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15 AWESOME Upcoming ZOMBIE GAMES of 2018 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

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15 AWESOME Upcoming ZOMBIE GAMES | New Games 2018 for PS4 Xbox One & PC Games List: 00:00 Overkill's The Walking Dead (PS4, XB1, PC) 02:02 World War Z (PS4, XB1, PC) 02:59 Jaws Of Extinction (PC) 04:40 GTFO (PC & Later for Consoles) 06:25 The Black Masses (To be announced) 07:39 Dead Island 2 (PS4/XB1/PC) 09:11 The Last of Us: Part 2 (PS4 Exclusive) 11:44 Hellraid (PS4/XB1/PC) 13:07 Days Gone (PS4 Exclusive) 15:36 Strange Brigade (PS4/XB1/PC) 17:31 The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PS4/Xbox One/PC) 18:49 Survive the Nights (PC) 19:55 Dead Matter (PC) 21:06 Daymare 1998 (PS4/XB1/PC) 23:05 State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One) ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1181)
Nisreenq Aloqaily. A (18 hours ago)
Da UbErNooB (18 hours ago)
These look so bad ass!!! Wish I had a ps4 instead of the dying, ps3 which eventually will be permanently disconnected from PSN and Sony's Servers at the end of 2018.
Crysiss (23 hours ago)
why wasn't Resident Evil 2 not on this list
Nylah Drummond (1 day ago)
I can’t wait for WORLD WAR Z it looks so godamn dope😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Mike Limon (2 days ago)
Days gone is going to be released in 2019 bruh 😒
quickscoperpiper (3 days ago)
I HAVE TO CHOOSE GTFO! I played payday 1 got all the DLC!!! Same with Payday 2
Adam Jagers (3 days ago)
• __ • Channel (3 days ago)
[THE LAST OF US] I didn’t know about this
• __ • Channel (3 days ago)
Oh god this is so funny
• __ • Channel (3 days ago)
Poor guy he doesn’t even know what he did
Sanic The Noscoper (4 days ago)
L0VED ;D (4 days ago)
The 2nd one Im like DAMN THEY CAN WIN CROSS COUNTRY 14:51 damn another winner
L0VED ;D (4 days ago)
Spoiler alert..Over kill Zombie seems like a savage game but the graphics are bad.
life of aidan aj752 (4 days ago)
overkill the walking dead lools lit it comes out november 2018.
Paulo animes (4 days ago)
The walking dead overkills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_MCtZbF5wM&t=78s
rocco nacho (5 days ago)
last of us 2 and resident evil 2?????
Days gone is already on ps4
jo namasaya (5 days ago)
is there a dying light?
Yoshie Games (5 days ago)
Im really making progress here.
Mounir AMRI (5 days ago)
Get the fuck out?
Agent TV (5 days ago)
u forget dying light 2
Alex Gaming 2006 (6 days ago)
And dying light 2
Michael Garcia (6 days ago)
So sad, trailer for overkill’s game was so good. Then gameplay came out....
RemyLeBeau (6 days ago)
That Jaws of Extinction I need that for PS4 like for real
Sanane İsimimden (6 days ago)
a piece of shit Dead Island 2.I hated zombies' irresponsibility and absurd things.In a single stroke, the zombie separates the two. The Open World does not react. Bad game.
Raynier Juzef (6 days ago)
What makes a great zombie game? Give it physics that when zombies fall from a little bit high ground they would fall on the ground breaks one of there body parts
Flightcore ? (6 days ago)
overkill's the walking dead isn't very good. It turned out after they shown us the gameplay
Rendog miller (7 days ago)
Where is Dyinglight?! come on!
Alexander Culpepper (7 days ago)
So there's no Left 4 Dead 3
Tishuai Medina (8 days ago)
When are they going to come out with dead island 2.
Andrew Calvillo (8 days ago)
Dying light 2?
Aaron Schmidt (8 days ago)
Black masses is in dark age
Noach Cohen (8 days ago)
Good zombie game play
ThE kInG (8 days ago)
Half of thw games on this list arent even fucking zombies
Anonimo Anonimos (10 days ago)
2:40 eso que es Guerra mundial Z o que 😆
Adam Palomino (10 days ago)
i m m a k i n g p r o g e s s h e r e
SlemY (10 days ago)
wwz more like ww lag
Flippy (10 days ago)
Left 4 Dead 3 ?
MrAlimango (10 days ago)
GTFO= Get the fuck out?
Thien Thach (11 days ago)
Still waiting for Left 4 Dead 3 :))
Federico Marangone (12 days ago)
Will Overkill's the walking dead coop online?
BlackYall (12 days ago)
The first trailer is retarded. Just fucking stab his brain like you did with the other zombies. If you fire a gun off all the fucking zombies will come at you. I hate retards. Stop having retards make entertainment! Enough!
Khoner Roger (12 days ago)
Bad fucking ass
Aidah Khairunnisa (13 days ago)
The last of us 2 cant wait ....
John Smith (14 days ago)
Omg the walking dead game is awesome :^ I can't wait to buy it!!!
Jordan Stetter (14 days ago)
Days gone,dying light 2 can't wait
ZOEY (15 days ago)
Dead rising 5
Kaylen ! (15 days ago)
Show me a dying light 2 now that would be good
Lee loves Clem (15 days ago)
And I thought walkers were bad enough
ThePolarBear (15 days ago)
Ryzzingsun (16 days ago)
dead island 2 is a bit late to the party....
madhouse 904 (16 days ago)
I can't wait😖
Tristen McNeil-Tews (16 days ago)
No way 1:25 isn't a reference to the killing the guy scene and sorry guys I can't remeber his name I think either clementine was the girl or the guy who got shot
Teddy Jarvis (16 days ago)
I was thinking of atlis from cod AW
Teddy Jarvis (16 days ago)
Where in the fuck is call of duty black ops 4 zombes!?
Japzzi (16 days ago)
Survive the nights is already out and has ''mixed'' reviews on steam.
bluesss 149nsss (16 days ago)
I want world war z i can't wait too
Чарли Зим (17 days ago)
all bad
Savage Davis (17 days ago)
Do not make Twd end plz by the way they didn’t kill all the zombies if it end
Ezio Brotherhood (17 days ago)
I'm getting that game it has hoxon clover Dallas
Savage Davis (17 days ago)
Y’all they might be 2019 games instead of 2018
the brothers (17 days ago)
Were was black ops 4 zombies
Savage Davis (17 days ago)
Christopher Villalta (17 days ago)
Jaw of extinction, do they have modern military outfits? And swat Outfits. If not tell the developer to add it. If yes then I'll play it the whole summer
6 k (17 days ago)
THE BIG OLIVE (17 days ago)
John Reynolds (17 days ago)
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Asep Junaedi (17 days ago)
Wow is the zombie
Asep Junaedi (17 days ago)
Doctor is the zombie
Gtfo como es el nombre original
Relaxing operator 7780 (17 days ago)
Jaws of extinction looks worse than iPhone games
XXX Despression (17 days ago)
Liam Petersen (17 days ago)
Hellraid is like skyrim
Gabriella Briones (17 days ago)
Some of these games should be movies
The Void (17 days ago)
I have a bad feeling Dead Island 2 is going to be like Duke Nukem Forever.. Years and years of development hell and when its finally out it is nothing but a shiny turd. ( and BTW I am a huge fan of the Duke Nukem games as well as the Dead Island games.. So before anyone starts crying about that.. )
The Void (15 days ago)
Oh I hope that feeling is wrong.. But I am just getting massive DNF vibes from it sadly..
Inumi (16 days ago)
Or you could be wrong. I hope your wrong.
Bobby Hodgins (18 days ago)
Reaper5.56 Xx (18 days ago)
Im so tired of the sjw female character
bongoboyj (18 days ago)
All I can say is those Overkill cinematic are amazing.
Daysn Lucas (18 days ago)
I hope Dead Island 2 never happens. It looks like shit.
Pei K (18 days ago)
Man Ellie is so buff -can't wait for the new Walking Dead and LOU 2!!
Charlie Carr (18 days ago)
For me The last of us part 2 Days Gone
cream bun (19 days ago)
moh Haerul (19 days ago)
I wait state of decay to my pc predator
drillerman 115 (19 days ago)
Hey look we can finally play as an Asian :)
Monsieurturmoil (20 days ago)
15 fucking games featuring God damned fucking zombies... Apologies, 'awesome' games, so that would suppose there was a whole load fo shit ones as well..... This is what is wrong with gaming, with films, with music... One works, the second works... then every dumb cunt is making the same shit.... Sure, 3 zombie games great... then maybe something new, different, moving forward.. an actual mix of things to buy and some of them NOT on-line multi player trash... Because some people hate the on line gamers so much, that we have no interest in wasting a minute of life on the idiots.
Jarbert help (20 days ago)
amazing i was waiting for this
Anthony Wallace (20 days ago)
the first video is that my baby from mirrors edge ? 😍😂😂
Anthony Wallace (20 days ago)
You know they make list like these every year and only 2 games out of all them actually come out
Lemon (20 days ago)
finally, a character who have the same amount of boobs as mine.
Grinddor (21 days ago)
"I'm really making progress here!"
Lee Charles (21 days ago)
The third one like lousy game i dont want play it at all .
fighter5583 (21 days ago)
I hope they developed WWZ good enough where that many infected on the map doesn't cause FPS drops.
Peurii (22 days ago)
World War Z looks ridiculous.
Mystery Me (22 days ago)
I'm so psyched for days gone.
the Greek_ playz (22 days ago)
Damn the grphics for walking dead
Harrison Hamer (22 days ago)
Them medical staff know ALL the best attack points
Albert Flores (22 days ago)
Looks like 2018 is Making Progress Here
Zuk me daddy (22 days ago)
World war Z looks like an iOS game with how shitty it looks
AdDiCtEd (22 days ago)
11:19 holy shit she is a fucking badass now! Lets go
hi muhamad (22 days ago)
War game: cod bf r6 Games like gta v: wach dogs mafia sleeping dogs just cause Classic war game: for honar ryes of Rome History games: assasins creed RPG games: +100 games Zombies games: +1000000000000 game ( I need more games like gta pls no more zombies games):

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