. Why would I want an Xbox when I can play their library on my laptop with a PS4 controller (a superior controller that I'm already more familiar with) I can have the library and bonuses of Xbox like Cuphead, Forza Horizon and others without the shitty drawbacks like subscriptions, shitty Xbox controller, or garbage graphics. And with PS4 the game library is infinitely superior. Idk, I don't hate Xbox at all, I just don't seem the need to buy one if you have a PC.
Ethan Schilling (10 days ago)
Jpay (10 days ago)
iwant ps4 for one reason... MLB
Derik C (10 days ago)
You could do the same thing both ways... Ive always had both consoles and I prefer my XB1
jergernice1 (11 days ago)
basically i owned every xbox and buy a used ps4 every so often to play a list of exclusives then sell the ps4....im getting the itch to catch up on some ps4 exclusives but in no way would i consider replacing xbox with ps4 as a primary console. especially now with the XOX being completely superior hardware. disclaimer i am now a pc only gamer but that was my opinion until i bought a 1080ti system about a year ago sold my xox. i already have a backlog of 30 games to be played on steam bought at 75% off.
xPTKx (11 days ago)
Title doesn't match the video. Seemed most the time was just complaining about the xbox
Robin Lundqvist (11 days ago)
this was the least objective review i’ve ever seen haha. just go with pc anyways
Erik Jeronimo (11 days ago)
Xbox 360 & ps2 best consoles don’t @ me
TheWaxLobster (12 days ago)
Lmao 6.4k fanboys
Edward Hager (12 days ago)
I love the backwards compatibility!!
Edward Hager (12 days ago)
I would love to own both.
Logan Martin (13 days ago)
Ive always played xbox but i got a ps4 a few weeks ago. Honestly, i think the xbox is better. I noticed almost no difference in graphics and performance. Ps4 has better games but the xbox controllers are infinitely better and the console is just easier to navigate
Thehulksterbeast (13 days ago)
well i got the xbox one 6 months after launch then got a ps4 pro 4 years later and now my poor xbox one is nothing more than a dust collector :( Not to worry ill blow the dust off it for crackdown :) ohhh wait thats on windows 10 :(
Thehulksterbeast (13 days ago)
MrMario2011 didnt do a good job hiding that lol
Thehulksterbeast (13 days ago)
emmm ps2 had full backwards compatible for ps1 games so it has already been done
Aaron Sondag (13 days ago)
Don't forget that mass effect started out as a console exclusive for the Xbox. One of the greatest gaming franchises out there. At least until andromeda came along.
Litten14 (13 days ago)
All my friends play on PS4 but i play on the xbox like 5 times more than on the PS4
EVIL PICKLE (13 days ago)
Team xbox one s here!
Lava Yuki (13 days ago)
I prefer the PS4, although Ive been a PS owner since the ps1 for the RPGs and JRPGs, and have a solid amount of trophies on my psn account, so I've never considered swapping over as I'd have to start from scratch. I like all the PS4 RPG exclusives, and my brother and friends all have the PS4
Norman 4515 (14 days ago)
I own both systems but ps4 always installs my games without any problem while on the Xbox one I get an installation stopped notification on some of my installs. I like both systems but I prefer the ps4 because it has amazing exclusives. I like the exclusives the Xbox offers though.
realbluemeanie (14 days ago)
I have the Xbox one X and am generally happy. Sure, PS4 has a better batch of exclusives and that's going to entice me to throw in for a slim when I can afford it. I like the Xbox controllers and the one X enhanced stuff looks great, do I regret choosing an Xbox? It would be nice to have both as I just don't have the space for a PC setup, but the one X is a fine console. The tribe mentality between rival system users is a strange thing. Live and let live. If I read another "*insert console name* sucks bro, you retarded" comment, my eyes will probably roll straight out of my skull.
Im Jesus U big gay (15 days ago)
Wow alot of ps4 fanboys
Mike Andrews (15 days ago)
They both suck equally. Microsoft couldn't make a IU user friendly if their life depended on it. PS third part games always run like shit.
Nate the great 1 (15 days ago)
I played a Xbox 360 not Xbox one. But I like PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. I like uncharted 1 2 3 and 4. But you can get Bioshock on both systems but I have a PlayStation 4 Slim but I like PlayStation better than Xbox but PlayStation 3 remotes are not as good as Xbox 360 remotes.
Terror Gaming (15 days ago)
No real ps4 fan would buy an Xbox
T McA (15 days ago)
After this Gen, I'm going pc
Mark Arbuckle (15 days ago)
Xbox one x?
Fancy (16 days ago)
Okay hold up, let me give 5 pointers that you are wrong about 1. Xbox has more multiplayer games, and playstation has more solo campaign games that last for 5 hours. Thats what you bascially showcase, not impressive 2. You don't have to buy EA access to play games on xbox, pretty obvious that its meant for "EA titles" 3. Graphics isnt a big difference, ps4 has dark lighting and xbox has lighting in the background, thats really only difference 4. Xbox backwards capability has been great for people that had never played games back with the x360 or the OG xbox. And xbox continues to add more titles for 360 and OG Xbox and there is no subscription for it , unlike PS you would have to pay an extra subscription to play ps3 games 4. Sony has really poor presentations and unannounced dates for games that won't come out till a year or 2 year later
Fancy (16 days ago)
And 5th is that you are clearly a fanboy for playstation, not surprised
Generic Username (16 days ago)
Both of these consoles suck get a switch
Jimmy Dark (16 days ago)
Backwards compatibility isn't a big deal?... Are you... Are you retarded?
Sarcalogos Tortolero (16 days ago)
My friends are on Xbox and I have an X so graphics isn’t an issue the only reason I want PS4 is for ratchet and clank and everyone I want to play monster hunter with is on PS4 (wish there was crossplay)
desert storm (16 days ago)
He forgot to mention a very crucial aspect :The controller.
desert storm (2 days ago)
I thought so too until I held the PS4 controller (i have both systems).
Scott Béla (2 days ago)
I think the Xbox controller is more comfortable
desert storm (2 days ago)
I only had xbox since the beginning of the consoles are. The xbox controller was my second nature but then i decided to buy the ps4 and things changed : The ps4 controller is the best for me and fit on my hands, perfectly. The xbox triggers give you a wider surface surface for the grip but on the other hand it makes it slower to press and can make your hands tired,with the ps4 is fast and easy.
Anime lord (2 days ago)
desert storm I own a switch, PS4 pro, and one x, my favorite controller out of the three is definitely the switch pro controller but out of ps an Xbox I have to say I just prefer the feeling of the PS4 controller but to prefer the triggers on the Xbox controller, but I have been using that controller for almost 5 years now so I’m a bit biased to ps, still love each console though
desert storm (7 days ago)
You see,I never understood this claim: the ps4 controller is actually larger...
Randy bling (17 days ago)
That's why u save your money and own both. End of console war.i love both
Mark Norville (17 days ago)
I always used to have both, but would always end up selling the playstations. I do not like the graphical interface on playstations, and they came well later than microgreed. I would never buy a ps4 again, and only reason why I was buying them was to play gran turismo and ratchet and clank. Gran turismo became crap compared to forza, I much prefer the PSX 1 GT than the newer versions. It is a shame that sony, did not want the multi platform gaming experience, that microgreed was offering, then all gamers would have been winners. As for the switch, no thank you, I had enough of Nintendo products after the cube.
Brian Doherty (17 days ago)
Ps4 is GOAT. Stop reaching. Stop bitching. Stfu about ur multimedia box. Ps4 is THE GAMING SYSTEM. Wanna watch netflix and play laggy bullshit horrible games buy a gaybox.
D-Rock (17 days ago)
PS4 pro has nothing on Xbox one x
Carlos Magno Macieira (17 days ago)
i want to have a ps4 and a pc...i love microsoft, but the ps4 exclusives are better and the exclusives from the x1 are coming to pc as well since windows is a microsoft platform too...except for halo 5 that i will probably never play, unfortunatly because he will never come to pc (i almost cry every time i remeber this sad fact)
dash4800 (17 days ago)
PS4 controller and shitty interface are why I'll always play xbox
Todd Howard For Real (17 days ago)
You can play Fallout New Vegas on Xbox one.
Jeremy Montes (17 days ago)
The only thing that stops me from picking up a ps4 is the damn controller the sticks are way to sensitive for me and my play style. For now Bloodborne still eludes me.

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