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New Pokemon 2DS XL Edition Unboxing!

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Unboxing the New 2DS XL Pokemon Pokeball edition! Wanna grab one? http://amzn.to/2yyeuBu *Gear I Use* Camera: Sony A7S II: http://amzn.to/2t6Q8qR Zeiss Lens: http://amzn.to/2v4ql3N Macro Lens: http://amzn.to/2sIAfax Wide angle: http://amzn.to/2t6vBT2 Sound: MKE 600 Mic: http://amzn.to/2v4w6yv SD Mix-Pre 3: http://amzn.to/2tHcqRR Cable: http://amzn.to/2ub5krW Other: Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2v4O5F3 Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (537)
Brandon-980Gamer YT (15 days ago)
Who's that pokemon? Ur hairline!👌🔥
TheDIYGuy (1 month ago)
I like how he’s wearing a Nintendo sweater and a PlayStation shirt😂
CheesyBacon (1 month ago)
I have that. It’s really cool.
tarun pratap singh (1 month ago)
please give it to me I'm very poor and I don't have money to buy it please parcel it to police line lucknow up India
tarun pratap singh (1 month ago)
it 250 reserve police line lucknow up India
James Herron (2 months ago)
The screen looks like Nintendo ripped one off of an iPhone.
Leon KC Madrid (3 months ago)
Can you press the button in the center of the cover
Raymond Tran (5 months ago)
I'm Jealous
Aaronn sixx (5 months ago)
just wondering does the design of the pokeball nintendo make it harder to find cases for it? i wanna buy this nintendo but want to protect it with a hard plastic clear case!
The green Slime Gaming (5 months ago)
I want it i want it i Definitely want. IT!
Hamish Barnes (5 months ago)
You are the dumdest youtuber in my life kill your seff
dooseyboy (6 months ago)
just put one on layby today, keen as. going to pretty much just be using it for pokemon
Cool design but what better pikachu or pokeball ? Please i need the answer
Minfy (7 months ago)
I got this for 2018!I love it!
Potato Gaming (7 months ago)
Pokendo xl
GhostBlaze _15 (7 months ago)
Your gonna get pranked Read more
Joelvladimir Vladimir (7 months ago)
Okay first of all many people unbox like a ton of Nintendo stuff and probably never use most of them so yeah I think people should start doing Nintendo related giveaways.
Genetic (8 months ago)
1:32 Who's that Pokemon? Me: Pancham!! Austin evans Hey guys it's austin Goes again ITS AUSTIN!!!!1!1!1
SpaceCowboy (8 months ago)
I wonder if these will become collector's items in the future...
tron205 (8 months ago)
can you press the middle button cause one of my freinds said you could on the pokeball
Zishawn Malik (8 months ago)
I miss the old pokemon... The new show is gay and even more cartoony than the old one... Ash looks like a failed abortion
The Awkward Assassin (8 months ago)
Too bad it's upside down
jose 106965 (8 months ago)
1:31 who that Pokemon
Mario Master Bros (8 months ago)
Niantic Mon Go (8 months ago)
Does anyone else enjoy pushing the pokeball button on that ds, or is it just me?
The Garranmore kid (8 months ago)
Got it for christmas
Korben Johnson (8 months ago)
Ultimate Gaming me too!
The Random Channel (9 months ago)
can you play 3ds games on it COUGH COUGH Pokémon ultra sun COUGH COUGH
Muhammad Shahid (9 months ago)
Omg I caught an Austin Evans
CroakPad (9 months ago)
Whenever I get Pokémon-related stuff, I like it to represent Pokémon in general, not really anything specific, so I definitely agree that it's nice that it is just a Pokéball design. Although that Pikachu one also looks really nice.
Mauricio Aguilera (9 months ago)
i picked one for myself, this thing is really cool, the design of it is amazing, it feels really good when you play and it feels like u are pokemon biggest fan when you play with it, i bought it with the new ultra moon and i can't stop playing it, it feels like a ritual to sit down and play it, i love it, def. recommend it, if you own a 3DS XL the only reason to do it is for the design tho
sharkboy 19 (9 months ago)
I'm actually watching this on my new 2ds xl pokeball edition and I'am not kidding.
Austin 101 (9 months ago)
I'm getting a new pokeball 2ds xl for Christmas!!!!!!!!!
*You need more subs*
Robert King (9 months ago)
I don't need it.... I don't need it.... I don't need it.... I don't need it.... I don't need it.... I don't need it.... .... I NEEEEEEED IT!!!!!
s a l t z (9 months ago)
Is nobody going to notice the elephant in the room? THERES A FRICKIN POKEMON SNAP MACHINE IN THE BACKGROUND!!!
Maverick Amon (9 months ago)
I subscribed and turn on notifications
Maverick Amon (9 months ago)
You're almost as good as Austin Evans
GTPRIME209 (9 months ago)
Why the F🤬 don’t we get the Pikachu one too
Simen Storøy (9 months ago)
Best design ever!
Cyndaquil 82 (9 months ago)
I already have it
SuperLuigi Chase (9 months ago)
But it's copyrigjt
Tofu HooHoo (9 months ago)
Guys i am new to these, should i buy a mod version?
WhoSpades (9 months ago)
Hey man I just wanted to say is keep up the good work bro love the videos and if you ever feel like giving something away let me no😂
ᚱᛁzΣ (9 months ago)
Luca Artesini (9 months ago)
Austin Ekanss! =D
Trenton Whaley (9 months ago)
As soon as I saw Austin's face, I instantly liked and subscribed. Then proceeded to die laughing
Marco Polo (9 months ago)
I got the 2ds pokeball edition yesterday
Aqua: / (10 months ago)
I thought that was idubzzz for a second at The Who’s that Pokémon thing!
WaluigiBoy Gamer (10 months ago)
;w; I f•cking want 1
noot noot mxm (10 months ago)
Its dunkan not austin
Wild_Wehttam (10 months ago)
I NEED IIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snapadam (10 months ago)
I got a ds ad
CaidenVlogs (10 months ago)
I was thinking of getting the pokéball 2ds xl for my friends next birthday👍
Brant Messenger (10 months ago)
Hey Kevin, this is guys.
RossOriginals (10 months ago)
Personally I'd have preferred a black inside with red and white buttons.
Dummy Account (10 months ago)
I want it... but I want better processor and screen also longer stylus. Damn
Penny Kooima (10 months ago)
It’s awesome
Penny Kooima (10 months ago)
I got that last week!
Maia Jones (10 months ago)
does anybody really play with the AR cards I played with them once and then got bored.
Bus Driver (10 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
bkob jackson (10 months ago)
I don't forgive you
Baka Matsu (10 months ago)
Is the screen still tn ?
Joshua Censon (10 months ago)
I just bought this version yesterday <3
Jhavier Santana (10 months ago)
Is there any point in getting one of this if I already own a Switch? I'm hoping all if not, some of the 2DS games port over the Switch. But, what are the probability that'll happen? As I recall, Nintendo has stated that the Switch is not a Hand-held system replacement. That it is a console first. Any thoughts on this?
Geovanni Soto (10 months ago)
Too bad the New 2ds xl speakers are god awful at max volume. And it's not very comfortable to hold for long periods of time because the edges (where your palms rest) are sharper than the 3DS models. I would only get this for the aesthetic tbh.
Luqman's GG (10 months ago)
*H E Y G U Y S T H I S I S A U S T I N*
ric fred (10 months ago)
Omg.. Its so beautiful
swe_ banana (10 months ago)
how do you look whithout your hoodie? i mean your hair im curious
Lemmon Daddy (10 months ago)
When will they stop selling it
The FrightShow (10 months ago)
i got it you forgot to tell them the pokeball button clicks
M WM (10 months ago)
Dude, you forgot to mention a very important thing, you can actually press the white pokeball button on the cover!
zerky zerk (10 months ago)
i just got the black and turquoise one 1/2 months ago
Zé Biscoitin (10 months ago)
30 seg ad without skip option
Pixel Paranoid (10 months ago)
Should I buy new 3ds/2ds or the switch?(btw Nintendo only for Pokémon games)
mario passarelli (7 months ago)
Pixel Paranoid Crafts'n'gaming buy the switch, the new pokemons will be only on switch now
GcorpCoPrez (10 months ago)
The inside looks like a pokedex!
I am getting this this Thursday I am excited boi!!!
Cap Cap (10 months ago)
Whaaaat why tho isn’t it just another ds now
Robin George (10 months ago)
fck pikachu...I love squirtle
This Spooky Guy (10 months ago)
I hate how it looks like it's upside down when you open it, but.......... I DONT FUCKING CARREE II NEEEEEEEEEEEEDD IT
blackcover (10 months ago)
I hate how they’re releasing these a week before the last 3ds games are out... kinda a waste if you ask me
Yuuki F. Iwanaga (10 months ago)
If you look at the screen side ways you can see that it looks like an I Phone
jakers (10 months ago)
1:32 am I the only one who got their childhood taken away from that? No. Just me? Oki.
Connor solid (10 months ago)
I love it, I must have this!
Matt Benson (10 months ago)
The "Who's that Pokemon" bit killed me 😂😂😂
Lucas Smashes Tech (10 months ago)
Vid: “who’s that Pokémon?” Me: “Pancham” Vid: “it’s... Austin Evans” Me: “wtf”
All Your Base (10 months ago)
mine is in the mail... in the UK, we have to wait till the 17th
xXxProkiller5000xXx (10 months ago)
The top screen look like phone
Abdulrahman Shehata (10 months ago)
it's pancham btw .... sorry had to do it.
Magio (10 months ago)
Eww TN screens
E.K. -13 (10 months ago)
Can you please buy me one please. go to twitter.com/@E.K.-13209 to give you my details.Thank you
E.K. -13 (10 months ago)
E.K. -13 (10 months ago)
you're correct i just go carried away.sorry
Maia Jones (10 months ago)
E.K. -13 you better save up and by your own how can somebody you don't know buy you something
Krauser Romanov (10 months ago)
Because you said "Forgive me", I will Forgive you and subscribe to you. Done!
Sean Tran (10 months ago)
Got the leaked version of Ultra moon yesterday, SUCK ON THAT, THOSE WHO DON'T HACK THEIR 3DS!!!!!!!
Mika (10 months ago)
UPDATE: I did it! I have streaming done and i'm downloading Ultra Moon!
Mika (10 months ago)
Honestly, Same. I spent nearly all my allowance buying this DS, However I have NO idea at all how to switch it to CFW, I want to, but knowing me i'll brick it and that'll suck. Plus another side of hacking it is you can stream to your laptop which would be pretty cool to show gameplay on discord screenshare.
Sean Tran (10 months ago)
@Green Magic Production research first before you commit to something like that, and i don't pay people to CFW my 3ds, i like to do it myself, mind you, I don't wanna waste my money on something i can do it myself. and stop talking so rudely, and stop thinking that you know everything, pls.
Sean Tran (10 months ago)
@Sprectrix Too exactly, i just need to play it offline til the release day that's all, kinda smooth though, the guy above just don't know about the CFW and stuff. it was a pain in the ass to CWF my 3ds though but it's worth it, don't have to pay for all those game. I spent most of my allowance money buying the 3DS, don't wanna waste it to buy a game.
Mika (10 months ago)
It's out. It got leaked on 4chan as a .cia file, He just transfered it to his 3DS and he'll be able to play it because the .cia file is sort of the .nds file but for 3ds. Anyways, He just shouldn't go online.
PheonixMorphix (10 months ago)
Novcrimson (10 months ago)
Why do you look like Jared leto?
Uchiha_Defalt 09 (10 months ago)
Man....i just bought the normal version of New 2ds Xl... ;-; Oh, and sorry for my english, i am actually spanish :'v
The Metroid (10 months ago)
Austin Evans? What the.....
Eduardo Izolan (10 months ago)
Joyson Wildhart (10 months ago)
i only clicked this video to see if pushing the button on the top of the case did anything
144Heartx (10 months ago)
Tukaw I thought I was the only one. 😂
Yee TengHau (10 months ago)
this fking youtube getting so many ad fk this useless ad
72 65 74 72 6F (10 months ago)
im enjoying the austin ekans joke too much
Tea Burn (10 months ago)
I can already imagine all the scalpers buying them en masse.

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