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[4K] Call of Duty WWII The First Minutes on Xbox One X

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What's going on everyone, Monkiedude22 here with a special treat for you. Today I'm showing some Xbox One X 4K Gameplay. This video is captured using the record to external hard drive feature while running on Xbox One X hardware. I captured this footage in 4K at 60fps. I decided not to do any sort of commentary because I want the game and visuals speak for itself. This content is best viewed on a 4K Display. Apparently YouTube and the HDR Settings from the direct capture don't translate well. So while the video is in 4K any HDR features on the game captured through this method isn't showing on YouTube. More 4K Gameplay Videos! ➤ Elder Scrolls IV Ovlivion: https://youtu.be/WEGLW55bjP8 ➤ Halo 5 Guardians: https://youtu.be/jvLQ0q7AF6A ➤ Outlast 2: https://youtu.be/4ZkyCz0uPEk ➤ Quantum Break: https://youtu.be/Nh2fWA0mm9s ➤ Titanfall 2: https://youtu.be/rnJJvePWvN0 ➤ Call of Duty WWII: https://youtu.be/NCksdKK5azs ➤ Assassins Creed Origins: https://youtu.be/aXbY_67DynI Follow Me! --------------------------------- ➤ SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/monkiedude22?sub_confirmation=1 ➤ DONATE: http://paypal.me/monkiedude22 ➤ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Monkiedude22 ➤ TWITTER: http://twitter.com/Monkiedude22 ➤ XBOX AMBASSADORS: http://community.xbox.com/ambassadors Helpful Links ➤ Xbox Live Status Page : http://support.xbox.com/xbox-live-status ➤ Xbox Error Code lookup: http://support.xbox.com/error-code-lookup Be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more videos of the same!
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Text Comments (344)
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
Make sure to toggle the quality setting to 4K for the highest quality! I'll have more of these videos coming over the next few days leading up to the launch. Got a game you want me to take a look at? Sound off in the comments!
Martha Nyakoang Tut (1 month ago)
Wow I want Xbox one
Mary Kay (9 months ago)
Fuck your videos they suck donkey balls
EasySmartBoosh (9 months ago)
Waited 5 min to watch 5 sec
Ezileak (9 months ago)
Mrwhite Z06 Sting Ray If your getting an Xbox one X you should do a vid on it and i'll watch if you do.
Vitalis Otene (10 months ago)
is this on 4k medium settings or 4k high settings
BWKMP (8 days ago)
OMG ,, Is this real or just a toy?
nagy filemon (13 days ago)
The game has a terrible optimization !! I have an original Xbox One and the game is lagging in single player Campaign every time when Checkpoint reached massege show up at top right corner !! As you see in this video the game do the same thing!!! Just watch it!!!
Kusuma Yogi (30 days ago)
console gamer playing games instantly pc gamer doing fps count
Max Iribarren (1 month ago)
Easy 😂😂😂.
Karim Ben (1 month ago)
Thé Best jeux for me. 💘
Museuk (1 month ago)
10:12 jumpscare
jim west (2 months ago)
Why am I not impressed?
Daksh Kant (2 months ago)
was there a lag between the audio and the video or it's just me?
irfan iffu (2 months ago)
I am still able to play 2160p on my 4k tv ..I have Xbox x ..how to play on 3480p ?
Brayan Galvez (2 months ago)
I got the xbox one x about one week ago.
Jose Luis Cortes (2 months ago)
Desperdicias demasiada munición que mal
DEXY DEVIL (3 months ago)
Which is better 360 or Xbox 1
Angelo Cella (4 months ago)
It will be 4K but the effects and textures suck.
Chase Wagner (4 months ago)
The death ruined it
Fallen Delta (4 months ago)
Pc is still better
harvy. the man weinstein (4 months ago)
$649 for 4k and 60fps +-. Now who the fuck would buy a PC?
DarcKus (4 months ago)
4k x 60fps Is awesome Xbox One X Is The most powerful console
Redfield 96 (4 months ago)
Puny Stitch (5 months ago)
I say best graphics. But Xbone X should get best games, too, imo. Still PS4 has many exclusive games. I'm an Xbox fan but if Xbox has only few exclusives, it's Xbox's downside..
B2_ Froze (5 months ago)
Damn this is nice & crisp
360Joshy (5 months ago)
Wait wait josh from transformers is in this game
HardCore (5 months ago)
Its not running on Xbox one x.....
Kevin Weishaupt (5 months ago)
lolipop icecream (5 months ago)
pretty impressive graphics
Nurdin Haetami (6 months ago)
Best game 4ever👍👍
CHUCKIE BANDZ (6 months ago)
All this shit looks the same 2 me. Im on the OG xbox one add me DINERO2K11
Football Moments (6 months ago)
@Skaterchick2002 Yea you sound cool, so here it is www.gamesect.co.uk
SCP 096 (6 months ago)
Guys don't buy the Xbox one x it's not good people have it for 2 days and the Xbox one x died so don't get it
stefano fogliata (6 months ago)
Is this matching pc quality or am i not seeing right?
Daniel Man (6 months ago)
I'm gonna get the console with this game on it in the next 2 weeks I'm legit serious
Gamerflicks -mc&more (6 months ago)
Thomas Schmidt (6 months ago)
I remember when I played this on Xbox One X i could not stop looking at the ground and at the sand! everything looked so real it was unbelievable .. Needless to say I had probably died about a dozen times on the D Day mission.
RICKEY RO (6 months ago)
I have the original Xbox 1 and was thinking of getting this how long does it take to transfer your account and digital games to the Xbox x
RICKEY RO (6 months ago)
Monkiedude22 appreciate it
Monkiedude22 (6 months ago)
Your cloud saves will sync as soon as you launch the game so that's instant. Digital downloads will have to be re downloaded, unless you transfer them via external hard drive or network transfer. It's fairly quick though
JOSE MIRANDA (6 months ago)
Just like the movie Saving Private Ryan.. I'm getting this game . cool !!
samarth kapoor (7 months ago)
is xbox one s better than xbox one.?
iiferedon (6 months ago)
samarth kapoor yep its still way better and way faster load times, clearer game play, and barley any jagged edges
samarth kapoor (6 months ago)
i dont have a 4k tv but i have a full HD led tv...so is it worth buying xbox one x...will it work on full HD LED tv.?
iiferedon (7 months ago)
samarth kapoor xbox one x for sure to graphics are smooth as f*** and if you have a 4k tv, get xbox one x enhanced games like this game. It is beast in 4k.
Monkiedude22 (7 months ago)
If you can afford it, go with the Xbox One X. It runs all games better and loads so much quicker. It's an added bonus if you have a 4K TV as well since more games are supporting Xbox One X with enhanced features like Native 4K or HDR. This video is of the Xbox One X version of the game which features higher resolutions and detail, than you would find playing on an Xbox One S. Here's a link to the console on Amazon with a few more details. :) http://amzn.to/2EUhA52
samarth kapoor (7 months ago)
i am a bit confused...both xbox one s and xbox one x fits in my budget....so which one should i buy
Lord Eli Yahiko (7 months ago)
4K is not up there
Monkiedude22 (7 months ago)
What are you watching the video on? Not all devices support 4K playback.
Javier Ami (7 months ago)
Ohhh ya ya the red army defeats Nazis not yanks
Patrick Schulz (7 months ago)
Kann man in diesem spiel auch die deutschen soldaten spielen ?
Zevo aF (7 months ago)
about fucking time the xbox one x makes the default xbox look like the 360 the graphics on normal xbox one on cod look like dog shit.
Youtube Youtubesama (8 months ago)
Where's the aim tho..
Monkiedude22 (8 months ago)
+Youtube Youtubesama lol yeah, really all this clip was meant to be used for was a comparison video. It's not even the full mission. I just wanted to get bite size portions. I just decided to upload the Raw video because people were asking for more 4K Gameplay footage :P
Youtube Youtubesama (8 months ago)
Monkiedude22 14:06 lmao when you got loaded up not even I knew where the shots came from. 0% aim still but good vid, gave me sum laughs real ones too
Monkiedude22 (8 months ago)
+Youtube Youtubesama pretty bad isn't it, I needed to adjust the sensitivity which I did later in the full playthrough series.
Hangon Keksi (8 months ago)
Is this game constant 4k resolution? Or is it even possible on X to get constant 4k?
Monkiedude22 (8 months ago)
The game was developed with Dynamic Resolution. The X stays at 4K or extremely near 4K for the vast majority of the game. It can dip into 1440p, but 90% of the time it's hitting Native 4K 60fps. Honestly, If it does dip, I've never noticed it. You can also check out more of the game, I have a playlist where I played through the entire campaign on the X.
GameSect (8 months ago)
@Gamer22 Bro I always get my xbox live membership from here, its like a tenner cheaper. https://www.g2a.com/r/xboxlive-gold-subscription-card-12-months
hanselxy (8 months ago)
why do we keep reminding Germans all this?
harvy. the man weinstein (4 months ago)
hanselxy lest we forget. Kinda fits the spot.
Edi Stefi (8 months ago)
I am here crying with my gtx 1050ti :'(
Twisty Terror (4 months ago)
Edi Stefi and me with my intel hd graphics! Bro u r lucky to have a gtx 1050ti .. thats my dream to have a 1050ti... enjoy bro
Tyrant (8 months ago)
I got 2 1080Ti's SLI, Ryzen 1800x, all water cooled. I have to say, this does not look bad at all for a console. Hell this looks better than most peoples computers I know who own gaming PC's. Here you got it for $500. Glad to see consoles are getting more and more powerful. As long as it runs at 60 fps I'm fine with it. I'll definitely be getting one of these Xbox X's to play with my friends and I had no idea it was also a UHD player which is badass.
Natan Oliveira (8 months ago)
12:39 something they need to change on nowadays shooters, the enemies just pop in suddenly in front of you.
Random (8 months ago)
Buying the X in a week. I just Want to see If there comes any discounts. Otherwise i would buy it today.
supashaker1 (9 months ago)
can someone explain i have the original xbox one and my ww2 looks really bad like its not loading the textures... every other game i have looks really good but not this one making me want the one x loll
J’s Vlogs (9 months ago)
Scary good graphics!!
SevenTwo SquadBoyz (9 months ago)
This video is 1080p there is no option for 4K
Monkiedude22 (9 months ago)
Surprise! The YouTube app on Xbox One now supports 4K!
Monkiedude22 (9 months ago)
+SevenTwo SquadBoyz Where are you watching it? The YouTube app on Xbox One doesn't support 4K at the moment.
Edmond Malseed (9 months ago)
I will have my xbox x in 3 weeks..elungbuster71
Halen 19 (9 months ago)
Honestly like some dude said you can't censor history Damn it we want Swastika's!
Talented Player (9 months ago)
wow the Xbox one x will definitely help with my videos because i heard you can stream and record up to 4k at 60 fps... cant wait !!!!!
Loxzy-y (9 months ago)
It feels like I’m actually there
Garvansh Sharma (9 months ago)
idiot son of a bitch you are playing on ps4 not on xbox when soldier attack on the Denis the X button pop up for press not the B button Xbox controller do not have X button
Garvansh Sharma (9 months ago)
wSpeedYw fucking bitch there is X not B
DarknessGod (9 months ago)
Yes it does, you dumbass 7 year old.
Chachi Yeti (9 months ago)
There are some stuttering at some points right? Quality is amazing though
Dale Alloway (9 months ago)
At 14 min they could have made that an epic battle call of duty rush things way too much
ProstoRyslic Prosto (9 months ago)
Есть наши???
Fernando Cataño (9 months ago)
Totalmente realll En unos cuantos años ya estaremos dentro del juego 😂
king death (9 months ago)
Comment Xbox gamer tags
Roberto luiz vieira (8 months ago)
king death Robertogamer20
Waffle God (9 months ago)
king death DEADPOOLxxx23
jay 45 (9 months ago)
you should of saved your med kits your heath was full
Pick One (9 months ago)
Does xbox one disc(games) works on xbox one x?
Monkiedude22 (9 months ago)
+Pick One Yep! Disc and Digital will work just as they do on other Xbox One consoles.
Raisin the Recorder Boy (9 months ago)
The game looks good on the One S too just saying
Honor Guest (9 months ago)
3:48 good job! It goes threw him!
Sampurna Chhetri (9 months ago)
At 9:56 the first back flip at left corner
alpha omega (9 months ago)
To be honest . I was just playing on my one s. Hdr 4k. It looks the same
DarknessGod (9 months ago)
60 fps*
Random Stuff (9 months ago)
The graphics is better than the real life 😂😂😂
Smfanqing Wu (10 months ago)
千軍萬馬無鋸齒 妖零捌零陸拾幀。(Anti-aliasing with thousands of players(AI s ) on the same screen. with 1080p or more resolusion)
Smfanqing Wu (10 months ago)
I really want to buy a (an ) XBOX ONE X 真特么牛 好想买一台。
Penguin Playz (10 months ago)
Man i cant wait to play this game its download ing right now on my xbox one and the grahics look like its in real life i cant wait
Mrwhite Z06 Sting Ray (10 months ago)
Just ordered mine Xbox one x and can’t wait. Just shipped from Microsoft today will have it by Thursday 🍾💯🙏🏼! Just wondering what TV set to buy for it 65” Samsung 4K or LG. Will be buying one or the other Monday. Looks great! I’m keeping my one also for my other room when companies over we can run both systems. N I’m a beast on COD ww2 can’t wait to run it on the x and madden.
Javanta Thompson (10 months ago)
Who wants to gameshare with me bro
KINZI (10 months ago)
Zussman sounds like Patrick star
Louie Serrano (10 months ago)
Watching this on a 4k tv and wow 👍 looks fantastic
BENCE GEDEI (10 months ago)
There is a mistake 10:15 ! Did you see that ?
BENCE GEDEI (10 months ago)
A man spawned and exploded.
BENCE GEDEI (10 months ago)
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
+BENCE GEDEI I don't think so, what are you seeing that I'm not? I'm super curious now :P
Xander Gaming (10 months ago)
Hi Monkie, Can you tell me please what is the total installation size on your Xbox One X, with the 4K patch included? Mine is still 54GB-ish, like on my Xbox One, I really don't see where (and if) that 4K patch was installed. I tried to reinstall multiple times... not sure.
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
+Xander Gaming Anytime!
Xander Gaming (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot mate!
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
+Xander Gaming Yep same here, if you're seeing it under Xbox One X enhanced, then you should be good. I'd take a look at that website link I sent and see if fine tuning your TV does the trick. :)
Xander Gaming (10 months ago)
No, I actually live in Romania :), but yeah that might be the cause, digital vs disc... no idea. I have the standard version.
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
+Xander Gaming Use this page to setup your TV settings and see if it helps. I used the same site for my TV. http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/b7-b7a-oled/settings
X1 Falcon Gaming (10 months ago)
I already have the x, it ain't bad!
rambo a (10 months ago)
Looks like a 360 game
DarknessGod (9 months ago)
Get some new glasses.
mmmCoffee (10 months ago)
I wish they put the swastika in the multiplayer. They should have just censored the German copies.
MLGvolcano 12 (10 months ago)
7:30 that poor guy didn’t get to light his cigarette
JoelR 8D09 (10 months ago)
looks the fucking same
DarknessGod (9 months ago)
Pete the tripod (9 months ago)
JoelR 8D09 to a Sony blinded twat
IOWNA11 (10 months ago)
I don't think many of us have 4k monitors / TV's to watch this one. BLACK FRIDAY SAVE ME.
Drk_fortnitegod 1 (10 months ago)
I am getting an x for christmas
WhatTracyKnows (9 months ago)
bought mine today at best buy!!
mmmCoffee (10 months ago)
Only real men buy theirs.
Radu Blanc (10 months ago)
To bad the campaign sucks ,it's so linear and over the top ,it takes away the history behind it
Marxus Sups (10 months ago)
what this video on the highest quality IT'S AMAZING :O
Berry (10 months ago)
PC players are extreme nerds, and console players are laid back stoners
teresa gonzalez (1 month ago)
Vampyre lol my friends
SWAGRABBIT (2 months ago)
Berry dumbest generalization ive ever seen. Shove your thumb up your ass
Ryan Mills (2 months ago)
Berry both exist on both
Hippie Gamer (3 months ago)
Lmao boy until my current break I'd smoke 3-5 times a day and I'm PC/Switch what you mean
CallmeAffiliated (5 months ago)
had_ookin omg lmao
Abdel Zeroual (10 months ago)
I’m having trouble with my Xbox one x it has everything checked off but the quality looks the same as before or barley different from before
Steve Hoss (10 months ago)
The game hasn't been patched yet it's only enhanced like the ps4 pro enhan as games. Still waiting g for the 4k update
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
+Steve Hoss it happened, the issue is there is a glitch in the tag. You'll see it appear soon properly, but if you're playing on the Xbox One X, you have it.
Jamie91J (10 months ago)
Buying an Xbox one x for multiplats and PS4 pro for exclusives, Xbox has shit exclusives 😂😂
KIMJONGUN (10 months ago)
Yooo this is wet
Premium Bass HD (10 months ago)
I'll stay on the 360 Ima wait for something more Advanced like Xbox 2 or something newer than this console because I have to spend on something really worth it o might be wrong I think it's another name but I call it Xbox 2
EazyE187um (10 months ago)
Dying on the easiest difficulty 😂😂😂 I blindly one shotted this on veteran
Monkiedude22 (10 months ago)
+EazyE187um Yeah, didn't know what to expect, first run through :P
EazyE187um (10 months ago)
Looks shit honestly but then again you're playing a shit game
Zelo (10 months ago)
So not only are you blind as hell but you also hate on the game even though the title clearly informs you what game it is dumbass. I sense a Sony dickrider that can't accept Microsoft taking the W this time.
Daquan Dew (10 months ago)
EazyE187um Ok buddy what makes you sleep at night. Who cares about a faggot like you.
Nasty ScaR (10 months ago)
Breathtaking lol
Alex Brumbaugh (10 months ago)
These updates tho!! Around 100 gigs... Ugh
Alex Brumbaugh (10 months ago)
Fucking gorgeous!!! I'm waiting to play tomb raider right now
Pro pranker 96 (10 months ago)
Pro pranker 96 (10 months ago)
the xbox one s grphics look the same as ps4 so not 4k but at least they made it to 1080p
Lee Meerun (10 months ago)
Unfortunately it’s a big pile of politically correct pile of dog shit with black women and no nazi enemy

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