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Bayonetta Retrospective: A Devil's Spiritual Successor

2021 ratings | 69001 views
Welp, no one asked for a 55 minute documentary/analysis on a 9 year old game, but here it is... Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperFoxcade
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Yaeven (14 hours ago)
The amount of feminism in these comments is depressing.
Foxcade (7 hours ago)
You would have a point about the Doom thing if it was equivalent. Games like Doom more commonly than not frame men as being tough badasses saving the world and beating the bad guys, where women are more commonly trophies, supports or something to save. Look, I'm not even saying there isnt allowance for a little escapism and sexuality, especially if done well. I get that. A significant part of this video was me arguing that Bayonetta is a good portrayal of a sexual character. My original point with this whole discussion is that rolling your eyes and going "ugh, feminism" isnt helping or even proving a point. Personally, I dont agree it's worth calling everything sexist because it doesnt appease every taste, I just things it's worth having these specific talks to find what good portrayals and less well handled ones are, or what do these portrayals say about how we see men and women as a whole. That's literally it. No censorship. No demonizing game devs. No hating on anyone. Just basic media analysis.
Yaeven (7 hours ago)
And to that I say two things: First, if your or anyone’s perception of women is influenced by the sexy portrayal of a video game character, that’s on you, not on the creator or the game itself. You should be able to separate fiction/art from reality. If these games were ained at younger, more impressionable minds, sure, you’d have a point there.. but let’s not forget that there are rating boards for this reason so that’s out of the question. I could just as well send a letter of criticism to Bethesda because I dislike how Doom reduces me and other men to being violent, apathetic, and barbaric. I’d be wrong, of course. Also, why is women’s sex appeal seen as a negative thing and why is the discussion almost exclusive to gaming? I rarely see anyone take issue with this in the film industry where some of the supposed sexism is just as bad. Sex appeal is just as valuable for women as confidence, success, and dependability are for men. Of course one is easier to visually convey so it follows that it’s more prevalent in visual mediums. Second, do they HAVE to be good characters? Video games, like any form of entertainment, can be a type of escapism. Sometimes people just want to kick their feet up and enjoy a non-sensical game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s not to say more realistic and nuanced portrayals have no place; I’m just saying that the medium allows for many possibilities in art, creativity, and storytelling that to limit the ways in which creators can express themselves is detrimental. To be clear, I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I know you’re not saying good characters and “the other type” of characters can’t coexist, but I get the feeling that (and I see this a lot elsewhere) you may be placing too high a value on the “message” of things when perhaps there is no message but just something fun and immediately appealing. I say that as someone who thought TLoU was barely passable as a game but is looking forward to Part 2 thanks to the characters, the world, and the narrative.
Foxcade (8 hours ago)
Using a single Webster definition is never going to be a good argument, because terms like this aren't that simple and removes a lot of definition and nuance. Webster also defines Sexism as: "behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex" Thats the perspective people are looking at when examining if characters like Bayonetta, Quiet from MGSV or the girls in DOA volleyball are questionable portrayals. Dante isnt fostering stereotypes, as no other characters are able to stylish kill demons and take swords to the chest, on top of the fact he has a deep backstory to himself. But female characters that are largely defined by being in bikinis and having showers arguably are, as they reduce the characters to being sexy objects. No one is saying you aren't allowed to enjoy that, but it doesnt make them good characters, and they set bad precedents for how woman are seen on a wider scale
Yaeven (8 hours ago)
Foxcade Misogyny is the hatred of women and it usually goes hand in hand with general sexism when these things are discussed. But OK, let’s stick to the semantics of sexism: Definition of sexism (from Merriam-Webster) 1 : prejudice or discrimination based on sex If we agree on this definition of sexism, then I fail to see how an attractive portrayal of a fictional character is prejudiced or discriminating towards anyone, male or female. It seems like a made up implication that requires a considerable stretch. So yeah, sexy female character =/= prejudiced, discriminating developers. The fact that people will actually make up these contrived verdicts and slander artists is absurd to me. Side note: These arguments almost always seem suspiciously biased, hence again why no one ever had the same problem with Dante. Double standards will make me think twice about whether such people’s opinions are worth any legitimacy to begin with.
Foxcade (9 hours ago)
Literally no one is saying that the developers hate women. No one is equating that. Not even Anita Sarkeesian is making that argument. It's people discussing if its characters like Bayonetta, or better yet, the girls in DOA volleyball as a better comparison example, that continue this perception that woman are sex objects first before being actual people. Characters are free to be sexy, but when that's as far as their character goes, it's not great. And how in the world would Dante be a sexist symbol. I dont understand the comparison your making there. The closest thing to anything explicit is the fact he has no undershirt in 3. That comes even close to all the stuff Bayonetta does.
Flynn McTaggart (19 hours ago)
Anita Sarkeesian is not a critic. She is a subhuman leech.
Ginger-Smitty Gaming (22 hours ago)
Waiting for a DMC/Bayonetta crossover.
Giorgio Verzotto (2 days ago)
You missed that Bayonetta is not a feminine twist on the bayonet it's what a bayonet is called in italian. This is certainly not a coincidence since tons of characters, names and locations are either inspired by or lifted from italian (purgatorio, paradiso, enzo, many others).
Maioly (2 days ago)
53:40 if it sold extremely well, then why did it have to be 'saved' by nintendo? and by saved I mean, forever cursed to being stuck on the fucking wiiU.
Foxcade (2 days ago)
Not sure what that is in reference to but it is on the Switch now if that helps at all
Maioly (2 days ago)
+Foxcade that makes sense still pissed bayonetta 2 is stuck on a console from a company that does not give a shit about my country though.
Foxcade (2 days ago)
Because Sega dropped the series during a reorganization in 2012, deciding they only wanted to focus on "Core Franchises", despite the critical and sales response to the first game being extreme good for something so niche for the time. So basically Nintendo saved the series from becoming non existent by giving Platinum the funding Sega refused to
AEUGNewtype (2 days ago)
Bayo 2 sucks ass compared to the first one, so I'm not sure what the last quip was all about. Wonder if you'll actually explain yourself at some point
AEUGNewtype (2 days ago)
+Foxcade Just stating an opinion that clashed with the opinion your quip seemed to be stating (that Bayo 2 is better than 1,) wasn't meant to be hostile, just saying I hope you'll release a Bayo 2 video explaining why you think 2 is better than 1, if that is indeed what that last line meant
Foxcade (2 days ago)
Yes, the Bayo 2 video is coming next month, I'd dont know why you are being weirdly hostile about what was clearly meant to be set up for a later video. But you do you bud.
Redgrave Flame (4 days ago)
38:43 "equipted" 😂
Twilight Sparkle (4 days ago)
How is it possible for God Hand to not be a financial success?! The game is phenomenal!
The Rookie (5 days ago)
"Donkey Ass"
MetalShredMaddNESS (5 days ago)
Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden Black are the pinnacle of action/fighting games for me. DMC3 is amazing but Bayo and NG are more polished and tight imo. Learning about the combo cancel ability in Bayo years after beating blew my mind to know how deep the combat actually was. Bayonetta is definitely a top 50 all time game for me.
I loved the game but despised the story, then watched the anime movie and fell in love with it. Then when I played the game again I just understood and embraced the tone from the jump and it really brought it all together for me. If you haven't watched the movie defiantly check it out
BionicSkillz (6 days ago)
DMC, Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta are in a league of their own. Excellent masterpieces. Good video
NTH THN (9 days ago)
Bayo was sexy but she's foremost a BADASS ;3
Wyatt Hoglo (10 days ago)
Why the hell did Kamiya block you on Twitter?
Hideman92 (10 days ago)
Bayonetta is an underrated and unfairly treated masterpiece.
Grim Reaper (12 days ago)
DMC is still better though.
KAP 111 (14 days ago)
I think bayonetta has some of the best cutscenes in any game ever, it has perfectly choreographed fight scenes, cool character design and an amazing sounds track with addicting gameplay........just a shame that bayonetta 2 is a wiiu/switch exclusive...
WOOT WOOT (17 days ago)
I've never played DMC Buuut that clip was emo as heck!
FF18Cloud (20 days ago)
My one critique, is this a retrospective or a review? I swear, at some point, it felt like all I was getting was a comprehensive analysis of the game, not really so much of a... Retrospective At the beginning it was, but then you just hit Bayonetta 1 and went on for most of the video to talk about the game in a review/analysis
ToastyMann (25 days ago)
1:19 The Ghost Rider game is awesome by the way
MilkPudding (27 days ago)
I'm still playing Okami and Bayonetta now when so many other 'commercially successful' games faded away
Yiazmats (27 days ago)
a well deserved block from kamiya
WingedLeo (28 days ago)
Bayonetta the sucesser to DMC? As reboot Dante would say not in a million years.
Shannon Giasson (28 days ago)
I've never had the joy of playing these games but I seen that they got a pc port so imma go buy em and play em, after I finally beat dmc 3 that is (the only dmc game that I haven't beaten for some stupid reason).
Matthew Richardson (28 days ago)
I kinda wanna play chaos legion again.
Scyclo 4189 (30 days ago)
Also kamiya hates work related questions on his twotter so he just insta blocks people that ask about sequels or projects in general. He may be a massive dick sometimes but honestly he's a genius.
Scyclo 4189 (30 days ago)
*Sees Grace and glory has nightmare flashbacks of pure platinum grades lost*
sharky (30 days ago)
What that song in the background 0:5
sandra doyle (1 month ago)
I do realize there is a story. I choose to ignore it when playing. Quite interesting to hear what the game is about
6powersofM (1 month ago)
You know about how great Ghostrider was? If I wasn't already subbed to you, I would now
Max Cooper (1 month ago)
I notice that you say "equipped" when I think you mean "equip" and "equippeded" when you mean "equipped" still a great video just thought may help to know
SHIN BAKI HANMA (1 month ago)
I got 100 percent xbox achievements in Bayonetta on XBOX360 back in early 2010.
ThePokekid (1 month ago)
16:13 holy jesus...........................................WHAT IS THAT? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!WHAT-------------------IS--------------------------THAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
3DMaster (1 month ago)
Oh, Christ, people who seek to defend against accusations of sexism really need to stop whining about the art and other stuff going on than the sexiness. There's two problems with that entire approach: 1. It is actually sexist, because the question is only ever asked of female characters, and if by some sheer miracle someone ever goes to ask it about a male character seriously, the question would simply be laughed and answered with nothing but a 'no' if they even waste their time with that. As such, the question is a denigration if not outright demonetization of male sexuality, turning men's sexual desires into a denigration of women that must be stopped. 2. You actually validate the question and with it problem number 1, for if you waste your time with other stuff, it implies if there is no other stuff, it would be sexist. People need to learn, that it is entirely irrelevant whether or not there's other stuff going on. People need to learn creating a sexy female character is not sexism in any way shape or form, just like nobody would even think of calling a sexy male character sexism. Not only could Bayonetta be this sexy without anything else going, she could be spreading her legs, pulling away her hair and show of straight up a XXX porno shot of a bare vulva, and it still wouldn't be sexist. The way to deal with the question, "Is it sexist?" is very simple: 1. Is there anything denigrating a sex? If no; than it is not sexist. if yes, step 2. 2. If there is something denigrating a sex, is the other sex denigrated as well? If yes, then it is not sexism, it may be misanthropic, but it's not sexist. 3. Only if the first question is answered with yes, and the second with no, entirely regardless which sex is being denigrated, is there sexism in that game - that still however does not mean the developers are sexist, or even if there's anything bad in the game.
furyberserk (1 month ago)
You sure Otogi isn't a response to Onimusha?
Jonslam Lee (1 month ago)
I'll be honest I'm near the end of playing Bayonetta 1 on my switch and it hasn't been a great experience. The game isn't awful but there are a lot of problems. One witch time is very inconsistent with the timing on when you do and don't get it. Second the camera a lot of the time is really bad. Due to having to fight in really small areas so you constantly get hit by attacks you can't see. Third the platforming in the game is just plain bad. With Bayonetta having a weird float to her jump. Not to mention the platforms themselves can have weird attach boxes to them. Third is that there are way too many gimmick fights in the game making things that are already hard annoying so because the games ask you to man a turret or fly a missle or drive a bike. Often with default inverted controls which is even more annoying. Fourth some of the quiktime event prompts are so fast its hard to even react to. And finally I think the game doesn't give enough health drops in the game. I know that your not supposed to take damage but for a first playthrough you take a lot of damage and there is barely any in game health items.
Jonslam Lee (16 days ago)
+IXaac fair enough
IXaac (16 days ago)
+Jonslam Lee I still disagree about dodging being inconsistent. plus witch time isnt really important to the game as a whole as its a method used to get the player familiar to dodging incoming attacks. witch isnt even present on some of the higher difficulties. Bayo does tell you did wrong in combat after each encounter, tho i will say that dmc, especially 3, uses its constant combat grading to keep the player in the know when it comes to how well theyre doing. a simple letter works much better than bayo's obtuse scoring. but after each encounter you are given your ranks in simple terms for the same 3 things in every encounter: time, combo, and damage taken. personally i prefer knowing how much time taken is too much after a single battle rather than at the end of the chapter like dmc. also, dmc 1 is infamous for its inconsistent grading of the player when it comes to mission ranks, but that is a discussion for another time. as for bayo, player performance is always determined the same at the end of chapters as it is determined by individual encounter ranks as well as items used and deaths, the latter 2 being things that also decreases rank in dmc. there is incosistences in encounter ranking such as what time is platinum, but time is also an issue in dmc. damage is consistent in both series however as not getting hit is ultimately the goal, the main issue with bayo's ranking is what constitutes a good combo in an encounter, and i admit that dmc does do that part better, but does damage slightly worse. my honest issue with bayo is with it levels rather than its combat, as dmc always has an interconnect levels in all but dmc2 and the reboot. i have always prefered that in ca games over linear stages like in bayo or ng2. lets just both agree that dmc3 is amazing.
Jonslam Lee (17 days ago)
+IXaac well I would say witch time is inconsistent because I could be 20 feet from the enemy and as long as he attacks and I press the Dodge button I get the timestop. As for making players feel bad to make them better. I feel this is flawed just telling the player there bad without telling them why is the problem. DMC 3 did this way better by giving you a letter grade for things like time, items used and combat. Bayonetta doesn't. Sure it gives you an over all rank at the end but doesn't tell you what you excelled or failed at. When I get a rating at the end of DMC 3 I feel like I can get better because the game shows me where I need to improve. Also DMC 3 is way tougher than Bayonetta but I never felt frutstrated with it because it was consistent throughout. Bayonetta is not consistent in it's gameplay. From gimmicks like motorcycle chases to turret shooting bosses. For some arbitrary reason. To even button commands like dodging. When you unlock the panther mode you can't double Dodge again. Even though there is already a system to stop you from spam dodging. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to Dodge mutliple attacks and then turning into a panther and having to reorient yourself from your original position is so annoying.its even inconsistent in it's cutscene to gameplay parts. After meet a new enemy sometimes the enemy attacks immediately after the book closing but sometimes they don't. It's hard to expect the player to master your system when it's so inconsistent. Even the original DMC was more consistent with it's gameplay. And that was the start of the CA genre.
IXaac (17 days ago)
2 of these arent really problems. im not trying to be mean by saying that so allow me to explain. the timing on witch time is consistent, its just a very small window. sometimes you may just be a bit early or late. pause combos also have a small timing window that i personally have a harder time doing than witch time which i can do fairly consistently on most enemies. as for health, the main reason for a lack of health drops is because you can buy health restoration items and make them yourself as well as increases your maximum health. there is even an accessory that will slightly restore your health by taunting that can be bought later in the game. if none of that is satisfactory for you that maybe an explantion of why drops are uncommon can make you understand. kamiya wants the player to feel bad about there current skill level at the game, because he knows that all gamers are capable of so to push us to play better he makes getting health harder/disgraces us for using items. essentially negative reinforcement
Derick Dancer (1 month ago)
I'm excited to see your retrospective on Bayo 2 and eventually in the future. Bayo 3. :)
Wind of change (1 month ago)
Bayonetta has got to be one of my favourite female character designs, in any video game and even just pop culture overall, not just because she is attractive either. There are many attractive females that are easy on the eyes in games, but her design is just so elegant and sleek, her long legs make her look almost like a runway model, especially with those outfits she wears, it makes her stand out from the rest. She is one of the most recognizable characters ever created, a very iconic and distinct design, not just as a female, but as a character design in general. In fact she very easily passes, a character silhouette test. Her artist did phenomenal work creating her look that's for sure, a lot of effort went into her creation and it shows. She's a one of kind
flutterface (1 month ago)
Witch time isn't actually the central mechanic to the game, not by a long shot. That would arguably be the offset system. Learning to play in non stop infinite climax leads you to understand that witch time is really more of a rewarding crutch. The game is balanced to play without witch time and it when you have that, it's one of the fastest and most aggressive action games out there. It's fucking beautiful and it moves at a thousand miles per hour. Bayonetta 2 is balanced around witch time and it shows in a lot of aspects of the design. The problem with bayo 1 is that you won't really truly understand the combat system until you've already mastered offset and tested yourself with infinite climax.
xmen123ist (1 month ago)
30:00 for JoJo reference (also, great video as always!)
Shay Bryder (1 month ago)
>Critics >Shows a picture of Anita Sarkeesian. In the same way the westboro baptist church are critics of gay people.
kareem pride (1 month ago)
Well, the Westboro Baptist does have some valid points: Gays are disgusting and degenerate. Just like Anita has some valid points as well. She is right on Bayonetta. Bayonetta is a fighting fuck toy.
Aysa The Not So Great (2 months ago)
You might not see this I think this would be cool. You should call the Bayonetta retrospective videos "Let's Dance, Boys!" like how you call your DMC videos "Let's Rock, Baby!". I thought that could be pretty neat. Great video too!
Aysa The Not So Great (2 months ago)
+Foxcade np man
Foxcade (2 months ago)
Damn, how did that escape me haha thanks for the tip
Transient Tiefling (2 months ago)
It's a shame that Bayonetta just doesn't play well in the grand scheme of things. What should of been a fantastic character action game was a character action game muddied by needless QTEs, too many lengthy arcade moments that was basically "hey remember space harrier?" for way too long. I wanted to like Bayo 1 so much, it had these small moments where I could FEEL the good game underneath. But it was ruined by the aforementioned reasons.
Meritorious 76 (2 months ago)
So you asked a simple question and complimented the work, only to be blocked? The fuck?
Foxcade (2 months ago)
He doesn't like getting asked the same question, that's why he blocked. Its kind of Kamiya's thing
J.R. Pending (2 months ago)
Blocked you on Twitter? That's messed up.
James Ramirez (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure KOF was SF counter part while KI was to MK.
Kyzer (2 months ago)
DMC is back baby!
Zero Attention Gaming (2 months ago)
Holy shit someone else remembers Otogi. Even among From fans it's quite obscure. The games got great reviews but were extremely obscure.
Matheus Rosa (2 months ago)
PJPF (2 months ago)
Okami is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and probably the best Zelda so far besides Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild (the latter, I haven't played yet). If anyone's reading this and haven't done it, just go and get Okami; remembering the game simply warms my heart (I had just adopted a young dog when I first got it and whenever Amaterasu howled, my puppy would look at the screen and howled back).
ILikeThingsItsTrue (2 months ago)
Stop calling it Bayo thats like the worst thing ever. Please don't tell me thats a thing in the fandom.
Foxcade (2 months ago)
Yes, it's called an abbreviation. Like saying RE, DMC, DS or MGS rather than saying the full title.
DimitriLeeBX (2 months ago)
A new Otogi would be great
TheJadedJames (2 months ago)
I never actually finished this game back in the day (It was fun but probably a little too over-the-top for me) even though I was obsessed with stuff like DMC, God of War,Ninja Gaiden and Viewtiful Joe at the time. I figured the story had to get crazier. But boy ... it got crazier. I don't see what is so hard about just doing giving your hero X amount of bad guys to kill as an excuse to go from one scenario to the next and calling it a day. While I was in the camp that the found the sexualization vampy and off-putting, I would say it is not only offset by the fact that Bayonetta isn't just physically powerful and depicted as enjoying and being in control of her sexuality, she's a literally demonic witch who fights angels. So if you want to read into on a certain level, there is an interesting subtext to a having a witch (which in the past single women who didn't conform societies ideals could be accused of being) be the heroine in the story where the villains symbols of religious authority.
TearDownGenesis (2 months ago)
Isn't her weapon dealer like a super big bad guy you find out later?
10moisanc (2 months ago)
Love your insights and how you properly contextualize HOW Bayonetta came to be. One critique: Sound mixing.
Alex Park (2 months ago)
Also dodge offset can allow you to continue a combo after panther within (and even from ground to mid-air if executed properly [Jump, P or K quickly + release Dodge] mostly works with K) and offset with Umbran spear and taunt. Bayo 2 doesn't have taunt offset and Afterburner cancels the ground to mid-air offset and Umbran spear in Bayo 2 you have to hold the attack button while executing the spear unlike you release in Bayo 1 to spear offset.
Alex Park (2 months ago)
Kamiya was robbed of Devil May Cry and he came back even stronger.
Red Dead Reaver (2 months ago)
I'm actually shocked the dev team isn't the same as DMC4, I mean they both have pretty much the same final boss.
Red Dead Reaver (2 months ago)
+NameThatNobodyTakes I first played Bayonetta a year after it was first released, by that point I hadn't played any of the DMC games until a year later when the HD collection came out. By the time I got to DMC 4 I found it ironic that the last bosses looked almost the same so I thought since the first DMC was made by the guys that made Bayonetta, I had tought all DMC games were made by the same team but I was wrong.
NameThatNobodyTakes (2 months ago)
Kamiya said before the game was released that he played DMC4 for research before/during Bayonetta's development. To me it always seemed like the final boss was always meant to be a parody.
Kevin Roberts (3 months ago)
the vehicle sections are so bad. they don't feel cool at all.
Kevin Roberts (3 months ago)
I liked Chaos Legion. It didn't bring the house down in conceptually but it was fun and I always wished it got another shot.
Johnny Blade (3 months ago)
I'm really glad to see someone else show some love to the Ghost Rider video game.
Roberto De Gasperi (3 months ago)
welp, after playng the game once and watching your video, I guess I have to replay it with the accessories and get the sequel. Also I'm gald youtube still makes me find good creators from time to time.
lieutenant Joker (3 months ago)
I would add two negatives IMO of course: 1- The damn QTE's that are super dumb and have a time frame of exactly 2 frames. YOUR TELLING ME YOU DON'T HAVE INHUMAN REACTIONS ?! THEN WHY PLAY OUR GAME MERE MORTAL ! 2- I know that we're fighting angels the whole time in the game and I read the angels that are in the book. I still don't get *why* the angels are attacking Bayonetta. Other than that I agree 100% with this video.
Someone random (2 months ago)
lieutenant Joker Again you have to take into account that story is not a strength of theirs. Maybe they just chose the wrong team to do the lore. Maybe because it's such an afterthought it suffered. I dunno
lieutenant Joker (2 months ago)
Someone random not a story. Just a reason. Like in DMC. I'm not asking for an amazing story but if you made time by putting in these books so I can read at least give me information that is needed.
Someone random (2 months ago)
lieutenant Joker To be fair, if you're looking for an in depth story, I doubt you'll find one in a game made by "the little devils." It's about hacking giant angelic monsters to pieces
lieutenant Joker (2 months ago)
Someone random The game should've explained better. I even mostly read the book in the menu.
Someone random (2 months ago)
lieutenant Joker Not necessarily. Satan is an angel, technically. Besides I'm not really sure this is a 1 to 1 theology of actual Christianity in the game. It's Japanese after all. And it kind of does its own little thing.
marvel's greatest hero (3 months ago)
Favorite hack and slash games DMC 3, DMC 4 MGR revengence and Bayonetta forget gow
Redwald Cuthberting (3 months ago)
The bayonett is older than WWII.
Redwald Cuthberting (3 months ago)
It was established in 2006 according to what's on that stone.
insidiousss (3 months ago)
Idk if its just me but i mean could kamiya not have come up with a different catch phrase than lets rock baby i get it its supposed to be a refference to devil may cry but instead of being a cool refference to me its more kind of just an eye sore to me it just dosent fit the character but whatever if people like it thats there opinion im just stating mine
Arcademan09 (3 months ago)
I personally LOVE Madworld, pretty underrated of you ask me
Arcademan09 (3 months ago)
The Wizard of Oz skit lmao
Arcademan09 (3 months ago)
I always found it odd about the "higher ups" from Platinum, I mean didn't Kamiya and friends found Platinum?
ImASillyName (3 months ago)
And then Bayonetta 2 happened and did the Mother of All Retcons.
Mirmisian (3 months ago)
Colossal leg woman with the hairy demon spandex
Vague Luminary (3 months ago)
Just finished playing through Bayonetta for the first time and it was a very strange experience coming from playing all the DMC games beforehand. I found Bayo's gameplay extremely reactive and Witch Time being necessary to really get anything done, as there aren't many chances to stun enemies properly. DMC is obviously proactive and aggression-focused so I had to flip my brain upside down to play Bayo properly.
Iacen Reapre1172 (4 months ago)
But Team Fortress 2 is better than Overwatch XD GODHANNNNDD!!!
RainMasterXD (4 months ago)
Platinum Games are by far the best in the genre imo. Bayonetta and MGRising are my favorites.
Sagaevan (4 months ago)
i fucking love bayonetta ghhhhhhHHHH
Udeme Ebong (4 months ago)
Franklin Turtleton (4 months ago)
BlueLightningSky (4 months ago)
Bayonetta is a good example of how over the top set pieces both in action and sexiness can detract from the story. Did you know there are collectable notes that expand on the lore of Bayonetta? They are an interesting read. If you compare it to DMC, Bayonetta doesn't take its story seriously at all. DMC tries to take it seriously. Bayonetta 2 is more serious but the writing isn't strong enough. Bayonetta is a fun character but she's not given the correct plot to make her truly lovable. If you ask anyone why they like Bayonetta as a character it would be because she's very over the top and confident in her body but that rarely affect the plot. We like DMC3 Dante because he up holds his father's legacy while grieving for his brother. We like Vergil because he believes he needs power to protect the ones he loves. We like these characters beyond their attitude. Sadly I can't say the same for Bayonetta. She's trying to save Jeanne in 2 but the plot isn't really about saving Jeanne. The scenes with Cereza are cute but it's just Bayonetta being Bayonetta. A game that features her and Jeanne's friendship being tested.would be great. It would give a chance for Bayonetta to show more character and it would give the writers a chance to flesh out Jeanne who really isn't that distinct from Bayonetta. Which is a big problem for such a prominent character. I get that the idea is that they're supposed to be more Ryu and Ken similar than Dante and Vergil different but it just makes Jeanne not have an identity. It doesn't help that they play almost exactly the same thus removing even more opportunity to set them apart in personality. And yes Ryu and Ken have almost the same moveset but they have very different personalities and even the slight differences in their moveset highlighted the differences in their personalities. In Bayonetta 3 Jeanne should play differently from Bayonetta and be her own character.
Otaku The Great (4 months ago)
Seems quite childish for him to block people on Twitter.
Gerardson (4 months ago)
I love your voice
blackmanwithcomputer (4 months ago)
They should have went to Sony.
Temporal Wolf (4 months ago)
I'm really looking forward to your coverage of Bayo 2. While I loved the story of the first game, it was admittedly a bit of a mess in terms of pacing and convoluted-ness (that's a word now, I'm trademarking it), which is why I find the sequel fascinating from a narrative standpoint. In my eyes at least, it's 2 stories folded into one. The first being a very personal journey to save a friend, while the other is... essentially explaining the first game and making things feel more... I hate to say natural, but less convoluted. (A god of Chaos being introduced into the mix goes a long way to explain how the cork board conspiracy theory approach to scheming actually being a plausible thing.) It's one of the few sequels that I would say is just as easy to get into the lore with as the first game, while still being a continuation.
Temporal Wolf (4 months ago)
Also, to address the "Is this sexist" thing... I recently heard a quote from a stream that summed my thoughts up very succinctly. "She's filled to the brim with sexiness and confidence... but none of it is for you." It's that agency that I think elevates her above just being eye candy. Also, while there is that male gaze element, but I do find it important that at no point does ANY of the cast bring up any mention of her sexuality or gender. Nobody questions whether or not she's straight, in fact her interactions with Luka and Jeanne leave that very ambiguous in a good way, nor is there any "...for a girl" remark in the game. Any of the conversations that happen, you could do a find and replace search replacing Bayonetta with Dante, and Umbra Witch with Demon, and they wouldn't seem out of place, which I think speaks to the respect Kamiya and the team has for the character. While the initial thought that got the ball rolling was "What if a woman?" they made her a fully realized character like they would've with any male character. But, it's 3am and I've been binging on your videos and I've entered the rambling delirium I get when I"ve been awake for too long so I'll finish the binge tomorrow.
Jeff Huang (4 months ago)
That's a bit of hilarious editing to put the controversy chapter with bayonetta burning in a fire and then the next chapter moves her piece as FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE on the map. A tasteful edit which really speaks to the effort you put into the video. An amazing video and great work.
Diran (4 months ago)
34:42 This is one of the biggest flaws that hold the game back
Raging Raving (4 months ago)
I get a feeling they took the idea of Angelic beings looking more demonic as you attacked them from Mundu's progression of damage in Devil May Cry, first starting as a Angelic God like figure until eventually just being a melting monstrosity slowly crawling towards you in a sewer.
Malukogamer115 (4 months ago)
Wait a moment giant female god in space while fly me to the moon plays? sounds familiar
NivMizzetFiremind (4 months ago)
New to channel, loved this and can't wait for Bayo 2 vid!
Beeboy (4 months ago)
Character action is not a real genre, and it should not be a genre.
Ness The PK master (1 day ago)
xNMM (4 months ago)
Another point on the sexiness of the umbran witches is the fact that the player is being allowed to watch bayonetta on her adventure. Film reels can be seen in cutscenes and in the menu as if the player were watching a film of bayonetta. This could also be why she dances and uses enemies weapons as stipper poles; she's showing off to you.
CritSrc (4 months ago)
I like the story of Bayo1 more than Bayo2 because it's ridiculous campy spectacle nonsense. Bayo2 has a coherent plot, yes, but no impactful characterization in between the nonsense. Jeanne is a lot more badass in Bayo1 and sacrificing those aspects of her for Loki, who is the young adult fiction special protag that is nowhere as interesting. I find greater character appeal in Bayo1 because that's what it focuses on while spinning its mystery plot wheels, and the lore Kamiya wrote is blatant surface level justification for stuff to exist and happen, which again, is rather honest and straightforward.
Brian Daniel (4 months ago)
And Bayonetta 2
Brian Daniel (4 months ago)
An you do a retrospective of the anime? I'd love to know what you think
The Mad Hattress (4 months ago)
Allegedly, witches of Olde believed hair was a source of magick -- particularly their own. So the use of hair in Bayonetta's design (extensively, might I add) is actually quite fitting in my opinion.
johnnyscifi (4 months ago)
Also, the demons she summons are very similar to two of the bosses from dmc 1, ie: phantom and gryphon...Lastly, after watching this ive decided that the next game i plan on purchasing for switch will be bayonetta 2. Thanks...:)
johnnyscifi (4 months ago)
I fucking love Bayonetta, and i suck at Witch time too. Speaking of which. I strongly think that Capcom and Platinum should do a Devil May Cry X Bayonetta!! Directed by both Kamiya, and his DMC successor, Hideki Itsuma...heh, Hideki squared
Jacob - DA (4 months ago)
Wait, I don't understand why kamiya blocked you on twitter ?
Helí Suárez (4 months ago)
"Character action game" I dont like that name for the genre. It is "Hack and slash" , and it sounds awesome.
Helí Suárez (4 months ago)
First of all, Great Channel. Yeah, I understand that. But the name for the "hack and slash" is for action games, with high speed, combos, and deep combat. Games like bayonetta, devil may cry, ninja gaiden and god hand. "Character action game" is very generic. Every game with action and a character can fit in that name. And is a new name, when we have been using for decades the name of "hack and slash" The Dynasty warriors series are not hack and slash. It is a musou, or Beat'em up Darksiders and god of War, have a touch of hack and slash, but to me they are not in the same level as the main "Hack and slash" games. I consider them like action adventure games. Metal gear rising, is more simple, but still, you know it is a "Hack and slash" game. There are only a few "Hack and slash" games. To me (and many people who love the genre :P ) thats the way I to describe this games.
Foxcade (4 months ago)
The reason Character action, stylish action, spectacle fighter, etc. is used to describe these games, is they are pretty different from other hack n slash games like Dynasty Warriors and Darksiders, so fans use those titles to differentiate from them.
Micaiah Flores (4 months ago)
i personally love the capcom five!! and played and owned them all
Triangles Tri (4 months ago)
Great Video Thanks ! this is one of best games i ever played, specially Bayonetta 2, they really perfected Hack N Slash genre with Bayonetta 2. when I played Nier (which was critically acclaimed as well) i realized how awesome bayonetta is because i grow bored of Nier within 5 hours !_! i mean its a great game but the bar has raised with Bayonetta 2 so much, i dont believe anything can reach it except for the upcoming bayonetta 3.

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