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Nvidia’s GPU partners are suffering from a September launch for the next gen | Hardware

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Gigabyte has posted its latest financials for June and from that we can figure out how much the company has made from Q1 to Q2, and more importantly how badly things have gone on the graphics card side since the GPU mining boom has vanished and gamers are holding off for the next-gen of Nvidia’s graphics cards. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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PCGamesN (4 months ago)
For the all the numbers check out the full report at https://www.pcgamesn.com/gigabyte-graphics-card-sales-q2
Alberto De Girolamo (3 months ago)
Juicy news! Die, Nvidia, die!
milo1721 (4 months ago)
Gigabyte products suck anyways lol no one will remember that company if they go under
Robert Backlund (4 months ago)
This is a message to the GPU manufactures, both Nvidia as well as AMD. I am an older gamer I am now 65,and up to now my chosen form of entertainment has been playing games and along with building my own custom PC gaming/workstations. I hope that you enjoy your brief profits from the Crypto miners at the expense to the group who made you what you are today the PC Gamer and PC builders. You quickly lost sight of us and me in particular in favor of allowing the prices to go sky high on your GPUs. Because of your GREED you have damaged the whole PC building industry, everything from mother boards, processors as well as all of the cool gaming peripherals like gaming mice and keyboards for perhaps the past 2 years and quite possibly forever. I was all set to build a high end workstation/gaming PC for content creation, CAD and gaming. I was going to build a high end system with a GeForcce GTX 1080TI, the top of the line i7 that at the time cost $1000 and I was going to put in 128GBs of DDR4 ram. Then when I had all of the funds set aside for my new PC the GPU that was priced at around $870 was now in excess of $1500 and that was if you could even find one and the memory at the same time had more than doubled in price. So instead of taking out a new mortgage on my home to pay for my new PC I instead purchased an XBox OneX for only $500. My current system can run all of my PC games at very high to ultra settings, my Steam library has over 320 titles, 110 on GOG with a handful on EA Origin and UBsoft's Uplay. These exorbitant prices for the hardware coupled with what for me is a very negative trend in the gaming industry of going to always online MMO's with the emphasis of PVP with no real single player games in sight and tons of paid DLC and in game micro transactions have caused me to abandon PC gaming. Oh I will sill play my existing games but I have no plans at least for the foreseeable future of building a new PC and I have no plans of purchasing any new PC games. For me playing PC games is a form of entertainment but it is only one of many many forms of entertainment. Instead of buying new PC hardware as well as games I will instead us my time much more productively. With respect to using my computer I plan on spending more time in learning 3D modeling and animation with Blender as well as 2D Art with programs like Corel Painter as well as music production. Instead of spending several thousand dollars on new computer hardware I have shifted gears and will instead purchase more equipment for my workshop and get back into building things. So to the whole fiasco that is the gaming industry you have lost a loyal customer that started building PCs back in 2001, I am done with your BS.
IRQ1Conflict (4 months ago)
Yup. Shouldn't F#$% over your base.
Gul Dukat (4 months ago)
They can all eat a bucket of ass. They all screwed their original clientele.
Varinder Bains (4 months ago)
But they made there real profits during the mining craze....
John Hooper (4 months ago)
And all of these press really does not help..
faisal rahmat (4 months ago)
see? so don't buy used GPUs unleash the price is like 50% lower than MSRP, more than that just get new1
Lee K (4 months ago)
Good enough for the fucks. For supporting Nvidias attempt at a monopoly they deserve every shitty thing that comes their way. If I could I would put the boot in myself personally. *spits*
iden carlo manalo (4 months ago)
Trevor Weeks (4 months ago)
When it costs $1200 to $1300 for a top of the line 1080ti here in Australia I can't feel sorry for them
TwoBrothers (4 months ago)
Trevor Weeks yeah
Richard Green (4 months ago)
What do gpu makers expect they have Shafted us for 18 months and now people have woke up so please don't fall for nvidia next REBRANDED card
Brad Haines (4 months ago)
Richard Green 3 fuckin years and they do a rebrand? nuh uh
gertjan van der meij (4 months ago)
Nvidia WON'T release any new GPU's THIS year ! Only AMD in the 2nd week of october 2018 !
Ornal64 (4 months ago)
Board partners with shops made huge profit from ridiculous price raise. Customers ware basically ripped off and everyone blame miners for it. That's partially true but as we know now there are lots of nvidia chips returned so there was no processors shortage. It's a good lesson for gpu manufacturers as they lost money and customers support.
Ornal64 (4 months ago)
anikanbounty97 £205 for new card plus divery or £150 for pre-owned with free delivery used for mining. Both Gigabyte Aorus RX 570 4GB.
anikanbounty97 (4 months ago)
Well if it at msrp or below get it :)
Ornal64 (4 months ago)
anikanbounty97 no need to go that high as I will be gaming on 1080p TV in living room with controller and wont take advantage of this sweet 8gb ram 580 or 570 Hong end models have. There is good sale heare in UK so in thinking about upgrade.
anikanbounty97 (4 months ago)
I got the rx 580 8gb and love it. Go rx 580 8gb and you will not regret.
Ornal64 (4 months ago)
anikanbounty97 RX 5xx series are still good cards. They can shine in future as DX12 performance is great. Now I'm thinking to pick Gigabyte Aurus RX570 4GB for 1080p gaming and change my GTX 1050Ti Strix from Asus.
David G (4 months ago)
Yeah curious how much extra they earned when there was demand. And who the fuck wants the old cards now for still crazy prices. No shop in my country lowery prices, none. Dafuq they expect? Let me see q3 numbers if there are no new card coming cause man that will be a sight to see
Nasty N8 (4 months ago)
What does Q1 and Q2 stand for? is it like Quake 1, or Quiver 1? I've got it, Quesadilla 1, am I right?
Brad Haines (4 months ago)
its quarter, as in financial quarter (of a year) it doesnt revolve around the seasons and can change from one company to the next
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Nasty N8 mmmm, quesadillas...
jangelelcangry (4 months ago)
when you sell GPUs for $110 over it's MSRP don't expect to have your core market to await you with it's arms wide open. But if they decide to lower their prices aggressively that they can crush eBay's crappy used market then I'm in.
Xrs2zz (4 months ago)
If they want to sell those cards, lower the damn price to what it should be almost 3 years later.
Rookie Gamer aka Ark (3 months ago)
yeah it went woosh right over my head as well
anikanbounty97 (4 months ago)
lol i terrible at getting sarcasm but ok
Brad Haines (4 months ago)
Xrs2zz how dare you speak of simple economics like that! markets are much more complicated these days.... i do hope you see the sarcasm in that
anikanbounty97 (4 months ago)
Seizon Sha (4 months ago)
Greedy days finally over...
fabricetraub (4 months ago)
Did u really have to explain what q1 and q2 is? lul, americans.
Brad Haines (4 months ago)
Tech Initiate ZINGGG
Tech Initiate (4 months ago)
I'm not positive, but they didn't seem like Americans to me. Also, each company/industry has different definitions of what Q1 and Q2 are. Nintendo's Q1 doesn't start until March. The U.S. Government's Q1 starts in October. But you know, what do I know, I'm just an American.
TwoBrothers (4 months ago)
Stupid muricans
Charles Earl (4 months ago)
Hey I have an idea! adjust cards back to the original MSRP and maybe people would @^#%* buy them! Geezuz.
anan silas (4 months ago)
With Next Gen rumors and knowing the cards are being sent back. The deal needs to be what most would consider unrealistic. This late your spending what could be invest in another card.
Dann Decker (4 months ago)
Charles Earl MSRP for a 2 year old design is a bit much. More like 20% off MSRP
crysisownz (4 months ago)
Just make a loss out of it rather than piling the stocks
Blazs120gl (4 months ago)
This is a good lesson to manufacturers that just have been disregarding 95% of their core customers in favor for the 5% that were the miners. Betting on a volatile 5% is pretty stupid, especially because miners aren't risking more than they can afford to lose. Unlike these manufacturers who had gambled with their full manufacturing capacity.
GutsRage (4 months ago)
I have a gigabyte 1080... but since past year, like srly nvidia time to step up with next gen already.
Spicy Cock (4 months ago)
FINALLY! someone explain what Q1, Q2 means! Thank you!
Spicy Cock (4 months ago)
I don't know, am i?
Centurion (4 months ago)
Are you serious?
muffenist (4 months ago)
muffenist (4 months ago)
Therr are 4Q each year Q1 mean first 3 months e5c ..
David McMahon (4 months ago)
Shahrin Radin Quarter 1 & 2, of the year
BoshBlade (4 months ago)
So is it worth selling my gtx 1080 now as I won't use it over the summer and then buy a next gen in September ?
809nel (3 months ago)
I sold my 1060 recently for the same i purchased it for and bought a used 760 to hold me off lol
Richard Green (4 months ago)
You gonna struggle to sell used, miners flooding market people are real cagey about used cards right now
nads tengco (4 months ago)
namcost true..
namcost (4 months ago)
no new gpu from nvidia. two things happen when nvidia releases a gpu, those who have stock with nvidia get a report that a new card is coming (they get updates on everything) and they always show off at a tech fair or event. neither has happened.
Paul Benjamin (4 months ago)
Joshua Jack it would have been better to have sold it six months ago but my time machine is broken and I am waiting for the next years model to come out. Remember that nVidia cards are usually in short supply for a few months after a new model is announced. The founders edition cards are also usually the only cards available at the beginning and they tend to have louder coolers. So if you can hold off until 2019 Q1 and can get a good price on your 1080 it would make financial sense.
Neurotyczny Kot (4 months ago)
ohh poor corporations... when mining boom happened no one of them give a shit about us consumers so fuck them. Most graphic cards are still overpriced AF.
Puddle Drops (4 months ago)
Yep, it's been very noticeable how much promotional work is going on to selling off cards right now, every day there's new deals with free SSD's and big price slashes. Everyone's trying to clear stock for the new ones, only going to get cheaper! Makes a nice change for customers.

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