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Remnant: From the Ashes - Exclusive Announcement Trailer

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Gunfire Games, the developers of Darksiders 3, have announced Remnant: From the Ashes, a third-person co-op survival-action shooter set on a post-apocalyptic Earth overrun with beings from another dimension. Players will traverse dimensions featuring dynamically generated levels, character customization, and item crafting. Remnant: From the Ashes will be released in 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch more trailers here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylb3nPLqyFc&list=PLraFbwCoisJAvwhU-EjfZNFqj5jlAk8hk&index=1 Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #gaming
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Text Comments (188)
Frank Castio (1 month ago)
Îts Lîke Left 4 Dead, Fused Wîth Doom! ✊💀
Taj Bourenane (1 month ago)
oh shut up! this is wannabe lego worlds
Andulvar (3 months ago)
So it's just Nether with better graphics.
James Brice (3 months ago)
Hoping there's a single player mode without any always online component.
stemaster (4 months ago)
I actually like this idea. Its post apocalyptic with a different take. Introducing a bit of magic n mystical elements to a more realistic setting. Count my attention caught.
Sir Escaber (4 months ago)
Is it split screen? If so take my money lol.
Jazzy (4 months ago)
It's been awhile since a game trailer actually managed to interest me. Hope this turns out well.
Romick Vieira (4 months ago)
Looks great
Infinity Circuit (4 months ago)
Looks like a Hellgate remake. If so, I'm interested. Just don't Flagship this one, @PerfectWorld.
SectionEight (4 months ago)
GLight (4 months ago)
Thumps up for who want more 3rd person games for 2019
Dushyanth Sachan (4 months ago)
Finally a third person cover based shooter... had been waiting a long time for this, brings back memories of Gears of War series.
Vugu Vugu (4 months ago)
Dis Anime
idonthavealabel (4 months ago)
Can I play it single?
Dustin Abrams (4 months ago)
This will be the earths future if we keep pissing off mother earth= walking plants that kill, Stop Global Warming everybody!
Douglas Rosa (4 months ago)
Every monster is made of wood... THIS IS A SEQUEL TO THE HAPPENING!
Johnny Blue (4 months ago)
I’ll wait for a sale
J O (4 months ago)
Dragon made of wood that breathes fire....seems legit 👍
Lord Dirt (4 months ago)
Looks like world war z just with a different theme
Άλκης Δ. (4 months ago)
Love the Lovecraftian enemies, but I'm skeptical about the shooting system. Will have to wait and see.
CottonFly (4 months ago)
Flemeth, is that you?!
Hero Acer (4 months ago)
I am Groot !
newgunz2008 (4 months ago)
askela superior (4 months ago)
Looks cheap and boring and very unentertaining.
bloodcorer (4 months ago)
Co-op bleh
Gerardo Pineda (4 months ago)
Looks cool
Shredder Orokusaki (4 months ago)
Willl it have single player or will it be online only?
Graavigala85 (4 months ago)
Looks cool, and its nice to have co-op shooter that is 3rd person for a change so I can play one xD
Sean Hewitt (4 months ago)
Oh sweet a sequel to Hellgate: London?! All jokes aside, the art style for the monsters is awesome.
OmegaLittleBob (4 months ago)
So is it - Remant from the Ashes - or Remnant: From the Ashes?
tomateLopes (4 months ago)
Looks like State of Decay + Dark Souls. Loving it.
Raydenf1 (4 months ago)
What I wanted division to be. Ty for giving me this non human only shooter.
DarkEndDragon_- (4 months ago)
OMG... I'm in!!!!!!!
ivanosky1253 (4 months ago)
I'm not impressed, it's just a 3 third person shooter, apocalyptic world, against aliens and other factions let me guess staring price 60$. well if it's co-op focuses I'll be open minded but if its solo focuse I'll save my money for doom 2
DueRag (4 months ago)
HelloChief117 (4 months ago)
This new Fallout game looks interesting.
Another survival garbage.
Denny Decible (4 months ago)
Does this look a bit like Horizon Zero Dawn with a new coat of paint to anyone other than me? Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing.
KaotikKnight (4 months ago)
Not really interested in co-op games.
MHIK (4 months ago)
Players and weapons look generic as hell.
D Addison (4 months ago)
Never played any of the Darksider titles but this looks pretty fun. Glad it's third person.
stuart3006 (4 months ago)
hmm with Ashen and this I can't complain
Camille (4 months ago)
i miss bioshock
Jackalofdeath (4 months ago)
not one second of the trailer was actually in game
Mediumchild (4 months ago)
Those monsters look creepy af, I LOVE IT
Wapooshe (4 months ago)
This story seems very generic and boring. The writers were even too lazy to explain an origin of the "monsters" (why call them monsters, be creative).
AJ B. (4 months ago)
It makes sense if you played the game this is a prequel(sequel?) to, Chronos. Some ancient stone found in the 1960's, a government lab built up around it, powering it up lets them send people through it to another world, they are able to induce comas into some patients and while having them hooked up to interfaces, connect them with entities from these other places, one of these 'dreamers' connects with a dragon/tree creature which lets lose on our world causing an apocalypse in 1966, sending mankind back to the stone age. The previous game humans were primitive again with only stories of the 'before times', and you go through the stone to try and stop the evil. By the looks of all the guns, this game seems to be a prequel, taking place not too far after the apocalypse, when humans still had some guns and technology left. The narrator just calls them "monsters" because the narrator is the same narrator from Chronos, who was a village elder in the future when its all a distant memory, they only know them as monsters.
Hugh Janus (4 months ago)
... there's nothing that indicates anything about the story. it's an announcement trailer. do you have zero clue how any game ever has been announced?
suckmentality (4 months ago)
They called them the "Root"
tomateLopes (4 months ago)
because they are monsters
Liew Noswald (4 months ago)
so the basic post zombie Apocalypse scenario but with tree people zombies?
stephen19590 (4 months ago)
Where have I seen this before?
Mirarid (4 months ago)
Made by Darksiders developers
Kou D3x (4 months ago)
If I showed someone the designs of the monsters in this game and then showed someone the designs for the humans in this game nobody would put the two together cause they look vastly distinct from each other. Almost like 2 video games merged. Like putting Halo's Flood into Battlefield 1. I think that's kind of the point though to be facing something from another world. Just looks out of place. Now I'm imagining playing Metro Last Light and fighting Devil May Cry demons lol
Mediumchild (4 months ago)
maybe cuz the monsters are from another world
TaruzaGaming (4 months ago)
was that an evil bard at 1:05 ?
Robert Jif (4 months ago)
Resident evil ? Hahahahahah
Mecks089 (4 months ago)
Why am I getting a Destiny vibe from this?
Jorge Rdgz (4 months ago)
I’ll stick to darksiders thank you
Forever Lonely Potato (4 months ago)
BATTLE ROYALE! BATTLE ROYALE! we need more battle royales like fortnite.
Krzysztof Michalak (4 months ago)
I see perfect world i check out
WatchDoge (4 months ago)
Arda Aytaç (4 months ago)
I will definately try this game.
Parker Myers (4 months ago)
If this game has a boarderlands looting system it will be game of the year
NeloAngelicus (4 months ago)
Look like Gunfire it's done with DarkSiders 3, they don't trust in the ip.
ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ (4 months ago)
0:55 Roothulhu?
Max Pain (4 months ago)
It is realy look cool game 👍
Sannidor (4 months ago)
Is it a freemium MMO? If so, looks ok. Not so much if it's a full price title.
Dvir m.l (4 months ago)
looks cool
Count Artorias (4 months ago)
This looks nice
Elke1131 / Dicky M (4 months ago)
What next battle royal?
Raj Kumar (4 months ago)
Much more like gears of wars
Lekzie69 (4 months ago)
compare to the last 2 gears, this game looks much better.
Elite Hunter's Den (4 months ago)
Nothing threw me back to Gears Of War in this trailer.
Clint Gray (4 months ago)
Gears of War but with trees?
Kai (4 months ago)
Why would you divide your resources to make this, when you could put all your effort to make Darksiders 3 a GOTY.
Hugh Janus (4 months ago)
You do realize that companies hire more staff when they take on other projects, right?
Heriberto Crespo (4 months ago)
Edgar Fernandez Red dead Redemption 2 buddy. Mark my words that game will be a new milestone in the gaming industry. I believe it won't sell better then GTA 5, but trust me all they new tech they want in GTA 6 is being used or tested in red dead 2. So this game will likely be up there with one of the best games ever made. The hype for this game will build by the end of August.
S (4 months ago)
Im Buying this. Pre-Ordering ASAP
Christian McCaughey (4 months ago)
I'm down for some Tom Clancy's Division; Eldritch Edition
ChigenStr1ps VR (4 months ago)
Oooh perfect world they made Neverwinter. I hope this is an actually decent post apocalyptic mmorpg
Aragami _ Kai (4 months ago)
This looks EPIC!!!
The Inquisition (4 months ago)
Is this what happens after Extinction in Ghosts? O_o
vgman94 (4 months ago)
Now for the untold Human story of the DarkSiders world...
otakon17 (4 months ago)
Why does this barely a over a minute teaser seem more interesting than ANTHEM or Fallout 76?
Andrew Brigmond (1 month ago)
Makes you wonder if they become successful just to spite the haters.
Sir Escaber (4 months ago)
Usually games that get hate like this become the most successful just something I noticed lol
randomnobody playthrough (4 months ago)
Because it is more interesting than Anthem, don't buy EA trash.
otakon17 (4 months ago)
I'd honestly rather it have an upfront cost than dealing with the bullshittery that is F2P service mechanics(timers, either 1 billion lifetimes of grinding or spending constant money to unlock things).
Henrik CMtz (4 months ago)
Because Perfect World has actually learned something from their customers, and coming from PW its gonna be f2p, i hope
Let Us (4 months ago)
No battle royal 👎🏻
Elite Hunter's Den (4 months ago)
So that us players who like variety have variety.
Chas O.T.E (4 months ago)
Is this a post apocalyptic hunter game?! Sign me up! * sees "Coming 2019" * *Damnit!*
otakon17 (4 months ago)
Only 5 more months!
Richard D (4 months ago)
Games looks promising, but the whole post-apocalyptic world has been done to death. How about a game set in the modern times, with people, lively cities, etc. Like GTA 5 but, not GTA 5. I can't get excited about sloshing through another post-apocalyptic world.
DarkEndDragon_- (4 months ago)
Agreed, modern is boring. Look at trashy games like GTA, so boring and overrated.
Shredder Orokusaki (4 months ago)
Also watch dogs splinter cell assasins creed resident evil all call of duty and battlefield games not just gta and just cause.
tomateLopes (4 months ago)
GTA like games has been done to death.
Elite Hunter's Den (4 months ago)
I can't get enough of em, so I'm glad they keep coming. Modern has been done to death, and quite frankly, it's boring.
Gaming w/ Bix (4 months ago)
I'm officially interested!
KAB LAMMATS (4 months ago)
when the mother earth said enough is enough
Another battle royal game please no more
Gieal cmso (3 months ago)
Br with dragons?? Naisu!!
Alexandre Bouffard (4 months ago)
WTF is not a Battle royale and Why cry about this mode ??? ppl never cry about deathmacth and team deathmatch... have created in 1990... all games have Deathmatch and team
Kenshigo (4 months ago)
14 likes...those millenials -.-
CraftyCraftyMax (4 months ago)
Rust+Infection from rainbow I’m in
SMU (4 months ago)
Gordon Freeman where are you?
Boocat (4 months ago)
3rd person Left 4 dead confirmed
Santos Ugalde (4 months ago)
Bobmat343 (4 months ago)
Soooo... Fallout crossed with Dragon Age?
Rubin Raj (4 months ago)
It's wierd that people like these shitty games and hates the much better CoD games..
Island Gaming (4 months ago)
So developers claim that the cost of making games has increased to the point that one poor selling game could sink a company but they still turn out underwhelming bargain basket games like this. Clearly this game is going on sale a month after release...WHY EVEN MAKE IT???
Nevalopo (4 months ago)
So another zombie horde game?
RrapzCiTi (4 months ago)
Nevalopo no
Corentin (4 months ago)
So you diverted time and resources from Darksiders 3 to make another survival game ? Great
Hugh Janus (4 months ago)
Finally someone with some sense. Companies hire more staff for more projects. That's gaming peeps for ya though, peanut for a brain.
Ven9999 (4 months ago)
Corentin You act like they can't have multiple teams working on multiple games...
Barbaracus _kun The 9nth (4 months ago)
Is this the division mixed with doom
otakon17 (4 months ago)
Looks more like Hellgate London mixed with Borderlands.
profil84 (4 months ago)
"third-person co-op survival-action shooter" :D
Goku (4 months ago)
Could’ve said “world war z the game”
Edgar Fernandez (4 months ago)
Fallout 76 is multiplayer not co-op.
KAB LAMMATS (4 months ago)
fallout 76
Jackie Logan (4 months ago)
like Avalanche Studios working one more than 1 game
Alvaro Arana (4 months ago)
Perfect World?Is this a free to play?
Alvaro Arana (4 months ago)
NeloAngelicus Yes It is,welcome my friend
NeloAngelicus (4 months ago)
is this a fanta sea?
NIYL8TER (4 months ago)
Release for switch
wolfgang (4 months ago)
Third-person 💓 Post-apocalyptic Earth 👍 Dynamically generated levels 👍
Cue Da Ninja (4 months ago)
Sounds like just about every other FPS/TPS out now...
wolfgang (4 months ago)
@Aysentaro Of course, the game is not for all. Hellgate: London one from 10 favorite games (personally) I spend 2K+ hours on it.
Aysentaro (4 months ago)
we have seen all 3 of those together before, was a huge failure called Hellgate: London
Bazelgeuse - (4 months ago)
Looks interesting, I'll keep my eye on it.
DeSPoTNemanjaS (4 months ago)
Alex Jackson (4 months ago)
How long have we been waiting for this..

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