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10 Confessions Of A PS4 Owner After Buying An Xbox One

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Devout Sony gamer or Microsoft fanboy, it's time to face some hard truths. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Ivan Garcia (8 hours ago)
Just to clarify before i say anything that might trigger any fanboys. I HAVE both consoles Playstation: Good Exclusives but most of them are SP:( The only MP game i play on it is Fortnite. And thats it No crossplay :( Xbox: Also good exclusives and most of them have MP Backwards compatible, nostalgia is always a good thing to feel Game pass, bunch of games for like 10$ a month man what more can u want Cross play, self explanatory I own both simply because i have friends that play on Xbox and i have friends that play on ps4
Manny Garcia (12 hours ago)
Now xbox gamers want Spiderman ps4
Jamie Day (1 day ago)
Xbox one is definitely the best when it comes to value, especially with Game pass and Backwards compatibility
PAPER KAKE (6 hours ago)
Shawn Miller (1 day ago)
I bought both, i have all my friends on xbox and been online xbox gamer (xbox360) but i couldnt pass up the deal on guy at my work selling it for 90 bucks with the uncharteds, i bought it to play the games xbox dont have but im prolly going to be talking in party with my friends while playing ps4 exclusive
OofItsSpencer (1 day ago)
#1: Wish you spent your money on a PC
Kevin Emery (1 day ago)
PS4pro is good but on the xbox one x beats my pro hands down for graphics etc. So much that it is only ps exclusive games i play now. MY ps4p builds up dust. Xox is epic make the change get the best
Ethan Carrier (1 day ago)
Most my friends have ps4 but every single one that switched to Xbox all day Xbox is better.i have played ps4 and my brother had one so I played it a lot but my opinion is that xbox is a better console,better graphics, more fluid, not constant errors like ps4 and better controller.I will prbly get a ps4 for one reason, the exclusives are so much better.
Cold-as-Schnee (1 day ago)
I had both a PS4 and a Xbox one..but I sold my Xbox because it's was just so boring lol THERE WAS NOTHING TO PLAY FJDKD I don't care for halo or gears or any racing games. Xbox doesn't have a lot of diversity with its games compared to ps. There is so many great games for PS4 like the last of us, uncharted, god of war, horizon zero dawn, Detroit, Spider-Man and so many others. It's such a disappointment seeing as the 360 was my main console during my teens but Xbox one is just... shit
Killjoy McGiggles (2 days ago)
Hey, I was a PS4 gamer that bought an Xbox too! Boy, was I THRILLED when they intentionally delayed Scalebound's (system seller for me) cancellation announcement until AFTER the holidays. Cool, Hololens!? When do I get to try tha- oh.... it's also not coming for Xbox now? There's always Kinekt. Oh shit, they gave early adopters the middle finger by not supporting and inevitably killing a forced peripheral? Huh, my PSVR that sold a measly 2 mil units is still being supported. I don't give a damn about mindless brand name based fanboyism, so I don't wanna hear one of you 12 year old fucks spout "you're just a fanboy" after giving my honest view on MS. Never again. Hating a company because they fucked you does not mean you're a consumer robot for another brand (I told Sony to take the PS3 and stick it). Considering I own a PC, thanks for the glorified 360, assholes. Good job, MS.
Benjamin Dunne (3 days ago)
The fact that almost everything on Xbox is also on pc makes having an Xbox pointless
Random User (4 days ago)
I can't stand the ps controller
Brandon Moreland (4 days ago)
The idea that Microsoft has any advantage whatsoever is a bad joke I mean how many videos are people going to make talking about how great the Xbox One X is when you have nothing to play on it. I was stupid enough to go and buy an Xbox One X even though I already had the Xbox One thinking it be a more powerful machine and I did enjoy gaming a little bit more but honestly I play more Xbox 360 remastered titles on my Xbox one that I do actual Xbox One games because there are none and the ones that are coming out are garbage and is Microsoft try to solve that problem with better games coming down the line, nope they're coming out with a new console in 2020. They're going to lose a lot and this next gen console war and they deserve to because why the hell am I going to go and drop $500 on a new system from them that supposed to be next gen when I'm still waiting for the games in the last system they told me was going to be next gen? There may have been five games worth playing on the Xbox One that weren't originally on Xbox 360 and that's a stretch but everyday I get to watch some commercial of some badass game coming out on PlayStation and if controller wasn't so terrible I might go get a PlayStation. if something doesn't change before 2020 when the next consoles come out I'm definitely going Sony
Levi Scott (4 days ago)
Pretty pointless video
James Symonds (4 days ago)
What a stupid countdown. They all boil down to "your opinions will dictate which one you use". How is that a 'confession' or opinion that makes this video worth watching?
Mohammed 2pac (5 days ago)
Sony is the best Xbox one is 👎🏻
Scott UfoMan (5 days ago)
xbox one controllers breaking too much too often and the controllers are not cheap.
Gamerz Grip (5 days ago)
i have both but as soon as i built a gaming pc it's become PC MASTER RACE
CoDoJoWi (6 days ago)
Depends on your setting. I haven’t owned a ps4 BUT my Xbox one is the perfect machine for my living room With the Kinect audio controls and the extra HDMI input, it makes everything from watching movies, tv shows, and couch gamin more convenient.
beep boop Beep (5 days ago)
does it run pubg in 60fps?
Vince (6 days ago)
Who buys EA access? Idiots that's who
Ivan Costelo (6 days ago)
At the end of the day when you sit down you realise that consoles are crap made for peasants and you should switch to pc
PAZ Gaming (6 days ago)
Ps4 😎✌👍 Rip Xbox👎
Matdacat19 (6 days ago)
I’m a proud owner of both the OG PS4 with a 4TB hard drive attached and the Xbox One X, each one unique in there own way and I love them.
Flava Flaim (6 days ago)
ps4 graphics > xbox graphics ps4 exclusives > xbox exclusives ps4 free content> xbox free shit ps4 menus > xbox menus
Liam English (6 days ago)
God of war is okay, not the amazing game everyone hyped it to be and Spiderman is amazing. Ive yet to play Last of us and Uncharted but until ive seen something that completely blows me away then im sticking to my Xbox as priority console. If PS4 had cross play, and Xbox had Last of us/God of war/Spiderman, PS4 would be obsolete. Its not a good console, it lacks alot that the Xbox has. Plus the controller for PS4 is horrendous and belongs in 2003.
Liam English (6 days ago)
Xbox is better. I own both. Just finished spiderman and loved it but anything else i play on xbox.
HC 17758091 (7 days ago)
I've never seen the appeal of multi-player gaming. I genuinely don't understand how people can play the same game, the same format again and again and not get bored of it. I've always preferred single player gaming. Story driven, well designed and well made games are the best and this where playstation wins. Look at Sony's exclusive library; God of War, Uncharted 4, Spiderman, Detroit, Infamous, Horizon Zero Dawn, What do they all have in common? Great story telling and great gameplay. Name one Xbox game that comes close to the quality of these games? There isn't one. I haven't mentioned the upcoming games: Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tushima. It's not about multi-player, or friends, or additional features like Netflix or blu ray, it's about single player games. Sony does them best!
Night Bolt (7 days ago)
i know this well sound weebish but there is alot of japanes(anime) games i want to play but none of them is on the xbox1 so i well buy the PC4.
Manchester Bee (7 days ago)
I own both. The constant updates on Xbone get annoying rather than being a good thing. I give 0 fucks about backwards compatibility. I still own all the old games I wish to play or they are remastered anyway. I don't get the hype around it at all. EA Access and Game Pass are solid reasons to own an Xbone. Access means I only buy Fifa on PS4 and play all the other EA Sports titles on Xbone. Saves so much money over a year not buying Madden or hockey. £20 a year is just insane value!
D Liggo (7 days ago)
I own PS4 Pro/ Xbox One S...Xbox has better design and a better controller in my opinion. The PS4 overall is superior in other areas..Graphics, PSN..Etc..
Jerzy Kajmowicz (7 days ago)
Personally I've been a very loyal Xbox supporter ever since 2004, Last week I caved in & bought a PS4 & I must admit (and feeling hella guilty) I am in love with the PS4. Holy $#!t the games look so damn good. I noticed that even the same games run so much better & smoother on the PS4. What an incredible machine. Now I must adress something about this video tho, the backwards compatibility is SUPER awesome on the Xbox. It is a big deal to me because I do play my old games. Now if only the PS4 would at least play my PsOne games, oh that would be stellar. I love my PsOne games. It does feel great to finally be a part of the PS4 crowd & get to play BEAUTIFUL gems like Horizon: Zero Dawn & Bloodborne & the Remastered Last Of Us (now that one looks & feels particularly great) I still LOVE my Xbox anyway.
JACK_KNIFE-1 (7 days ago)
Xbox is green Playstation is blue Xbox has no games😂 But playstation sure do!👍
Frijolito (7 days ago)
Am I the only person who loves both Sony and Microsoft???
Lenny (7 days ago)
They’re are both great just buy the one your friends have
B_StangF150 (8 days ago)
I got an xbox one for 4K movies and Netflix lol pc is the only true gaming system.
Cj17 Official (8 days ago)
When it really comes down to it Xbox one X is the best: Why you might ask? - specs - controller - look - easy to use software - backwards compatibility - Xbox discounts - And some of the most historical exclusives like Halo, gears of war, dead rising, and more!
IDK_Y (8 days ago)
Ummm, obviously the gameboy advanced is the fastest handheld console on the market
TBagger Vance (9 days ago)
I like FPS games, don't care much about exclusives or which consoles my friends are playing on. To me, it came down to the Controller, how it works and feels in my hands when playing FPS games. So it's Xbox, its always been Xbox. I had the original Platstation, along side the Dreamcast, played the Dreamcast more because of the controller. From Dreamcast I went on to Xbox and have been there since...
Kyle Scott (9 days ago)
I have both consoles…
Fat Blob (9 days ago)
joosep paarnamets (9 days ago)
Em xbox one x is most powerfull xonsole ever made stats matter
joosep paarnamets (9 days ago)
Hey i played oblovion 5 times over and over and its 12 years old game some dont give a fuxk abaut graphiks if every body would care abaut graphocks then they shuld buy pc
Vikrant Thakur (9 days ago)
Fuckin ps4 pussy
Kieren Colbeck (10 days ago)
I own both so I have no bias to one console but you’re really underselling backwards compatibility I’ve played so many 360 games that I never actually owned when I had a 360.
DonnyLad :D (10 days ago)
I have a gaming PC Xbox one x PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch I play the xbox and switch way more than my pc and ps4 pro
Green eel (10 days ago)
Graphically more gifted is now the Xbox one X.
Jordon Minville (10 days ago)
I have an xbox one but feel ill get a ps4 slim as well. So many PlayStation exclusives but love forza and halo too much to let my xbox one go, plus backward compatibility💕.
Tyler Smith (10 days ago)
7:30 => "Lacking any major differences, outside of a few Exclusive Games"...Bottom Line: Its Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Spider Man 2018, Ratchet & Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gran Turismo, Shadow of the Colossus, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, Infamous, Yakuza 6, & Persona 5...VS. Halo, Gears of War, & Forza...PS4 is the Easy Pick 👌🐸☕
MysteryMelon3 (10 days ago)
You see I want to play PlayStation games but I have more friends on Xbox
Nyctophilia (11 days ago)
After Playing x box one for almost a year now and got a ps4 a few month ago, i still prefer the xbox one for gaming, but the ps4 only games is a must have for me
Stephen Gibson (12 days ago)
I don't care nothing for me will ever beat the 360 days....I've passed on all next gen and stuck to my phat 360 I can afford next gen but the 360 for now has all I need!
Brad Harp (12 days ago)
Yup they need to make more games for the xbox. Xbox 2 is coming in the next few years but we barely have any games to play.
Dizzy4Dayz (12 days ago)
Graphics matter, tall that to a Nintendo owner. Lol.
GriffenAndColeGames (13 days ago)
If you play PS4, that’s fine. If you play Xbox one, that’s fine. We have different opinions, and if someone tells you to kill yourself over it, then they need to see a doctor.
Nathan Jackson (13 days ago)
I want to like the ps4 but the controller is terrible compared to the xbox. its sooo tiny and non universal like the xbox one. the xbox one controller feels comfortable whether your'e 12 or 35. after about 20 mins on the ps4 my hands get cramped....
Mechanicalogic man (14 days ago)
Benjamin Karslund (14 days ago)
I got the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition playing it everyday on my 65” LG OLED 4K tv, but I’m getting the PS5 when it’s here. No doubt. My last PS was a PS2. 😂
Mates V Mates (15 days ago)
Xbox Better
Jasmine Mo (15 days ago)
xbox is good !! but i want to play horizon zero dawn !!!!
Jasmine Mo (15 days ago)
i used to have a ps4.and i sold it for study. then i finished my study. got a job.and buy a xbox one x. feels really good....than i saw the video of horizon zero dawn.......and i sold my xbox and get a ps4 pro........now i wish i never had bought the xbox...
Jasmine Mo (15 days ago)
if xbox can play horizon zero dawn...............omg...what a dream..
Jasmine Mo (15 days ago)
......all playstation interface is the same.depress.not live....like a music player or a dvd player....or maybe the settings page of a TV
Jasmine Mo (15 days ago)
and ps4's interface feels so depress...........feels like a chinese dvd player....
SiGHT SMaSH (16 days ago)
Pc & PS4 is what you need
SHEIKH OMER (16 days ago)
Pc masterrace
Cjgoku Homes (16 days ago)
5:11 game ??
XenoBroly513 (17 days ago)
No confessions, wtf? You play PlayStation & bought an Xbox One but they was no confessions about how Xbox was better than PS4 or not just about how they compete against each other.
metafis (17 days ago)
As if one biased gamer isnt enough, we get a bonus twat at the end, who is REALLY annoying.
Russt dragonking (18 days ago)
Yea it is vary true
NapSter 79 (18 days ago)
To all the cock suckers who keep saying PC... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
Itzz Ricky Castro (18 days ago)
Dis boiii brain dead
Itzz Ricky Castro (18 days ago)
Itzz Ricky Castro (18 days ago)
Matt Smith (19 days ago)
Well I think it was really nice of Microsoft to produce a console for toddlers. They should have teamed up with Fisher Price and named it My First Grown Ups Poota
Matt Smith (14 days ago)
Standurand and I caught a bitch. H.E.L.L.O BITCH👋🏼
Standurand (14 days ago)
I found the fanboy
Shawn Mead (20 days ago)
Confessions of a misinformed idiot would have been a better title I own both I actually like both the backwards compatibility is actually a milestone for xbox the PS now service has too many issues its nice aside from the technical issues & you left out the equivalent to PS Now which was done 10 times better when Xbox released the xbox game pass that was a upgraded version of PS now however I love pc over console sorry not sorry but pc has its perks & benefits but I'm not a fanboy because I am still loyal to consoles as well I am a gamer not some moron fanboy that is going to spout misleading bs to boost one system over another but without pc the consoles wouldn't exist remember that, clearly this person wanted to boast PlayStation over Xbox but failed to deliver a realistic top 10 to support his opinions but I do want to say this if you are a fanboy kill yourself seriously why divide the market & make it harder for game developers to release products that everyone can enjoy you fanboy morons really are the shit stain of the game community honestly the gaming world would thrive more if you killed yourselves because of your ignorant divisive bullshit if you claim to be a gamer yet are a fanboy you are no gamer your a fake ass poser wanting to be accepted when honestly your not worth a millisecond of time wasted on even acknowledging your existence we need more developers that can make amazing content & less retarded posers that spend their time boasting a console they willingly cheat on (good majority of fanboy's cheat) but also your retarded ideals support the retarded executives ideals that prevent a breakthrough in gaming with cross platform play that alone would cancel out the fanboy bs & would make the gaming community 10's of thousands times better with the ability to play with any friends no matter the system
Anthony Hernandez (20 days ago)
Xbox needs god of war
Ps4life (11 days ago)
It’s Sony’s game do you think they would help promote xbox?
Joseph carrillo (21 days ago)
4K period.
tank farrett (22 days ago)
You're still a pretentious ps4 owner mate.
Meena Oej (22 days ago)
Why is everyone always on Xbox one I mean cmon Sony tried so hard! He still has haters on his side. PS4's UI is cool and the controller is comfortable. It may not be backwards compatibility, but it has the best library of games.
Muhammed Namdar (22 days ago)
2019 will be better for xbox. I hope so.
Ken Neeckx (23 days ago)
Buy both, or buy an XB1X for updated hardware, beautiful graphics, (in my opinion *big hands) sturdier controller, bluray player (with support for HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos) and 95% of games that you really want to play and are out on both consoles. Ask a friend to switch consoles for a week to play exclusives. That's what I've been doing and I never regret getting my XB1X back after some time. Backwards compatibility is nice to have! Still playing Red Dead Redemption, only now in 4K (makes it only better)
Jeromy Hillier (23 days ago)
backwards compaliblity is a huge deal they add more and more every month
NMJ 88 (23 days ago)
Honestly if you love gaming you'll have both and probably a Nintendo switch in the family room.
Create It Destroy It (24 days ago)
Ps4 is clearly better
jordan baller (25 days ago)
I have both and my xbox just collects dust
Kennykenny (25 days ago)
Backward compatibility what?! That's why Sony fan boys are always asking for remasters and paying full price for them.
TheKillerOrang3 (26 days ago)
Just play pc, simple
bluezombie bluezombie (26 days ago)
Nintendo isn't fun anymore
Robert Sanchez (26 days ago)
I was happy with my Xbox one. That is, until I lost hope that they’d ever make a VR headset. I had to switch to PS4 after that.
Marlon Brans (27 days ago)
Which xbox u talkin about here? Slim or x
bdr32965 (27 days ago)
In all honesty, PC rules supreme if you want the most flexibility, the ability to upgrade, and across the board raw power. But, that being said, many people cannot afford to spend the kind of money needed to get a top of the line gaming rig. I own a gaming PC, but I also own some consoles, I own both consoles from the last Gen and I also own an XBOX One S. The only reason I went with the XBox One is because I have my XBox Live Gold account, so the XBox One was the logical choice in my case. But hey, we're all gamers here so let's just enjoy the fact that we can play.
F1ach (28 days ago)
I got 2 Xbox s for €280, company going out of business. They both had codes or ACO and RS. I got them basically as 4k players. Already having PS4 kinda makes the Xbox redundant apart from the 4k player aspect. THERE ARE NO FRIGGIN GAMES! We have ACO (great game) Rainbow (Not interested) and Sunset OD (great). But to me there's nothing worth getting, Halo and GoW are the same as they were on 360, sell by date well and truly past at this stage. I might get Crackdown just to have something else, but I didn't like CD 1, so maybe not. Xbox S is a great machine, but if you have a PS4, it's superfluous imo.
Porcelain Army (28 days ago)
I love all consoles coz they all offer something different, which is the point!
Erwin Piechocinski (28 days ago)
I will never get a PlayStation cuz Sony doesn't want cross play cuz all they want is money and that is the truth
Hill-Billy Hank (29 days ago)
Bought a PS4 in 2014 and an Xbox one a couple months ago. Xbox one doesn’t even compare to the PS4. All my Xbox does it collect dust
nashwalker7 (29 days ago)
Agreed. Iv has both and one just ends up sitting. Should have just picked one.
noah akers (29 days ago)
i have a Xbox and pc and now im getting a ps4 pro i did not do my research very well when i got a Xbox one lol but it's still good i have met a lot of friends on the Xbox that i would have never met on ps4 so im still happy i got a one and my PC is cool to if you want to know the specs not barging here they are gtx 1080 16 gbs of ram i7 8700k
Mark Venediktov (30 days ago)
u are such a fan boy ps has better graphics ?????? HAS IT ????? U SURE BOUT THAT ????????? - xonex has 4k hdr10 !!!!!! SO U ARE EITHA STUPID OR A LIAR
Abhishek Pandey (30 days ago)
X box one s vs ps 4
Se7enth Angel (30 days ago)
ive been PS since it first came out in 94. i will always be a PlayStation. that said, i would never trash on another console just because it's different. gaming is gaming
Jamie Howard (30 days ago)
Why I don't have an xbox or ps: I am poor
Big G (21 days ago)
I solute you
Jamie Howard (30 days ago)
People who say graphics make a difference are not 90s gamers😂
ItsLloydM8 (14 hours ago)
I'm still playing Streets of Rage regularly.
Seth is watching you (6 days ago)
You don’t have to be a 90s gamer to have a brain lmao, anybody with a pulse would rather play a beautiful game rather than a hideous one
Big G (21 days ago)
Im a 2010 gamer and my first game was sonic3&k and i tought it was the best it gets
Lou Travis (30 days ago)
Ya forgot about forza
Stephen Wainwright (1 month ago)

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