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Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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The first paid DLC is coming to Splatoon 2 this summer. Play as an Octoling for the very first time in this large-scale downloadable content for the Splatoon 2 game! This full-on single-player adventure spans 80 missions starring Agent 8, a new character who awakens without her memories on a dark subway platform. Navigate this mysterious underground test facility in a desperate battle to reach the surface of Inkopolis. Escape from these twisted depths, and you’ll finally be able to join multiplayer* matches as an Octoling! You may think you know everything about the world of Splatoon, but these waters run deep, and so does the lore. Purchase this content today for immediate access to special octo-themed in-game gear. Full game required to use DLC. *Additional games and systems required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately. Learn more about Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion! https://splatoon.nintendo.com #NintendoSwitch #Splatoon2 #OctoExpansion Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/09xFdP Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com/ Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (7371)
Henry Hullum (1 hour ago)
Beat go too hard (pause)
Ali_ Gaming. (2 hours ago)
It would've been great if it was already in the game instead of that dead mission mode.
Amelie Hurley (7 hours ago)
Me watching in March: *flips a table* YES. Me watching in July: *flips a house* Y U S.
Kael Thomas (1 day ago)
Jesus that was a dark expansion...
Flip Mode (1 day ago)
Begone Thot (1 day ago)
I thought it was coming out in August *my dad told me it was coming out in August* I’m sooo confuse
Wen u listen 2 it at the speed of 0.25.
A Person ¿? (1 day ago)
SentientSockPuppet (1 day ago)
SentientSockPuppet (1 day ago)
Guys its said in the desc that it's the first paid dlc Illumanatii confirmed dlc 2: turtle takeover
SuperDuperPopThorn (14 hours ago)
SentientSockPuppet (1 day ago)
Worth every cent this stuff is amazing not even kidding
Rainbow Dash (2 days ago)
there are too many mistakes on your weapons Nintendo, how true is it that recharging ink that you shot and you turn into a squid, can recharge the storage without any dry area to be uninked when you are recharging in your ink color, and HOW can the weapons decrease the ink in the storage? without a connection to the weapon and storage, AND, is there gunpowder in the ink bombs?, in reality, we use gun powder to make the grenades explode, how can the ink bomb explode? all weapons are made out of, idk how can you shoot ink using ranged weapons ink are liquid btw they must be thick ink when in air but in the ground, they get splatted explain ur mistakes you did not mind Nintendo
A Touch Of Fandom (2 days ago)
1:11 the phone shot is a lot creepier now that the dlc is out
Hamburger Helper (2 days ago)
0:45 good.
Eross Van Leer (2 days ago)
shaking the pie
Ocτσ (3 days ago)
The octo expansion is out , BUT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THAT
Jadon Jelly (3 days ago)
I love music!!!! So much!!!👍👍👍👍
Pamela Landman (4 days ago)
Agent 7
Lunala 402 (4 days ago)
AHH it looks too hard, but I'll put my true skills to the test and try it out!
Female octoling is hot af.
Coaster Facts (5 days ago)
DANG She T H I C C 👍
Ayden DM (5 days ago)
And ad that we can play as a salmón
Ayden DM (5 days ago)
Nintendo please make splatoon 2 salmon expiación
MC Rainbowunicorns29 (5 days ago)
funnyscares595 (6 days ago)
Wow... I'm revisiting this trailer after finishing the Octo Expansion, and I accidentally made my octoling look EXACTLY like the one in the trailer...
DarkHyp3r Sp4ce (7 days ago)
New weapon idea: Splat Hammer
Yumin Son (7 days ago)
I have this game
J & G Messi (7 days ago)
Awesome song
Erza Scarlet (7 days ago)
OMG numéro 3 😍😍😍
nguyen suzanne (8 days ago)
This Trailer show How Nintendo is Insane
Halo Master (8 days ago)
1:09 is Agent 3 from Splatoon 1!!!!
Farzher (8 days ago)
Becky Jams (1 day ago)
Farzher ?
Best song
THEM FWISK FLAKES (8 days ago)
Inkling gibberish instenfies
Vincent Heroman (9 days ago)
i completed the expansion is 2 days (im sure someone has done better)
Aaron Ramirez (9 days ago)
We have agent 8 but who agent 7 ?
OBluestreak Z (9 days ago)
agent 8 is the nickname , they are actually applicant 10,008. there is no agent 7.
Kirby animates (10 days ago)
I have the game
Teki Gordon (10 days ago)
can you fix the octolings left ear????? one is textured and the other isnt
Jin (10 days ago)
Just a little girl... with a great future awaiting her
Jin (10 days ago)
I love this trailer
Diego Vega (10 days ago)
Every fiber of my body needs to play this DLC!!!!
Rango (10 days ago)
This expansion was amazing. Very hard at times, but fun the whole way.
- extreemGaming - (10 days ago)
Rule 34 intensifies
Kacie Mckeever (10 days ago)
After completing the game seeing the telephone in the subway with the lights flickering gave me such chills
Nathan Moore (10 days ago)
And I did skip some but I bet all the ones I skip
Nathan Moore (10 days ago)
But do you have to have a lot of eggs to get the secret boss
Yoana (11 days ago)
I updated my switch.I was so excited to play this game!!I was so hyped and I was waiting for the update to finish.And when it finished...I was sooooo EXCITED!!!And I went to the subway.Then...I saw this thing that said you have to purchase so I went to e shop and it costs 20$!I was so angry and I was only a kid and my parents will never buy me money.I cried all night just so I couldn’t play.My friends bullied me cuz I don’t have the game!They called me Broke...I don’t like paying..
Andy (11 days ago)
Woke up in the subway platform *TEST FAILED*
Asiankidspoiles Things (11 days ago)
I can’t belive that octolings come form such a broken world they r just tying to get to the inkling world to live peacefully at least that’s what I got from this trailer
Nadia Guadarama (12 days ago)
Do a Octo Expansion tribute with the Into the Light song
ompieng1robloxgamerTV (13 days ago)
i like it and i like song
I finished the Octo Expansion
Aymen Lemdani (13 days ago)
Nana nananahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaa nanaha
Jack Tedesco (13 days ago)
You breathed. TEST FAILED!
Nathan Moore (14 days ago)
I beat all the levels but I did not get the secret boss pleas help me
Dethernaxx (11 days ago)
you need to beat them all WITHOUT SKIPPING, if you did, go back to the central platform and go to the lockers near the ticket redemption machine and investigate the open locker
Es verdad que vq salir luigui mancion 3 ???? Por que andan publicando videos
Nik Harris (14 days ago)
I like the music ✌🏾
Cyan The HyprPsychic (14 days ago)
This version of the music is honestly way better than the ingame. The opening is great and the closing cuts it off pretty well on a time before it gets too repetitive. I would've actually preferred looping it with the brass section kicking in after Marina's singing at the end.
Willtendo (14 days ago)
Dian (14 days ago)
Nintendo please fix the dlc because I bought it but it won't let me play! I use cartridge, I bought the dlc but it still says : To enter this area, you need to buy the octo expansion dlc. Omg, my dad wasted his money for nothing!
Dian (1 day ago)
Joffrey Abeilard Nvm, my dad asked a video game shop keeper to help and it worked. Truth is, my Nintendo Splatoon 2 cartridge is from Europe, and I bought the US version of the DLC. Good thing it worked after this! (Btw I felt bad for my dad because he wasted his money 2 times 😿)
Joffrey Abeilard (8 days ago)
Did you play with the same account that was used to buy the DLC ?
Pikavee Mania (15 days ago)
OH MAN IT WAS AWESOME! Also I was one of the first 10 to beat it.
Duy Nguyen Phuong (15 days ago)
Teammate terrible.
MadyBeans (15 days ago)
So this is 19.99 now, right?
Espeon (15 days ago)
MadyBeans yep
Fatis Guy (15 days ago)
1:13 Is this for kids?
Unlawful Potato (16 days ago)
I can see the Inkling vs. Octoling Splatfest coming from a mile away
Autumns Fun House (16 days ago)
Love it
M.Duso (16 days ago)
And here I am still waiting for the burst bomb rush.
Ugandan Knuckles (11 days ago)
Regice (12 days ago)
Ugandan Knuckles Dead meme
PupPlays RBLX (16 days ago)
Who's getting octo expansion this month? I'm getting it on sunday wich is this sunday :3
Atticus Real (16 days ago)
look at 0:45 closely
HavenGaming30 Official (16 days ago)
who has the octo expansion
Got to walk through the train with swag 😎
UltraGTDude235 (17 days ago)
Rewatched to try and find Agent 3, there she is at 1:09 or 1:10
Kyle Stubbs (17 days ago)
0:40 “Marina, are you _sure_ she’s not your cousin?”
Woo My (17 days ago)
Who is agent 7?
Zach Coleman (17 days ago)
Do Marina and Pearl ever actually appear on the subway train in-game?
Espeon (15 days ago)
Zach Coleman nope
BalkanGold (18 days ago)
How much you heard "Frosty?"
Matthew Troy Williams (17 days ago)
Alex The Ordinare (17 days ago)
Matthew Troy Williams what are you talking about?
Bailey Whitfield (18 days ago)
Can anyone understand the lyrics?
Gwen/Luke Playz (18 days ago)
Who else noticed they tried to make it look like inkling girl 😂
What!? (18 days ago)
Am new to note do and this game so am cunfused is this supposed to be a new type of splatoon or a update pls someone answer
ExtremeThunder (14 days ago)
What!? Expansion to the Splatoon 2 game.
0:46 Baby boy. Baby. 1:02 Evil.
Dowell Boys (18 days ago)
Don't shut up, but JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!
gaming raptor (19 days ago)
gabriel gameslyra (19 days ago)
Vem pro brasil nintendo
Donnovan Duran (19 days ago)
Got It!!!
Nick Huynh (19 days ago)
Nintendo who agent 7?
Eden the i bee (19 days ago)
Almost finished octo expansion and looking back at this is so nice ! WE HAVE QUEENS ON THE MIKE
JustAnAverageFurry (19 days ago)
I love how nintendo tried to make it some sort of surprise secret that octolings were going to be playable, when literally 2 months after S2's release somebody found the octoling boy and girl codes.
RandomGuest (20 days ago)
MEGAiron Dragon25 (20 days ago)
It’s hard
5 finger productions (20 days ago)
who else HATES this game because its just SplatToon 2.0 and they spent $60 just to play a $60 dollar dlc of SPLATTOON 1
5 fingergaming (12 days ago)
Regice I also that was my brother talking not me I think the game is good
Regice (12 days ago)
5 fingerbros Glad you admit it
5 fingergaming (12 days ago)
Regice yep
Regice (12 days ago)
5 finger productions Are you stupid?
Regice (12 days ago)
Kaitou_ Ash158 (20 days ago)
When I saw Agent 3 in the trailer I screamed in delight.
Angel Chavez (20 days ago)
This is the hardest DLC I’ve ever played, I’ll mark my words. Successful on Monday, June 25, 2018 at 10:16 PM PDT.
Nick Katasonov (20 days ago)
Octo Expansion is so great! I got it on day one and I do not regret it. :D
Sub Scorpion#9 (20 days ago)
#octolingsrule :3
Skylord Xenysis (20 days ago)
Octoling as inkling's echo fighter, who's with me?
Jackson Bertone (21 days ago)
Wait... Remember at the beginning of October valley Marie says that captain cuddlefish and agent 3 left to somewhere? You can see them both here!

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