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10 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying An Xbox One

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Devout Sony gamer or Microsoft fanboy, it's time to face some hard truths. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Urticant G (11 hours ago)
"WE HaVe oLd GaMeS , WhAt dO yOu HaVe?!?"
Matthew Robinson (12 hours ago)
AKA PS4 does everything better except the controllers and the backwards compatibility. Those are two things I will freely admit that Xbox owners have that I Don't, and honestly the BC thing is a big one. I miss MW2 :/
creazzZly (18 hours ago)
u stupid
ShotGunPill (1 day ago)
PS4 forever!!!!
suweileh price (1 day ago)
xbox one kills ps4 performance with 4k
Pizza_Pizza_ 16 (1 day ago)
I usually play on the Ps4. But today I bough a One S, because I wanted to play left 4 dead ..if only left 4 dead 3 was being made....
Sid Filips (1 day ago)
I agree whith that 😂😂😂😂
Karnykins (1 day ago)
If you already have both consoles then the amount of exclusives for both become moot benefits/negatives
Rapid Vidz (2 days ago)
such a biased review
Allan O'Shea (2 days ago)
PC all the way. I've owned Xbox and PlayStation. PC is far superior. There's just no argument about that. End of.
Armadillo Lord (2 days ago)
I’m glad I play on pc.
ViciousDave4Life (3 days ago)
That video is 10/10. Thanks for helping me. I had an Xbox One, sold it, another Xbox One sold it. Now this video made me realize why have two consoles anyway. You go this game for which console, if there's only 1 or 2 exclusives you want but there's more you love on the other than it's not worth it. I'm sticking with PS4 Pro. Xbox One lacks so many exclusives.
EPIC ZERO (3 days ago)
If PS4 would add backwards compatible I'd say it overwelms Xbox one. Being a PS4 owner yes I do love the titles, but I don't want to connect all my PlayStation consoles to play my classics. I love the Xbox one for this reason alone. It's an open field day on gaming. Neither disappointed me honestly, but Xbox one software does shine above PS4. Left for dead, and classics I'd love to play again. They both need to stop being so $$$ hungry and provide backwards compatible consoles. It would possibly promote retro game sales as well and keep people collecting. My opinions.
I agree with you for the most part but the backwards compatibility point is completely false. It's a BIG deal to most people I've talked to and is basically the main thing the Xbox one has going for it in 2018 along with the 4k support. And don't tell my Sony has ps now because I've used ps now and if you have crappy internet the games are basically unplayable. It's much more appealing to play with the original hardware and the emulation is perfect.
Noctis Kami (4 days ago)
Otaku King28 (5 days ago)
Xbox for life
Steven Moore (5 days ago)
My opinion is I prefer ps4 because it has great exclusives, xbox one has nothing that makes the console not appealing.
Rigamortis (6 days ago)
Just get a pc so they can stop holding back making games for poo poo consoles
V.C.M MAYO (7 days ago)
Both are good. So if you have one be thankful that you have it. Not all gamers has one
Aidan Rye (8 days ago)
Nintendo just has games for 6 year olds
Aidan Rye (8 days ago)
But he doesn't mention what happens when you drop a ps controller
Sly spike (8 days ago)
Go PS4
KnightAftermath (8 days ago)
Xbox has Pubg
50%off Bleach (8 days ago)
You pointed out good things about PS4 and bad things about xbox
Ameeth Ram (8 days ago)
So, Ummm.... What was the confession here?
SAU (9 days ago)
It depends, I don't like god of war and spider man. I play red dead redemption 2, fifa19, far cry 5, COD. These games are good as same like PS4 in xbox one s. I am enjoying, no need PS4.
Razi haider bhatti (9 days ago)
just get the console your friends have
Tip Anoniem 2 (10 days ago)
this boy talking trash
Gallius Rax (10 days ago)
Xbox needs more games? But Xbox has more games than the ps4...
Anything is possible (5 days ago)
Steven Clodfelter (11 days ago)
I'm probably getting an Xbox this Black Friday. I miss multiplayer a lot, and don't trust the Sony network. Plus, I admit it, I'm still stuck on Halo. You might call me an OG gamer since I was playing arcade games before there were gaming systems (mid 50's now), and I've played games on just about every system, and none (save maybe Doom) were as much fun for me as the first Halo, and the multiplayer is soooo much fun. I just hope I can tolerate the idiots that try to get a rise out of others. lol However, I'm sure I will get a Playstation down the road; The original was my fav old system. Hopefully I still have the stamina for long campaigns. ;o)
Phillip Lemmon (11 days ago)
I got a ps4 and I'm getting Xbox games on pc CUZ I don't want their inferior box
Ben Gough (11 days ago)
snap has been long gone. shpuld have braught something better back
Gerald Jr (11 days ago)
Buy what you want.... You wont regret what you choose is.... Personally i like both consoles....im already play both consoles
Yeah but more kids have Xbox
FuZy PlaYs (12 days ago)
Had Xbox one kept it since PlayStation controller made my "Manly Hands" hurt besides Xbox one has better minecraft
Genjis_killer_butt GG (12 days ago)
I feel like u went in to this anti Xbox? Just sayin 🤔
Genjis_killer_butt GG (12 days ago)
And plus x-cloud is gonna come out pretty soon and Microsoft is really the only company besides google that can pull in off right now maybe in the future but not in the next year or 2
Venom Videos (12 days ago)
I regularly play the original black ops, waw halo 3,halo reach and more with the backwards compatibility so what are you talking out? Also forza is by far the best racing game crushing the opposition despite playstation being left behind.
Venom Videos (12 days ago)
I also play mw2 cuz the newer cods or bad
GM In Training (12 days ago)
Somehow, I’ve watched this video at least five times unintentionally and I don’t realize it until that scene from the “Big Bang theory” comes on! LOL
CHILLY MAN (12 days ago)
I've always been a hardcore Sony fan but it seems like Sony is a lot more money hungry than X box maybe I'm wrong is so I'm sorry. Gaming hasn't been very respectful with gamers in general paid online gaming is not the future and I don't know why we all put up with it...
Humuz (13 days ago)
The Xbox One Controller is much better!
Macawed (13 days ago)
David H (13 days ago)
Only poor people fight over which console is better
Yung Alpha (14 days ago)
I have Xbox one X and Ps4 pro but my Pc still beats them by alot
Alfred Thabiso (15 days ago)
What's the name off the game at 05:14? Thanks in advance.
TheDarkKing911 (15 days ago)
I am a pc gamer. But I still don't get why people even bother to buy x box. I mean main use of console is surely gaming and the best games are in Playstation which are exclusive why waste money on a console with no decent game??, 😕😕
Jkaiser 25 (15 days ago)
This guys list is dumb
Nan0plex (15 days ago)
Pc master race I play ps4 btw I hate my life I’m poor
Arkvoodle38 (16 days ago)
Did u just insinuate that switch is somehow better than XB1 or PS4? Gtfo. I have them too, but switch is different in its own way
Tristan Naidoo (16 days ago)
Xbox is better IMO 🤷🏻‍♂️
Blueberry (17 days ago)
The backwards compatibility on the one x is the best feature in my opinion, because you wouldn’t have to pay ten times as much for black ops 2
Blueberry (17 days ago)
Biggest confession: you wasted three hundred bucks on a PlayStation because Xbox for life (I’m an Xbox fanboy)
GamE FrEak (17 days ago)
Why waste money buying Xbox One. This gen is over that's why Phil himself announced that they r buying studious n working on next gen consoles
Shabih Ahmed (18 days ago)
I bought an Xbox One S to play RDR2 but now I am thinking to exchange it for PS because of exclusives and better resolution on PS. I believe PS is 1080p on all games and XB1S is 900p. Correct me if I am wrong. Please guide me will I get better resolution on PS4 in comparison to XB1S? I have Full HD monitor and am not updating to 4K anytime soon. Is PS4 right choice or buying PRO is a better choice?
Alexis Guerrero (18 days ago)
It still has from, there are games that won't work
hurt4evr (18 days ago)
i hate the xbox one controller they feel so cheap and deformed
TooGoatSage (19 days ago)
Xbox One x is better when it comes to performance
Vince Gonzalez (20 days ago)
I've been an XBOX guy ever since it came out in 2001. Have never owned a PlayStation. Only reason I am STRONGLY considering buying one is for the Exclusives: Last of Us, Shadow of the Colossus remake, MLB The Show, Uncharted. I'll probably still buy Fallout 76, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc. on XBOX.
Jeremiah Bourget (20 days ago)
MLEQ0 (20 days ago)
What i love about ps4 is that u dont have to pay to play free 2 play games On Xbox u have to pay for Xbox live gold to play fortnite Thats sad.
Cyrus Farid (20 days ago)
I have both but if I could only have one I’d take ps4. Most of my friends have it.
Callum Boyou (21 days ago)
Just own a ps4 and a pc, that's it no need for xbox since most xbox exclusives can play on the pc which defeats the purpose of owning one
Mike 767 (22 days ago)
I couldn’t imagine myself owning an Xbox in 2018 missing out on all the phenomenal games 😞
Dribble Pi55 (22 days ago)
I have no confession I have both consoles ps4 I play alot and I play my dreamcast more than my Xbox one and just as much as my ps4 honestly my opinion xbox sucks
iRecoveriez (22 days ago)
I kinda felt like you were making this video to bash Xbox.
Marcus Lunow (22 days ago)
the only thing I find wrong with this video is that it is clearly biased to the PS4 as he doesn't state that the x box one x actually has better graphics when used on a 4k screen.
Paul Michael Shields (22 days ago)
There wil be spelling mistakes as my phone's text is playing up but you should be able to make out my key points of view... Microsoft only agreed to Backwards Compatibility because they knew they were going to fail their console owning fans.with regards to ongoing exclusives that would keep the console alive in the gamer's eyes & in the eyes of anyone in the business end of how these system fare in the overall plans of what makes any product successful & that is ongoing exclusive products... To say you'll buy a console because of your friends again shows as a gamer your not interested in all games on all systems which are exclusives & the PS4 Updates are boring & I'm not interested in them... I only bought both because I fall into the hard core fan who's backed all consoles since the mid 70s & I even waited 3 years after launch before buying both the PS4 & Xbox One & I never do that as I'm usely the first to buy them on launch but I just felt that waiting a few years would give me a better feeling of how these consoles would fare & as much as I'm a huge Xbox fan along with all consoles I wish I hadn't purchased the Xbox One 1TB Slim as Microsoft have no intention to honour their words on how they'd have ongoing exclusive to rival the Sony... Gamer's are only interested in game's & predominantly exclusives & not an all in one unit as I can & have had access to all of these other media apps that come on both consoles & I barely pay a quarter of what It would take to pay for many of those prime time killer shows & films on these apps as their cheaper to own on my smart TV & that's if I should decide to want these Apps separately nutost people just want a bundle untitled like a Sky Box Subscription as an example & pick & choose what to own on them & not some console.. If you want to live in denial and keep playing Microsoft's ongoing numerical released to game's that everyone had played to death for the last 13 to 14 years like Heard On f War/Forza & Halo them by allean keep your Xbox One but don't try tike put it's a killer console as Miicrosoft & Sony conned gamer's into buying yet another version of their console's the so called 4K Version & has that transformed both consoles incomgs, No, as you need plenty of exclusives to do this & even then it's just a gimmick thst makes not much difference if the overall game looks great in the first place... I was in the gaming business for more years than I care to remember & I've seen this all happened to many times before... Dr consoles had an even amount of exclusives hence why many bought both or multiple console's to own & play games on the systems they were only designed to play on... Microsoft nailed it with the last gen console & again I've seen this trend before in that the one who lost out in the previous gen learns from & makes sure not to repeat it's prior mistakes.. Remember how Microsoft said the original Xbox was a failure & even though that console had more exclusives that the Xbox One currently has but it was the hardware & not the software that broke the bank of Microsoft.. Forward to the Xbox 360 & Joe they learned how to keep construction of the Xbox 360 down whole owning 80% of all of the Exclusives fur that console hence Sony losing out on the that one... Now it's Sony's turn as Microsoft sat back and rested on the profits ofthe Xbox 360 & their.range of exclusives titles & the money made from Pc hardware & Windows apps etc So Sony picked their wounds & went about buying up all those exclusives & building a console predominantly aimed at gamer's but you could also use it S a multiple media format machine but theirain goal was Exclusive Games as Sony knew that you can't predict what owners are going to buy whatever App to watch whatever shows & films but they do know that gamer's will buy exclusives if they are good & it's a case of the old saying of swings & roundabouts, as one learns from its previous mistakes were as the winner from that period of time gets fat lazy & forgets what made their product so successful in the first place... I've always bought what I've needed as have my fellow gaming friend's we've never came out with this childish behaviour our console is better than yours as it's not about that as it's about diversity within an industry that should be able to sustain example amount of competition while keeping the gamer's happy Microsoft went back to their penny pinching & dictatorship ways & lets not forget all the law breaking that they tried to slip past us at the unveil before the Xbox One's launch... Even after Microsoft dropping these illegal measures & waiting (which I've never done until this console war) 3 years before buying both consoles I have to Blake no one but myself for believing Microsoft would in fact honour their agreement of more Exclusives as that's why we buy more than one console... The lesson has been firmly learned as even I forgot about Microsoft's way of doing business as I was just happy to have all those exclusives on my Xbox360 yety PS3 sat there doing what the Xbox One is doing now & that's gathering dust... As a supporter of any medium of entertainment you have to take chances & you have to way up the pros & cons.. But as much as it pains me to say this but any gamers out their that think their Xbox One was a great purchase & worth the overall price in relation to gaming experience had, is truly in denial or too young to understand they've been ripped off by a company that's only goal is to make money while not pushing the boundaries of what their product could deliver... Sony are by no means saints in all of this but at least they delivered the goods & when it comes to being a true gamer that's all your asking for... Microsoft to me anyway will never recover the loyal fan base they built up from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 again unless they are shown to be committed in delivering killer games that make or break a console & again only have myself to blame for not remembering that Microsoft wad only interested in cornering the all in one market & you know what I think they would've succeed of delivered those subs multiple subscriptiontioms at a lower price & game the Pc/PS4 & the Nintendo Switch if they did in fact at least have a 50/50 ownership of exclusives along with Sony... But this all here say & conjecture as the truth is all too plain too see & stuck with a console that I'd never get a decent trade in price gir, yet stores whether they are online or not are still still.asking £300.just fir the console alone yet of I try to trade it in getting the whole story of we are sitting on too many new & used Xbox One consoles (which is a feesible reason) but they still want to rip the owner off & again tbusa different but the same point that has to taken into account with current or past consoles because of the console your trading or selling is a great seller & is backed by a slew of many exclusives then they will give you a better price on the trade inadvertently they know they'll get that money back on its resale but you can't do that with a product that's effectively dead as a gaming console... Enough said & lesson remembered from previous run ins with Microsoft on a Console & Pc related terms as Microsoft dictates & don't innovate, so fellow gamer's be very watchful & mindful about what you perceive is a good investment, as it didnt take someone that can see into the future to tell you the Xbox One wasn't going to cut it as a gaming console, as even I after waiting 3 years & still paid a hefty price for the Xbox One felt I'd been sold a defunct product that's needing to be put out of its misery, as its just sitting their with nothing to prelong it's current wants as a console to definitely own now & in the firseeable future,so how can it be a console with owning & still worth supporting...
L0r1k97 (22 days ago)
God of war. The last of us. Uncharted 4. Horizon Zero Dawn. Spieder Man... What about that ?
c6nsor9d (23 days ago)
It's funny to sit and watch (read actually) all these fanboys arguing which console is better; whereas the answer is obvious ... people are different so really it is whichever caters most to your needs and preferences. And don't even get me started with the PC die hards; awesome platform, but let's be honest, PC gaming is becoming stupidely expensive; so NO, all the 500$ build videos do not make PC gaming affordable; because either you're getting new crappy hardware that will last waaaaaay shorter than a console generation, or you're getting used hardware and giving up warranties (which mind you some people might care about).
No Name (23 days ago)
I chose XB, tho PS is also great. Its all personal preference really. Nintendo has always been too kiddie for me.
undrdog (23 days ago)
If you only want to play single player games than ps4's exclusives matter to you
Adamant Prince (24 days ago)
When he said that the Xbox needed more games, he should realize exclusives aren’t the only games on consoles, and also all the forza games are Xbox exclusives and those games are amazing
Stevan Gomez (24 days ago)
Ps4: single player games Xbox one: online multiplayer games
parallax (24 days ago)
Backwards compatibility is not a big deal. .... Are you reatardad or idiot?
Alexander Nicholas (25 days ago)
PS4 failed us with not giving us Backward Compatibility. I just brought Xbox X for my 4k tv.
Carson Brown (25 days ago)
Have both systems more friends on xbox but I play the ps4 a lot more
Adam Small (25 days ago)
Most people dont know this but you can play multiplayer without having xbox gold. I only bought it because it was on sale and you get 3 free games a month. But without it, you can still have fun with your friends.
shane tyler (25 days ago)
Gaming 101 (26 days ago)
Ps is good for sp gaming Xbox is best for online gaming with no issues. Xbox is also the best place to play everything else that isn't exclusive to ps if you own a x
Steven Lati (26 days ago)
3 actual reasons why ps4 is better 1: PlayStation has no tax buying stuff 2: you don’t have to buy batteries everyday 3: most PlayStation players are better then Xbox isn’t PlayStation easier?
Zakua Araya (9 days ago)
SAU ok i understand thanks bro
SAU (9 days ago)
+Zakua Araya Yes bro but still it depends on each person... Both have their own advantages and have good gaming experience...
Zakua Araya (9 days ago)
SAU when you charge your PS4 controller doesn't it take at least 30min to an 1h
SAU (9 days ago)
I am using rechargeable battery. I have ten batteries, no need wait for charging my controller like PS4.
Zakua Araya (23 days ago)
Dude they're something called chargers so you can charge you controller and PS4 players aren't better than Xbox actually the one console that beats both is actually PC reason: mouse and keyboard and your just saying that because PS4 has better graphics than Xbox at least Microsoft created a controller for disabled people while Sony is still giving their BJ's on their own money due to them having 4K
Shyro Channing (26 days ago)
Own the PSP1000 - PSP3000 that can both play Minis / PSP /PS1 & PS2 Ported Games! I own x2 3G PS Vita 1000's. Which means I can play the Minis / PS1 & PS2 Ports. And PS Vita Games! NDSL / N3DSXL & a GBASP. Which. means I can play my GB / GBC / DS & GBA Games To! So that's x7 handheld systems that I still own, that play on x12 different formats! As for home consoles. I own a PS1! I own a PS2 that plays PS1 & PS2 Games! I own a x3 PS3'S that all play my PSP / Minis /PS1 /PS2 & PS3 Games! I lastly I own x3 XB'S! x3 XB360'S which still play my XB Games on. As well as my XB360'S too!
Mulberry2000 (27 days ago)
backwards compatibility comment was a really stupid Xbox one fanboy. I have loads of x360 games that i play and so do my kids think more
RockstarrClarke (27 days ago)
Xbox one is a joke.
Shawn Clark (27 days ago)
There is a purpose turning both of them because if you like exclusive on those that's one reason and the second reason is he says you go where your friends are I have friends on both PlayStation and Xbox like for example none of my friends on Xbox were going to get black ops 4 but I had some friends going to get it for PlayStation so obviously I got it for PlayStation to play with those friends and then for fallout 76 I have friends I want to play with on Xbox so I'm going to get it for Xbox
StormShadowGFX (28 days ago)
PS4 comes out with God of War. XBOX comes out with Features part 2. I can't even sell my xbox one X for 300 bucks... It's all about friends and games and look how many consoles SONY SOLD... -peace
Trevor Wagner (28 days ago)
own the og xbox one from launch and a ps4 pro i use the xbox more
ViolentxStrike (28 days ago)
Why does the PS4 have a trash interface? Xbox interface feels like I'm on windows 10 pc.
BearJudo (29 days ago)
Didn't mention elite controller, game pass, downplayed based backwards compatibility, did not how much better the X is over the Pro Awful video
Dave Hodges (29 days ago)
Halo 4 and gears of war suck so bad, it fuckin hurts
Graphics enhance the gaming experience but it's not that big of a deal I'm not jealous of PC players
Tom (30 days ago)
LMFAO... The Xbox One is garbage being outside 2:1 by PS4 and will soon be outsold by Switch that's been out for a fraction of the time. Xbox One is irrelevant. 🤣🤣
Will Adams (30 days ago)
I had a ps4 slim, 2 months later the blue light ..so change to a xbox one..kinda inpressed..
nathan spencer (1 month ago)
Ps4 is the best console. Wait for it wait for it.wait for itlet the console war on youtube commence.
Tobi Gram (1 month ago)
Ps4 for exclusives and xbox for everything else period
Poobs G (1 month ago)
Those ps4 games are one an done..they are good games but when ur done ur done
ras 47 (1 month ago)
I don't play my PS4 anymore they really need to come out with a new Ratchet & Clank and I Jak and Daxter and a Spyro will be nice..
Cyphro Talks (1 month ago)
I own all three consoles, then I go and spend almost $6k and build my dream gaming PC. Now my consoles collect dust.
O.E. Witty (1 month ago)
I disagree with the statement that picking up both consoles isn't worth it due to being similar. Sure, they ARE similar but Xbox, as you said, has barely ANY exclusives worth playing. If you only have an Xbox One, you're missing out on MANY PS4 exclusives that make having both consoles worth it. I own BOTH and, frankly, i feel sorry for Xbox "fanboys" who refuse to buy or play PS4 just because "I'm and Xbox guy! screw Sony!" (I have friends like this). To them I say, you're missing out on great exclusive titles and experiences. You're also corny and should not be allowed to have a PS4! (hahah just playin around. But you are corny).
Jamil Ahnaf (1 month ago)
backwards compatibility mattersssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MadHaz3 (1 month ago)
I just bought an Xbox for Red dead , I'm happy but there is no doubt the PS exclusives are way better than Microsoft's . Maybe Microsoft don't have the money to produce great exclusives ( lol )
Dissquished (1 month ago)
Why are there so many videos of this, it;s fucking annoying

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