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The Transformation -- Ruud van Nistelrooy - Play Like A Legend Part 2

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Ruud van Nistelrooy is back to match fitness now, but it was a different story a few months ago... Discover Ruud's return to legendary form at http://PlayLikeALegend.com/ and enter our FIFA 14 Challenges to win up to 1 million FUT coins and Ruud in your FUT squad.
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Text Comments (41)
Bruno Coriolano (5 months ago)
Outlaw Forever (8 months ago)
Lol...go to play futball
UNI TED (1 year ago)
Whats the song?
Rasul Nurseitov (3 years ago)
Ash Damned (3 years ago)
Adriano should to do this he only like 33.
Manchester FC (3 years ago)
I am wearing his shirt lol
Beat Nation (4 years ago)
He's a Legend in the Dutch international Team
CNMUF (4 years ago)
Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! Ruud! 
jackie boy (4 years ago)
0:57 Maybe the furthest i've ever seen Rudd run
Christopher De Freitas (4 years ago)
Was such a huge fan of his, my club is real madrid and the day he i heard united sold him to us my mouth DROPPED. In his first season alone he proved he could play ANYWHERE. although injuries plagued his remaining days he's one of europe's best strikers of all time.
Aniq Ahmad (4 years ago)
Never forget him, alongside Keano, Scholes, Giggs,Beckham,Neville brothers, Butt and Ferdinand all of them was part of my childhood memory for my club Manchester United those are the times i vividly remember although i was gutted when Ruud gone if he can stay with us a bit longer than he should be.
roanj (1 year ago)
Aniq Ahmad and solskjær
maklat901 (4 years ago)
Ruud good player but played for shit club ywnwa
Askar Turebekov (4 years ago)
Sorry is it german language is he talking on?  Sounds very german. 
manwithavan (4 years ago)
santiago alvarez (4 years ago)
Omg! I have the same shirt Ruud was wearing the nike orange colour one.
Luis Mayoral (4 years ago)
Dusan radovic (4 years ago)
Can Someone please tell me the name of music in this video ? i would be really thankful <3 !! :))
Jack Wilkes (4 years ago)
Food van nistelrooy hahaha
Evan Yulianto (4 years ago)
even ronaldo also learn from him
huiqing zhou (4 years ago)
Food van Nistelrooy, so funny
DEZ (4 years ago)
Why doesn't he for real come back!? hes only 37, giggs is 40! That would have been amazing if EA did this if he was really coming back or at least paid him to ;)
aldo melendez (4 years ago)
i think football needs him let's be honest nowadays nobody can score like van nistelrooy in England maybe zlatan in the world but these  many strikers are  shit
buddubman (4 years ago)
Everybody everyone (4 years ago)
horse face
GmHomer (4 years ago)
Ruud plz come back to us :)
Christopher gray (4 years ago)
what is the name of the song?
Revital (4 years ago)
Hume (4 years ago)
so ,is he comming back?
Hume (4 years ago)
Wish it was real :( 
kirdex (4 years ago)
No, it's a promo campaign for Xbox One and EA Sports
Danny Muchtar (4 years ago)
Andrzej Tasak (4 years ago)
a thick coach ....
Lehtola (4 years ago)
Welcome back, legend.
Santiago Regatuso (4 years ago)
Seems like someone wants to be in the World Cup, haha
GraizenBrann (4 years ago)
Ronaldo and Adriano's turn now.
Muhammed Akbaş (4 years ago)
food van nistelrooy zaaa :d
tyc (4 years ago)
i'm sorry, but his tummy do look fake.
kirdex (4 years ago)
It is fake. It's a promo video for EA's FIFA 14
BODberke (4 years ago)

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